isleofman_danI've settled on a medium length SSID and password, and have just finished reconfiguring all my IoT things to connect again. Off to bed now. Thanks to all for input. I won't do anything about a bug report, as it only seems to be me with the problem!00:09
diddledanstill very strange that you're getting problems anyway00:14
diddledansomething is wonky and it feels bad not to find out what the problem is and only work around it in your case00:15
isleofman_danYeah. Maybe someone else will run it the issue. If not, it'll be the Manx fairies to blame!00:19
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MooDoohowdy all06:44
popeyGood morning08:03
MooDoohowdy popey08:03
knightwisePlz type slowly when talking to popey .. he apparently has bad wifi08:31
davmor2popey: morning and welcome back08:38
popeyI do?08:38
davmor2popey: well it's that or it is your head from the sprint last week ;)08:39
davmor2and then a weekend with AQ08:39
popeythe bad wifi was in the hotel in heidelberg 😛08:40
TwistedLucidityWhat always impressed (terrified?) me in HD were the flood levels marked on the sides of the buildings by the river.08:51
TwistedLucidityAlso really cool to see an actual working river is the various barges toing and front (often with the family car lashed on the back)08:52
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:08
daftykinsgm \o10:50
zmoylan-pigood or morning? :-P10:51
daftykinstime'll tell :>11:03
daftykinspenguin42: afty \o11:03
* penguin42 yaawwwnns at the end of a long weekend11:03
daftykinsthat good eh?11:04
* zmoylan-pi pushes mugs of tea and aldi knockoff penguin bars towards daftykins n penguin42 11:04
daftykinsyay :D11:04
* penguin42 grabs an unpenguin bar11:04
penguin42daftykins: Well a 4 day weekend is a good thing; not got much done though11:04
daftykins:) that's the whole point i'd imagine!11:05
zmoylan-piso a good weekend then :-)11:05
daftykinsi received my new Startech special slimline optical to USB 3.0 enclosure today, so i was just then robbing the bluray drive from my old HTPC and popping it in11:05
diddledandaftykins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg_ghkwt5cs11:06
daftykins:D i always wanted to know what the guards said in the next bit11:07
zmoylan-pii managed to take a pic of the €20 'smart' watch... https://twitter.com/angryearthling/status/757155580305895424/photo/111:11
daftykinsWOW indeed11:20
daftykinslooks like a right Fitbit clone11:20
zmoylan-pia near disposable fitbit...11:21
daftykinsactually the strap on a clients actual one died the other day, i took it apart for fun but nope - you can't change the strap at all on the - Charge HR i think it was11:23
daftykinsthough phoning in, they sent another one for free11:23
zmoylan-pii suspect from reading the reviews and comments in various chat rooms that wearables are been killed by users at high rates11:24
diddledanwearables need to be durable because people are careless about what they do with their arms11:25
zmoylan-pii went through a fair few watches in 80s as i treated it as armour for holding open doors that were closing etc.11:26
diddledanand you wonder why we only give you nokia phones11:26
zmoylan-pilost one throwing a punch. strap just died on impact...11:27
daftykinsmy my11:28
zmoylan-pionly nokia make moylan proof phones...  nokia nokia that is, not ms nokia...11:28
diddledanrumors yesterday were accurate: http://marissamayr.tumblr.com/post/147941613134/verizon-to-acquire-yahoos-operating-business11:30
zmoylan-pi5beeelion dollarsss... ::holds pinkie to mouth::11:30
zmoylan-pi1 billion goes to mozilla seemingly11:31
DJonesFor Y!A!H!O!O! ? Wow, do people still use that11:31
zmoylan-pithe oil trading industry uses yahoo messenger almost exclusively11:31
DJonesIn other news, owner of isohunt settles a lawsuit for $50M11:31
zmoylan-pitheir email has been doing well recently11:31
zmoylan-pitumblr is growing... even if it is a _lot_ of porn11:32
daftykinsooh amazon tell me my pi3 has dispatched11:32
* daftykins is soon to be known as daftykins-pi11:32
DJonesHeh, I read somewhere that the biggest piracy/porn search engine now is bing.com11:33
daftykinsBing! and the law is broken11:33
DJonesNice to MS's  stand against piracy is working11:33
daftykinssince when did they have one?11:33
zmoylan-pipat the postman dispatched or al pacino dispatched? :-)11:33
zmoylan-piit's ok when they steal from someone, it's not ok to steal from ms11:34
DJonesPerhaps not in general terms, but thinking of all the anti piracy stuff included in Windows11:34
DJonesRegion encoding for dvd's etc11:34
zmoylan-piregion encoding for dvds as horrible as it is, is not ms's fault11:35
daftykinsDJones: i'm horrified that you think that's Microsoft, that's in drive firmware!11:35
daftykinsit's no wonder you open source folk have such bias when you make things up like this11:35
zmoylan-pims media player... not _THATS_ ms's fault... :-)11:35
DJonesYears ago I had a cd reader/writer that was blocked by Windows, rather than the firmware on the device, worked fine with Slackware for anything, just wouldn't work with windows11:36
daftykinswell that's heavily anecdotal11:36
DJonesMaybe that was just that the opensource community had a workround for a hardware block11:37
daftykinssounds more like misconfigured Windows to me11:37
DJonesThat wasn't incororated in Windows11:37
diddledanI believe decss bypasses the firmware by reading it as data11:37
diddledanI might be making that up on the spot though :-p\11:38
daftykinsi would expect any drive interaction has to go via firmware11:39
zmoylan-pithat _might_ be ms doing all the reading by the book whereas linux has had to make it up as they went along11:40
DJonesI'm not anti-windows, it does some things better than linux (regardless of distro) so I use maybe 1 day  week, I just prefer Linux via Ubuntu which meets 90% ofmy needs without monetary cost,  no matter what, people use the best or easiest tool available to them11:40
DJonesI like powerpoint & publisher, they are easy to use and work well for what I need to do with them11:40
daftykinsjust cost in time :D11:40
diddledanDJones: except dicky stallman whose morals are too staunch to sacrifice freedom in favour of ease11:41
diddledanI admire him for his tanacity11:41
DJonesdiddledan: Well, respect to him for making the choice, no arguments there11:41
DJonesOutside of those two apps, there's nothing I can't do on Ubuntu/Linux11:42
diddledanblurry on linux is still a pain11:42
DJonesEven then I could find alternatives, but when I'm sharing files with pure windows users its easier just to stick with the,11:42
daftykinsnah, install makemkv... symlink a couple of libs and hey presto Kodi can play movies direct from disc11:42
diddledanI worry about what makemkv does in it's binary blob though11:43
popey\o/ contractor arrived, has a thinkpad. opening discussion about thinkpads11:43
diddledanpopey: yey!11:43
popeyI guessed x220t, was x230t, close11:43
daftykinsi'm actually dumping a Sopranos episode from this bluray drive over USB 3.0 with makemkv right now11:43
zmoylan-piplay conkers with your thinkpads to show their superiority :-D11:43
popeyshould have looked at the keyboard better11:43
popeylast time I had a chat with a stranger about his thinkpad was on a plane, and he turned out to be one of the designers of the BBC Micro11:44
DJonesdaftykins: Was kodi the follow on form xmbc? I think so, I used to use that and found it worked with everything, don't need it now with a smart tv though11:44
popeychatted to him for hours.11:44
popeyThinkpads are great ice breakers11:44
zmoylan-piit's the geek equivalence of a pet dog.  a conversation starter...11:44
daftykinsDJones: yeah the new name after some software company asked them to change11:44
DJonesdaftykins: Ta11:44
daftykinsbeen using it for my HTPC on the TV since the original xbox days :)11:44
daftykinsdug it out the other day and it still runs!11:45
DJonesNice,I think I reformatted mine11:45
daftykins2.0x bluray so 8.5MB/sec is the max i'm getting off my old HTPC's bluray drive :(11:46
popeyI've managed to get to 2016 and not have any blueray devices11:46
daftykins30 mins to pull off a 13.6GB episode :)11:46
daftykinsmmm i'd not own one either if it didn't just come with my HTPC, but i ran Kodi from Linux so i never used it either11:47
zmoylan-pii watch most of my movies on screens smaller than 10" blu ray is a waste of capacity to me11:47
daftykinsnever assumed they'd get it working11:47
daftykins10" ? wat11:47
daftykinszmoylan-pi: did you just stop wanting any tech around one day? :)11:47
zmoylan-pii don't have a tv, i just use tablets and netbooks and phones for watching movies11:48
daftykinsthat's horrible :(11:48
zmoylan-pii have bad eysight so big screens far away are of no use to me, a small screen close by is grand11:48
daftykinsyou just pull up a chair :D11:48
popeyi found the hudl2 perfect size for watching 1080 at a few inches away11:48
popeywatched loads on that11:49
daftykinsi quite like having decent sound :P11:49
popeyheadphones ftw11:49
daftykinsdear Tux no :P11:49
zmoylan-pias long as i can read the subtitles on seven samurai any screen size is acceptable... just right now that means a tablet usually11:49
popeyhard to get a full dolby digital setup on a plane11:49
daftykinswe weren't talking about flights i thought11:50
daftykinsif you keep changing the use case it surprisingly changes the constraints too11:50
zmoylan-pinow if blu ray was more easily accessed for storing data i'd love the 20+gb of storage they allow for archives11:50
penguin42popey: They could always mount 85" LCDs along the wings and turn the window seats around11:51
zmoylan-pii'd have to open a window and wing walk to watch... :-P11:51
daftykinsi was on a flight the other day where nobody was allowed peanuts because a 'hyper allergic' was onboard o011:52
daftykinsseems those baseball stadiums in the US have special suites for those folk too, to spare them from the slightest whiff of peanut exposure11:53
zmoylan-piso you had to use your emergency stash of snickers to feed your peanut habit...11:53
penguin42daftykins: It must be really difficult in the US - they put peanuts in everything11:54
diddledanthey even put peanuts in butter!!11:54
DJonesnuts....Disgusting things, just bits of wood...might as well chew on a chair leg, its the same material :)11:54
DJonesUnless its coconut of course11:55
diddledanhate coconut11:55
* zmoylan-pi loves a bounty bar once in a while11:55
zmoylan-pithe dark chocolate version11:55
DJonesSomething I've never liked nuts apart from salted peanuts when in a pub (as long as they're not in a bowl on the bar)11:55
* penguin42 now has a terrible vision of zmoylan-pi in a grass skirt11:55
daftykinsugh not dark :P my parents would always ruin chocolate stashes with that preference!11:55
penguin42daftykins: Send the dark chocolate this way11:56
daftykinsmmm salted peanuts, dry roasted and cashews \o/11:56
diddledanI believe this is needed at this juncture (mildly unsafe for kids) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnNYXgV7L-c11:57
daftykinsdiddledan: i suppose that's still on the topic of nuts...11:58
diddledanwell there's chocolate and nuts so I figured it followed11:58
zmoylan-piback when chef was part of southpark...11:58
daftykinsback when they were insulting everything except his own beliefs :)11:59
diddledanI've not seen southpark since the movie11:59
diddledanI blame canada11:59
zmoylan-pihaven't seen it since my last tv died in 200812:00
DJonesNever watched it, something I didn't like12:00
penguin42can watch it in small doses12:00
diddledanzmoylan-pi: get an hdhomerun and you can watch tv on your 10inch thingies12:00
daftykinsthey've become highly topical, there's some very good stuff in there if you can skip past the toiler humour rubbish12:00
zmoylan-pithere are some good bits, some inspired brilliant bits but a lot of annoying bits12:01
zmoylan-pipaging david_ll_ fix your connection12:01
daftykinsit's ok, i even emailed the guy now12:01
daftykinsmust be away or something :)12:01
daftykinsif only we had active ops that could set a temporary ban until it's resolved...12:02
DJonesNot much in lastlog, just one read error and one client quit12:03
diddledansome idiot outside has loud gangsta noises (can't call it music) playing12:04
zmoylan-piwarm weather has idiot drivers driving around with windows open...12:04
DJonesI saw a lot of connection failures over the weekend though12:04
DJoneszmoylan-pi: I saw a picture on a local police twitter account that had a "home made convertible", the owner had just cut the roof off12:05
daftykinswell that guy has been dropping all weekend12:05
zmoylan-pii saw a mini pickup over the weekend...12:05
zmoylan-pinot often you see a car with less cabin space than a smart car...12:06
daftykinswow crucial seem to have some 80s synth as their hold music12:08
diddledansynth ftw12:08
zmoylan-piless cool is that it's ben there sinc the 80s... :-)12:08
DJonesI think the link was this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CnzzbCXWYAEOCMA.jpg12:08
diddledanI like that the police had stopped them12:09
zmoylan-piapologies for dm link... compared to this wreck... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3698135/On-way-MOT-Footage-shows-completely-destroyed-car-DRIVEN-roads-Pakistan.html12:11
daftykinsnice tortoise12:11
zmoylan-pithe terminator car, positively absolutely will not stop...12:12
diddledan"qmail is not an MTA. it's a set of building blocks to make your own. so it's kinda like netBSD"12:13
zmoylan-pisome assembly required12:14
DJonesLike Lego or Mecano then12:18
zmoylan-pimore like dna... :-P12:18
zmoylan-piwith no picture on the box to help...12:18
DJoneszmoylan-pi: That car is wrecked12:18
zmoylan-pii wonder if it would pass any countries mot...12:19
DJonesIts got a wheel at each corner (even if it is triangular)12:20
zmoylan-piit does make you curious as to what happened to it that crushed it so much but left it running12:21
diddledanit looks like it was lifted by a chain12:21
DJonesThis was on the NW Motorway police twitter feed the other day https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CngiEYsXgAAZYXW.jpg drink driver over twice the legal limit, drove on the motorway with his vehicle like this..12:27
DJonesLooks 100% roadworthy compared to the car in zmoylan-pi's link12:28
daftykinscan only imagine they must've crashed and then kept going12:29
DJonesEither that or the tyre blew & kept going12:30
daftykinsthe poor road :)12:31
zmoylan-piand the debris left behind to be thrown up by following cars12:31
foobarryrestricted mode on youtube is ridiculous13:27
penguin42what's that?13:28
foobarryi want to disable smutty thumbnail suggestions from coming up after i've watcha  video13:28
foobarryits a safe mode13:28
foobarrybut its a blunt mallety13:28
foobarryit turns off comments and the most benign videos, such as lara croft locks the butler in the freezer13:28
foobarrythey need a better filter than that13:29
foobarryand there's a big difference betwewen seeing comments and unrelated pornographic still shots13:29
daftykinsthose thumbs are becoming all too common, youtube is a real mess for sure13:30
diddledandang: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/26/nyregion/l-train-will-shut-down-from-manhattan-to-brooklyn-in-2019-for-18-months.html13:44
diddledanthat's a long closure13:44
zmoylan-pithey found a leaf on the line? :-P13:45
DJoneswonder how it'll affect uk workers....Oh, not at all13:46
zmoylan-piwell depends how bad brexit is by then and which british companies end up in manhattan... :-P13:46
daftykinscloser to 'home', i hear southwest trains have gotten quite rough?13:46
popeysouthern, maybe?13:46
popeyswt are okay13:46
popeyalso, free wifi13:47
daftykinsoh right, didn't think there was a distinction13:47
daftykinsi always train about when on the 'mainland' :)13:47
popeysouthern go kinda south out of victoria, and southwest go kinda south-west out of waterloo13:47
daftykinsah yeah13:47
popeyI went on both at the weekend as part of my "tour of nuclear power stations" trip13:48
zmoylan-pisaw carriages over the weekend with compartments... didn't know we had any in ireland...13:48
daftykinso0 what prompted that? :)13:48
diddledanI'm on the waterloo/salisbury line13:48
popeyI was on a train in Germany on Thursday. Chatting to a friend. Some german bloke walked past. Stopped, and said "popey?"13:48
davmor2northwest is euston13:48
popeyTurns out he's a listener, user of Ubuntu and ubuntu phone owner13:48
diddledanalthough I think basingstoke also serves the solent region so winchester, southampton etc.13:49
penguin42popey: haha13:49
popeydaftykins: friend of mine organised a trip13:49
davmor2popey: you're infamous13:49
DJonesWhat is the conference that has happened in Liverpool around august over the last few years13:49
daftykinssoon they'll be asking for autographs13:49
DJonespopey: Thanks, thats it13:49
popeyhe pinged me on telegram afterwards and said "should have taken a selfie"13:49
davmor2popey: it's the Lionel Blair cut13:50
diddledanpopey: wait till people call you mycroft :-p13:50
penguin42davmor2: I thought it was Elvis?13:50
davmor2penguin42: it's okay it's only an advert13:50
zmoylan-pisoon they'll be wanting popey to put his autograph on parts of their body so they can get it tattooed later... ::me knows the people:: :-P13:50
DJonesIf oggcamp happens in 2017, people from down south should be aware that there'll be a new bridge over the mersey open at runcorn that will be a toll bridge13:50
DJonesIf it happens in Liverpool again13:51
davmor2Theres a toll theres a toll in the dungeon13:51
DJonesOld Runcorn-Widnes bridge will also be tolled/closed around then13:51
DJonesWhich is the direct route to Liverpool from the M613:52
foobarrydas popey.13:52
DJonesvia M5613:52
foobarryin some corny allo allo accent i hope13:52
penguin42DJones: Convenient for those running a toll bridge13:52
zmoylan-pithe trolls can meet under it13:52
DJonesCausing road chaos at the moment for locals13:53
popeythe trip at the weekend was to Arthur Dents house, The Red Lion (where he and Ford prefect had 6 beers), http://www.the-observatory.org/ , Dungeness, a secret underground bunker, alien trail in Rendlesham, tour of sizewell B...13:53
popeybusy weekend13:53
zmoylan-pithe movie or the tv show?13:54
daftykinsmy my13:54
diddledanzmoylan-pi: radio :-p13:54
davmor2zmoylan-pi: the tv show13:55
popeyzmoylan-pi: tv show13:57
davmor2zmoylan-pi: http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle.php?id=16770&l=fr13:57
zmoylan-pithe tv show is all on youtube these days13:58
diddledandavmor2: you're french?13:59
diddledanI think you'll be able to read better if you used http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle.php?id=16770&l=en13:59
davmor2diddledan: no it was just the first image that showed the house from google images13:59
daftykinssacré bleu13:59
diddledanblue sugar?14:00
diddledanor lude sacrifice?14:00
daftykinsit's sacred blue, of course14:01
diddledannono, I think it's a naughty sacrifice (like blue-movie is a naughty movie)14:01
daftykinsthe waiter says it a lot whilst the two NAMBLAs are chasing the South Park boys14:02
daftykinsy'know, the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes14:02
daftykinsand the other one isn't really appropriate to repeat in here14:02
popeyhttp://pics.imcdb.org/0is369/bscap0118jl.199.jpg that one14:04
popeydoesn't look a lot different now14:04
diddledandefenders based on daredevil and jessica jones has a good teaser trailer from comicon this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBZtM8q2Z1g14:05
* daftykins makes it nice and big for zmoylan-pi - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CoH5XHaWcAAvVJ2.jpg:large14:06
diddledandaftykins: he only has 10 inches, you need to shrink it for him, surely?14:06
zmoylan-pino plaque for the h2g2 fans?14:06
popeyi couldn't see one14:07
popeydidn't go too close as it's private land14:07
diddledanergh. chrome keeps crashing on me14:09
foobarrywhere is the red lion?14:09
daftykinsthere's one just north of town here on Guernsey ;)14:10
popeyfoobarry: http://www.shepherdneame.co.uk/pubs/haywards-heath/red-lion14:16
popeyreally nice pub. had some food and not quite six beers14:16
zmoylan-piand no peanuts to replace the salt after transport?14:20
popeyi was tempted to buy some peanuts14:22
popeybut went for cheesy chips instead :)14:22
penguin42the dentrasi would not be impressed14:26
zmoylan-piprobably did have to use babelfish to order from the foreign staff in pub mind... :-P14:28
penguin42the recent arrivals from Ursa-major-minor really don't understand the Southern accent that well14:29
zmoylan-pipfft, even the babelfish is thrown by some irish accents :-P14:30
diddledanzmoylan-pi: yeah but irish is like galifrayan - nobody understands it14:39
daftykinsgali what?14:39
diddledanmight be with an e14:41
diddledaneither way14:41
diddledandaftykins: if you don't know what galifrey is then please get your coat and check your geek card in at the door :-p14:41
* daftykins gets his coat14:42
* penguin42 offers diddledan a jelly baby14:42
daftykinsi don't watch Dr. Who14:42
* penguin42 hasn't for a few decades, but still14:42
zmoylan-piand slips a sonic screwdriver into his pocket that will raise questions going through security...14:42
penguin42diddledan: It's never been any good after Tom Baker14:42
daftykinsJamesTait: what day is it!?15:29
daftykinsi just called ebay to tell 'em their system doesn't accept local mobile numbers ;)15:29
daftykinsthis ought to be good15:30
JamesTaitdaftykins, I haven't even looked yet!15:31
JamesTaitThread the Needle Day, according to several sources.  Hot Fudge Sundae Day as well.15:32
diddledanisn’t sundae day redundant usage of day?15:34
daftykinsit might be a bit confusing to write sunda(e/y)15:35
daftykinsthat would have made more sense yesterday, too ;)15:35
JamesTaitA Sunday sundae?15:38
JamesTaitOr is it a sundae Sunday?15:38
daftykinsi bet that diddledan would have a Sunday Sundae on a Friday!15:45
daftykinsyay i'm getting my new mechanical keyboard sooner than expected \o/ go amazon!16:24
* zmoylan-pi rips open a pack of after eight mints in defiance of all social norms...17:45
daftykinswith zeez after eight at before 7pm you are really spoiling uzz17:48
daftykins</Ferrero Rochez parody>17:48
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Yes but will the pack survive until 8 ?17:48
daftykinsnot if we work hard17:48
diddledanyou’re welcome17:53
zmoylan-pithe only animal to be born with horns...17:54
DJoneszmoylan-pi: Have you seen Donald Trump's baby photo's?18:01
DJonesAlthough, that might defeat the definition of "animal"18:02
zmoylan-pithat assumes he was born and not as suspected by many... summoned...18:03
daftykinsgrown or ejected18:04
DJonesejected makes him sound like waste ectoplasm from ghostbusters18:05
DJonesBut if the cap fits....18:05
zmoylan-pionce you cut 2 holes in it for his horns...18:09
foobarryrobot wars new series was fun \o/19:06
popeySam hadn't heard of it, we sat and watched it together, he loved it19:14
popeymeant later bed time, which may be partly why he loved it19:14
zmoylan-piand then young dreams of making a killer robot...19:15
penguin42yeh just be careful where you leave your pi and chainsaw19:16
diddledan_just tried iplayering it and got told "This content cannot be played in our HTML5 Player"19:17
penguin42they have an HTML5 player?19:17
=== christel is now known as hipstel
zmoylan-piit looked just like what i thought it would look like coming out of the box... :-) http://motherboard.vice.com/read/watch-this-guy-turn-on-a-20000-watt-light-bulb?trk_source=popular19:46
diddledan_how many amps does it take to run 20KW?19:49
zmoylan-piwatch the vid, he has a rig for taking 100amps and outputting 90+ to the bulb19:50
zmoylan-pihe's sweating just from the light...19:51
diddledan_why does he have that huge cable in his house?!19:55
zmoylan-pifor overclocking his rasp pi for 2 nanoseconds... :-P19:55
diddledan_I wonder how many homes he's accidentally burnt-down?19:56
zmoylan-pii wonder if his eyesight came back19:56
zmoylan-piof course if a neighbour started playing loud music he could put that in the garden and fly a drone with mirror attached to reflect light into theirs...19:57
daftykinshttps://www.dropbox.com/s/dnwc5uthcyvtq9b/Hitman-bug.flv?dl=0 - here's me finding bugs in games20:04
diddledan_and the curious case of the confused drinks glass20:12
daftykinsi put poison in it so completed an entire playthrough before i realised he had vanished20:13
daftykinsby chance i had an autosave there so i could see what was happening20:13
diddledan_so you tried to kill a guy but he decided to just cease existence rather than be killed by you?20:21
diddledan_that's not really very sporting of him is it?20:22
diddledan_watching robot wars - the second bout was carnage20:24
diddledan_wow carbide (robot) is a thing of pure evil20:49
daftykinsdiddledan_: it is quite rude, though it was a sedative so he's having a very good nap in the afterlife20:49
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m0nkey_Hmm.. Jimmy Carr is in Montreal this weekend23:07

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