nhainesHmm, I feel surprisingly well for having had 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.  Power of naps, I guess.01:58
nhainesOkay, meeting time!02:00
nhainespleia2: glad you made it.  :)  I'm glad *I* made it.02:00
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nhaines#chair nhaines pleia2 lynorian02:01
darthrobotCurrent chairs: lynorian nhaines pleia202:01
nhainesGood evening everyone!  It's time for our biweekly LoCo meeting!02:01
nhainesTonight's agenda can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16July2402:02
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16July24 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:02
nhaines#topic Upcoming events02:02
pleia2so, we have our release party in SF coming up :) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2016-June/002735.html02:03
darthrobotTitle: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] San Francisco Ubuntu 16.04 Release Party]02:03
nhainesThursday is the 16.04 Release Party in San Francisco!  \o/02:03
pleia2tell your friends, neighbors, cats02:03
nhainesBut not too many cats, because they steal pizza!02:03
pleia2it's true02:03
pleia2everything is all set, looking forward to it02:03
nhainesParty details are here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2016-June/002735.html and you should definitely RSVP if you are planning to attend.02:03
darthrobotTitle: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] San Francisco Ubuntu 16.04 Release Party]02:03
nhainespleia2: is it true that everyone who attends should bring Arch discs for installation?02:04
pleia2I don't think any of my laptops take discs...02:05
pleia2but I will have some Ubuntu USB sticks :)02:05
nhainesYay! Are they giveaways?02:06
pleia2indeed, got a conference pack with some hats, a tshirt, pins02:06
darthrobotTitle: [Giveaways for the @ubuntu_us_ca release party in SF next w… | Flickr]02:06
pleia2stickers too02:06
pleia2and I should have a copy or two of the 9th edition of the official ubuntu book02:07
nhainesThat is the most official Ubuntu book!02:07
nhainesIt all sounds great.  I wish I could be there.  :)02:08
nhainesWell, I look forward to hearing how it all went.02:09
nhaines#topic Announcements02:09
nhainesDoes anybody have any topical announcements to make?02:09
pleia2The reports of the meetup.com group death have been greatly exaggerated.02:09
pleia2all 300+ members of the team were emailed this morning about it shutting down in 14 days, sorry about that, I've been trying to get the team at Canonical to renew it02:10
nhainesYeah, I'll have to check with the Community Team to find the status of that.  They were trying to find the right person to set things up.02:10
* pleia2 nods02:10
pleia2other teams got similar notices today, so it is on their radar02:11
pleia2including Florida, where one of them lives, so hoping that helps02:11
pleia2no other announcements from me, just wanted to clear the air there02:12
nhainesI'm thinking a brief mass email to the meetup can clear things up.  Just a note that the pilot was a success and it's a just hiccup as we transition to committing to use the service.02:12
nhainesSomething along those lines.02:12
pleia2nhaines: from us, or the broader Ubuntu group running it?02:13
nhainesProbably from us, unless the bigger group can still do that.  I might have to see if I have those credentials.02:13
nhainesIf not, we can share the email with the other teams using Meetup so they can adapt and resend it.  :)02:14
pleia2ok, can you take care of that then?02:15
nhainesYup.  I'll look at it Monday or Tuesday and get the message out.02:15
pleia2thanks :)02:16
nhainesYou're welcome.  :)02:16
nhaines#topic Canonical no longer provides Ubuntu DVDs; LoCos now receive 25 USB sticks per event instead of 150 DVDs.02:17
nhaines#subtopic wat do?02:17
pleia2right, so I'm preparing for this release party02:17
nhainesAs is tradition.02:17
pleia2not sure how many I should give away there, and I haven't gotten much word at all about whether teams can request more packs of USB sticks or anything02:17
pleia2in fact, availability was never formally announced at all, I just kept nagging on the mailing list ;)02:18
nhainesActually, I'm waiting for the person in charge of handing requests to come back from leave before announcing it.  ;)02:19
nhainesThat way she's not completely swamped.  Should be a week or so.02:19
nhainesLeave sounds weird.  I understand it's just a vacation.02:19
pleia2europeans, always taking weeks off02:20
nhainesIt's nice work if you can get it!02:20
pleia2indeed :)02:20
pleia2anyway, I'm not sure where that leaves us02:20
nhainesSo I think we can just order more when we do a major event.02:20
nhainesThe LoCo Council had a meeting with the the Community Team last week and I definitely brought this up.02:21
pleia2these are what they are, fwiw: https://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=120602:21
darthrobotTitle: [Canonical Store]02:21
pleia2which means they go for about $8 each, and they're really nice looking, useful02:22
pleia2with DVDs we just told people to email me and I'd drop them in the mail, but this is a bit trickier02:22
nhainesOh, here's a question only you can answer!  :)  How big are they?02:22
pleia2or dimensions?02:22
nhainesNope, capacity.  Dimensions-wise they're smaller than a breadbox.02:23
pleia2they are quite small02:23
pleia2dimension-wise ;)02:23
pleia28G is nice02:23
nhainesBig enough to throw a couple ISOs on there or something.02:24
nhainesI think there's a sort of idea that if LoCos want or need DVDs, they can have them locally produced and send a community reimbursement request.02:24
* pleia2 nods02:24
nhainesThe Community Team is going to make sure the artwork (which we all think exists) is up on the wiki.02:25
pleia2I did have someone come to the BALUG meeting who expected me to have some DVDs to give away, but I didn't02:25
pleia2didn't have the USB sticks yet either02:25
nhainesYeah, I mentioned that for SCALE, for instances, 25 sticks is nuts.02:26
pleia2heh, yeah02:26
nhainesI think you should probably keep 1 or 2 for use during Ubuntu Hour or LUG events, and give the rest away.02:27
pleia2at local northern california events, or open it up to everyone?02:27
pleia2not sure I *can* open it up to everyone, we only have 25 of them :)02:28
nhainesLocal events.  If we do some SoCal stuff, I'll request a conference pack.02:28
pleia2ok, sounds good02:28
nhainesI might see if I can just get USB sticks.  I still have a bunch of leftover stuffs from SCALE, not counting 14.04 DVDs.  :)02:29
* pleia2 nods02:29
nhainesBut yeah, do what you can with the ones you have.  No sense in hoarding them.02:29
pleia2no, definitely not, just wanted to make sure we had a fair plan02:29
nhainesHave an Ubuntu Hour and make people reflash them with 16.04.1.  ;)02:29
pleia2haha, right02:29
pleia2alright, that's all I have02:30
nhainesI sort of suspect if 25 USB sticks turns out to be woefully inadequate, they'll revisit that.  But for now I think we're fine.02:30
* pleia2 nods02:31
nhainesUnfortunately, I think that's because if pleia2 or I ask for more, they'll trust that we'll put them to good use.02:31
nhainesBut we'll start with that.  Making them special giveaways at events isn't the end of the world, either.02:32
nhainesWe'll just see what happens at SCALE!02:32
pleia2yeah :)02:32
nhainesOkay, that's all from me there.02:32
nhaines#topic Other business.02:33
nhainesAnything else before we wrap up?02:33
pleia2that's it from me02:34
nhainesOkay, that'll do it for tonight, then.02:34
nhainespleia2: thanks for making it.  :)02:34
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Jul 25 02:34:49 2016 UTC.02:34
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2016/ubuntu-us-ca.2016-07-25-02.01.moin.txt02:34
nhainesNext meeting August 7th.02:35
pleia2thanks nhaines02:35
pleia2I'll be out of the country during next meeting02:35
* pleia2 looks at timezones02:36
nhainesDouble-checking my calendar, I should be around.02:36
pleia2I think I'll be on a plane to London during the meeting02:36
pleia2on my way home02:36
nhainesBut I am not feeling like doing the post-meeting checklist stuff on my laptop keyboard with no mouse, so I will probably do that tomorrow.02:37
* pleia2 nods02:37
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pleia2there's that done at least ;)02:37
nhainesOoh, you beat me to it!  :)02:38
nhainespleia2: if you like kids and the 80s and creepy things and Netflix, you definitely should watch Stranger Things.02:44
pleia2nhaines: I actually just added it to my queue yesterday after someone else recommended it :D20:55

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