paddatrapperMorning everyone05:32
Kilosmorning all06:15
nsnzerogood morning Kilos06:18
Kiloshi nsnzero superfly inetpro andrewlsd chesedo paddatrapper Sicelo theblazehen and other lurkers06:20
nsnzeroflush them out 06:22
paddatrapperHey Kilos06:22
thatgraemeguy/nick other_lurkers06:22
thatgraemeguymorning :-)06:22
Kiloshahah hi there thatgraemeguy 06:22
superflymorning paddatrapper, thatgraemeguy, Kilos, nsnzero anton_may06:26
paddatrapperHey superfly06:26
anton_mayMorning superfly06:30
Kiloshi yolo-bro 06:30
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za06:30
Kilosoh its zipper06:31
Kilosand urbanslug06:31
yolo-broKilos: Hello06:38
=== yolo-bro is now known as zipper
Kilosi go do chores06:51
anton_mayin the snow :o brave man06:52
Kiloswoolly sheep dont get cold06:56
Kilosits just the sucker that lets them out that suffers06:56
Kilossigh not even any sun showing06:58
theblazehenhi Kilos07:17
chesedomorning Kilos paddatrapper nsnzero anton_may thatgraemeguy superfly zipper and others 07:35
anton_mayMornings chesedo07:36
dlPhreakGood morning.07:54
chesedomorning dlPhreak08:06
dlPhreakchesedo: How are you?08:22
chesedogreat thanks and self dlPhreak08:25
dlPhreakPretty good thanks08:27
dlPhreakYou're from PTA right, chesedo ?08:35
Kilospower gone with the wind08:36
chesedodlPhreak: yes08:36
dlPhreakAre you part of PLUG?08:36
chesedodlPhreak: nope (or atleast i do not think that i'm on the mailing list)08:37
dlPhreakchesedo: Do you perhaps know how many people actively attend PLUG gatherings?08:38
chesedodlPhreak: no, did not even know they had any...08:39
dlPhreakThat's no surprise given that their home page looks like it fell throught time from 1997..08:41
superflythey are mostly on Google Groups08:56
superflyactually, sorry, I'm thinking of GTPUG08:56
inetprogood mornings09:57
dlPhreakHi inetpro 10:19
dlPhreakEn nou Kilos ?10:28
Kilospower cuts as usual10:28
Kilospower blows away with the wind10:28
dlPhreakThat sucks.10:29
theblazehenWell. Looks like you can't easily boot a 4.7.0 kernel on a galaxy note 2.. Might need to recompile glibc or something maybe as well? I just did the kernel, and don't use loadable modules, so that shouldn't be an issue10:39
nsnzerotheblazehen: what are you trying to do ?10:41
theblazehennsnzero: upgrade the kernel to at least 3.12 (currently 3.10.64 IIRC?), so I can run lxd10:42
theblazehenOtherwise I might be able to do lxc now10:42
theblazehenI think 3.0.64 actually10:43
theblazehenI just copied the config from https://github.com/cyanogenmod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412, pasted it in by new kernel source, enabled namespaces etc and then built it10:44
theblazehen>"make randconfig"  Create a ./.config file by setting symbol10:44
theblazehen   values to random values.10:44
theblazehenSounds like a great idea!10:44
nsnzerocorrect me if i am wrong - but isnt cynogenmod using an  android kernel - not linux ? 10:47
paddatrappertheblazehen: What was that cheap domain name company you were talking about a while ago?10:55
theblazehennsnzero: Android kernel = linux with some fancy settings10:56
theblazehenpaddatrapper: Was it namecheap.com?10:56
paddatrappertheblazehen: Sounds familiar. Thanks10:57
nsnzerotheblazehen: you want to put linux onto a note 2 ?  10:58
theblazehennsnzero: Yeah. Display is broken10:58
theblazehenhas a quad core 1.6 GHz CPU, and 2 GB ram10:59
theblazehenmight as well put it to some use10:59
theblazehenAnd nice to test things on other architectures10:59
theblazehenLike this fun zsh thing: killzsh(){if true; then killzsh; fi};killzsh10:59
theblazehengit bisect shows different results depending on gcc -O levels on linux amd6410:59
theblazehenAnd doesn't crash at all on freebsd11:00
theblazehenamd64 as well11:00
theblazehenWanna try arm as well11:00
anton_mayHas anybody run this script? It adds 7ms delay for network packets11:04
anton_maytc qdisc add dev eno2 root netem delay 7ms11:04
nsnzerotheblazehen: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2171383 11:12
nsnzerotheblazehen: ubtuntu touch on a note 211:12
nsnzerotheblazehen: hope it helps11:12
theblazehennsnzero: I know about it. It didn't boot a few years back (at least not to GUI), but the kernel is still too old for lxd. Even too old for plain lxc. I've managed to kill off most of android after I set up the chroot, and I've at least got a kernel that can do lxc on gentoo. IIRC ubuntu touch doesn't have a really nice userland either, just a little better than android. Was pretty much, oh I can't just use systemd/openrc/upstart 11:15
theblazehendirectly.. Hmm. Maybe I can at least do containers on ubuntu touch, and just not touch the host os. Looks like that11:15
theblazehen's not gonna work11:15
theblazehenBut got a sshd on gentoo running11:16
theblazehenSo I boot up android, then have a script that adb shell's in to android, starts the usb nic, configures it to run a dhcp client (have it bridged to my normal network on the other end), start the gentoo container, and then kill pretty much everything android.11:17
Kiloshi ra1v3n 11:19
KilosMaaz nickometer ra1v3n11:19
MaazKilos: ra1v3n is 99.4% lame11:19
nsnzerotheblazehen: thats beyond my tinkering 11:20
Kilosyeh very hard to type nick that11:20
ra1v3nhello nsnzero 11:30
nsnzerowhats up ra1v3n11:31
ra1v3nThe Ceiling?11:31
nsnzeroalmost home time - take care guys12:01
ra1v3nbye bye12:02
Kiloscheers nsnzero 12:02
ra1v3nhello jerit 12:22
ra1v3nbut why are you screaming?12:22
jerithi hi12:23
jeritanyone who gets the "friendly friends" reference will know why its all caps :P12:23
jerita character from an old kids show I used to watch when I was small always said it really loud when he came on screen lol12:24
jeritdon't rightly remember the show's name though... Kideo maybe?12:24
ra1v3nI have no Idea12:37
jerithow old is ancient if you don't mind me asking?12:42
jeritthen you should know the show I'm talking about12:42
jeritpumpkin patch was another such show12:43
jeritDoes this bring back any memories? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OvXsP-xzjA12:43
ra1v3noh The Horror!12:44
Kiloshi jerit 12:46
jerithi hi Kilos12:46
jeritKilos, I found my websites13:16
Kiloswhere  were they13:16
jeriton a completely different server to the one I was looking at :/13:16
jeritright there where they should've been at /home/admin/web/13:16
Kiloson your pc?13:17
andrewlsdjerit: Molly Metronome  <-- Nightmare stuff.13:58
SEpticanybody awake here?14:01
jeritandrewlsd and yet we're not as messed up as the youth of today14:03
andrewlsdHello SEptic14:04
jeritandrewlsd this is turning my brain to goo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFYJm47JBmE14:06
jerit"I feel like singing a green song" lol omg14:07
andrewlsdShe got in early on the whole "Green" everything bandwagon.14:08
andrewlsd(not sure if that appears properly for you, but I was aiming for "green IT")14:08
andrewlsdanyone else here freezing. It is seriously chilly today.14:09
andrewlsdTinking of sitting in the fridge to warm up.14:09
andrewlsdlol, "stinkingin"14:10
andrewlsdMy fingers have their own autocomplete it seems.14:10
andrewlsdI think of something, start typing it, and then my fingers do whatever the heck they want to.14:10
SEpticany1 else having shit with multiple monitors and 16.04?14:12
SEpticseems especially so with intel HD graphics on dell laptops14:13
andrewlsdSEptic: are both displays the same resolution?14:16
SEpticlaptop screen: 1366x76814:17
SEpticext1: 1920x108014:17
SEpticext2: 1280x108014:18
SEpticgot 2 dell latitudes 5430 and a 544014:18
SEptici can kinda get 1 external screen to work ... but its iffy, 2 seems impossible14:19
SEptici know the 5430 only support 2 displays at a time and cant do 3 at the same time14:19
jeritandrewlsd I can't type login without typing my name which is not login14:20
SEpticplug in an out and the resolution goes all whack and all jams14:20
Kilosjerit its username14:26
Kilosthen it will want the password14:26
Kilosyou people do funny things14:28
Kilosis your gui not working? why would you want to type login14:29
andrewlsdaah, yeah, I sometimes have issues like that jerit. ... with nVidia hybrid graphics card :-(14:40
Sicelotheblazehen: galaxy note 2 uses glibc? i doubt14:43
Sicelonot sure though .. i don't have a droid here. 14:47
Sicelomight be naughty of me to suggest -but you may want a Nokia N900 for that kind of stuff, lol ... much weaker hardware unfortunately, but still seems the closest thing you can get to Linux in your pocket14:49
Sicelono chroot stuff needed .. just boot a proper distro of your choice14:49
andrewlsdSicelo: that is tru.15:03
jeritKilos if I'm coding the login form or such, then I'll write functions and stuff called DoLogin or whatever15:10
jeritnormally ends up DoLogan then I get excited and depressed at the same time coz nobody will do me15:10
andrewlsdlol. cheers folks, am off again.15:25
Kiloscheers andrewlsd 15:26
* andrewlsd disconnects from Quassel Core.15:26
jeritQuassel Core?15:41
Kilosdont you know quassel15:41
Kiloscomes with kde15:41
jerithey guys... I've installed a ZNC bouncer on my ubuntu VM and I haven't had any connection issues today15:41
jeritthats a new one15:41
Kilosirc chat client you can bounce with15:41
Kilosnot new pro and fly been using it for years15:42
theblazehenSicelo: Pretty sure it does, lots of chroot apps in market. Also, neo900.org15:54
theblazehenhttp://elinux.org/Android_Mainlining_Project this is dissapointing16:33
Sicelotheblazehen: N900 & Neo900 do not need chroot. linux kernel can boot just fine, and the most stuff works in the mainline kernel. see http://elinux.org/N900 :)16:37
Sicelousing chroot is possible of course, but when you can put linux right on the hardware, why do it?16:38
Siceloanyway, N900 is old now .. 256MB RAM is bad16:38
theblazehenSicelo: Yeah, I would like one of those.16:39
theblazehenHowever I wanted something arm, and trying to get a normal linux  on a old phone is more fun than qemu16:39
Sicelomaybe the Nexus line?16:41
theblazehenI don't have an old nexus though16:42
theblazehenIf I didn't have an old android I wouldn't even be bothering with it16:42
theblazehenI have around 9 GB ram free on desktop, and around 27 GB free on vm/container host16:43
theblazehenNot hurting for processor power16:43
theblazehenAnd the android has a broken display, so nothing better to do with it16:43
pavlushkaahoy ZA!16:45
theblazehenhey pavlushka16:46
pavlushkaaaa.. theblazehen , its been a while, missed you, :)16:47
theblazehenYeah, been busy16:48
SEpticyes my ppl16:51
Kiloshi jerit 17:02
Kiloshaha is that an age denying surname?17:03
jeritWhat? Young? No thats legit my surname17:03
Kiloscome on 17:03
Kilosyou  enjoy peeps calling you young17:03
jeritActually nobody calls me young lol17:04
Kilosmister young17:04
Kiloshow old are you mr young17:05
jeritlol am 28, 29 on 20 Aug17:05
Kilosoh my17:05
Kilosstill a baby17:05
jeritTrixar_za said folks here like to call you Oom Kilos17:06
Kilosyes and i have no idea why17:07
jeritapparently you're like the old man on campus or something :P17:07
Kilosmaybe they like teasing17:07
jeritso what would you say your linux experience level is at?17:10
jeritmuhaha quantify the unquantifiable17:10
Kilosoh my17:10
Kilosirc greeter bot level17:10
Kilosand i can nag17:11
Kilosi can install well17:11
jeritwonder where I am lol17:14
chesedojerit: we call him "oom" cause he is more than double your age... so seeing that he is a greeter bot that makes him OLD17:14
Kilosyou are in the best ubuntu channel on the planet17:14
chesedowelcome to the channel btw17:14
Kiloshi chesedo 17:15
Kilosready for tomorrow nights meet chesedo ?17:16
chesedoyes Kilos, will get some tasks for the meeting done in a bit...17:16
Kilosgood lad17:16
Kilosbeat you for once17:16
* chesedo gonna do some guitar practise first17:16
jeritI need to find more GTAV fail videos on youtube17:16
KilosMaaz announce Meeting here tomorrow night at 8.30 pm everyone17:17
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Meeting here tomorrow night at 8.30 pm everyone17:17
jeritmeeting about what?17:20
Kilosmonthly meeting about serious stuffs17:21
Kiloseveryone is welcome17:21
chesedoKilos: are there any items on here that you can knock down -> https://trello.com/c/ovj2TZ5r/104-monthly-meeting-july-201617:23
* Kilos looking17:24
jeritDavid Draiman describing Trump: "That idiot with the fake hairpiece"17:29
Kilosdo you see them chesedo or must i still tick something17:32
Kilosand will you do the G+ thing17:33
Sicelotheblazehen: keep us in the loop with your progress ... got a blog or something?17:33
theblazehenSicelo: Not yet, but there's a few things I wanna write up in any case17:40
theblazehenWrote a pretty long post on reddit the other day about my salt / docker setup, and my opinion on config management17:40
LangjanHi there guys, hi Kilos are you ok? 17:41
Kiloshi Langjan 17:41
Kiloswhat broke17:41
LangjanYour notice17:41
Kilosyes im ok ty sir, and you?17:41
Langjanof irc meeting17:41
Langjandoes not say when17:41
Langjanalso fine thks Kilos 17:41
Kilosoh my17:41
Langjanjust thought  will let you know17:42
Kilosthe mailing list or the tweet place17:42
Langjanmailing list17:42
Kiloslemme fix that right now17:42
Kilosdont run away17:42
Langjanstill holding out? and headaches?17:43
Kiloshead not too bad last few days ty17:44
Kilosis the mail fixed?17:44
Kilosi did a reply to it. not sure thats acceptable to some finiky peeps but its done17:45
LangjanOK I assume its tonight?17:46
LangjanThen you will be busy so I will love and leave you17:46
Kilostomorrow night17:47
Langjanoh, ok another update coming...17:47
Kilosyou reply and inform them all and excuse my memory please17:47
Langjansorry to burst your bubble17:48
Kilosjou beurt is jou beurt17:48
Kiloscome on, im waiting17:49
Kilosty sir you so kind17:49
inetproKilos: you enjoy talking to yourselves on email? 17:49
chesedoKilos: i'll so g+, can you do email?17:50
Langjanmy pleasure. Hows the willpower holding out?  17:50
Kilosim trying chesedo 17:50
inetprogood morning everyone 17:50
chesedooh, and inetpro maybe twitter17:50
inetprono 17:50
Kilosdont talk about that atm Langjan 17:50
Kilosnext week17:50
chesedooh hey, morning inetpro17:51
Kilosinetpro what you mean talking to myself17:51
Langjanno now!17:51
Langjanmorning inetpro are you in NZ?17:51
inetprochesedo: am not on the pc now 17:51
theblazehen:/ Made a copy of the stuff I want in /data because I was gonna wipe it. tar'd it up, but forgot to copy to pc first :(17:52
Kiloshaha inetpro i enjoy good company17:52
chesedonp inetpro, when you can is fine... you are the only one with twitter acces afaik...17:52
theblazehenFor some reason the gentoo dir didn't get deleted17:52
Sicelotheblazehen: that sucks17:52
Kilosdidnt i do twitter as well17:52
Kilosoh my17:53
inetprochesedo: oom Kilos has access 17:53
chesedooh you can do twitter Kilos :D17:53
Kilosinetpro did you get a tweet17:53
Kilosnono chesedo 17:53
inetproI don't know 17:53
* chesedo didn't know that17:53
Kilosdont you see tweets from ubuntuza on fone inetpro ?17:54
inetproonly if I go looking for it 17:54
Kiloseish so how do i know if i got a tweet through?17:55
LangjanListen to the birdie17:55
theblazehenNow to figure out how to get openrc to not kill networking, how to kill the android services, how to get the network up and dhcp client up, how to make sure the now dead android cpu manager doesn't put 3 cores offline, how to get the mounts right, how to chroot in to get gentoo to start right..17:55
LangjanKilos, im going to leave you, keep well and use the smoke-free zones17:56
Kilosty Langjan 17:56
Kiloslook after you in the cold17:56
theblazehenHmm. gentoo was way bigger this morning...17:56
Langjanthks will do, just put some more logs on the fire17:56
Langjanand especially you in the cold Kilos 17:57
Kiloslekker slaap oom17:57
Kilosdnkie vir die hulp17:57
Kilosdankie ook17:57
Langjanjy ook dankie en kyk na jouself17:57
Langjanmy plesier17:57
Kilosek sal dankie17:57
theblazehenOh, and how to get dns working in android userland, so that I get run ntpd, so that I can start gentoo succssfully17:57
theblazehenOr maybe I'll just use an IP..17:58
theblazehenbecause /etc/resolv.conf isn't a thing17:59
Kilosi give up on twitter inetpro , it doesnt show me my tweets18:02
Kilosso ive tweeted twice now its your turn18:02
chesedoKilos: where do you want to see your tweets?18:02
Kilosim on the account but it doesnt show the tweets18:03
Kilosi dont wanna see other peeps tweets18:03
Kilosoh my18:03
Kilosmaybe it messed up with my own tweet thing18:03
chesedoKilos:  page please?18:04
Kilossec ill open again18:05
chesedoKilos: who are you logged in as (top right corner)?18:07
inetproyou tweeted on your personal account Kilos 18:07
Kiloseish and last time i had to use another browser to get into my own account18:07
FusionSparcEvening guys..18:09
Kiloshi FusionSparc 18:11
inetproKilos: no need to use another browser... just logout each time when you are done tweeting 18:12
FusionSparcYou well Kilos?18:12
Sicelotheblazehen: what mechanism is ued to resolve IPs if /etc/resolv.conf isn't used?18:12
Kilosyes ty FusionSparc and you?18:12
Kilosi dont see a logout button inetpro 18:13
FusionSparcDoing good.. :)18:13
Kilosmeeting here tomorrow night FusionSparc 18:14
FusionSparcSaw the email, tnx18:14
Kilossomething is working18:15
chesedo-Kilos: tweet is through18:15
chesedo-congratz oom \o/18:15
chesedo-and g+ also done...18:15
Kilosyes i found the right one in another browser chesedo- 18:15
Kilosbut i dont see a logout button18:15
=== chesedo- is now known as chesedo
theblazehenSicelo: https://github.com/bparmentier/DNSSetter/wiki/ndc-resolver-commands18:16
chesedoKilos: click on profile pic (top right)18:16
Kilosai! i dont see that18:16
inetproKilos: click on your face 18:17
inetprotop right 18:17
Kilosgot too much disabled to cut data use maybe18:17
Kilosno face there18:17
inetproKilos: prove it with a screenshot 18:18
Kiloslol ok sec18:18
chesedoinetpro: seems like Kilos has to hack Twitter first to remove his face :P18:22
chesedowith 1 sec again...18:23
Kilosno man i battle everytime with the print screen thing18:23
Kilosyou see no pic18:23
inetproai tog! You disable all images? 18:24
chesedoKilos: between the "search twitter" and blue writting feather...18:24
chesedodoesn't opera still have its turbo mode?18:24
inetproKilos: you see that little blank block to the left of the blue block with a feather [top right]? 18:25
Kilosoh that white empty block18:25
inetprowhat happens when you click on that blank block? 18:25
LangjanHi guys, back again Kilos  18:26
Kilosi will try put a pic there18:26
Kiloswb Langjan what did you forget18:26
Langjanwho uses php list?18:26
Kilosi have no idea what that is18:28
Kilosstupid tweet place cant take my pic it seams18:31
KilosLangjan where you found that18:32
inetproKilos: you have a profile pic already 18:32
inetproyou just need to to enable images on the browser 18:33
Kilosok then just my opera set to not show pic s18:33
Kilosthen i see everyones images and my data flys hey?18:34
inetprothen use the mobile version of twitter 18:35
inetpromobile.twitter.com 18:35
LangjanKilos, its the app on my website that I use to send newsletters18:36
Kilosok i logged out now and in future will login and out of account of choice18:36
Kilosoh Langjan 18:36
inetpromooi! 18:36
Kiloswhy do you ask if anyone uses it18:36
Kilosbut inetpro the tweet place was your job wasnt it18:38
LangjanI need to export my mailing list but the system only allows export until 2013, many of my subscribers have been around for much longer than that18:38
KilosLangjan isnt there a contact us button on that website18:40
Kilosthose guys would know better18:40
Kilosunless you just asked here to add to my consternation18:41
jerithow long have I been gone?18:42
Kilos20:16] <-- jerit (~jerit@ has left this server (Read error: Connection reset by peer).18:42
Kilospeer got you18:43
jerithappens a lot with mIRC :/18:43
Kilosoh we use proper clients18:43
LangjanThey gave me some info then suggested I get paid support18:43
Kilosfree ones that work18:43
Kilosjan can you browse your site and see all your mails18:44
jeritKilos like xchat? Please don't say xchat18:44
Kiloshexchat konversation quassel etc18:44
Kilosthen just download all your mails Langjan 18:45
Kilosor copy or something18:45
Langjannot the mails, the addresses18:45
Kilosja that too18:45
LangjanI need to export them in a format to import again18:45
inetproLangjan: paying to use a mailing list? Bad Idea! 18:45
LangjanNo inetpro I have my own opt-in mailing list18:46
inetproLangjan: then please explain some more because I don't get it 18:48
LangjanOk I have an outdated version of php list in my website where all my subscribers have registered to receive my newsletters18:49
inetproan outdated version you paid for? 18:50
LangjanNow I want to use php list via the web, its much cheaper than to get somebody to update the one on my site 18:50
LangjanWell the guy who designed my site put it on there as part of the package18:50
Kiloswhat does he say18:50
Langjanhe has not updated it for ages18:51
Langjanhes not an easy guy to get on with18:51
Kilosdid you pay him as well?18:51
Langjanyes, but not much - you know the story, pay peanuts...18:51
Kiloswalk softly and carry a big stick18:52
Kilosif he is stroppy use the big stick till he says yessir whatever you say sir18:53
* chesedo has found the opposite to be true in the IT world18:53
Langjanhe has many issues18:53
chesedoLangjan: does address are probably on the database... do you have cPanel access for the site?18:54
Langjanyes I believe I do18:54
Langjanyes chesedo I can login as admin18:56
chesedotry to login to cPanel and then find phpMyAdmin, from there look for a database that you think may have the addresses...18:56
Langjanok let me have a look thks18:56
chesedonight all19:00
Kilosnigtht chesedo 19:00
Kilossleep tight19:00
LangjanKilos, I'm going to try some more tomorrow, jy moet lekker slaap.19:14
Kilosjy oook dankie Langjan 19:14
Kilosif you struggle19:15
Kilosmaybe chesedo can sort some thing for you19:15
Kiloshe is good with sites19:15
LangjanI battle to find my way around the backend of the website19:15
Kiloshe is good at that19:16
Langjanwill ask him when I see him again19:16
Kilosyou like me19:16
Langjanyes I do19:16
Kiloswe talk and others do the work19:16
Kilosonly you pay19:16
Kilosif i had to pay id be playing games on win 9819:17
Langjanok Kilos many thks, will chat later, falling asleep - been up since 04:3019:18
Kilossleep well sir19:19
Langjanyou too thks Kilos 19:19
jeritguys this is terrifying19:24
jeritI've just found a list of suppliers to the West Rand municipality in an excel spreadsheet that I found by googling my own email address19:25
jeritmy email address isn't in this list by I now have possession of the personal information of at least 2000 people because that municipality couldn't secure the data correctly... wtf19:25
ra1v3nAmazing how much information you can glean from google19:29
ra1v3nand it has powerful commands that most people are completely unaware of19:30
ra1v3nfor instance it recognizes file-types19:31
ra1v3nfiletype:<file-type extension> <search criteria>19:31
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:33
jeritThis site can’t be reached  quassel-irc.org took too long to respond. Search Google for quassel irc org ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT19:35
jerittrying to download quassel irc client but its not working :(19:44
jerittrying to download quassel irc client but its not working :(19:45
superflyjerit: the server is down for maintenance19:49
jeritcan anyone send me a copy? :P19:50
superflyjerit: for windows?19:50
jerityes please19:51
superflyjerit: the monolithic client, I presume? (the full IRC client)19:51
jeritI guess lol as long as I can connect to IRC and chat with people I'm happy19:51
Sicelo /kickban jerit for using windows19:52
jeritTIL I can probably make up a mailing list entirely on google by doing a search for any local email provider19:53
superflyjerit: all the links I can find point back to the web site19:53
jeritguess I'll try tomorrow then19:53
Siceloweb.archive.org maybe has a copy?19:54
jeritsince my mIRC isn't connecting anymore anyway, I suppose I'll just keep using freenode's webchat19:54
jeritima look19:54
theblazehenI feel people that hate systemd haven't used android before19:58
Sicelomeaning, android is worse?19:58
theblazehenSicelo: Yes... :(19:58
Sicelolol .. actually, those people *know* android sucks19:59
theblazehenAlso, trying to disable selinux just makes it not load white list, so gives you a boot loop. That was a fun problem...19:59
ra1v3nAndroid could be so much better19:59
Sicelobut they don't really have much choice as the alternatives suck more (win phone, ios)19:59
ra1v3nIts like linux but with all the tools taken away20:00
ra1v3nsomewhat like a bird with one wing20:00
jerituuuuuuhhhhhh Your search - quassel site:web.archive.org - did not match any documents.20:01
ra1v3nIts flies along in ever diminishing circles till it flies up its own *20:01
jerit-ah all of a sudden it works again20:03
jerit-anyway, ima go play wow20:03
jerit-cyaz everybody20:03
Siceloat debconf, there was not a single win phone, haha .. (or maybe the owner confined it to his pocket, haha). there were iphones here & there, but the overwhelming majority were the droids20:03
ra1v3nyes well it is the best mobile OS 20:05
ra1v3nI use CYanogen Mod20:05
ra1v3nthat atleast gives me a terminal20:05
ra1v3nand no annoying adds20:06
ra1v3nI hate adverts20:06
ra1v3nespecially targeted marketing based upon previous searches20:06
theblazehenhttps://linx.home.theblazehen.com/dpmuhsbj.txt yay20:08
theblazehenI want to use sailfish os20:08
Sicelonow that's a good OS ;)20:08
MaNIthere was bad news this week about Cyanogen20:22
ra1v3nthats nod Cyanogen MOD thats for Cyanogen OS 20:28
ra1v3nthey are seperate projects by the same company20:28
Sicelora1v3n: tried replicant? 20:29
ra1v3nnot yet could not flash it to my rom for some or other reason20:29
Siceloit's backed by the FSF, so should be the most libre android around, at least in theory, :)20:30
MaNIyeah, but there is likely a lot of cross development between the two, so it likely has negative impact for Cyanogen MOD as well20:30
MaNIhopefully not, but we will see20:31
ra1v3nMOD is more of an enthusiast hacker project and CyanogenOS is inn closed dev intended for sale20:32
ra1v3natlest thats how I understand the it20:32
superflySicelo: actually, I think I did spot once Windows phone, but I can't remember who... too many people in Front Desk -_-20:44
Sicelooh :p20:50
pavlushkasee ya guys! Good night :)21:31

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