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Mirvtsdgeos: according to autopkgtests it'd look like there might be trouble with qmluitests and Qt 5.6.1 (even though I think you already checked 5.6.0 earlier, maybe there's something small changed). just a heads up, as that would start causing trouble when Qt is landed to yakkety.07:25
tsdgeosMirv: do you have a link?08:17
Mirvtsdgeos: https://is.gd/23KRRz08:33
tsdgeosMirv: there's no fail! in there?08:35
tsdgeosah it timed out08:36
tsdgeosSaviq: we had a test that times out from time to time do we?08:36
* tsdgeos has slight memory08:36
Saviqtsdgeos, well, yeah, one of them gets stuck and britney times out on it08:36
Saviqit's 3 hours in so should be done by then indeed08:37
Saviqhttp://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/u/unity8/yakkety/amd64/ should be under 2h08:37
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dandradermterry_, ping13:28
mterry_dandrader, heyo!13:30
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dandradermterry, hi, could you please add https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/removeDBusWindowStack/+merge/298256 to https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1575 . It shouldn't conflict anymore13:30
mterrydandrader, oh sure13:30
mterrydandrader, what about your removeApplicationStage branches?  They need to bump to VERSION=20 I think13:31
dandradermterry, yeah, will do that now13:31
wardsterhi guys , ive been running of a unity 8 desktop for a few days now and just wondering on the address book / calendar - on my phone and tablet i use syncevolution which pulls in contacts and calendar13:52
wardsterbut on the unity 8 desktop ive done the syn but nothing shows up - ive checked on address book and i cant select adddress book and calendar cant select and calendars... is there a plugin missing maybe on accounts to make this work?..13:53
wardsterlove unity 8 on the desktop its working great, bit fidgity yo get the all the apps i want but i got there in the end! :)13:53
mterrydandrader, removeDBusWindowStack conflicts with https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/qtmir/fix_memory_leak_application_test/+merge/297876 or https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/tests-use-stack-instead-of-heap/+merge/29812214:18
dandradermterry, no conflict between removeDBusWindowStack and fix_memory_leak_application_test. trying /tests-use-stack-instead-of-heap14:27
mterrydandrader, well I was guessing I guess.  There was a conflict in the file they both change.  It might have been one of the other branches?  But yeah, try the stack/heap one14:28
dandradermterry, yeah, loads of conflicts between removeDBusWindowStack and tests-use-stack-instead-of-heap14:30
dandradermterry, will rebase on top of it14:31
dandradergreyback, need you to re-approve https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/removeDBusWindowStack/+merge/301083 as I got it rebased14:51
greybackdandrader: ok14:51
dandradermterry, conflix solved ^14:51
dandradergreyback, thanks14:51
dandradermterry, rebased https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/removeApplicationStage/+merge/297766 and friends, bumping untiy-api versions14:59
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mterrydandrader, FAIL!  : qmltestrunner::test_model_roles_enum(row 4) there should be an ApplicationManager::RoleStage enum18:37
mterry    Loc: [/«BUILDDIR»/unity-api-7.117+15.04.20160725/obj-x86_64-linux-gnu/test/qmltest/modules/TestUtil/Verifier.qml(78)]18:37
dandradermterry, unity-api?18:38
mterrydandrader, yup18:38
dandradermterry, pushed fix18:44
mterrydandrader, thanks!18:44
mterrydandrader, also, removeDBusWindowStack was still conflicting   :(  I've left it out for now, but not sure what the conflict was18:45
dandradermterry, do you have the log showing the sequence of branches being applied?18:46
mterrydandrader, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/log/1575/build/49/18:47
dandradermterry, jesus, the conflict is totally retarted: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/20904794/ which is exactly what the branch diff is supposed to do (remove that header)19:06
dandradermterry, you there?19:20
mterrydandrader, heyo yeah19:22
ltinkldandrader, yeah nothing new... seen tons of those19:23
mterrydandrader, you were talking about the conflict being silly?19:23
dandradermterry, rebased https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/removeApplicationStage/+merge/301103 so it comes after removeDBusWindowStack19:23
mterrydandrader, ah k19:23
dandradermterry, even though there was no real conflict, that should calm down bzr19:23
dandradergreyback, still around?19:24
greybackdandrader: I forgot to turn off irc :) What's up?19:25
dandradergreyback, need your reapproval here (same case as that other branchg earlier today): https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/removeApplicationStage/+merge/30110319:25
greybackdandrader: you have it19:26
dandradergreyback, thanks. enjoy your evening.  :)19:26
greybackdandrader: anything else? Otherwise I'll disappear19:27
greybackdandrader: you too!19:27
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