helpzonline_when will be online then00:00
willerjesus christ00:02
helpzonline_OK it finished00:03
helpzonline_when to connect the phone00:04
GarettMWhat do you mean when? You c00:04
GarettMYou put the phone into fastboot then plug in then run the phablet-flash command00:05
helpzonline_oh god ... OK let me try again00:06
GarettMLmfao xD00:08
helpzonline2sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install phablet-tools00:10
helpzonline2got this error while getting the driver00:10
helpzonline2apt-get install android-tools-{fastboot,adb} E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?00:11
helpzonline2this error00:11
GarettMPut sudo before that00:14
GarettMBuilding this is painful i started 3 hours ago00:15
helpzonline2really sorry ... am new to this00:17
helpzonline2E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/main/universal/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80] E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. W: Target Sources (restricted/source/Sources) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list:54 and /etc/apt/sources.list:55 W: Target Sources (multiverse/source/Sources) is configured multiple times in00:19
helpzonline2is this ok00:19
helpzonline2sudo apt-get install phablet-tools Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done phablet-tools is already the newest version (1.2+16.04.20160503-0ubuntu1). The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:   libpango1.0-0 libpangox-1.0-0 Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 18 not upgraded00:21
GarettMYou know i have no clue again i am a jack of all trades i know enough to get by but not enough to help00:22
helpzonline2the 3rd cammand showing this00:23
GarettMYou already installed phablet tools00:23
GarettMPut your phone into fastboot mode and plug it into your pc00:24
helpzonline2ya its done00:25
helpzonline2sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools  can i type this00:25
GarettMThen run: "sudo phablet-flash community --device minato" and your phone should reboot into ubuntu touch00:26
GarettMWhen its done, don't remove the phone while its flashing you can kill it00:26
helpzonline2INFO:phablet-flash:Obtaining project branch from lp:~minato-image-dev/phablet-image-info/minato INFO:phablet-flash:Download directory set to /home/helpzonline/Downloads/phablet-flash/community/minato INFO:phablet-flash:Creating /home/helpzonline/Downloads/phablet-flash/community/minato bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~minato-image-dev/phablet-image-info/minato": No such person or team: minato-image-dev E00:29
GarettMWell shit00:30
GarettMOkay then just use fastboot to flash the images then bro i was trying to guide you through the safe method00:30
helpzonline2do you know how00:30
GarettMNope xD00:31
helpzonline2thanks for ur time00:32
GarettMSorry bro like i said I'm learning as i go00:33
GarettMThere should be a guide somewhere for your device00:34
helpzonline2can u suggest me anything...00:34
GarettMWhat are the images you got00:34
helpzonline2ubuntu.img and boot.img00:34
GarettMI can suggest but dont get mad at me if i give you a brick00:34
GarettMAnd whats your device?00:34
helpzonline2Sony xperia z100:35
helpzonline2i got a web page00:35
GarettMsudo fastboot -S 256M flash boot boot.img00:35
GarettMsudo fastboot -S 256M flash system ubuntu.img00:36
GarettMsudo fastboot feboot00:36
helpzonline2i have some text saved can u look into it00:36
GarettMRun that command in the same folder you have those files00:36
helpzonline2its for nexus00:37
GarettMSo let's say those files are in Downloads type "cd ~/Downloads" before running fastboot00:37
GarettMWait what? Those files are for the nexus?! Dont run them00:37
helpzonline2i mean i saved some text for doing fastboot...00:38
GarettMAhh just run what i said its from the page for your device00:38
helpzonline2but the method was given for nexus phone00:38
helpzonline2i will try that00:39
GarettMFastboot is for Android in general00:39
helpzonline2Step 5: Connect your device via a USB cable to your PC running Ubuntu. You’ll be prompted in Android to authorise it. To check the connection is working, type (at the prompt) adb devices You should see your device listed with a series of numbers and letters. If your device isn’t shown, try first typing: adb kill-server Step 6: If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to back up your Android apps and data. Also, n00:39
GarettMType adb devices to check if your device is connected00:40
GarettMI would advice you to learn more about the adb commands and fastboot commands as they will help a lot00:40
helpzonline2helpzonline:~/Downloads$ adb devices * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * List of devices attached00:46
GarettMfastboot not adb dude listen to what i say or you will brake your phone00:49
helpzonline2to see if the device is connected00:51
GarettMYour phone is in fastboot so yeah fastboot devices00:55
GarettMPretend adb doesn't even exists right know00:55
helpzonline2:~/Downloads$ sudo fastboot devices [sudo] password for helpzonline:  BH906N2L09fastboot00:58
helpzonline2devices is connected right00:58
helpzonline2now can i run sudo fastboot -S 256M flash boot boot.img00:59
GarettMYes .... Please never ever ever put your password on here01:00
helpzonline2no its not the password01:01
helpzonline2its the id01:01
helpzonline2of phone i think01:01
GarettMOkay xD01:01
GarettMRun the fastboot commands01:01
helpzonline2its wil take somtime right???01:05
GarettMMost likely01:08
GarettMAlso it might take a while for the first boot too01:09
helpzonline2its rebooting01:09
GarettMLike 10 minutes worth i believe i waited on the samsung G3 when it first came out01:09
helpzonline2showing ubuntu01:09
helpzonline2ys done01:09
helpzonline2wow ur awesome man01:10
helpzonline2thanks a lot01:10
GarettMNo problem bro enjoy ubuntu touch01:10
helpzonline2anything else to be done01:11
helpzonline2i mean app01:11
GarettMHopefully tonight ill have it to01:11
GarettMI have no clue honestly i used it once for 30 seconds and went back to Android01:11
GarettMNext Sunday if i get this ported for my device i can let you know xD01:12
helpzonline2which is ur device01:12
GarettMThe LG G4 T-Mobile / H81101:13
helpzonline2there is one problem01:13
GarettMGreat phone01:13
GarettMWhats the problem?01:13
helpzonline2touch is not working01:13
GarettMThat is weird...01:14
GarettMIt should be working01:15
helpzonline2let me reboot and see01:16
GarettMIf it doesn't test it with these images instead http://people.canonical.com/~okubik/minato/honami/01:16
helpzonline2thts the same one i downloaded01:17
GarettMWell shit01:17
helpzonline2any way tht was a success...01:18
helpzonline2if it din work will flash back  to android01:18
helpzonline2thank you so much...01:19
GarettMOkay bro01:19
helpzonline2so you guys only talk about linux touch here???01:21
helpzonline2any other topics???01:21
GarettMI have no clue i just got on here01:22
GarettMI believe this is a help and support chat01:22
helpzonline2ok see u around then01:22
helpzonline2its 6 am here01:23
helpzonline2going to sleep lol...01:23
media1touch screen not working after flashing in xperia z1...can anybody help03:09
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slvnhello, I have updated my app: https://uappexplorer.com/app/com.ubuntu.developer.1bsyl.spider09:06
slvnand a user reports it crashes its Ubuntu One Account ...09:06
slvncan someone give a try?09:06
slvn(user has a Aquaris E4.5)09:07
media1anyone knows about ubuntu touch image available for sony xperia z1 other than 1st unstable version09:43
mardytvoss: hi! Can I assign bug 1604446 to myself?09:55
ubot5bug 1604446 in location-service (Ubuntu) "getcurrentPosition in oxide does not cause a wake up of the GPS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160444609:55
cariveriHi there. my ubuntu-phone's networkmanager seems to be broken. vlc remote wont connect e.g., the network managere's license is not displayed, the switch from wifi to phone network only works after restart.10:17
cariveriwhat can I do?10:17
cariverireset of the phone I already did once.10:17
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JakesDenCan anyone help me port a rom over to my device, i do have the device source tree and dirvers sources.12:25
JakesDenAnyone, i need halp asap12:32
cariveriI too need help.12:33
k1lwhat is the exact issue?12:33
JakesDenI jsut need someone to help port over ubuntu touch to my device12:34
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ogra_you are aware that porting is rather a matter of weeks/months and not just days ?12:38
cariverithen et me come in first. how to I upgrade the ubuntu phones system?12:41
ogra_it notifies you if there is an upgrade ... you just go to system-settings and hit the install button12:42
cariveriok. then it seems an upgrade to 16.04 ist not yet offered.12:43
ogra_no, that will still take quite somme time12:43
davmor2cariveri: the phone system is on it's own image12:43
davmor2cariveri: it doesn't follow releases the same way as the desktop12:44
JakesDenCan anyone help me port it?12:44
cariveridavmor2: ok, understood. the actual problem is the network mananger as it seems.12:44
davmor2cariveri: nm on the phone is the same as the version in Yakkety plus patches for ofono12:45
ogra_JakesDen, mariogrip runs https://ubports.com/, he is perhaps able to give  you some hints if he finds the time12:45
cariveridavmor2: the funny thing is, its licence is not viewed and a error message of an app says it is unset. also switching from wifi to g3 network doesnt work unless I restart the phone.12:46
davmor2cariveri: did you make your phone read write and install anything from the deb archive?12:47
cariveridavmor2: deb archive ? no I used the store for installations.12:48
davmor2cariveri: okay then that is a really weird issue, what device is this?12:49
cariveridavmor2: bq aquarius e512:50
davmor2cariveri: can't help you out with that one but it should be the same as e4.5 and that here is working fine so not sure why you are seeing an issue, might be best to file a bug against network-manager12:52
davmor2cariveri: attach you syslog to it from the phone12:53
cariveridavmor2:  I got a network status app and it says Initialized:No12:55
cariverieven though it is online12:55
davmor2cariveri: what network status app12:55
carivericalled networkstatus12:55
davmor2cariveri: there is a review for the app that says, No gateway address, no dns info, no traffic info12:58
ogra_likely the app has a bug12:58
dobeyJakesDen: please don't randomly PM people13:07
JakesDendobey, i wanted to talk to you about a previous conversation13:08
cariverithe general error message that I have seen on different occasions was something like "error opeing shm / lttng-ust-wait ..."13:16
dobeythat's a warning, and non fatal13:16
ogra_dobey, well, admittedly it could be prefixed with "warning: "13:17
cariverierror is considered a warning? anayways .. how about ..13:17
dobey"error" in computer programming is often like "theory" in science13:18
dobeythere's clear evidence that something didn't work as expected, but it's not always exactly an error in the layman's sense :)13:19
ogra_well, that specific line is definitely not an error but log spam that should be filtered13:20
ogra_yet, itself saying "error" is definiitely confusing13:20
* ogra_ blames tedg 13:20
dobeyogra_: you think that's confusing? it could be -ESUCCESS13:21
davmor2ogra_: technically it is an error in permissions but not in programming  but it is an error that can't be remedied in the current setup iirc13:21
cariverihow could I tell what is an what not an error in the logs?13:22
dobeyright. it's a warning :)13:22
ogra_well, all apps run through a wrapper ... would be easy to filter that line and not have it fill up your log13:22
dobeyyeah, that should be possible13:22
ogra_and while it is a warning, after all it causes *a lot* of disk IO due to writing to the log13:23
dobeybut then it sets precedent13:23
dobeyand then we end up engineering a general solution to filter out all kinds of other things too13:23
ogra_we should just not log at all13:23
ogra_unless the user sets a toggle13:24
ogra_i'd even consider that a security feature13:24
ogra_logging just eats your performance13:24
dobeysomehow i doubt logging is the performance bottleneck on ubuntu phones13:25
ogra_it is one13:25
ogra_surely not the big one :)13:25
ogra_but once your MMC onn the nexus5 is worn out you will agree ;)13:25
dobeywell, running apps is a bigger performance bottleneck. if you want a fast phone, you shouldn't run apps13:25
ogra_except that you dont run apps on ubuntu phones13:26
ogra_you run "an app"13:26
dobeywell, surprisingly, it's not dead yet after 2 years of ubuntu13:26
ogra_(teh others are just screenshots in the spread after all)13:26
dobeyogra_: the others aren't just screenshots13:26
dobeyogra_: they are still occupying RAM, even if they aren't in the running state13:27
ogra_if your app is greedy enough, all thats left are screenshots13:27
ogra_they get OOMed13:27
dobeyi think that's expected, but not always the case13:27
ogra_but after all you always only run one app13:28
ogra_which was my statement :)13:28
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TomLeeHello there13:39
cariveriok thanks so far.13:39
TomLeeCurious whether BQ Aquaris E4.5 has support for desktop apps on the phone13:39
TomLeeI've seen that in OTA-12 M10 has desktop apps section in the tablet13:40
ogra_TomLee, currently only nexus4, meizu pro5 and the bq M10 have support for this13:40
TomLeeany plans to expand this?13:41
ogra_i dont think so13:41
TomLeecurrently own the e4.5, switched to android due to bad usability, want to switch back at the moment13:41
ogra_the 4.5 really has not enough ram and wont have any way to attach an external display13:41
TomLeeah... external display mandatory13:42
ogra_not mandatory13:42
TomLeewas hoping for a way to turn the desktop mode inside the phone, however bad it is and use the desktop apps inside the phone13:42
ogra_but at 940x480 or whatever the 4.5 has and the dpi size of x apps your fonts will only be 2px tall13:42
ogra_and you wont really be able to interact with the apps13:42
ogra_ui elements will be to small etc13:42
TomLeemakes sense13:43
ogra_the M10 gets along fine with no external screen13:43
ogra_the pro5 is not really usable either, but if you go very close you can actually use libreoffice with a mouse on its screen :)13:43
TomLeeby any chance, do you know what happened to supporting .apk on ubuntu-touch?13:44
popeyTomLee: it was discussed, but never put on the plan13:44
ogra_you would have to ship a whole jvm inside your click package13:45
TomLeeI'm aware of that13:45
ogra_and it would have to talk to Mir13:45
ogra_(and have to deal with confinement and input layer issues)13:46
ogra_so it would be quite some effort13:46
TomLeetoo much effort, that could be directed towards other parts that need improvement13:46
mcphailogra_: would there be any way to switch between mir and surfaceflinger? Presumably the android libc is living at the other end of libhybris anyway?13:47
ogra_i dont think that works anymore, no13:47
ogra_it used in the very early images13:47
ogra_but you wont be able to run unity on SF anymore13:47
mcphailYes. Just wondering if you could have some sort of state change between Unity and a running android app13:48
ogra_even back then it required a reboot13:48
mcphailaah. OK13:48
ogra_so your state change would be "reboot into that kiosk app" ... if it would work at all13:48
ogra_and indeed the kiosk app wouldnt have any way to reboot then ... so you would have to do a hard reset ...13:49
ogra_and potentially lose data13:49
TomLeethat's expected when trying to combine two different ecosystems13:50
TomLeespeaking of, any support for polymer/angular within the UI creation ( I haven't looked into it AT ALL)13:50
ogra_there is no combining13:50
TomLeeLet's say scopes, I recall it's done with JS13:51
ogra_there is a black box ubuntu talks to13:51
ogra_andd in that black box you have some drivers and daemons to make these drivers work13:51
ogra_annd the pther way round ... i.e. shipping your jvm in the click would be closer to something like virtualbox oon your PC13:52
* ogra_ wonders why his kbd does all these double chars 13:52
TomLeebutter fingers13:53
TomLeethanks for the info orga_, I'll need to reflash the os today, might make a custom scope, if not too lazy ;)13:58
illegalprimeI asked yesterday but had to leave: any word on when more ubuntu touch phones will be in stock?14:20
dobeyyou'll have to ask meizu or bq about when they will have stock available for their phones14:20
dobeyor whomever third party distributor you're trying to buy it from14:21
illegalprimedobey: I see, I'll try that. I am afraid that Ubuntu decided to stop producing more phones, since they are *all* out of stock14:22
ogra_ubuntu doesnt produce phones :)14:22
ogra_we only make the software here ... it is really up to manufacturers to decide on the rest14:23
dobeyright. we just make the OS14:23
dobeythe manufacturers produce the phoens14:23
dobeycanonical/ubuntu don't make hardware :)14:23
ogra_well ... there are stickers and usb sticks in the canonical store ;)14:24
illegalprimeogra_: right, I know you guys are software people, so I guess its weird for me to expect Canonical having a hand in the supply of their phones14:24
ogra_but nothing more complex than that ;)14:24
illegalprimeit makes more sense for meizu to decide wether to keep selling them or not14:25
ogra_the ports are slowly coming together though ... at some point theer should be more fully working devices14:26
ogra_then you could just buy one of these and re-flash14:26
illegalprimeis it strange that all 4 devices are out of stock?14:26
ogra_matter of demand i guess14:26
illegalprimewell I would like to support ubuntu-touch by buying a phone directly14:26
illegalprimei guess there are more direct ways to support the cause14:27
ogra_the tablet should still be in stock ...14:27
ogra_that doesnt help much if you actually want a phone indeed :)14:27
illegalprimesorry I mean the 4 phones14:27
dobeywell, you can just give us money :)14:27
illegalprimehow much of the phone money goes to Canonical?14:27
* ogra_ brings the tophat 14:28
dobeyif you buy a phone? no idea14:28
popeyall of it if you donate directly14:28
illegalprimelol is there a way to specify 'I wanted to buy a phone but no one will sell it to me so here is some money instead?'14:29
dobeypopey: well, all of it minus the processing fees :)14:29
* mcphail would be happy to send a sub every month specifically for phone development14:30
Acou_BassxD illegalprime doesnt the canonical donation page have options for where you want the money to go (eg. desktop? server? phone? other foss prrojexts?)14:31
Acou_Bassthatd probably give the hint that you want the phone to improve :D14:31
dobeyAcou_Bass: sure, the donation page when downloading the ubuntu iso has that14:31
Acou_Bassahh i thought the nornal one did too14:32
mcphailAcou_Bass: not for phone dev, as far as I can see. Best it offers is "convergence"14:32
illegalprimemcphail: I guess that's close14:32
Acou_Bassahhh hmm14:32
dobeyAcou_Bass: there's also ubuntu-donations.canonical app in the store, which doesn't provide a way to specify that, but makes it easy to donate a few specific monetary amounts14:32
* mcphail views convergence as a "stretch goal" rather than a priority14:33
dobeymcphail: i think you got that backwards :)_14:33
Acou_Basscanonical disagrees apparently, theyve made huge leaps on the xonvergence story recently14:33
dobeypretty sure convergence is a priority14:33
illegalprimeI always wondered: is it better to support development through payment or through software contributions?14:33
mcphaildobey: yes, but not for me ;)14:33
Acou_Basswhat with wifi displays and stuff14:34
dobeyillegalprime: yes :)14:34
illegalprimedobey: thanks. :)14:34
Acou_Bassi imagine for faster developnent, code contribution would make stuff happen faster (throeing money at devs doesnt make for faster code if theyre already working at full speed) but money is still good14:35
illegalprimeMy job doesn't give me a lot of free time, but I guess the real solution is a job at canonical14:37
mcphailI imagine devs work most efficiently in austere surroundings, free of the distractions of modern life, consumer goods and food. Don't donate a penny! :p14:37
dobeywe need beer14:38
illegalprimemcphail: haha but sometimes that sounds nice, but just for a little bit14:39
dobeyand bacon14:39
ogra_baconbeer !14:40
illegalprimeSo back to the important question: If I'm in the US, looking to buy the Meizu Pro 5, which is sold on joybuy.com (the only US facing store I can find), do I call Meizu or JoyBuy?14:41
mcphailillegalprime: I'd imagine the first port of call would be the distributor14:42
illegalprimemcphail: thanks, I'll give it a go. thanks everyone!14:45
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media1touch screen not woking after porting sony z1 with ubuntu touch - any solution?16:29
GarettMcCartyIdk about ubuntu touch but maybe there is a solution in dsmesg?16:31
GarettMcCartyIt could be a lack of driver support or it could be a udev issue i think... But i am still porting so i have no clue16:32
media1any way to add driver.16:33
media1r u porting using honami ?16:34
GarettMcCartyIt would have been with the vendor or device files i believe, i just started with ubuntu touch yesterday and im still porting xD16:34
media1reply if u get the touch working.16:37
media1is your device z116:37
GarettMcCartyNo my device is the LG G4 TMO / H811 bro i did help someone yesterday though16:38
GarettMcCartyYour probably him xD16:39
media1ya its me16:39
media1ohh wow16:39
media1i just want to enter ...16:40
GarettMcCartyCan you connect to the device with adb?16:40
media1now its showing language selection and struck there16:40
media1let me try16:41
GarettMcCartyrun adb shell dmesg see if it returns anything, you might have access but not sure16:41
media1usb debugging cant be accessed...16:41
media1coz touch is not working16:42
GarettMcCartySorry bro :( i wish i could stay and help you debug this but i gotta start work in a few minutes16:42
media1when wil u be online16:42
media1it says device not found.16:46
GarettMcCartyIll be online in 9-10 hours16:47
GarettMcCartyWesnday and Thursday i have off so if you haven't solved it by then ill be there to help just look for GarettM or Garett McCarty16:48
media1it din work16:48
media1ok.. i wil16:48
ogra_note: it is more likely that you can catch devs here during european workdays ;)16:49
GarettMcCartySorry bro read up on your device wiki page on ubuntu maybe they have a solution to your problem.16:49
media1is there any other channel available16:49
ogra_media1, tyr catching mariogrip once he is around ... he does a lot of porting work16:49
ogra_(and runs the ubports.com page)16:50
ogra_there is also a forum on ubports i heard16:50
GarettMcCartyIll have to catch him to maybe i can setup a build server for official CyanogenMod ports16:51
ogra_perhaps someone there hit such an issue before16:51
ogra_usually touchscreen isnt actually a prob ... (i havent seen it not working before ... if Mir runs, the touch input usually works too)16:51
GarettMcCartyThats why i said its probably a udev issue16:52
media1i have some one else hav the same prob online16:52
GarettMcCartyWell off to work bros catch you later!16:52
ogra_so logs ... syslog ... the output of /system/bin/logcat, dmesg ... check them16:52
ogra_if your touchscreen needs a binary blob driver you might need to make sure that the /vendor has the needed bits16:53
ogra_*the /vendor dir16:53
ogra_that it is a missing udev rule is possible, but not really likely if you even have the UI up already16:54
media1i din undersand everything...16:56
dobeycheck the logs16:56
media1in  /system/bin/logcat16:56
ogra_right, start with the logs16:56
ogra_i would start with the default ubuntu logs...16:57
ogra_and if there isnt anything interesting, then run the logcat binary to get info from the android container16:57
t-askHi, I just look at http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/devices and all devices are sold out? really? I mean, are there new evices planned?17:08
mcphailt-ask: it looks like meizu and bq have been adopting a strategy of small production runs. Fair enough, as the phone isn't really a mass-market device yet17:10
media1when the device is connected it says cant mount device17:11
media1is it coz of usb debugging not activated17:12
t-askmedia1: maybe try another USB cable17:16
t-askmedia1: I bought a cheap one and it wasn't working17:16
media1does it need usb debugging enabled17:17
t-askmedia1: strange, but it turned out another cheap one did the job ,)17:17
ogra_media1, for mtp access you need to set up the right defaults in the android container at build time ... (and indeed in ubuntu mtp-server needs to run)17:18
ogra_there is no other USB file access implemented currently (well ... apart from adb push/pull)17:18
media1it saying waiting for device17:19
ogra_adb ?17:20
ogra_didnt you say above you had adb access working ?17:20
media1in terminal when i run adb logcat17:20
media1no it din work sorry17:21
ogra_you cant run adb logcat :)17:21
ogra_use adb shell to get in ...17:21
ogra_then you can run /system/bin/logcat to obtain logs from inside the android container17:22
ogra_but as i said, that should be your last setp17:22
ogra_start with the typical ubuntu logs first17:22
media1just run this : /system/bin/logcat17:23
ogra_first look at the ubuntu logs17:23
ogra_if you dont find anything in there, then check the container ... (it is more likely your issue is on the ubuntu side and that something isnt properly hooked up)17:25
t-askI hop OTA12 fixes the video issues... it will be on wednesday right?17:25
ogra_which video issue ?17:26
ogra_(yeah, should be wed. or thu.)17:26
media1sys/bin right17:26
t-askCan't play certain mp4 file + if clicking a video it opens Media and Galler, while Gallery is quite useless17:27
ogra_and the dmesg command17:27
ogra_t-ask, did you try opening from the video scope ?17:28
t-askI think I did try almost everrything... w817:28
ogra_(note that the filemanager is not really suited to open videos)17:28
ogra_(iirc there is a bug that copies them around first and such)17:29
t-askogra_: yes, I noticed, I couldn't even replay a 2GB camera recorded one17:30
ogra_the camera app should play it fine17:30
t-askbtw where are those "copies" copied to?17:30
t-askno it didn't17:30
ogra_depends on the target app17:30
t-askI recorded on SD and then I think it copied it to internal17:31
ogra_yeah, thats a bug17:31
t-askand which is the target folder?17:31
ogra_the camera app itself should be able to play it from its builtin gallery though17:31
t-askI guess it must be fiull of stuff now17:31
ogra_well, it depends what apps were involved17:33
t-askMedia, Galler, Camera ... I have nothing speacila on this17:34
t-askI just know watching with Media took minutes to load somehing17:34
t-askand even didn't work at all17:34
ogra_well, each app has its own workdir17:36
t-askIs there a button for "delete caches tmp folders"17:36
ogra_so it would be copied to that17:36
ogra_usually somewher in ~/.local or ~/.cache17:36
t-askok file manager doesn't show hidden files17:36
ogra_there is an option in the settings17:37
t-askwhy aren't apps forced to cache in /tmp?17:37
ogra_(might be that you need to unlock it first)17:37
ogra_because tmp isnt safe17:37
dobeyyou mean content-hub copies files around?17:37
dobeywell, tmp is also RAM17:37
ogra_all apps could see stuff from other apps17:37
ogra_dobey, it does ... when file-manager is involved17:38
ogra_old bug17:38
ogra_i have never seen a video not play back when played directly from the camera app though17:38
dobeyogra_: i mean, doesn't the same issue exist when sharing something via content-hub to a webapp or such?17:38
ogra_dobey, depends ... if there is a mediascanner entry that can be used, i think that should just be taken17:39
ogra_i forgot how that worked ...17:39
ogra_to long ag that i have seen phone code :P17:39
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media1var/log/dmesg right17:43
media1hi <ogra>17:45
media1i din get the logs17:52
media1<ogra> can u tell the process once more18:03
media1i cant access the device18:03
media1its connected to pc18:03
media1while connecting it says unable to mount18:03
media1can it be done in fastboot mode18:06
ogra_media1, how did you even get that running if you dont have adb access ?18:13
ogra_doing a port without adb to debug the initrd issues and other stuff to get the UI up is nearly impossible18:14
media1after flashing cant do the setting coz touch wont work18:15
ogra_how did you build what you flashed ?18:15
ogra_and how did you manage to make it bring the UI up ?18:15
media1its in language selection screen18:15
ogra_yes, you said that multiple times18:16
media1fastboot method18:16
ogra_ok, and how did you build the images for this ?18:16
ogra_normally a new port doesnt "simply boot" that takes weeks of work18:17
media1i got it from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/minato18:17
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ogra_thats probably a very early proof of concept image this uses18:18
ogra_ah, no.., thats from ondra ...18:19
ogra_so why dont you talk to him then ;)18:19
media1can i???18:19
ogra_(i didnt know there was a recent sony port public ... the ones i know are 3 years old and total rubbish)18:20
ogra_media1, heis in this channel ... but probably not around at this time ...18:20
ogra_just try to catch him during european work hours18:20
media1ohhh really18:21
media1his nickname is ondra18:21
ogra_yes ;)18:21
media1can i ask u one more thing18:21
media1this phone i flashed hav a problem of shutting down . saying high temperature18:22
ogra_did you use his pre-built images or did you build them following the instructions ?18:22
ogra_yes, the wiki says that power management doesnt work18:22
media1no not tht18:23
ogra_see the known issues at the bottom18:23
media1before flashing18:23
ogra_power handling/BT/camera/MHL/calls do not work18:23
media1so i tried with cynogenmod.18:23
media1but still shuts down18:23
media1but in linux on the language screen it never shuts down18:24
ogra_no idea, might be the recovery you use brings it to a state where it doesnt do any cpu preqiency scaling or some such18:24
media1even its hot18:24
ogra_(when it gets hot before flashing)18:24
media1yes shuts down18:25
media1cant even rechareg18:25
ogra_yes, thats also described there18:25
media1so this phone was not usable18:25
media1now it working fine18:25
media1but cant enter lol18:25
ogra_well, wait for ondra ... he might be around tomorrow during the day18:26
media1now whats the time there18:26
ogra_iirc he should be in london currently ... 19:30 ...18:27
media1its 12 am here18:27
ogra_you could also write a mail to the mailing list ... which makes the conversation a bit more async :)18:28
media1i din get the mail id18:29
media1is it listed there18:29
ogra_wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch ...18:29
ogra_go to the launchpad group and join it18:30
ogra_thenn you are subscribed to the list18:30
JanCI wish there would be a mailman list...  :-(18:30
ogra_well, it is actually mailman18:31
ogra_just using a launchpad frontend18:31
dobeyin fact, most of launchpad has an e-mail API18:32
JanClast time I was subscribed to a launchpad ML it was all broken (wrong defaults that you couldn't change etc.)18:32
dobeyJanC: well that doesn't mean it's not mailman. :)18:32
JanCusing mailman isn't useful if you use it wrong  :)18:33
dobeyeh, mailman configuration is like religion. it's almost always wrong :)18:36
* dobey blames barry18:36
dobeybarry, who isn't here18:36
ogra_yeah, probably at the sprint18:36
* dobey misses being at sprints18:37
ogra_(and given that it is 20:37, there is probably beer time now)18:37
JanCIIRC when people did reply-to-all instead of reply-to-list you wouldn't get the list-mail or something like that18:38
dobeyyeah, i think that's how it works18:44
mcphailtoo many clients don't offer reply to list these days18:45
dobeytoo many people still use e-mail these days18:46
media1i made an account...18:46
media1still i ill be waiting for him here...18:46
media1thanks <ogra> for ur time18:47
ogra_JanC, and if emacs was vim we'd all use emacs :P18:50
* ogra_ likes that he can do personal replies without accidentially replying to the list ... thanks to that setup 18:50
JanCeh? if I want to reply to a person I just do reply18:52
JanCthe problem is that it breaks my mailing list filters18:53
dobeyyeah, reply to all goes to the list anyway18:53
dobeyit's just that you don't get two e-mails when people reply to you18:53
dobeyie, the list sees you're in the to/cc line, and you're also a list member, so it doesn't send you a copy of the mail you were sent directly18:54
* ogra_ doesnt get two 18:54
JanCexcept mailman sends the one without list-id header18:54
dobeymailman doesn't send one at all18:54
JanCwith the launchpad config18:54
ogra_and my filtering works also fine ...18:54
ogra_but then i filter since a long time based on LP headers18:54
dobeyi solved it mostly by just not replying to mailing lists unless i feel the need to do so18:55
ogra_i always use ctrl-l18:55
dobeyfwiw, lp behaves the same as another mailman list i admin which isn't on lp. so i don't think i'd blame lp for those defaults.18:56
JanCdobey: except when the users have access to the mailman web UI, they can change that themselves18:56
JanCusers = subscribers18:57
dobeysoylent green is users18:58
ogra_yum yum yum18:59
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GarettMcCartyI see to much quitters here23:05
GarettMcCartySo people here is my progress i have none of the files listed in vendorblobs.mk so my solution is to remove that file for the makefile then rerun build -j8 when i get it to build will it even boot or will it go retarded because it expects those files? I also removed all the lib64 libraries23:09
GarettMcCartyI mean i have some but not all* loll xD23:10
ujwalI am trying to build and flash Ubuntu touch23:16
GarettMcCartyWhat device?23:17
ujwalwhen I try to use rootsock installer shell script to flash system.img in ubuntu recovery it says "Error: device not found"23:19
ujwaldevice is Nexsus 423:19
GarettMcCartyI have no clue what rootsock is why not just use fastboot mode?23:19
ujwalbut this built system.img is only 80MB  which is andriod system image but actual system.img is 480MB includes system.img [ubuntu rootfs+ andriod ]23:22
GarettMcCartyHmm interesting no clue but that 80mb is probably an error loll23:24
ujwaloh ok so where would i have gone wrong in building it23:25
GarettMcCartyI would make clean then rebuild it you can try to flash it and see if it works, but isnt there supposed to be 2 files a boot.img and system.imh23:27
GarettMcCartysystem.img* damn phone23:27
ujwal yes I have many .img files in that boot.img, recovery.img and system.img files are there23:28
GarettMcCartyDo a clean build and flash them23:28
ujwaloh ok23:29
ujwalcan you guide me with any links which can help me in building this image [just to keep track of how my build steps should be]23:30
GarettMcCartydo you have all the sources? I started learning how yesterday loll23:31
ujwalI have only this link [https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/phone/devices/porting-new-device/]23:32
GarettMcCartyStep one gather sources23:32
GarettMcCartyWhats your device?23:32
ujwalNexus 423:32
GarettMcCartyOh yeah stupid...23:33
GarettMcCartyI have no clue with your device23:34
ujwalwell how are you starting?23:35
GarettMcCartyI searched for android_device_lge_h811 on github found the device repo then cloned it to device/lge/h811 then read the cm.dependencies manually and cloned those repositories manually to there path, each repo cloned if a cm.dependencies existed i would repeat :(23:37
ujwaloh ok I am newbie in this so im blindly following the steps given in the above link mentioned23:40
GarettMcCartyLmfao xD23:44
ujwalgtg bye Garret23:46

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