avis-how to i use google talk with ubuntu 14.04 ?00:01
avis-on pidgin00:01
YankDownUnderavis-: You can't anymore. Google changed the protocols.00:07
R13oseI am using Chrome and want a way a button that allows me to automatically sort my bookmarks into folders that are similar.  Any ideas on how to do that?00:08
YankDownUnderR13ose: Have you looked in the associated Google groups online for that? They've got a huge "wiki" for that stuff...00:09
ubuntu_failBashing-om: sorry, got bumped off the net. looks like with the basic "load" it works fine - I'm going to retry it to make sure it's consistently so. The DPI thing is not as important. what I wonder is if we can compare syslog or some other log file and see a difference in modules that break it00:10
R13oseYankDownUnder: I looked and didn't find anything yet.00:10
YankDownUnderR13ose: Um...you do know that this is the Ubuntu support forum, right?00:10
R13oseYankDownUnder: yes but besides Google Groups where on IRC can I get help with this?00:10
YankDownUnderR13ose: That I'm honestly not sure of...00:11
YankDownUnderR13ose: There *is* a channel -> #chrome00:12
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Think'n .. Just a bit over my skill level .00:12
R13oseYankDownUnder: yep I will ask there00:12
crafty1R13ose: Beyond that there is no native way to do this as far as I know00:14
crafty1How would a program know which bookmarks are "similar"00:14
michaelrosehey have reason to believe this issue is a ubuntu bug00:15
ubuntu_failBashing-om: Hmmm.... I treid the game back (haven't rebooted yet) and the frame rate is down to 700:15
michaelrosehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-prime/+bug/1345585, my experience is that at reboot /etc/X11/xorg.conf is moved to xorg.conf.date00:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1345585 in nvidia-prime (Ubuntu) "xorg.conf with manual config is moved away at upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:15
YankDownUnderThere's like heaps of extensions and "thingos" for dealing with bookmarks in Chrome...just a matter of experimentation - and as well, if one is creative enough, there's a means by which to directly modify the text file(s) that contain the bookmarks...but I digress...it's not really an Ubuntu thingo, is it...00:15
R13osecrafty1: based on either the title or the url.00:15
R13oseYankDownUnder: you are right and I asked in the other room00:16
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Now that makes little sense .. what is going on that loads the system down so ? does 'top' shed any light on system resource consumption ?00:16
ubuntu_failBashing-om: no real CPU usage; compiz is using 500Mb RAM, but its a 16Gb system00:18
R13osemoving to next room, bye bye00:18
ubuntu_failBashing-om: systemctl stop networkmanager.service didn't improve things... I'll reboot to see if I can make it fast again00:21
pokeyeballi was trying to remove encryption on my home folder and i made backup and then deleted my home folder from a root guest profile but i must have messed up because it says my backup file doesnt exist,00:22
pokeyeballanyway to create a new home folder so i can login? i was following this guide http://www.howtogeek.com/116179/how-to-disable-home-folder-encryption-after-installing-ubuntu/00:22
ubuntu_failBashing-om: Argh. So I rebotted and brought up systemctl isolate graphical.target, and now the frame rate is 5-10fps....00:26
ubuntu_failBashing-om: this is like when I uninstalled virtualbox - it must have reset some parameter or other, but it gets screwed up on the next reboot00:26
YankDownUnderubuntu_fail: Wait a tick - everything you're doing is inside Virtualbox?00:27
michaelrosespecifically can anyone shed light on why /var/lib/info/nvidia-prime.postrm would be run on a system that is just rebooting on a system that doesn't have a switchable gpu00:28
ubuntu_failYankDownUnder: no - it's a clean 16.04 install (yesterday we noted I had an old version of virtualbox, and I unsistalled it thinking it may cause problems via dkms or whatever) - but it's an ubuntu system (dual boot)00:28
sh0thi guys00:28
YankDownUnderubuntu_fail: Fair enough, fair enough - just saw "Virtualbox" and my mind went along that path...00:29
sh0ti am trying to install the module for my Real tek wireless00:29
sh0ti run these commands00:29
sh0tbut at the boot if i do modprobe rt3290sta it says that's impossible to find the key00:29
sh0teven though at the boot i proceed in registering the key00:29
sh0tcan anyone help me please?00:31
YankDownUndersh0t: Paitence.00:31
crafty1!patience | sh0t00:31
ubottush0t: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:31
sh0ti just felt i was rude not asking "please..." i get it00:32
YankDownUndersh0t: In the course of 24 hours, there are hundreds of folks that pass through the channels...patience is the best tool/weapon...someone will know how to resolve your issue...hmm...have a cup and relax...all is good00:33
michaelroseBasically var/lib/dpkg/info/nvidia-prime.postrm is run at upgrade or install of nvidia-prime and deletes xorg.conf00:52
michaelrosethis is basically ridiculous00:52
m4xxfor some reason any time i reboot my raid needs to resync00:52
michaelroseman I really hate ubuntu00:52
michaelroseyou really have to dig to find out what magic behavior is breaking everything00:53
michaelrosepeople knock more manual setups because they take more time and expertise, how much time and expertise is required to debug magic nonsense00:54
YankDownUndermichaelrose: Um...you do know that "xorg.conf" is setup differently now, right?00:54
michaelrosedefine setup differently?00:55
m4xxi saw on google to try adding "mdadm --wait-clean --scan" to a shutdown script somewhere but i'm not sure where to but it on ubuntu 16.0400:56
YankDownUndermichaelrose: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config00:56
ericx2xhey guys, i just made a web server using ubuntu on my laptop. I'm afraid my laptop may die as I host my site. I simply want to figure out some way to back up my server so that if it goes down I can purchase a new server and rerun the items that were on my laptop00:56
YankDownUnderm4xx: Being that you're dealing with a RAID system, have you though to ask in the #ubuntu-server channel?00:56
ericx2xanyone have any ideas on how to ensure my server data isn't lost?00:56
michaelroseI know you can put stuff in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d00:57
YankDownUnderericx2x: Lookinto how to backup your apache stuff => there's ample information for that.00:57
michaelrosethis isn't a good reason to manually delete someones xorg.conf00:57
m4xxthank you00:57
michaelrosemuch less do it every time a package is updated00:57
ericx2xI'm not using apache i'm using nginx00:57
ericx2xits a rails app00:57
ericx2xbut i can easily backup my site00:57
ericx2xi was wondering if i could backup my entire server though00:57
ericx2xso i can easily deploy it on a new laptop if my current one dies00:58
YankDownUnderericx2x: There are heaps of different methods for doing complete backups...system-wide and otherwise.00:58
YankDownUnderericx2x: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem00:59
crafty1Yeah thats an extremely broad question asking how to backup datae01:00
crafty1I mean you could use tape drives, you could use an offsite backup; the list goes on and on and isnt specific to an OS01:00
YankDownUnderFor *me*, on some systems - depending on the size - I generally dd stuff...but that's me...01:00
ericx2xanyone used vagrant before?01:01
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:01
crafty1CloneZilla is pretty cool01:01
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate01:01
YankDownUnderericx2x: Open a term and type "man dd"01:01
m4xxseems dead in there :(01:01
ericx2xim on my windows machine right now :\01:01
ericx2xso i can't01:01
YankDownUnderericx2x: On the web, type "dd+manual" => you'll see what I mean.01:02
FinetundraHey folks, Anyone know any good local file sharing softwares for linux similar to samba?01:02
OerHeksjust use clonezilla to 'dd' your drive01:02
YankDownUnderI used to love the ancient tape drives and tar...01:02
OerHeks /dev/fd001:02
GriboWhy do a lot of people have a $ as their computer name in the terminal?01:03
YankDownUnderGribo: Part of the bash prompt setup.01:03
paranoidabhiGribo, you should learn bash.01:03
ericx2xsounds good thanks guys01:03
hggdhericx2x: see http://manpages.ubuntu.com/01:04
Bashing-omGribo: That '$' indicates user level system access .. whereas '#" indicates root access .01:04
YankDownUnderAnd here all these years I thought the "$" was to show how much money you're saving by not running a Microsoft OS...far out... ;)01:04
GriboWhy don't I see it in my terminal though?01:05
GriboNvm lol01:05
crafty1Finetundra: If you dont have any specific set of requirements NFS is similar.  Samba is commonly used to communicate with non-UNIX machines.01:08
FinetundraThanks crafty1, I'll check it out01:09
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michaelroseemailed maintainer of package https://gist.github.com/aea06145b72d0cc59b996f5e1c318bc301:22
OerHeksoh, mint has its own issues01:25
crafty1Yeah gott\a love those bugs that have been unassigned for 2 years01:28
michaelrosethat unassigned but regarding this very issue is 2 years old and unassigned01:29
michaelrosebecause its not a bug per se its apparantly people are too stupid to go use /user/share/X11/xorg.conf.d01:29
michaelrosedespite the fact that /etc/X11/xorg.conf is still perfectly valid and shouldn't be randomly bulldozed01:30
michaelroseits actually hard to imagine what the developer was even thinking01:30
crafty1What is this NVIDIA-prime package.  Can you email the maintainer https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-prime01:31
michaelroseits a package that provides support for switchable gpus01:31
crafty1Oh OK I think you had mentioned.  I wish the packages had summations on pages like that01:31
michaelrosesome laptops have a beefy nvidia gpu and a weaker say intel integrated one01:31
crafty1Literally all of its bugs are untouched as to the priority.01:31
crafty1oh ok that makes perfect sense01:32
michaelroseand you want to use the weak one when not doing anything that would require a lot of oomf01:32
crafty1There are other bugs if you check that list that are from 2014.  TBH it seems the maintainer has vanished01:32
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ax562how can I change grub boot order in dual boot machine setup?01:48
Tin_manax562, http://www.howtogeek.com/196655/how-to-configure-the-grub2-boot-loaders-settings/01:49
crafty1There used to be a fronted that was cool.  Cant remember the name.  But that article is good.01:50
crafty1Might be the GRUB customizer01:50
ax562is it this one crafty1 http://askubuntu.com/questions/100232/how-do-i-change-the-grub-boot-order#10024601:52
crafty1ax562: Yes.01:53
crafty1Its the same thing its just a nice GUI frontend01:53
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michaelroseits funny how complicated the generated grub.cfg is01:54
ax562crafty1 yes I agree01:55
michaelroseinstead of a manual one that is 12 lines long in which you can change boot order but cutting and pasting sections01:55
Trinityif I encrypt ubuntu with full disk encryption will I still be able to search files via grep?02:16
Trinitywhat i'm really wondering is the mechanism behind the encryption. Does it decrypt everything when you enter in the passphrase or is the passphrase remembered and used independently for every program?02:17
tgm4883Trinity: yes you can search files via grep02:17
SchrodingersScatTrinity: it's mostly transparent after you've decrypted the disk02:17
ax562Are you thee Trinity? (In my Neo voice) :p02:17
TrinitySchrodingersScat, would you mind elaborating on what 'mostly transparent' means?02:18
de-factoi guess you decrypt the key used for transparent disk encryption/decryption when you enter a passphrase, but thats just a guess02:19
SchrodingersScatTrinity: that all the files appear unencrypted once you're logged in.  so if you grep a file then it'll grep.  Of course that reverses whenever you haven't supplied the passphrase yet.02:19
crafty1michaelrose: I agree completely.  I ran Gentoo for about a year a few years ago, prior to losing my mind and the user generated grub cfgs are great.02:21
crafty1Its great when the user can generate those because if something goes wrong its easier to resolve02:21
michaelroseTo be entirely clear the disk itself remains encrypted forever, the encryption is usually on a layer entirely below the file system thus only THIS layer worries about encrypting and decrypting02:21
michaelroseand this happens in memory02:21
Trinityah, thank you michaelrose and SchrodingersScat02:22
Trinitymichaelrose, if it's not too much to ask... :) would you mind elaborating on layers below the file system? haha :)02:23
Trinitycause i'd think that the file is saved as it's encrypted version and decrypted post passphrase02:24
michaelroseit varies there are different approaches, in some you have a fake filesystem on top of the real one, in some the filesystem knows about encryption and handles this, in others its handled by a different layer for example luks02:24
Trinityfrom my research it would seem that ubuntu's uses luks? what do you mean by a different layer? Would the encrypted content of the filesystem be unencrypted on the fly?02:25
michaelroselike ordinarily you create say an ext4 filesystem based on a physical device/partition, instead you can first create a special type of container and create the filesystem on top of that02:25
michaelrosewhole disk encryption is normally done via luks, the disadvantage one key to unlock the device, one users files not secure from other users on the same machine02:27
michaelrosebut that isn't usually an issue and it has way better performance than a filesystem on top of the real one like encfs02:27
django_hey all02:27
michaelroseanyway its a HUGE rabbit hole you could spend a lot of time on, in short use luks02:28
django_for ubuntu xenial do you download Wine with sudo apt-get install -y wine02:28
TrinityMaybe it would help for me to explain what I dont get more clearly. Since data is just 0's and 1's you would save a different set of 0's and 1's if the data is encrypted, so when you enter the passphrase I can only see two options, one the encrypted content is saved into RAM or two the encrypted content is decrypted and rewritten into the filesystem or three passphrase is remembered and decryption is on the fly. All three of these methods don't see02:29
Trinitym really pragmatic so i'm sure theres anotehr. But that's my current dilemma. I'm trying to understand how this is accomplished02:29
TrinityI can only see three options*02:29
michaelrosebasically high level things like text editors and video players don't access files by reading raw data from disk02:30
crafty1django_: yes02:30
crafty1sudo apt-get install wine will install the metapackage02:31
Trinitymichaelrose, could you give me the keyword by which they access raw data from disk so I can do my own research? :)02:31
michaelroseTrinity, coursera had a really good intro to encryption course let me see if its still there02:32
michaelroseyou needn't actually do the class or pay any money02:33
michaelrosejust enroll in the class and watch as much as interests you02:33
Trinitythanks michaelrose, could you let me know how high level programs get information from the disk?02:33
michaelroseI really don't understand the low level aspect of it just the impression that a luks device is something like a physical disk saved that the raw data read therein is decrypted using a key02:36
michaelroseyour passphrase isn't the key it serves to unlock it02:37
michaelroseessentially a small header contains one or more copies of the key which can be unlocked by one or more passphrases02:38
michaelrose /etc/crypttab contains information about encypted devices, /etc/fstab contains information about filesystems including the forementioned encrpyted ones and how they are mounted02:40
Trinitymichaelrose, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Device_mapper I think this is the middleman you were talking about :)02:41
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ax562damn michael rose you sound like a smart dude02:50
hackerherculesCan anyone tell me what init.d script is responsible for writing the contents of /var/lib/update-notifier/updates-available?02:54
madsahackerhercules, try running 'dpkg -S /var/lib/update-notifier' which should give you a clue03:15
madsawill at least tell you which package owns that directory03:15
madsaand then you can figure out init script from there03:15
hackerherculesmadsa Just the lead I needed, thank you. Trying to steal the function of the 90-updates-available script in /etc/update-motd.d to customize and format my motd with additional information03:16
de-factois there some archive of older package versions in the repos somewhere?03:25
hackerherculesmadsa Thanks again - tracked down the script it calls after doing some hunting03:30
madsahackerhercules, cool, glad that helped03:30
Kyokuis there a way to show file transfer speed in ubuntu 16.04 desktop ?03:32
Kyokuit just shows progress bar, i need to see the speed03:33
madsaKyoku, maybe try iftop or dstat packages03:37
madsade-facto, what exactly are you trying to do?03:37
madsade-facto, if you just need an old package you can try looking it up here: http://packages.ubuntu.com03:38
hackerherculesmadsa: Just for the fun of knowing, the update notification is called by /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check --human-readable, which is a function passed to it from an imported compiled python file. Can't change it without a complete recompile. Sad day.03:45
Kyokuthanks madsa - dstat is perfect for the job03:46
ahrc333ffI keep getting a "register" message; I'm registered though. Any way to resolve this?03:55
Bashing-omahrc333ff: Ask that in #freenode channel .03:56
ahrc333ffk. thx03:57
ahrc333ffbut, i'm gettint eh message from #ubuntu-unregged, if it makes a difference03:57
Bashing-om!register | ahrc333ff Does this hlp ?04:01
ubottuahrc333ff Does this hlp ?: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:01
dancingdemonhey guys, what is the best Music Tagging CL i can use for ubuntu ?04:02
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ahrc333ffThx. Unfortunately, when I reattempt the registration process i just get this message "You are already logged in as ahrc333ff." The only channel that gives me this problem is #ubuntu04:03
Bashing-omahrc333ff: Maybe ask in #ubuntu-ops .04:30
delizinHey everyone. I am running a server using the screen command. Is there a way that I can set a monitor on it and automatically restart it if it crashes?04:45
ahrc333ffBashing-om: thx, will do04:48
madsadelizin, you could try 'while 1; do mycommandtorun; done'04:52
madsathat should work if the server process doesn't daemonize04:53
delizinmadsa: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. After I asked my question I found some documentation on Upstart and am giving that a try first04:53
madsayeah, upstart may be the better option than my cheap and easy trick04:54
orlockmadsa:  you forgot the vital step of running screen first04:54
orlockor adding a nohup04:55
madsaright, my assumption was that screen was already running, but yes04:56
ahrc333ffevening :)05:14
gajophey, i'm having issues with 14.04 and 16.04, which I thought would be stable (LTS?)05:20
gajopi've setup a new work machine which i plan to use for deep learning stuff, and i'm running into issues with ubuntu; i'd think they're not specific to the hardware but you never know05:20
madsagajop, what seems to be the problem?05:21
gajopwith 16.04 there are even issues during installation: it complains midway that installation fails, but it also finishes, and when i reboot into it and try to login, nothing happens (i assume the installation is only half-way done)05:21
gajopso i gave up on 16.04 seeing as it may still be fairly untested due to being new, and tried 14.04, which i could install at least05:22
madsahave you tried the latest 16.04.1 iso?  It's out now05:22
gajopbut 14.04 is freezing my system (kernel crash?) from time to time... i often get back to work when i leave it all night to see it restarted, and it sometimes crashes in front of me05:22
gajopright now i'm getting an "internal error" with linux package and a soft lockup of CPU#0 (KernelOops)05:23
gajopmadsa: i haven't tried it if it just got released05:23
madsawell if nothing else works that be a good option05:23
gajopwhat is considered the "most stable" ubuntu platform? i rarely use it on my home desktop but opted for it because i thought it would be fairly guaranteed to work05:24
FManTropyxofficial releases aren't "untested"...05:25
madsayep, I think 16.04.1 is most stable right now.  I personally haven't had much trouble with it on my laptop05:25
gajopis there a third alternative if neither work for me? how can i even troubleshoot kernel errors?05:26
FManTropyxsounds like your puter is b0rked - have you run something else on it before?05:26
madsayeah, with a kernel error you'd be best to post a bug on launchpad with the details05:26
madsahopefully it's not your hardware going bad05:27
gajopFManTropyx: no, as i said i just set it up05:27
FManTropyxa neew computer?05:27
gajopwell it's still under guarantee but if i have no way to troubleshoot it..05:27
FManTropyxah, maybe run hw diagnostics on it05:27
FManTropyxUbuntu should really work :)05:28
madsagajop, what kind of computer is it? specs?05:28
gajopit's an i5 with titan x and 8GB RAM (with 32GB more on the way)05:29
gajopubuntu's installed on an SSD05:29
gajopand i've got one more HDD for large storage05:29
gajopit's pretty beastly and nvidia should work well -> this doesn't seem related to the GFX anyway05:30
Sorchkernel version?05:30
mndarwhich package do i have to install to get gstreamer's rtspclientsink ?05:30
gajopidk, newest on 14.0405:30
madsagajop, run 'uname -a' on the console05:30
mndarI'm using 16.04 LTS05:31
OerHekstitan X is introduced 3 days ago .. hard to believe you have it already :-D05:31
gajopGeForce GTX Titan X[56]March 17, 201505:32
gajopnot to be confused with: NVIDIA TITAN X[64]August 2, 201605:33
Sorchgajop, 12gb of video ram?05:35
OerHeksgajop, i would do a memtest86 run first, to exclude your ram being the culprit05:43
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu05:43
gajopOerHeks: alright, i'll give it a try, any other tests i can run before trying 16.04.1 again or switching to some other distro?05:45
OerHeksafter that, run a live iso and try checkbox-qt http://askubuntu.com/questions/389084/system-testing-tool-for-ubuntu or UBcd with testtools05:45
OerHeksas you have issues with both, it does not really matter now, 14.04 or 16.04.105:46
gajopthe 16.04 (didn't try 16.04.1) issue is completely different though imo05:47
gajopmy PC didn't freeze/restart, the installation process got interrupted half way but still gave me the next install wizard option05:47
madsayeah, hopefully they've made a fix for the installer w/ 16.04.105:48
madsaonly one way to find out05:49
gajopright, will try that tomorrow probably05:49
Kartagishow do I find out my wifi card's vendor id?06:28
EriC^^Kartagis: lspci -vvv maybe?06:29
OerHeksKartagis, depends, lsusb or lspci for usb or pci cards06:29
Kartagis03:00.0 <--- is this it?06:31
EriC^^i think so06:31
OerHeksno, it is a 8 digit hexcode , A1B4:C067 or like that06:31
EriC^^try lspci -nv06:33
mach20xSo about 24 hours later and still no progress on the reinstallation of Ubuntu06:34
mach20xIt won't connect to the internet wirelessly either06:34
madsamach20x, you not able to install for some reason?06:35
Peppernrinoi'm having trouble installing drivers for 750ti on 14.04. i have done --no-x-check, and tried removing .X0-lock but i don't have permissions. any suggetions?06:52
afotekHello. Is it possible to set up midnight commander to show number of items in a directory?06:56
madsaafotek, don't know... but you can run something like 'ls -1 | wc -l' from the command line to get an item count06:57
afotekmadsa, yes, I tried this solution, but it would've been nice if it was able to show it in mini-status for example, like in usual explorer07:00
Kartagisweird though. pcidatabase.com reports different digits for my wifi card EriC^^07:02
mach20xAnyone have the 411 on reinstallation and what to do if it stalls?07:04
nschoeHi everyone, I've got lots and lots of "ureadahead:4/stat: Ignored relative path" messages on my Ubuntu server 16.04, and hundreas more of ureqadhead errors. What is it?07:08
madsanschoe, that's ureadahead, it does caching of files for boot time to speed things up07:10
madsanot sure why you're getting the errors though07:11
nschoemadsa, hum okay. But it is supposed to execute only on reboot, then?07:11
nschoemadsa, I'm asking because we've had a failure around midnight, and all our systems are down. but the serveru itself is up and runnig, I could log in ssh07:12
nschoeSo now I'm planing find the needle in the haystack in the syslog, and I see literally hundreas od these lines07:12
madsawell according to the launchpad page, it says that it loads a cronjob to regenerate the cache from time to time07:13
madsawhich may be what you're seeing07:13
madsasorry your systems are down... I feel your pain.  I got paged at 2am yesterday because out db server ran out of disk space :)07:14
nschoemadsa, ah thanks for your support07:15
nschoeThis is appreciated. We currently don't have a sysadmin anymore, so I'm interim sysadmin. But this is not my job ^^07:16
nschoemadsa, I would have preferred being paged at 2 a.m. though, because I would have time to do things. Now it's 9 and the demo starts... soon. Of course it's a demo day, you know hos this is.07:16
YankDownUndernschoe: Just for giggles and grins - has an "fsck" been run on the volume(s) of that server recently?07:19
nschoeYankDownUnder, nope, the server is about a month old07:31
nschoeYankDownUnder, why? You think this may have messed something, OR I should have run one before?07:31
YankDownUndernschoe: Since you've stated that "things went down" - generally, when I'm faced with issues like that, the first thing I do on linux/unix boxes is to check the filesystems before going back into production...just as a matter of rote...small issues can turn into really huge issues...and I prefer to nip them in the bud quicksmart.07:43
nschoeYankDownUnder, thanks for the tip, I'll be running one then07:48
YankDownUndernschoe: Good to be paranoid, bro.07:48
olf-folkscan anyone here help me07:58
olf-folksi have no networking fresh install ubuntu 1607:58
YankDownUnder"No networking"?07:59
soppmanhello, lspci would also show devices with no drivers right?07:59
majnoonkk INTERESTING problem07:59
olf-folksmy pcmcia ethernet dose not show up at all and my wireless shows up but i dont know how to get it to go, it says some error when i do wpasuplicant07:59
YankDownUndersoppman: lspci will tell you what is connected to the PCI bus...08:00
soppmanYankDownUnder, ok thanks08:00
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Is there no means by which you can connect this machine to ethernet in order to possibly download drivers and updates?08:00
olf-folksYankDownUnder: no, no networking usb wifi no pcmcia eth0 no08:01
olf-folksYankDownUnder: unless you mean windows xp that it can dualboot back to08:01
YankDownUnderolf-folks: The wifi - is that also on the PCMCIA card?08:01
majnoongoogle chrome won't run in desktop (ubuntu 14.04 cinamon) NORMALLY  i can get it to run using su -c <another user> and it works through ssh on another computer08:01
olf-folksYankDownUnder: no that is usb08:01
olf-folksYankDownUnder: and showsup via ifconfig08:02
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
YankDownUnderolf-folks: If you boot this machine without the PCMCIA card in it (the ethernet, I presume), but DO have the USB based wifi plugged in, does that work, or have you tried that as of yet?08:02
=== Kenrinx is now known as kenrin
olf-folksYankDownUnder: yeah that is the first thing i tried08:03
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Well, I'd remove the PCMCIA card, and then fire up the network manager and see if that gets you connected to the wifi...08:03
olf-folksYankDownUnder: did i mention there is no gui08:04
olf-folksi am working from tty08:04
YankDownUnderolf-folks: "No GUI" - at all?08:04
olf-folksno just terminal08:05
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Lovely.08:05
ducasseolf-folks: you're not running a gui or it doesn't work?08:06
olf-folksducasse: it is not installed, and i would prefer to keep it that way08:06
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Read this, mate: http://askubuntu.com/questions/461825/connect-to-wifi-from-command-line08:06
gajopOerHeks: it seems the 8GB RAM (probably one of the two 4GB modules) has errors08:07
olf-folksTin_man: yup08:07
gajopthe 32GB seems fine though08:07
YankDownUnderolf-folks: This tells you how to identify wifi networks along with how to use nmcli to connect, my friend.08:07
gajopso uhm, what does one do now? should i assume almost all data (on the HDD/SSD) is corrupted as well?08:07
Tin_manolf can you ssh into it?08:08
olf-folksYankDownUnder: the linke you refer to08:09
olf-folksYankDownUnder: still is useing programs and tools i dont have access to08:10
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Yersh...?08:10
YankDownUnderolf-folks: So on that "fresh install", you don't have "nmcli"?08:10
olf-folksTin_man: no i have physicl aceess to a vtty08:10
Tin_mando you have another wifi usb dongle you can use?08:11
YankDownUnderolf-folks: "ifconfig -a" will list the "devices" that you can connect with...?08:11
olf-folksYankDownUnder: yes and it shows up08:11
YankDownUnderTin_man: If you want to assist, please do. Two people trying to cook the soup is only going to lead to confusion.08:12
olf-folksYankDownUnder: no08:12
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Can you type: nmcli d wifi list08:12
olf-folksYankDownUnder: it is a part of network-manager which i do not have08:12
Tin_mango for it YankDownUnder ..08:12
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
YankDownUnderolf-folks: So that is NOT part of the installation? Was this a "minimal" installation?08:13
olf-folksYankDownUnder: i could type that but it would only me a oh so usefull message "do apt-get install network-namager"08:13
\9i'd imagine even a minimal installation should come with network-manager... something must have gone wrong08:13
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Right oh...gotcha...right...so here's a question - HOW did you do your install...was it via a liveUSB or something else?08:14
ducasse\9: actually, no. i installed from the server image, and nm is not installed.08:14
\9oh? that's weird08:15
ducasseolf-folks: just one question - you say wpa_supplicant throws an error - can you be more specific?08:15
olf-folksYankDownUnder: i used plopbootmgr to boot via usb the flashd i dd the ubuntu iso from08:15
olf-folksducasse: hold on a sec08:15
ducasse\9: not really :) i use /etc/network/interfaces, which is what the installer sets up unless you install a desktop that depends on nm.08:15
YankDownUnderolf-folks: Check this out - it's about establishing a connection without network manager: https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/how-configure-wifi-card-using-command-line-or-terminal08:18
olf-folksducasse: http://www.imgpaste.net/image/KO8Ea08:21
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HounddogGood Morning.08:21
HounddogI am fighting my disk size again. I have just freed up another 500gb from my windows partition which i want to use under ubuntu. However it seems i might have to shovel things like root etc around. I am a bit unsure how i would approach things right now. sdba is my ssd and sdb a normal harddrive08:24
olf-folksducasse: do you think it autodetect the wrong driver?08:24
ducasseolf-folks: see this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/WPA_supplicant#nl80211_driver_not_supported_on_some_hardware08:24
olf-folksducasse: well that gets me a bit closer now i have this http://www.imgpaste.net/image/KOljq08:30
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delizinHello everyone. I'm trying to use Upstart to keep a server running. However everytime upstart executes the script, either from 'start service' or rebooting the VPS, it starts multiple instances of the server which all interfere with each other. After a few minutes there is normally only one instance running, but it is broken due to a file lock or socket lock. I'm quite new to this and really appreciate any guidance. Thanks. http://08:31
ducasseolf-folks: "The requested page was not found"08:31
olf-folksducasse: my bad im typeing the urls out http://www.imgpaste.net/image/KOIjq08:32
geirhadelizin: make sure it doesn't background itself08:35
ducasseolf-folks: looks to me like the driver for your chipset is not supported, do you have another adapter you can use?08:36
ne2kI have just done a fresh install of 16.04 desktop (coming from 14.04). I like to use the right Windows key as the compose key, so I have set it as such in Keyboard->Shortcuts. However, it doesn't work, and when I press right-win I just get the "Search your Computer" bar up, same as if I press left-win. any suggestions?08:37
delizingeirha: I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. The script that upstart is executing is just running 3 lines, it deletes a lock file in the server directory incase of a crash, changes directory to the server folder and then starts the server with screen.08:38
geirhadelizin: Then upstart can't know it's running. And deleting the lock file unconditionally kind of defeats the purpose of a lock file08:40
delizingeirha: I'm not deleting an upstart lock file. The server has a data folder that has a lock file. Unfortunately it has numerous crashes and doesn't clean up the lock file properly so I need to manually delete it before the server will restart08:41
geirhadelizin: but that's the reason why it starts multiple instances08:43
ducasseolf-folks: another possibility, is there an alternative driver for that chipset?08:44
delizingeirha: If I leave the lock file in place, upstart is still starting multiple instances but each process stalls when they see that the lock file exists. Unfortunately this program does not fail gracefully at all so the process continues running even after failing to load.08:45
Ben64sounds like you need to figure out a better script08:46
geirhadelizin: Yeah this application you're trying to start is really fragile, and it's hard to manage it when it doesn't follow common practices08:47
geirhadelizin: the reason it starts multiple instances is because upstart has no way of knowing whether the application got started or not. From upstart's perspective, screen started and died immediately.08:49
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jokke(how) can i install this package? https://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/imagemagick08:57
Ben64sudo apt-get install imagemagick08:57
OerHeksBen64, you are a genius!08:58
delizingeirha: Thank you for the help, that got me to where I needed to be by excluding screen and running the application directly.09:00
jokkeBen64: ...09:00
jokkeBen64: i specifically mean _that_ package09:00
jokkein _that_ version09:00
Ben64good luck09:00
ducassejokke: that's a debian package - don't.09:00
jokkeducasse: ubuntu is debian based, no?09:00
ducassejokke: _based_.09:01
Ben64installing packages not meant for your system is a Bad Idea™09:01
OerHeksjokke if you need that version, build it yourself09:01
geirhawhat's so special about 6.9 that 6.8 doesn't have?09:01
Ben64geirha: it's 0.1 more09:01
jokkei was afraid you'd say that09:01
jokkeoh well09:02
jokkegeirha: 6.8 has a weird bug with borders09:02
ducassejokke: file a request for a backport.09:02
alkisgOr ask for a bug SRU09:02
ne2kI'm not sure which package to file this bug against. Super R cannot be mapped as Compose key; it is grabbed by the "Search computer" panel thing09:03
jokkeducasse: no time to wait for a backport09:04
jokkeso from source it is...09:04
EriC^^jokke: dpkg -i it into /usr/local or something09:04
EriC^^man dpkg to see how to change where it gets installed09:04
jokkeEriC^^: you think?09:05
ayogihi guyes09:05
jokkei still need all of those sub packages right..?09:05
ayogidoes any one knows how to get the commands run from a particular ip on server09:05
EriC^^the depends?09:05
ayogisome one has logged in to my machine via ssh09:06
ayoginow i want to know what all he has run and running in my machine09:06
ducassejokke: you could build the source package and install that.09:06
jokkeducasse: how does that work?09:06
jokkesorry, i'm using arch linux my self so i'm not that familiar with ubuntu09:06
ne2khmmm, bizarre. I switch to a VT and then back to X and it's fixed09:07
ducassejokke: 'man apt-get', see the 'source' command.09:07
EriC^^jokke: hold on09:07
ducassejokke: ah, debian - nvm.09:07
ducassejokke: use dpkg-buildpackage09:07
geirhaayogi: that might not be possible09:07
ayogigeirha, what should i do get something like that09:08
ayogigeirha, I feel my server is being attacked and i want to see what someelse is doing09:08
alkisgayogi: did he use a specific user id to login? Do you know which user id?09:09
ayogii just know someone else is logged in to the server using 'who' command09:09
EriC^^jokke: download http://http.debian.net/debian/pool/main/i/imagemagick/imagemagick_6.9.2.10+dfsg.orig.tar.xz09:10
EriC^^jokke: untar it and run ./configure && make then sudo make install , it'll install to /usr/local09:10
ayoginetstat shows the he connected over ssh09:10
geirhaayogi: is he running a shell? then stracing that shell should reveal what commands he's running09:10
ayogihow do I know that09:11
alkisgayogi: ps aux | grep sshd ==> can you see his username there?09:11
ayogihe has logged in as root09:11
geirhastrace -ff -o destfile -p $pidofshell09:12
jokkei'd rather build a package09:12
ayogiI am also logged in as root@pts/309:12
alkisgayogi: did you enable ssh root logins, and a root passwd?09:12
alkisgThose are not on by default09:12
geirharoot? wow, some security breach09:12
jokkebut it fails already with tail: cannot open 'debian/changelog' for reading: No such file or directory09:12
jokkedpkg-buildpackage: error: tail of debian/changelog gave error exit status 109:12
EriC^^jokke: are you talking to me?09:12
alkisgayogi:  So by default, it's not possible to login as root, so maybe you're just misinterpreting things09:12
jokkeEriC^^: i'm talking to the channel :)09:13
ayogiI also logged in as root and password09:13
ayogiso it is enable09:13
EriC^^jokke: in response to what i suggested is what i mean :)09:13
alkisgayogi: you are logged via ssh as root? or do you mean locally?09:13
ayogii logged in via ssh as root09:13
EriC^^jokke: fwiw i d/l'd it and it ran configure fine and is compiling right now09:13
EriC^^running 16.04 here09:13
jokkeEriC^^: yeah09:13
jokkesure but i really dislike installing from source without a package09:14
alkisgayogi: this command should tell you the last command that people are running: w09:14
alkisgayogi: what is that person running now?09:14
EriC^^jokke: it'll install to /usr/local so it won't touch any repo related files09:14
jokkeso dpkg-buildpackage should be just run without params inside of the source dir?09:14
EriC^^jokke: you can just make uninstall or manually delete the files it has in /usr/local/..09:15
jokkenothing in /etc? nothing in /lib?09:15
ayogiokay now I know what he has run, he has opened a mysql conf file09:15
ducassejokke: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/130894/how-to-build-a-debian-ubuntu-package-from-source09:15
ayogiusing vi09:15
ayogialkisg, he is probably trying to restart the mysql service as i am getting logs for that09:16
=== nosferius_ is now known as Nosferius
alkisgayogi: maybe you should unset the root password, unset root ssh logins (i.e. just use the ubuntu defaults), and kick him, and then try to troubleshoot?09:17
OerHeksayogi, ban that ip, change passwords ? sudo ufw deny from <ip_address> to any09:18
EriC^^jokke: apparently not, it uses /usr/local/lib09:18
ayogialkisg, I have reset the root password now09:18
ayogialkisg, how do i unset and kick him out09:18
jokkeducasse: can i somehow skip the processing of the changelog?09:18
EriC^^jokke: check the Install-unix readme at the build section, you can pass ./configure --prefix=/path/to/imagemagick to install it under that dir09:18
alkisgayogi: it's best not to have a password at all, i.e. to not allow root logins at all, like ubuntu does by default09:18
jokkeducasse: since there isn't one that's formatted like dpkg-buildpackage expects it..09:18
alkisgayogi: to kick him, just kill his sshd process09:18
ayogialkisg, how to disable root login... and before that i need to create a user and give him sudo privileges09:20
alkisgjokke: that package is in experimental, i.e. "That means it is likely unstable or buggy, and it may even cause data loss." I would wait until it goes in unstable, at least.09:20
alkisgayogi: which ubuntu version are you running? All those things are set by default...09:20
ayogialkisg, 14.0409:21
alkisgayogi: what does this say: getent group sudo09:21
OerHeksdisable root login and create another root login ..??09:21
jokkealkisg: it's fine09:21
ayogialkisg, sudo:x:27:09:21
* OerHeks facepalm09:21
jokkei use it on arch just fine09:21
alkisgayogi: ok, then create a user and put him in the sudo group09:22
alkisgjokke: *packaging* experimental, not upstream09:22
alkisgYou'll be using the experimental packaging, which might be broken09:22
jokkemh ok09:22
alkisgexperimental is just that, for experiments09:22
jokkewell this is an experiment09:22
alkisgWhen debian devs are comfortable with their packaging, they put it in unstable09:22
ayogialkisg, do you know how to generate a strong password in ubuntu using mkpasswd or something09:23
alkisgIf you don't care if data loss happens in your system, you might also just try to install the .debs from debian, if their dependencies are satisfieable09:23
alkisgayogi: no, I'm using a graphical utility for that, keepassx09:23
jokkescrew it, i'll just ./configure && make && make install09:24
EriC^^jokke: it didn't work here09:24
jokkeEriC^^: :/09:24
EriC^^mkdir -p -- /home/e/imagemagick/share/doc/ImageMagick-6/www/api/MagickWand09:24
EriC^^/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ./www/api/MagickWand/*.* /home/e/imagemagick/share/doc/ImageMagick-6/www/api/MagickWand09:24
EriC^^/usr/bin/install: cannot stat './www/api/MagickWand/*.*': No such file or directory09:24
EriC^^i used --prefix=/home/e/imagemagick09:25
EriC^^../api is full of html stuff, dont know why it can't stat it09:27
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EriC^^jokke: i think it means the stuff it's supposed to copy isn't there09:31
fergal_hi guys, does anyone know what version of the linux kernel 10.04.4 uses?09:31
EriC^^jokke: yup the dir isn't there09:31
k1lfergal_: 10.04 reached its end of life already-09:31
fergal_k1l: yes, but i am doing some investigation on an old vm in work09:32
OerHeksfergal_, ' uname -a ' will tell you09:32
fergal_OerHeks: i can’t boot the vm because provisioning it fails, and i think it might be an issue related to the kernel version, i was just wondering if there was an easy way to find out such specs without needing access to an actual vm09:33
alkisgfergal_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+package/linux-image-generic09:34
alkisgfergal_: you can also just mount its disk and look at /boot09:34
alkisgOr at /lib/modules09:34
k1l2.6.32 is the kernel09:34
jokkeEriC^^: yeah i noticed too09:37
jokkeEriC^^: trying to make some sense of it in ##imagemagick09:37
fergal_alkisg: thank you very much :)09:42
alkisgfergal_: you're welcome09:43
ItsMeLennywhos brilliant idea was it to remove the shutdown menu from the login screen?09:50
k1lItsMeLenny: it is not removed09:51
ItsMeLennyk1l, where did mine go?09:52
ItsMeLennyone day it was there the next it wasnt, top right corner09:52
k1lwhat displaymanager is it? lightdm?09:52
ItsMeLennythe default ubuntu one09:53
EriC^^ItsMeLenny: i can confirm, if i try to switch accounts it's not there09:54
k1ltry "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"09:55
EriC^^don't know if it happens if i logout or fresh boot though09:55
ItsMeLennyEriC^^, happens to me on logout, before login, on switch user, its completely gone09:55
OerHeksItsMeLenny, what happens if you hit ctrl-alt-del ?09:56
k1lEriC^^: i just did a shutdown without first logging in yesterday. so on boot it works. IMHO its just blocking shutdown if there is a logged in session09:56
ItsMeLennyand i need it becayse when i press shutdown in cinnamon all it does it popup with a dialog to cancel with no shutdown button in it, which is even more genius, so i have to log out and shutdown09:56
EriC^^k1l: aha09:56
ItsMeLennyk1l, i always log out to shutdown and its no longer there, it used to be09:56
EriC^^k1l: that would make sense09:56
EriC^^let me test it real quick09:57
ItsMeLennyit wouldnt be a problem if cinnamon had an actual shutdown button09:58
EriC^^when i logout it's not there either09:58
EriC^^i just have the accessibility menu09:58
ItsMeLennyEriC^^, same09:58
OerHekswhen logged out,  what happens if you hit ctrl-alt-del ?09:58
ItsMeLennyOerHeks, i get a cancel, switchuser, logout dialog09:59
EriC^^maybe it's a bug10:00
EriC^^lightdm was upgraded on july 15 for me10:00
ItsMeLennyEriC^^, thats probably about when it happened10:01
ItsMeLennyallegedly ctrl+alt+end is shutdown on my computer, i'll try it later, but im somewhat not optimistic10:01
c0ax_Hi ppl. I have problen. I cannot open port on my ubuntu 16.04. Running redis on p 6379. But I cannot access redis from other computers in network because port is not oepn. I have tryed with ufw allow 6379 and adding mannualy ip tables and restarting networking but nothing.10:04
c0ax_What should I do ?10:04
EriC^^c0ax_: is it running on that port? try netstat -tln10:05
c0ax_127.0.0.1:6379 tcp LISTEN10:05
EriC^^try sudo iptables -L and paste in paste.ubuntu.com10:06
=== dudz_ is now known as dudz
c0ax_EriC^^, here you go10:08
EriC^^c0ax_: maybe it's not a firewall issue?10:08
c0ax_so what is it? :D10:09
c0ax_I cannot solve it10:09
EriC^^does it work if you change the main input policy to accept?10:09
c0ax_so iptables -I ACCEPT?10:09
c0ax_nmap scan doesnt show that it is open.10:09
EriC^^iptables -P INPUT accept10:10
marahinIs there a way to set DPI / scaling per display? By that I mean I have setup scaling already on my laptop screen (high resolution), but my external screen is fullhd. Every window / application is *huuge* when displayed on external screen10:10
geirha127.0.0.1:6379 tcp LISTEN  means it has bound to the loopback device, so it cannot be accessed from the outside10:10
c0ax_EriC^^, thats all ?10:10
marahinIn options I have scaling indeed, but I can't set it up per-screen; it's global10:10
EriC^^c0ax_: no i sec10:10
EriC^^*1 sec10:10
c0ax_geirha, so ?10:10
geirhaIt should say if you want it to listen on all interfaces10:10
c0ax_what to do?10:10
c0ax_how to do that?10:10
geirhatell it to bind to instead of
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.10:11
c0ax_geirha, how?10:11
geirhac0ax_: by reading the docs for redis10:11
geirhaIt's probably using as a default10:11
ayogiOerHeks, help please, w command shows a user is logged in10:12
ayogiOerHeks, but ps aux | egrep "sshd: does not shows its process id10:12
ayogiw command shows a user is logged in10:13
IamTheBosswhats the topic10:13
ayogi but ps aux | egrep "sshd: does not shows its process id10:13
EriC^^ayogi: who -a10:14
ayogiEriC^^, who -a shows a user logged in10:15
EriC^^the pid should be to the right10:15
ayogiEriC^^, left ?? not right?10:16
EriC^^e        + pts/17       2016-07-25 13:13   .         10526 (
ayogiEriC^^, should I do kill -9 $PID10:16
EriC^^pid is 10526 in that case10:16
EriC^^ayogi: sure if you want to disconnect the user10:17
EriC^^try kill $PID first, then kill -9 $PID10:17
ayogiEriC^^, I am not able to kill using -9 also10:17
EriC^^are you using sudo?10:18
ayogiEriC^^, yeah i am root,10:18
ayogiEriC^^, its who -a line show ? mark10:18
ayogiEriC^^, root     ? pts/3        2016-07-25 08:01   ?10:19
EriC^^ayogi: maybe that's you?10:20
EriC^^try "tty"10:20
ayogiEriC^^, no its not my ip10:20
ayogiEriC^^, tty what10:20
EriC^^tty a command10:21
EriC^^it should give you your tty name10:21
ayogiyeah mine 610:22
ayogiand attackers is 310:22
ayogiEriC^^, so its not my ip10:22
EriC^^ayogi: ok, can you access the machine from a console from the vps?10:22
c0ax_Guys thank you a lot10:23
c0ax_geirha, thanks10:23
c0ax_Its working now10:23
ayogiEriC^^,  I have a ssh logged in session10:23
ayogiEriC^^, root     ? pts/3        2016-07-25 08:01   ?          635410:24
EriC^^ayogi: ok try kill -9 635410:24
ayogiEriC^^, and when I am doing kill -9 635410:24
ayogiEriC^^, its not going ways10:24
ayogiEriC^^, *away10:24
ayogiEriC^^, what else can we do to kick him out10:25
EriC^^i don't know that much about it tbh10:27
EriC^^try ps aux and kill his shell maybe? then change the root password10:27
EriC^^you probably should make the server offline and access it from your vps and use a good backup right now instead10:28
ayogiwe can't make the server offline its a production machine10:34
LaibschHello, I have memory issues with Firefox and according to the Mozilla devs this is a problem only present in 32 bit version.  Can i run 64 bit FF in 32 bit Ubuntu?10:37
ShotokanZHLaibsch, just nope.10:39
HounddogHi, i am just reinstalling and need a dualboot windows/ubuntu. i have a 120gb ssd and 3tb harddrive and wondering how to partition this properly10:40
Hounddogi was actually running out of space on ubuntu as my logs where blowing up and docker images using a lot of space10:41
LaibschHounddog: that is really up to you.  You could have the OS /, /usr, /var on the SSD and /home on the HD.10:43
LaibschYou could also combine the two disks to form a single btrfs array.10:43
Laibschmany possibilities10:43
Hounddogi was even thinking of having /var on the hdd10:44
LaibschI like to have above mentioned directories on separate partitions and have lately been using btrfs subvolumes for that purpose10:44
Hounddogwell if i combine them i can still have the dualboot?10:44
Hounddogi have been working on ubuntu for a while but coming to this stuff i am lost...10:45
Laibsch /boot is ext2 here, mounted read-only, the other partitions are btrfs10:45
Hounddogwindows is just still here for gaming :p10:45
Laibschthe good thing about btrfs and subvolumens is the ability to be flexible in the future.  The downside that I experienced is that btrfs is terrible in situations where the partition is close to full.10:46
Hounddogwell anyway, i just deleted all partitions so i am able to start from scratch10:46
Hounddoghowever if i combine, how would i know where the ssd and where the normal harddisk is?10:47
Hounddogsorry for the stupid questions10:47
Laibschwhy would you need to know?10:47
Hounddogcause the ssd is faster10:48
Laibschbtrfs can combine several devices into one "larger device"10:48
Hounddogsure, but i woukld want to run certain things on the faster harddrive10:48
Hounddogif i just "combine" i understand that i have a "single" harddrive then10:49
=== fadavi1 is now known as fadavi
LaibschI already said what I would do: put /, /boot, /var and /usr on SSD and /home on HD10:49
Hounddogi had that already and ran constantly out of space10:50
Hounddogon "/" and var10:50
Hounddogso var i would propably also move to hdd10:51
Laibschhow big was your var?10:51
Hounddogat total i gave some 26gb to ubuntu on the ssd10:51
Hounddogdont remember the var size now10:52
Laibschseriously, I wouldn't worry that much10:52
Laibschyour SSD is faster, but all this planning won't gain you THAT much10:53
Laibschand you can always move things later10:53
Hounddogits not about gaining i just dont want the system screaming at me again that / is full10:53
Hounddoganyway, guess i should first install windows10:55
=== fadavi1 is now known as fadavi
LaibschI thought it was /var that's full ;-)10:57
Laibschanyhow, let's say you were to put /, /var and /usr on their OWN btrfs partition10:57
Hounddogthey are regularly alternating10:57
FManTropyxif you install Windows, why do you even need Ubuntu? :)10:58
Laibschnow it becomes full, you could then simply add more space to it (even temporarily from a USB stick) by "sudo btrfs device add /dev/sdX1 /var" after which you could even remove the partition on the SSD from the array and live migrate /var to the HD while the system is running.10:59
Laibschbtrfs has some awesome tricks like this.10:59
HounddogFManTropyx: is this a serious question? have u ever tried developing under windows?10:59
Laibschdon't feed the trolls, Hounddog10:59
ppq`hi. i have a problem with ubuntu server 16.04 (headless setup). the box i installed it on will only boot when there is a display connected. if not it won't boot (can't ping it). what could be the problem?11:00
HounddogLaibsch: even during runtime? thats neat11:00
FManTropyxyeah, and I plan to again... what are you developing?11:00
LaibschHounddog: yes, while the system is running11:00
Laibschno need to power down11:00
HounddogLaibsch: then i should check on how i would utilize this. i am guessing that windows would still live in its ntfs or also the btrfs?11:01
Laibschwindows should have it's own separate partition11:02
LaibschI have not touched windows in more than a decade, but I do not think windows has btrfs11:02
Hounddogi mean basically i just need the boot partition for windows and i have some 1.5 tb partition on the hd and the rest would then just be btrfs?11:02
LaibschHounddog: don't overpartition.  With btrfs you can have a subvolume act like a partition of sorts and not have to worry about / having too little space while /usr still has plenty11:03
Hounddognah i just mean like on the ssd 80gb for windows and another 1.5tb on the hdd rest is ubuntu11:04
Laibschthe Ubuntu installer will take care of using subvolumes if you choose to install to btrfs11:04
Laibschwhy be so generous with Windows?  still such a hog? ;-)11:04
Laibschanyhow, just go ahead and do it, the system is flexible11:05
Hounddogeven though i put all games on another partition i had it still eating away some 60gb11:05
LaibschI'd have the remaining free space on the HD as one partition (leave 1G for unplanned things) and the same for the HD.11:05
Laibschyou COULD combine the SSD btrfs and HD btrfs but I am not sure I would do that11:06
Laibschit's really up to you11:06
nibblynHi! HDMI works with LIVE iso but not with istalled OS. Ubuntu Mate 16.04. The very same issue seems to afflict other users too: http://askubuntu.com/questions/656808/hdmi-works-with-live-usb-but-not-installed-ubuntu . Which is the advised way to seek help? Askubuntu? UbuntuForum? MateForum? Launchpad?11:09
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HounddogLaibsch: thats what i thought you are suggesting to combine the both ssd and hdd11:15
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nerouxhi! would anybody be familiar with ACPI and how linux determines when a notebook battery is full?11:35
Amm0nneroux, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/Battery > "cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state" maybe?11:43
nerouxThanks Amm0n, the problem in my case is the system never recognises that the battery is full and switches to AC but always claims that it is "using battery power"11:49
jokkewhat's the recommended way of setting the max file limit for upstart services?11:49
te_lanusis there a kernel update/setting to enable the Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600's extra keys to work in Ubuntu 16.04 Mate?11:51
ikoniate_lanus: normally just hot key configuration in xorg11:51
ikoniaa lot of keyboards just a config file update11:51
ikoniano need for anything to do with the kernel11:51
cfhowlettqq is a chinese chat app ....11:51
ikoniait was a vi exit in the wrong11:51
akikjokke: i think it's done through /etc/security/limits.conf11:51
akikjokke: or have you tested that?11:52
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jokkeakik: hm i just read on so that it's done by setting limit nofile in the init conf11:52
akikweird that it would be there11:53
jokkemakes sense to me11:53
jokkesystemd does it per service as well11:53
akikbut you never know. well things change11:53
akikit's been done in limits.conf since forever11:53
Amm0nneroux, was it working at some point?11:54
nerouxno, its a new installation and it always shows "using battery power"11:54
Hounddoglaibsch: the worst part is actually waiting for fricking windows to finish so i can start installing ubuntu :p11:57
Amm0nneroux, is the battery charging and has fine capacity? did you tested another OS?11:58
nerouxbattery is fine and charging (charged) .... havent tested it with another OS though11:59
jokkeakik: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19995855/increase-max-open-files-for-ubuntu-upstart-initctl11:59
Amm0nneroux, what's the laptops model nr?11:59
ItsMeLennyEriC^^, did i miss some convo about fixing the login, i forgot12:03
ItsMeLennyfixing the shutdown12:03
BluesKajHiyas all12:08
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Aussie_mattanyone got a couple of minutes to help me with some update issues? it's telling me to use aptget12:17
k1l!details | Aussie_matt12:18
ubottuAussie_matt: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:18
msev-Does anyone of you guys own a SF-922B USB microphone so you can tell how it works on linux? :D12:28
cfhowlettmsev-, pretty esoteric query ... I bet #opensource musicians would know12:30
Aussie_mattare 14.04lts users getting updated to 16.04lts yet?12:31
k1lAussie_matt: the lts upgrade was postponed for one week due to last bug testings12:32
cfhowlettAussie_matt, yes.12:32
Aussie_mattah.. my australian mirror isn't notifying me12:32
cfhowlettAussie_matt,  as suggested above, FOCUS your question and provide exact details if you want assistance12:32
msev-cfhowlett, thanks gonna try there12:33
msev-so does the 16.04.1 point release fix those network problems some guys were having? and the other bugs?12:34
cfhowlettmsev-, several bug fixes were rolled out with the .1 update12:35
majnoonhas INTERESTING problem google chrome won't run in desktop (ubuntu 14.04 cinamon) NORMALLY  i can get it to run using su -c <another user> and it works through ssh on another computer12:39
jophishHi all. How can I find the exact version of the package on my system supplying libc6?12:54
cfhowlettjophish, dpkg -l libc612:54
jophishthanks cfhowlett12:55
cfhowletthappy2help! jophish12:55
AMR_KELEGI am using this tutorial for updating to 16.04 from 14.04 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes12:58
AMR_KELEGYet i get a Software is uptodate message12:58
AMR_KELEGHas Ubuntu 14.04 Got its automatic update to 16.04?12:59
cfhowlettAMR_KELEG, sudo update update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade12:59
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AMR_KELEGcfhowlett, sudo: update: command not found , Is it sudo apt update?13:01
cfhowlettAMR_KELEG, so sorry.  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade13:02
cfhowlettmy fault for trying to multi-task, not ubuntu's fault13:02
AMR_KELEGNo problem , I got this message "No new release found"13:03
cfhowlettAMR_KELEG, cat /etc/issue13:03
AMR_KELEGcfhowlett, Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS \n \l13:04
cfhowlettAMR_KELEG, ah, yes!  as was noted earlier tonight, auto upgrade was pushed back a week for bug testing.   wait a few more days13:06
AMR_KELEGcfhowlett, Ok thanks alot13:06
cfhowletthappy2help! AMR_KELEG13:06
rightshiftAny idea when 16.04 will be fixed?13:09
rightshiftwrong channel :P13:09
DJonesrightshift: In what way fixed?13:09
rightshiftWas meant for the CloudStack channel13:10
DJonesNo worries13:10
rightshiftas the Ubuntu 16.04 CloudStack template doesn't work due to the way the NIC name has changed13:10
rightshiftfrom eth0 to ens313:10
rightshiftin KVM13:10
rightshiftso it breaks a bunch of stuff13:10
atralhea-guys, I screwed my system with installing compiz... is there any way to turn everything back?13:11
EriC^^atralhea-: which de do you use?13:12
atralhea-EriC^^: unity, 16.0413:12
EriC^^compiz is already installed, what do you mean by installing compiz?13:12
atralhea-EriC^^: yes, I meant compiz config setting manager13:13
atralhea-and plugins13:13
EriC^^atralhea-: try dconf reset -f /org/compiz13:13
atralhea-I just want the default setting13:13
EriC^^or rm -r ~/.config/compiz-113:14
atralhea-with sudo?13:14
EriC^^it's just a user config issue13:14
EriC^^if you create another user, or use the guest they should still work fine13:14
atralhea-I did, should I notice anything? because it just ran, nothing happened that I notice now13:15
atralhea-let me try the second command13:16
EriC^^atralhea-: try logging out and back in13:16
atralhea-ok, wait13:17
atralhea-EriC^^: I think it solved13:19
PhrygianI've just purchased an ubuntu server to run a server for a game, but I'm having some issues. I have to run one node js program followed by another, but the first program takes up the console so when i run a command it goes straight into the first program instead of the terminal. How do i avoid this?13:19
EriC^^atralhea-: great :)13:19
atralhea-EriC^^: if I noticed weird problems again, I will come here!13:19
EriC^^atralhea-: ok :)13:19
atralhea-EriC^^: the problem I had that led me to installing that, was that I wanted alt+tab not to group windows! is there any way to do that?13:20
muftware can anyone help me with grub?13:20
EriC^^atralhea-: no idea about that13:21
EriC^^atralhea-: there's alt+` in case it's helpful13:21
EriC^^it spreads them for the same group13:21
Phrygiando you have any idea how i can fix that?13:21
EriC^^muftware: what's the problem?13:21
cfhowlett!server | Phrygian13:21
ubottuPhrygian: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server13:21
Phrygiancrap lol13:22
atralhea-EriC^^: I didn't know that, thats better than nothing! but I think there must be an option to prevent grouping windows in alt + tab switching, if you can tell developers, tell it to them! thanks:)13:23
muftwareEric^^: actually I was doing some work a new kernel. But something happened while installing it(may b) that now grub is not showing me an option for windows which is installed on my hd13:23
muftwareSo can I just change grub config file, and add an option of windows?13:25
XL_POUTINEboot to a live ubuntu cd and run grub repair13:26
XL_POUTINEit should detect the windows partition and fix the boot loader13:26
EriC^^muftware: try sudo update-grub13:27
EriC^^atralhea-: http://askubuntu.com/questions/84880/how-can-i-make-alt-tab-browse-through-all-my-windows-without-grouping-them/512640#51264013:27
atralhea-EriC^^: that's exactly how it happened!13:28
EriC^^atralhea-: did you let it resolve the conflict?13:29
EriC^^it needs to disable the reverse switcher thingy13:29
atralhea-I disabled it13:29
atralhea-that was ok, it worked13:29
muftwareEric^^: Thanks man, it just worked!13:29
EriC^^hmm let me try it here, maximum i can reset it13:29
atralhea-but other weired problem happened13:29
EriC^^muftware: great, no problem!13:29
atralhea-like I couldn't select a window13:30
EriC^^i chose it and pressed the right button for all the questions13:30
EriC^^it works it seems13:31
EriC^^it's a little confusing though cause it's transparent13:31
atralhea-it does work, that wasn't the problem, it just had some side effects!13:31
EriC^^it's working very nicely here13:32
sdexterI am running 14.04.4 LTS, and though I appear to apache set to start at boot. It doesn't13:32
sdexterDoing 'update-rc.d apache2 defaults' says the links are already in place13:32
EriC^^atralhea-: maybe it's other settings were making the conflict?13:32
atralhea-but I also carefully checked out other settings, so what happened to me was because of them13:32
sdexterbut I can manually start after boot.13:33
EriC^^update-rc.d apache2 enable maybe?13:33
EriC^^sdexter: ^13:34
sdexterupdate-rc.d: warning:  start runlevel arguments (none) do not match apache2 Default-Start values (2 3 4 5) update-rc.d: warning:  stop runlevel arguments (none) do not match apache2 Default-Stop values (0 1 6)13:35
EriC^^atralhea-: ring shifter is kind of neat, compiz has so many stuff O.O13:36
atralhea-EriC^^: yes, I tweaked other things too, and one of them caused that weired problems, I was just scared of compiz setting manager :))13:37
atralhea-EriC^^: I set the alt + tab function in compiz again, working fine, I wont touch anything else! thank you :)13:38
sdexterBut it looks like it did the job. Thanks13:38
atralhea-btw, how can I find the command for lunching an app that its icon is on the left bar?13:38
sdexterOpps no, was looking at wrong machine. Still doesn't start13:39
EriC^^atralhea-: super + number13:39
EriC^^atralhea-: holding super shows the list of numbers13:40
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atralhea-EriC^^: I mean the command that I can type in terminal and lunch that app13:46
EriC^^no idea, you can get the command from the .desktop in /usr/share/applications Exec= line13:47
atralhea-EriC^^: found it! thanks!13:49
jophishI need to compile libc with some different flags to the standard ubuntu install. Is there anything special I should take care of before doing this?13:50
jophishI understand it's a tricky library to be playing around with13:50
jophishI need to compile with --disable-lock-elision13:51
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Amm0njophish, https://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/Testing/Builds13:57
Amm0njophish, and backups of course13:58
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tetahi, I'm in ubuntu 14.04 and when I start skype and want to use the camera it says no video devices enabled14:05
vanhamGuys, so, I have two hosts here with 5 OSDs each. I want my pools to have 3 replicas. So, 3 drives, but always on at least two servers. Is it possible:14:06
vanhamOps, different channel. Sorry.14:06
tetahi, I'm in ubuntu 14.04 and when I start skype and want to use the camera it says no video devices enabled14:07
jophishthanks Amm0n, I'll take a look14:19
skinuxTo my understanding 16.04.1 is released for new installs, but not for upgrading yet...correct?14:22
mcphailskinux: you can upgrade from 15.10, but not 14.04 (yet)14:23
skinuxSeems like I could just upgrade to 15.04, 15.10, then to 16.04.114:24
mcphailskinux: that isn't easy, as most of those released are EOL'd14:25
mcphailskinux: alternative would be to do a new install of 16.0414:26
skinuxYeah, not doing that14:26
mcphailskinux: if you wait a few days, I expect you'll be able to go straight to 16.04 from 14.0414:27
skinuxI'm just tired of waiting.14:27
skinuxI'm on an LTS version, but they left this version out when releasing the new LTS14:28
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ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline14:59
sdexterI am installing Ubuntu 14.04 on a root partition that is on a software raid setup (RAID1 just two drives) and it fails at the 'Install the GRUB boot loader' part15:00
sdexter'Executing grub-install /dev/sdk' failed.'  /dev/sdk is one of the drives in the software raid pair15:01
ikoniasoftware raid or fake raid15:01
sdexterI created it during the install process, not sure which that is15:02
ikoniaok - should be proper software raid then15:02
ikoniaraid 1 should be fine15:02
f3ngt1ngfirst to the irc15:03
f3ngt1nghello everybody15:03
atralhea-where can I ask questions about software licenses?15:03
ikoniaatralhea-: ask the person who owns the product/license15:04
atralhea-no, the general idea I mean15:04
SchrodingersScatatralhea-: https://tldrlegal.com/ there's this15:04
voyager_q all15:04
atralhea-I want to know about them for myself, my codes15:04
ikoniaatralhea-: ask the people who own the licenses,15:05
ikoniaeg: GPL, email the gnu license team15:05
ikoniaApache, the apache foundation15:05
ikoniaetc etc15:05
atralhea-ikonia: SchrodingersScat: thank you :)15:05
madsaatralhea-: this should be a big help to you --> https://tldrlegal.com/15:05
sdexterikonia: the raid setup seemed to go fine, it's the grub installation that seems to fail15:06
atralhea-madsa: im reading it :)15:06
ikoniasdexter: that really surprises me, (I see the error) but raid 1 should be fine to the physical devices15:06
ikoniasdexter: never seen it fail like that15:06
ikoniasdexter: are you %101 sure it was raid 1 ?15:06
sdexterI am going to try again.15:07
ikoniasdexter: not doubting you, but that senario should be fine, so it's worth being certain15:07
sdexterikonia: no worries....fresh install, so not much to 'lose' at this point15:08
ikoniasdexter: certainly worth checking, but I'd be suprised if it was a legit bug, but not impossible15:09
KiritoOh wow15:09
KiritoI just accidentally discovered what the HUD (Alt (Tap)) does15:09
Kiritothat is extremely sexy15:09
sdexterSo starting over, yes. It's a RAID115:10
JakesDenHi, i have a img file what i need to add some files to, i extracted it to a folder and added the files to that now ho to i create a img file with all the files inside the folder in it with ext4 file system15:10
ikoniaJakesDen: you need to know what format the image file was before you can recreate it15:11
JakesDenhow do i find out?15:11
ikoniarun file against the image15:12
JakesDencan i write it to a usb and see what file system it is15:13
sdexterikonia: I am installing to /dev/md127  shouldn't grub be trying to install there, not to the members of the RAID1 setup?15:13
JakesDenit is ext415:13
MaxFramesI am on lubuntu and wanted to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 so I asked in #lubuntu and got bad advice, now the "software updates" app has problems15:14
JakesDenhow do i make a img with all the files in a folder in it15:15
MaxFramesI was told to type "sudo do-release-upgrade" in the terminal, but there were many "err" entries when it started, so as soon as it stopped for input (press enter to continue) I pressed ctrl+c and stopped it15:15
MaxFramesnow if I run software updates it hangs15:15
MaxFramesI think it has updated the repositories to point at the new version15:15
JakesDenMaxFrames, tried doing sudo dpkg --reconfigure packagename15:16
MaxFrameshow to check, how to restore? (the repositories for 14.04)?15:16
MaxFrameswhat packagename15:16
JakesDentype luuntu-soft and press tab and you might see it15:17
tgm4883MaxFrames: well that isn't bad advice. Can you post the output of 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list | tc termbin.com 9999'15:17
MaxFramesit was bad advice because it set the repositories for 15.1015:17
MaxFramesI do not want 15.1015:17
JakesDenyou might just have to revert your sources15:17
MaxFramesI need to set the repos back to 14.0415:17
MaxFramesJakesDen: that is what I need to do, yes15:17
django_is having 2 ubuntus installed in grub make it go slower?15:17
tgm4883django_: no15:18
JakesDeni keep backups of my sources before i do updates between releases15:18
JakesDenhow do i make a img with all the files in a folder in it15:18
MaxFramestgm4883: the second piped command is unknown15:19
MaxFramesI am not on the lubuntu machine now, trouble to copy and paste15:19
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MaxFramesanyway I have all the wily sources now15:19
tgm4883MaxFrames: my bad, it's supposed to be "nc" not "tc" too early.15:20
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MaxFramesI need to restore the 14.04 trusty sources. is there a command that will undo what that command did?15:21
MaxFramestgm4883: http://termbin.com/ilbq15:21
MaxFramesas you can see it's all wily now15:22
tgm4883MaxFrames: yep, do you have any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/15:22
TrinityI ran the command dig and it's giving me back my loopback address as the DNS. However I have my wireless connection setup to use OpenDNS via the additional DNS15:22
Trinityare the additional DNS just optional? As in if my router's DNS fails it will fallback to those?15:22
ducasseJakesDen: why not just create a usb drive with what you want, and then image that?15:22
MaxFramestgm4883: I have two files15:23
JakesDenthats what i am trying now15:23
tgm4883Trinity: that's dnsmasq15:23
MaxFrameswebupd8team-java-trusty.list and webupd8team-java-trusty.list.distUpgrade15:23
Trinitytgm4883, can you elaborate?15:24
MaxFrameswhat shall I do?15:24
AscavasaionI have never used Office 365, and I am asking this on behalf of my wife.  Is it possible to log into the Office 365 portal using Ubuntu and to run it using Ubuntu?15:24
tgm4883MaxFrames: ok, so if the first step was just setting everything to wily, you'll just need to edit your sources.list file and change wily back to trusty. Then do the same for the .list file in the sources.list.d directory15:24
tgm4883Ascavasaion: yes15:24
tgm4883Ascavasaion: it's just a web page, nothing special15:24
Ascavasaiontgm4883: Awesome, thank you.15:24
MaxFramestgm4883: the files in the sources.list.d directory say "trusty"15:25
tgm4883MaxFrames: ok, so then only change your sources.list file15:25
Ascavasaiontgm4883: Oh, thank you... I was under the impression it was some or other syncing thing for Office documents.15:25
tgm4883Ascavasaion: well that part exists too in the office apps if you install them locally15:25
MaxFramestgm4883: with any text editor? do I just replace the "wily" word with "trusty" for all the entries?15:26
MaxFramesI am no expert...15:26
Hounddogi was wold to use btrfs for simplicity earlier how should i now install /boot /var and such on a 50gb should i partition those?15:26
tgm4883MaxFrames: yes, although you'll need root access to do so. Generally I'd recommend nano for the job15:26
MaxFramescan't I also edit the sources in the software updates app? they are all listed there and there is an edit button15:27
MaxFrameswhat is the path of sources.list?15:27
MaxFramesand is it enough to sudo to edit it?15:27
tgm4883MaxFrames: you can try from the software updates app15:27
tgm4883I've not tried that15:28
ducasseMaxFrames: "sudo sed -ir 's/wily/trusty/g' /etc/apt/sources.list"15:28
tonytis it possible to do a upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 yet?15:29
MaxFramesmy original question ^15:29
EriC^^not yet15:29
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.15:29
MaxFramesI should have asked here, not in #lubuntu15:29
Ascavasaiontgm4883: Thank you so much.15:30
MaxFramesmy problem seems fixed, thanks15:32
MaxFramesI will never again seek for help on #lubuntu...15:33
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fckfreenodeanyone have a thinkpad x260?15:40
JakesDenI have a usb and it has a partition i need to srink as small as posible and create a .img with the partition15:41
JakesDeni tried using gparted to srink the partition but it faled15:41
HounddogLaibsch if you are there i dont get how i would install it as btrfs15:41
ducasseJakesDen: failed how? any error message?15:41
JakesDenit says it is smaller then minimum15:43
JakesDenyet it is trying to be srnked to somethink 100mb more them mimimum15:43
ducasseJakesDen: ok, in that case it might be better to create a file of the size you want, mkfs that, mount it as a loop device and copy the files you need into it. a bit cumbersome, but should work.15:46
curlyearsgratings and salivations15:46
curlyearsoops, that was off topic (so is this)15:46
JakesDencan you guide me through doing that?15:46
ducasseJakesDen: how big a file do you need?15:47
JakesDen1.75 gb15:47
ducasseJakesDen: 'truncate --size=1750M myimagefile'15:48
HounddogCould someone help do a fresh install with btrfs? i am somehow lost here :/15:48
Hounddognot sure how i should assign the partitions15:48
JakesDennow what15:50
ducasseJakesDen: which fs - ext4?15:50
JakesDenext 415:50
ducasseJakesDen: 'mkfs.ext4 myimagefile'15:51
ducasseJakesDen: 'sudo mount -o loop myimagefile /mnt'15:51
sdexterAnyone ever had issues when creating a software RAID, where after creating the partitions to use and going to 'Create MD device' the raid partitions are not listed?15:52
ducasseJakesDen: now just copy what you want into /mnt, and umount when done. finished :)15:52
Hounddogi just selected something else instead of the default installation... now i am stuck on how i would continue on a btrfs installation.15:52
JakesDenhow do i unmount15:53
ducasseJakesDen: 'sudo umount /mnt'15:53
neldogzDoes anyone know what is the difference between linux-signed-image-4.4.0-31-lowlatency and linux-image-4.4.0-31-lowlatency15:53
neldogzLooks like This version of it is signed with15:54
neldogz Canonical's UEFI signing key.15:54
Hounddogdi i place boot also on to the btrfs?15:54
Hounddogdo i place boot also on to the btrfs?15:55
ducasseHounddog: multiple devices or single disk?15:55
Hounddogi have 2 harddisks15:55
ducasseHounddog: yes, but does the btrfs span both of them, or is it in a partition?15:56
Hounddogducasse: i have 1 ssd and 1 hd on the ssd i have now windows installed and have 45gb for ubuntu on the hd i have some 900gb for ubuntu15:56
Hounddogi have not partitioned it yet15:56
Hounddogits still unallocated15:56
Hounddogi am a bit unsure how to start this15:57
ducasseHounddog: in that case i would put everything in one partition. do you have a special reason for using btrfs?15:57
Hounddogducasse: i had problems of running out of space on an earlier install and laibsch suggested to me to use btrfs as i could shovel things around during runtme and would be easier apparently15:58
curlyearsI am mystified.  My motherboard BIOS offer an EFI (*NOT* UEFI, EFI) option, that, as I understand thwe comment sin the BIOS option screen, only affects how you boot from the CD/DVD15:58
Hounddogducasse: it was also suggested however to keep ssd and hd seperated15:59
Hounddogat this point... i just need a running system again ./15:59
ducasseHounddog: i like btrfs, don't get me wrong, but unless you are using the system for lxc/lxd or need snapshots/subvols, i would advice you to go with ext4. it's more stable and can still be resized.16:00
curlyearsbut if it's set to EFI (as opposed to being disabled or set to "Auto") it totally screws up attempts to install, with my 3TB HDDs install.  If I unplug the 3TB drives, everything works smoothly.   WHY?16:00
Hounddogducasse: i use a lot of docker images...16:00
ducasseHounddog: your choice. if docker can leverage btrfs, that might be a reason.16:01
Hounddognot really sure about that right now... so one says use ext4 next says use btrfs and everyone says its my choice and i have no clue what benefits me16:01
ducasseHounddog: what i'm saying is that unless you know you need btrfs, i would use ext4.16:02
Hounddogducasse: i dont know what i need16:03
tatertotswhen in doubt use ext416:03
Hounddogducasse: what are the benfits of btrfs against ext4?16:03
tatertotsyou're in doubt16:03
ducasseHounddog: snapshots/subvolumes, deduplication, multiple devices support etc. see the btrfs wiki for details. but performance is generally worse than ext4.16:04
ducasseHounddog: and btrfs is quite new, some consider it stable, others don't.16:05
Hounddogok, then lets put it this way if i was to use ext4. i had problems earlier with / and /var running full i have a 45gb ssd and 800gb hd for linux ready. any suggestions on partitioning?16:06
k1lHounddog: when you dont know why you want to use btrfs and know the risks, then use ext4. because that is the standard ubuntu filesystem16:06
ducassek1l: +116:06
Hounddogif i let the system do it automagically i get a weird partitioning16:07
ducasseHounddog: put / on the smaller disk, then put /var and home etc on the bigger.16:07
ducasseHounddog: /home, that is.16:08
k1lHounddog: is that a server?16:08
Hounddogk1l: no its a workstation with dualboot windows/ubuntu16:09
k1lHounddog: so /var was running full because of errormessages in the logs?16:09
Hounddogvar/lib cause of docker images16:10
Hounddogk1l: ^^16:11
ducasseHounddog: the smaller disk is ssd, right? i'd prefer to have / there, to speed up the system.16:12
Hounddogducasse yes16:12
ducasseHounddog: how much space do you need for docker images?16:12
ilinkaI want it https://github.com/patrickhaller/no-wm16:13
Hounddogducasse not sure... but i would prefer moving them on to the 800gb hd anyway16:13
ducasseHounddog: no idea? like, 10g or 500g?16:13
k1lHounddog: you could put the docker folder to a folder on that hdd: https://forums.docker.com/t/how-do-i-change-the-docker-image-installation-directory/116916:14
Hounddogducasse: i need a lot of images cause it is of some 10 different versions of the app which also has different versions plugins and so on16:15
ilinkaI want it https://github.com/patrickhaller/no-wm16:15
Hounddogso yeah i hit 100gb of images already16:15
Hounddogwhat i am concerned of right now i need to create /boot /swap / /home /var16:16
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k1lHounddog: why that?16:16
Hounddogk1l: so i can put /var and /home on the hd16:17
k1lHounddog: why /boot and why /var? you can set your docker folder in /var/lib to whereever you want.16:17
Hounddogk1l: great, but i want to install ubuntu right now so i dont need the live usb stick anymore16:18
k1leither you tell docker to ue another folder or you symlink that folder. its explained in the link i posted16:18
Hounddogk1l: right now i am not concerned with the docker images, first i need an operating system16:18
ducasseHounddog: put / on the ssd, /home on the hdd.16:18
mcphailHounddog: looks as if you have 4 options. (1) lots of little partitions (as you have suggested). (2) btrfs across both disks (3) symlink or bind mount the large directories from your HDD (4) use bcache and be happy16:19
Hounddogducasse: dont i have to create the /boot also?16:19
k1lHounddog: then make those partitions and set them to be mounted as needed in the installer. i dont know what you are waiting for now or what you are asking for now if you know what to do16:19
ducasseHounddog: why do you need a separate /boot?16:19
Hounddogducasse: i thought i need it so the system can boot16:19
ducasseHounddog: unless you're doing fde, no. /boot can live on /.16:20
k1lHounddog: no. a seperate /boot is not needed on the standard setup.16:20
Hounddogso all i need on ssd is th swap and /16:20
ducasseHounddog: right.16:20
k1lbut honestly: i wouldnt put /swap on a ssd. because that will make a lot of load to the ssd that will make it age very fast16:21
ducasseif you actually _use_ swap regularly, then possibly.16:22
k1lthis sounds like he will use the swap with loading several docker thingies.16:23
Hounddogmight be16:24
Hounddoghave 16gb of ram but ...16:24
ZteamHi all!16:24
ducasseHounddog: k1l has a point, if you think swap will be actively used, put it on the ssd. none of my systems ever touch it, though.16:25
ducassehdd, sorry.16:25
Hounddogwell either way it shouldnt hurt on the hd then16:26
ZteamI recently got a problem booting my full disc encrypted Ubuntu 15.10 machine these days, it complains that it can\t open the LVM, however if I boot from a USB stick I\m able to read all my files without any problems at all16:26
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Zteamany easy for that16:27
mcphailHounddog: you might want to have a read about bcache. I have 2 systems with large HDDs and small SSDs, running as bcache devices. They have been fast and reliable for me, despite lots of abuse with powercuts and a dodgy motherboard. It isn't trivial to set up, but may be worth the effort16:28
Hounddogmcphail: i will give it a read16:29
SweetAndLowis it possible to let network manager use dhcp but force a specific gateway?16:30
ofirguys, after "apt-get install g++-4.9"16:32
ofirdoes any of you know if it provides a script to source the new gcc environment?16:33
ofirso g++ defaults to g++-4.9, and all compiler env vars use the newest compiler ones?16:33
Hounddogducasse: have sdba5: ext4  45gb  sdb5: swap 10gb  and sdb6: ext4 890gb16:36
Hounddogups sdba5 is / and sdb6  is /home16:37
delizinHey all. I have a VPS that I setup years ago and I am having trouble with the firewall. I am using UFW and have opened the desired port. Yesterday everything was working and then last night the server restarted and now I can't get any connections to the incoming port. The firewall rule is still in place, server is listening, nmap on the vps shows the port as open, but nmap locally shows it filtered.16:38
delizinI've been going at this for a few hours with no progress and would really appreciate any help16:38
Hounddogwell time for some dogwalking... lets hope it doesnt ask any questions during installation :)16:39
ducasseHounddog: good luck :)16:40
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hotmedalI have a TV that used to work fine with HDMI with anything but now I can't connect any laptop to it. Sattelite receiver, bluray player, miracast all work fine with it. dmesg showed that it has bad EDID values. Can I force a resolution onto it without caring about EDID like the bluray player/miracast seems to do?16:45
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hotmedalI have a TV that used to work fine with HDMI with anything but now I can't connect any laptop to it. Sattelite receiver, bluray player, miracast all work fine with it. dmesg showed that it has bad EDID values. Can I force a resolution onto it without caring about EDID like the bluray player/miracast seems to do? EDID:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/20887558/16:50
mcphailhotmedal: what is the native resolution?16:51
SchwarzbaerHi. I'm on 14.04.4, and, to my knowledge, an upgrade path to 16.04.01 should have been released on the 21st. do-release-upgrade -c says that no new release is available. What's going on?16:52
ducasse!ltsupgrade | Schwarzbaer16:53
ubottuSchwarzbaer: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.16:53
mcphailhotmedal: and what graphics card and driver are you using?16:54
hotmedalintel integrated graphics. The driver is er... where do I check16:54
hotmedalmcphail: no dedicated graphics card16:55
mcphailhotmedal: and are you looking to bring up the tv on boot?16:55
hotmedalno, just a simple script would be good. To use when I want16:55
mcphailhotmedal: I used to use the guide here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/kernel_mode_setting#Forcing_modes_and_EDID to get my desktop to behave with my TV over HDMI, but I don't think there is a built-in EDID blob for your resolution16:56
hotmedalmcphail: it doesn't even have 720p :/16:57
hotmedalmcphail: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HDMI can I do this?16:58
mcphailhotmedal: yep. Have you tried using cvt and xrandr to force resolution?16:58
hotmedalmcphail: I was afraid that I would end up applying those to my leptop display.16:59
maszloI have a lenovo T450s with an intel audio chip (Broadwell-U Audio Controller).  I get some pop / crackly sounds at boot right around where login screen appears. There was some fix that have done where messed with the pulseaudio config but cannot seem to remember where this was.  anyone have any insight on this?17:00
mcphailhotmedal: no - you can specify the display on the xrandr command line17:00
mcphailhotmedal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions17:00
mcphailhotmedal: it is all temporary anyway17:00
hotmedalmcphail: I thought the gui used xrandr? It the display doesn't actually appear anywhere17:01
mcphailhotmedal: yes, but you may need to add a modeline for your undetected resolution. Have a look at that link17:02
mcphailhotmedal: that is where cvt comes in17:02
Hounddogducasse: thanks for your patience and help i really appreciate it... been working on ubuntu since years but i never really bother about such things :)17:02
ducasseHounddog: you're welcome :) everything working ok now?17:03
Hounddogducasse: so far yes its installed just need to install everything else now sublime docker etc etc etc17:03
hotmedalmcphail: oh so that's what cvt does. Cool. I'll try it17:04
ducasseHounddog: good, just come back here if you need help :)17:04
Hounddogthank god even my php work environment is on docker... maybee should also create a docker for sublime lol :p17:04
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hotmedalmcphail: If I do xrandr --addmode S-video 1360x768, will it output to the external display or the laptop one?17:12
hotmedalmcphail: I did newmode already17:13
ducassehotmedal: use '--output HDMI-0' or whatever the output is called.17:14
hotmedalducasse: oh ok17:15
mcphailhotmedal: yes, it won't be an s-video link!17:15
mcphailhotmedal: and cross your fingers. I find this stuff is black magic17:16
hotmedalmcphail: works. Thanks17:17
mcphailhotmedal: good stuff. Well done!17:18
hotmedalmcphail: now tell me how to do this sorcery in windows :P17:18
mcphailhotmedal: you're on your own ther ;)17:18
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samtu92I'm new to linux. I want to make it so I can call a bash script from anywhere simply by typing the name of it, is that possible?17:26
samtu92(I want to make it global, pretty much)17:26
emetsipesamtu92: create an alias that calls the script17:26
ducassesamtu92: put it somewhere in your path.17:27
nonhey, a quick question: i've installed 16.04 on my pc, alongside with windows 10. now, i don't need windows anymore, so is there a way to a) do now disk encryption or b) save my settings, programms, repos, etc. to not do this all again when clean reinstalling ubuntu? thx in advance!17:27
tgm4883samtu92: is adding ./ to the beginning of it too much work?17:27
samtu92emetsnipe ducasee: ok17:27
samtu92tgm4883: I have to specify the path as well17:27
xanguanon: backup17:27
samtu92Which takes a while17:27
tgm4883samtu92: Oh, I misunderstood the question17:28
nonxangua: thx, i'll take a look on it.17:28
rypervenchesamtu92: Add this to your ~/.bashrc file: export PATH="$PATH:/home/youruser/scripts" (or something like that.17:28
samtu92tgm4883: no problem :)17:28
samtu92rypervenche: ok!17:28
rypervenchesamtu92: You'll have to restart the terminal or source the .bashrc file for it to work.17:29
ducasseisn't ~/bin in the path bu default?17:29
rypervencheducasse: Yep. echo $PATH to find out.17:29
xanguanon: you can attempt to modify the positions or make a clean install, whatever you prefer... But first name a backup17:29
tgm4883ducasse: not on mine17:29
curlyearsOK.  You know all the problems I had with installing, and booting, etc?  Well, it turnhs out it wasn't because I was stupid, or crazy, or lazy!17:30
ducassetgm4883: then i must have added it.17:30
zykotick9ducasse: if ~/bin exists when you first log in, it should be automatically added to path.  tgm488317:30
sdexterOh...there is no support for RAID in the installer...why the heck is that????17:30
tgm4883zykotick9: when you first log in (as in first boot) or when you sign in?17:31
ducassezykotick9: that could be why, thanks.17:31
zykotick9tgm4883: create directory, log out, log back in.17:31
ducassesdexter: use the server installer17:31
samtu92export PATH="$PATH:/home/samtu/projects/calc.py" -- so will this work?17:31
ducassesamtu92: just the directory.17:32
emetsipejust include the path, not the script17:32
tgm4883zykotick9: that's fancy :)17:32
samtu92and then I just call calc.py?17:32
samtu92or simply calc?17:32
sdexterducasse: that is what I am using17:32
hotmedalmcphail: any idea how to get audio on it? pavucontrol shows it as unplugged17:32
sdextergrub-install is failing17:32
curlyearsanyway, as I was saying:   http://www.rodsbooks.com/gb-hybrid-efi/  <----   so it *WASN'T JUST ME*17:32
curlyearsthank you.17:32
ducassesdexter: the server installer supports raid setup.17:33
ducassesdexter: are you using 'expert' mode?17:33
sdexterIt installs fine...but when it gets to the part where the grub boot loader installed it fails.17:33
curlyearsI know my trevails caused a fair amount of discomfort to many of you, I was seriously starting to form the opinion that I was actually doing something "wrong."  But I am vindicated.  :p17:34
ducassesamtu92: calc.py if that is what it's called.17:34
samtu92ducasse: weirds, its not working. Do I need to reboot?17:35
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curlyearsin fact, I fell as if this URL should be available on the ubuntu web site.  To where would I submit it?17:36
BluesKajdiscomfort curlyears ?...some annoyance maybe ;-)17:36
sdexterducasse: I was not using expert mode/17:36
ducassesamtu92: did you add it to .bashrc?17:36
sdexterWill that change the behavior of the grub installation however?17:36
curlyearsBluesKaj: yeah, well, "annoyance" was my first choice of words, but I was attempting not to make anyone feel uncomfortable about my comments.17:37
ducassesdexter: you shouldn't really need to, i think. don't know what went wrong, see the log on vc4. never had that problem.17:37
curlyearsit was a particularly trying problem, as the articvle I linked goes into.  He complains of wasting 7 HOURS on this problem.  It cost me 9 months!17:37
BluesKajcurlyears, let's not get o  the "uncomfortable politically correct" Bullsh*t bandwagon ...we don't need that crap here :-)17:38
samtu92ducasse: Oh, I have to type the "python3" prefix17:38
samtu92ducasse: Thanks for the help17:38
sdexterducasse: thanks17:38
mcphailhotmedal: not sure. You might need to pass a kernel parameter to enable hdmi audio. I don't have an intel device17:39
ducassesdexter: any hints on vc4?17:39
curlyearsto be fai, that isn't accurate.  The first 4 months were due to a flaw in a pushed update form ubuntu.com, which updated my "level number" and crashed my system bigtime.  Had tio finally just trash my old system and datam, reformatanbd start from scratch17:39
curlyearsbluestripes:   I prefer to be careful with my speech, to avoid any unnecessary offenses to anyone.17:40
tgm4883curlyears: not careful enough that you highlight the right person apparently17:41
curlyearsor are you one of those people who don't mind standing in a crowd of highly relgious people and shouting "Jesus Fucking Christ!" at the top of your lungs.17:41
curlyearsNo need for it17:41
BluesKajif someone is offended I'm sure they'll tell you straight or just ignore you17:41
curlyearstgm4883: eh>17:41
curlyearsdamned auto-complete. I ***HATE*** it!!!!   :p17:42
BluesKajwell I didn't use the 'F" word ...you did :-)17:42
tgm4883curlyears: you don't hate it. If you did, you wouldn't use it ;)17:42
curlyearsBluesKaj: fair enough.  :p17:42
curlyearstgm4883: no, as much trouble as I have with it, it still gets people's nicks correctly more consistently than I do on my own.17:43
curlyearsyou hvwe to watch it like a hawk...just like auto-correct on texting..it can really get you in trouble sometimes17:44
sdexterducasse: 'this GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot Partition; embedding won't be possible.'17:45
delizinI just spun up a new VPS with Ubuntu 16.04 and I can't seem to edit the /etc/hosts file. If I do nano /etc/hosts I get an error message stating "Error reading lock file /etc/.hosts.swp: Not enough data read". Any idea?17:45
sdexterand the the grub-install --force /dev/sdj failed error17:46
curlyearsin any case, I am now gogin to see if I can use my >2TB drives WITHOUT UEFI, since I am not trying to boot from either of them.17:46
BlueProtomanI have a Qt 5.7 program that uses OpenGL, on Ubuntu 16.04.  I get the error "Could not initialize GLX", and then it aborts.  However, I do NOT get this problem with Qt Creator, as the Google results seem to suggest.  Any tips?17:47
ducassesdexter: do you want to install in uefi or legacy mode?17:47
akikdelizin: if nobody's editing that file, remove /etc/.hosts.swp. i think it's vi which backup file that is17:47
curlyearssee ya's!!!17:47
delizinakik: Thanks, that took care of it17:48
sdexterI guess legacy17:48
ducassesdexter: then it should just install to the mbr, afaik. you can create a bios boot partition if you want, however, and use that.17:49
sdexterducasse: hmm I will give this another try17:49
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ducassesdexter: see this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB#GUID_Partition_Table_.28GPT.29_specific_instructions17:52
ducassesdexter: i didn't pay enough attention, had a hell of a day. gpt has no mbr - that's why it fails.17:53
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dancingdemonhey guys18:05
dancingdemonI need some help if anyone can, I use this tagging script on ubuntu called lltag. It tags and renames music files.18:06
dancingdemonIt has some internal FIELDS that it uses. It won't rename some songs because of undefined field..18:07
dancingdemonlltag --no-tagg --rename "%n.%a - %t" -g Electronic ~/ALBUM/*18:07
=== Al-Gore is now known as precise
dancingdemonmy issue is how to edit those fields ? like the song has a TAG called Tracknumber but the script seems unable to tell the %n which is NUMBER.18:08
sdexterducasse: This is a reinstall of a server, and I have no details on how things were done the first time. So there is that18:09
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sillihi guys18:26
sillii have a question18:26
sillii'm new on ubuntu18:26
sillii have the firewall inactive18:26
silliso, how i can open a port ?18:26
tgm4883silli: well if the firewall is inactive, then there's nothing blocking the ports18:29
tgm4883so nothing to open18:29
sillitgm4883 so my application will use the port without problems?18:32
tgm4883silli: well yes, it would use the port without issues regardless of the firewall. Now you might have other issues depending on where you are accessing it from18:35
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silliok thank you tgm18:39
delizinJust started using Ubuntu 16.04. I should be using Systemd instead of Upstart now, correct?18:49
DArqueBishopdelizin: correct.18:50
delizinDArqueBishop: Thank you18:50
jattsome indicators still use upstart18:50
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junior_Caraca, irc18:52
junior_Pessoal aguem ai usa ammyy no ubuntu?18:53
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:54
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varaindemianwhy I loose internet connection rom time to time? Ubuntu 16.04? What can I provide in order to get help?19:21
TheSpiderPigI drink diet ubuntu only19:25
TheSpiderPigI'd be happy if it were caffeen free19:25
* reisio chugs cold press19:25
mraskerI installed ubuntu 14.04 in my asus netbook and there is no sound when i connect the headphones.19:26
mraskercould anybody help me?19:27
MonkeyDustmrasker  open a terminal and type   alsamixer    if you see MM, go there and hit m to unmute19:27
mraskerlet me see...19:28
mraskerthe headphones were already in RR but i can ear nothing, MonkeyDust19:30
akikmrasker: another thing you could check is pavucontrol. it's probably not installed by default19:30
TheSpiderPigmrasker: have you tried updating your dependencies19:31
TheSpiderPigi.e., run sudo apt-get update19:31
TheSpiderPigand then sudo apt-get upgrade19:31
TheSpiderPigif you have and that hasnt fixed it, you'll need drivers for your audio device.19:31
ioriamrasker, what is RR ?19:31
TheSpiderPigyou might have a specialty/non-standard sound card19:31
mraskerlet me try pavucontrol19:32
mraskerioria, my alsamixer shows RR when the sound is active and MM when it is muted19:33
ioriamrasker, should be == and MM19:33
ioriamrasker, sorry, 00 and MM19:33
ioriamrasker, 00 active MM muted19:34
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mraskernothing with pavucontrol19:37
jaythelinuxguyHi guys - my understanding is that Ubuntu has changed to a local DNS resolver. I want to view the IP addresses of the DNS server(s) my desktop is using. If I view the contents of /etc/resolv.conf, it just gives me the IP address of local host. What command can I use in order to find out what DNS servers my box is *actually* using?19:37
varaindemianwhy I loose internet connection rom time to time? Ubuntu 16.04 What can I provide in order to get help?19:37
akikjaythelinuxguy: try "nmcli dev show" it has entries for DNS19:38
skinuxAnyone know of a tool that will provide an ASCII representation of database table?19:38
Ben64skinux: "mysql"19:39
jattskinux: henplus19:40
jaythelinuxguyThanks, nmcli dev show seems to do it19:40
dshapHey all, I'm running into this weird issue where converting a PDF to PNG with ImageMagick/Wand (python binding) is hanging on a file and then ultimately fails with a Bus error, and then Ubuntu is telling me that 95% of my disk space is used and it can't convert additional files when I try. This happened after I ran my conversion function for 500+ other files in a row, and throughout that time I was monitoring memory & disk usage and all seeme19:41
dshapnormal. What's a good way to identify and clear out this disk usage (other than rebooting my machine, which seems to work)?19:41
Bashing-omdshap: Something like ' cd / ; sudo du -sx * | sort -n ' . If you need to drill down further, use cd to move to a directory of interest then repeat the du command.19:46
Bashing-omThe results are in megabytes,19:46
Seveasdshap: baobab if you want a gui19:46
Ben64or just use "ncdu"19:46
madsadshap: so the problem clears up when you reboot?  maybe it's writing files to a tmpfs partition19:46
Ben64although if it is gone after reboot, might be an opened deleted file19:47
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Bashing-omBen64: dshap +1 on "ncdu" .. old habits do die hard .19:48
dshapmadsa: When I first ssh onto the box in the welcome screen it says "Usage of /: 95% of 7.74GB" and that's when everything fails and I'm no longer able to run the conversion function. Then if I reboot, that usage goes way back down and then it works again for a while19:48
dshapBen64: thanks for the tip on ncdu, looks pretty useful!19:49
jaythelinuxguyYes, +1 for ncdu. I like to use ncdu -x to limit to the local file-system, so it doesn't scan network shares and what not19:50
jaythelinuxguysudo apt-get clean may save you some space, but it will remove your APT archives, though19:52
dshapncdu is showing 1G, 1.6G, and 2.8G directories within /tmp that start with "magick-"19:52
dshapseems like ImageMagick is creating these and not cleaning them up :(19:53
dshapI wonder if they're safe to delete manually19:53
dshapoh, they're files, not directories19:54
awesomess3I wish the JRE came with ubuntu. and now I'm gonna cry..........WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH19:59
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Blixwut up20:01
roygbivthe sky, as a matter of fact20:01
aroonitrying to figure out autossh;  when i try ' autossh -f -M 0 david@'  ... it doesnt connect.  when i do ssh david@ ; it works fine :\20:02
roygbivand no, i’m not a paid comedian, despite appearances20:02
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Blixcan someone direct me to a noobie linux channel?20:07
Blixthat's active20:07
warbaque'apt update' stucks on '0% [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1560:8001::14)]'20:07
xanguaawesomess3: it did 6 years ago, until Oracle bought them20:07
Seveaswarbaque: can you wget http://security.ubuntu.com ?20:07
varaindemianis adobe-flashplugin reliable?20:07
Seveasvaraindemian: no.20:07
warbaquepinging works20:08
Seveaswarbaque: that's not what I asked20:08
warbaquewget doesn't seem to do anything either20:08
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varaindemianSeveas: well I need something to run this http://harry.dw.com/cda/?language=en20:09
Seveaswarbaque: can you wget http://seveas.net ?20:09
geniiBlix: The general-purpose linux channel is ##linux , might want to try thre20:10
xanguavaraindemian: that depends if you consider Adobe reliable as well, but if you just mean if it works, it works on Firefox and other browsers that supports Netscape plugins (chrome/chromium based browsers don't)20:10
warbaqueSeveas: not on that server20:10
Seveasvaraindemian: try the 'accessible version' and yell at them for living in the 90's :)20:10
xanguavaraindemian: ups, that was for you20:10
Seveaswarbaque: so your ipv6 connectivity is broken. Either fix or disable your ipv6 setup.20:11
OerHeksvaraindemian, works fine in chrome/html5, without flash20:11
Blixgenii, I think I need to permission to chat so I don't think it's a good spot for noobies20:12
warbaquewhere should I start? I have no idea how this is set up20:12
OerHeksBlix, the message gives a clue, no? register with freenode?20:12
Blixoh maybe, thx20:13
reisioOerHeks: without flash?20:14
reisiouses flash in my chrome20:14
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Seveaswarbaque: I can't possibly say. I don't even know if your box is meant to support ipv6 or not. Find the person who originally set it up...20:15
warbaqueI'll just check how other virtual machines are set up20:16
akikchrome has a built-in flash player, pepperflash i think20:16
tentacleI updated a 14.04 to 16.04, now all my apt-get updates are failing with this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20913559/ -- apt-key functions, and gnupg is installed. Anyone seen this?20:16
MonkeyDusttentacle  are you using ppa's ?20:17
tentacleMoneyDust: none added that I can see20:18
JakesDenI am aving trobles, i want to open a .bz2 file and no matter if i use terminal or a archie manager it wont do anything20:18
dancingdemonhey guys, just a samll favor20:18
Seveastentacle: pastebin the output of apt-key list20:18
dancingdemonwhat's wrong with this20:18
dancingdemonmv ${DISCNUMBER-1} "$a" "`printf %02g $TRACKNUMBER` - $TITLE.flac"20:18
dancingdemonwithout the discnumber part, It works fine20:19
MonkeyDusttentacle  i guess you have to coantact digital ocean20:19
Seveasdancingdemon: ${DISCNUMBER-1} is not valid syntax20:19
JakesDenany elp?20:19
SeveasJakesDen: is it a .bz2 or a .tar.bz2?20:20
dancingdemonhow to get it to work Seveas20:20
JakesDenits a bz2 file with a img inside20:20
SeveasJakesDen: bunzip2 foo.bz2 will decompress it, giving you the .img20:20
dancingdemonsomeone said20:20
dancingdemonyou'll want something like ${DISCNUMBER-1}20:21
dancingdemonwhere do i add this in here :20:21
Seveasdancingdemon: well, contact that person. I don't know what you asked them or why they said that.20:21
dancingdemonthat's the script, I just want to have it rename files also with discnumber, so he said add this20:21
JakesDenSeveas, thanks! it work!20:22
Seveasdancingdemon: hmm. can discnumber potentially be empty, and do you want it to be '1' in that case?20:23
dancingdemonif its not in the tags, I want it to be 120:23
Seveas mv "$a" "$(printf '%g %02g' ${DISCNUMBER:-1} $TRACKNUMBER) - $TITLE.flac"20:24
RelitivityMy linuxMint VB is in the middle if installing and it has paused and i cannot unpause it?20:24
SeveasRelitivity: try a linux mint channel20:25
Relitivityi have20:25
Relitivityno reply20:25
Seveasthen try a linux mint forum. We don't support mint.20:25
SeveasBusy enough with just ubuntu things in here20:25
Relitivityok sorry20:25
OerHeksmint has its own issues :-)20:26
reisioRelitivity: try responding to people20:26
Relitivityyea sorry20:28
dancingdemonthanks a lot man20:28
dancingdemonbut is there a chance to have it something like20:28
Epx998Can someone point me to a how-to for creating a new Ubuntu Netbook kernal with a specific driver added?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot seems to have let that answer out for #520:28
dancingdemon1/ ?20:28
dancingdemonlike discnumber- or discnumber/20:29
dancingdemonmv "$a" "$(printf '%g %02g' ${DISCNUMBER:-1} $TRACKNUMBER) - $TITLE.flac"20:29
reisioEpx998: netbook or netboot?20:29
buhatarany good idea for network monitoiing tool?20:31
tentacleSeveas MonkeyDust so I need to contact DigitalOcean, re: apt-key20:32
dancingdemonSeveas, Is there a chance I can have - after discnumber?20:32
Seveastentacle: no, you need to show me the ouptut of apt-key list :)20:33
Seveasdancingdemon: %g-%02g20:33
tentacleSeveas: already pasted it :)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/20913964/20:33
Bashing-omtentacle: A thought, might try ' sudo apt-key update ' see if the missing key is picked up ??20:33
Seveastentacle: ah, missed that, sorry.20:33
tentacleBashing-om: yeah, that doesn't work either. I feel like it's something trivial that's just being overlooked20:34
Samy__Hi, I was trying installing packages using apt-get in 16.04 but I am getting these errors now https://paste.kde.org/pen4swqf020:35
Seveastentacle: what does 'sudo apt-key update' do if it doesn't work?20:35
tentacleSeveas: it updates the 4 ubuntu keys -- processed: 4, unchanged: 420:35
Samy__even sudo apt-get update gave this error https://paste.kde.org/psba1tqvd20:36
Seveastentacle: switch of all proxies and use archive.ubuntu.com instead of in.archive20:36
Seveaserr, that was for Samy__20:36
Samy__Seveas: proxies are off and how to use archive.ubuntu.com/20:37
Samy__instead of in.archive20:37
OerHeksSamy__, likely the in mirror is bein updates, try again in a few minutes, or change to main in softwaresources20:38
SeveasSamy__: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace in.archive.ubuntu.com with archive.ubuntu.com20:38
Samy__OerHeks: So it would be fine in sometime?20:38
OerHeksSamy__, sure, this happens sometimes20:39
SeveasSamy__: only if my guess (which is different from what OerHeks is thinking) is wrong :) (I'm thinking of blaming your isp, wouldn't be the first time for an indian isp to do this, even this week)20:39
OerHeksSeveas, i have seen this before in here :-(20:40
Samy__Seveas: yes Indian colleges have many proxied out here :(20:40
OerHeks .in is not the fastest mirror20:40
SeveasOerHeks: I'm going by the most recent issue. Had a bad indian isp yesterday and haven't seen broken mirrors in a while20:41
OerHeksIndia45 Mbps1 mirror Indian Institute of Technology Madras ...One week behind20:42
Samy__Seveas: what you mean by bad indian isp?20:43
Samy__the change worked though. What was the issue?20:44
SeveasSamy__: looks like oerheks was right after all :)20:46
OerHekspartly wrong, this will not be solved in an hour, perhaps holliday time ?20:47
SeveasSamy__: we had a person in here the other day whose isp did reall nasty things to his traffic, including manipulating DNS traffic to
Samy__so the in.archives mirror was down and you made me switch to other one?20:47
Samy__OerHeks: so holiday time at the IIT madras you mean? :D20:48
OerHeksSamy__, yes20:48
Seveashmm, I could go for chicken madras :)20:48
Samy__OerHeks: yep it was the summer holidas time though :D20:49
Samy__but that shouldn't keep the servers off lol20:49
Samy__which server is archives.ubuntu  I mean of what place or is it a global?20:49
OerHeksmaybe they have chosen for manual updating the .in mirrors20:49
SeveasSamy__: it's in the uk20:50
OerHeksanyway, main works for you20:50
Samy__yep it does :) and Seveas madras has some really good south indian food hehe apart from chicken :D20:50
Samy__thanks for the help :)20:51
SeveasSamy__: you indians are good at good food and terrible helpdesks :P20:51
Samy__Seveas: thats not true for all helpdesks :P you might have encountered a wrong one20:52
* OerHeks never tasted such rich flavors as indian food20:52
Samy__We are too good in hospitality :D20:52
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OerHeks!trim > OerHeks20:56
ubottuOerHeks, please see my private message20:56
SeveasOerHeks: /msg ubottu trim :P20:57
knobHello everyone.21:00
knobI am trying to install Android Studio and... not sure how to go about fixing this problem --> http://pastebin.com/4vnTULU121:00
knobAfter I run   umake android android-studio  ... I run into a ppa not present error (I believe).21:00
knobAny idea how this could be fixed?21:00
Seveasthat ppa hasn't been updated since utopic, 14.0421:01
knobSeveas, ahhh... so that's where I messed up!21:01
OerHeksknob, https://launchpad.net/~didrocks/+archive/ubuntu/ubuntu-developer-tools-center no xenial versions ..21:01
Seveasso either go back to ubuntu 14.04 or find up-to-date instructions for android studio21:01
OerHeksthat page gives a clue > Depreciated in favor of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ubuntu/ubuntu-make21:02
knobwow... I thought I was following the most recent instructions.21:02
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k1l!ubuntu-make | knob21:03
ubottuknob: ubuntu-make is a command line tool which allows you to download the latest version of popular developer tools like android sdk and others. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-make21:03
knobThanks for the help guys, yet I'm lost as to what to do.   IS umake the way to go?  Should I remove these PPAs?21:05
OerHeksknob, yes, you can safely remove them, as there was never been a package installed21:05
OerHeksremove/disable them from softwaresources, or to be sure: use ppa-purge21:06
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:06
knobOk... so my /etc/apt/sources.list  shows the following: http://pastebin.com/79A39tky21:08
knobnot sure what I can remove from there?21:08
OerHeksknob, no, that list was the old way, now ppa get their own instance list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/  folder21:09
knobahhhhh wow... ok yes, I see it now!21:10
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knobI don't even know where I'm standing.   I ran ppa-purge, on the first package... and it returned an error that it doesn't have a release file.21:13
OerHeksknob, look at the ppa page, remove it with ppa-purge ppa:didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center  >>> ( green line) https://launchpad.net/~didrocks/+archive/ubuntu/ubuntu-developer-tools-center21:15
knobthis... I can't even comprehend.  I always try to read the instructions, and learn the "why" behind things... yet I don't even know which way is up with these ppa things.21:19
Bashing-omknob: http://ppa.launchpad.net/didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center/ubuntu/dists/ indicats that xenial is not supported . Hummmm .21:21
knobI don't even know what that means.  I don't even know if I want it out.  I just don't know where I'm standing.21:22
knobI am trying to remove the PPA (I think!), and it tells me it can't because of a problem with that PPA21:22
knobI mean, wth?!21:22
knobcan I delete the directories?21:23
knobIf ppa-purge doesn't run because of an error I have... what other options?21:23
Bashing-omknob: Not knowing how you installed that PPA, not much I can say other than " ubuntu-developer-tools-center/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages " >> 404 is valid as that package is not supported in xental per: http://ppa.launchpad.net/didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center/ubuntu/dists/ .21:24
knobOk... and from this: http://pastebin.com/s6JvcBB6    I believe I am trying to remove the ppa didrocks... and... it's complaining that that ppa is no longer supported?21:25
knobWell, how can I remove it?21:26
knobI mean21:26
knobI don't get this or how to even start21:26
knobhow do I just remove this?21:27
knobcan I remove it from the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/   ??21:27
tgm4883knob: did you install anything from that PPA?21:27
knobI don't know21:27
knobdon't remember21:27
knobdon't know21:27
knoball this is to install Android Studio21:27
knobcan´t I just yank it out?   Deal with later problems... later?21:28
Bashing-omknob: Well .. you can not remove something - in the manner you are trying - for something that does not exist " ubuntu-developer-tools-center/ubuntu xenial " .see the xenial ... not supported .21:28
geniiThat PPA only has Trusty and Utopic , no Xenial21:28
tgm4883knob: yea21:28
knobI don't understand what that means..   what?21:28
knobSo ... I can't remove it because it doesn't exist?21:28
tgm4883knob: how did you add the PPA?21:28
knobI don't know21:28
tgm4883knob: ok, try this21:29
knobapparently, this was it (from history | grep ppa):  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center21:29
tgm4883knob: ok, you just did that recently?21:29
knoblast hour or so21:29
tgm4883knob: ok, so just delete that file from your sources.list.d directory21:30
OerHeksNOT http://ppa.launchpad.net/didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center/ubuntu/dists/ . but >>>>  ppa:didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center21:30
knobhaven't installed anything else in this past hour... so I don't think I will "hang-up" anything21:30
tgm4883knob: yea that's fine21:30
knobYes, that's what I did: sudo ppa-purge ppa:didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center21:30
Epx998I am trying to find out what package will install a binary (that is not yet installed) - there a apt that will do that?21:30
tgm4883the ppa-purge command is only necessary if you installed stuff from that PPA21:30
tgm4883which you didn't21:30
knobWow.   BTW, thank you all guys.  Much appreciated.  I know it's hard sometimes to deal with somebody as thick as me.  So thank you!21:31
tgm4883knob: you couldn't have, which you've already found out (since it's complaining that the xenial PPA doesn't exist)21:31
knobOn my way to remove those manually via command line21:31
OerHeksoh oke, not used ppa can be removed manually, and not with ppa-purge, i'll remember that21:31
tgm4883OerHeks: yep, and if they do something dumb like adding a PPA for a different version (eg. adding the PPA with trusty sources on a xenial box) there is a option to run ppa-purge for a different release21:32
tgm4883-d [distribution]Override the default distribution choice21:32
psyguy2hey all, anyone know how to make a grub iso that i can use to book a particular ubuntu partition in virtual box?21:35
knobOk super.  So now I am following these instructions to install Android Studio21:36
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knobAnd when I go to the android.com site, it automatically directs me to "nothingness" https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html21:36
knobanybody get this error?   If you click on the download link... it goes into nothingness.21:37
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psyguy2ye knob, not downloading for me either21:38
knobok at least I'm not crazy.  Thanks psyguy221:38
knobpsyguy2, wow, I switch to Chrome, and it's downloading21:40
psyguy2im using chrome tho21:40
Bashing-omknob: I am on Chrome and https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html completes also for me .21:41
knobthen... I have no idea.  The spice of life.21:41
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WicaeedHI all, where would I start looking to try and pin down the reason an Ubuntu 14 VM running on ESXI would be showing an abnormal amount of siq usage?21:44
Epx998If I need a i386 version of a package, is adding a i386 repo to apt.sources the best way to do it?22:03
rattkingoh man. with 16.04 mounting a ramdisk over /tmp I am running out of space trying to use make-jpkg..22:03
SeveasEpx998: there's no such thing as an 'i386 repo' :)22:04
Bashing-omEpx998: No. Try ' sudo apt install <package>:i386 ' .22:05
SeveasEpx998: dpkg --add-architecture i386; apt-get install yourpackage:i38622:05
Epx998Seveas: I need to install libreadline6:i386 - not sure how to do that in Ubuntu, on a 64bit instal22:05
Epx998ah kk22:05
Epx998ty sirs22:05
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rattkingI guess I will 1 off the mktemp line to use /var/tmp22:08
gtlhey guys, i need help22:26
gtli upgrade ubuntu (to 16.04)22:27
gtland now can not start networking with error (RTNETLINK answers: File exists Failed to bring up eth0)22:27
ikoniagtl: how did you upgrade22:29
ikoniathere is no official upgrade option yet22:29
hdonhi all :) we want to use btrfs snapshots as the basis for a backup system. snapper looks nice, but it's for opensuse and apparently doesn't play nicely with ubuntu. are there any alternatives?22:29
gtldist-upgrade command22:29
ikoniagtl: upgrade from what version to 16.0422:29
Bashing-omgtl: "eth0" no longer exist in 16.04. See if https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/ helps shed some light on what is not going on .22:30
* tgm4883 notes that a dist-upgrade command shouldn't upgrade you to 16.0422:30
ikoniait won't22:30
ikoniagtl: dist upgrade will not upgrade you to 16.0422:30
ikoniaso how did you upgrade22:30
tgm4883I mean, it will, if you do some very bad things22:30
gtlbut I still get xenial with lsb_release -a command22:31
ikoniagtl: exactly how did you upgrade - EXACTLY22:32
gtlwhich I did today and now there is problem!22:32
tgm4883gtl: what's the exact command that you ran to upgrade?22:32
gtllet me check the link by Bashing-om22:32
gtlikonia: this was the tutorial22:33
ikoniaanother utter garbage tutorial22:34
ikoniatelling people to blindly use upgrade-manager -d22:34
OerHeksfirst thing i read is a Warning: ...22:35
ikoniait's just not acceptable for providers to write this sort of document22:35
FManTropyxdigital ocean is utter garbage22:37
tgm4883in any case, case we get back to assisting the user?22:37
gtli have server running there, so i thought they have the right tutorial22:38
ikoniaI'm not going to support unacceptable supported boxes22:38
ikoniaI suggest you talk to digitial ocean to support their guide and the situation it puts your host in22:38
tgm4883ikonia: that's fine, you don't have to...22:38
ikoniathese provideers should not be able to write garbage info and expect the commuity to pick it up22:38
ImperiusR4i am from argentina!22:39
gtlthanks ikonia - next time, i will go for other tutorial even being hosted there22:39
gtli was just thinking that they have easy tutorials22:39
ikoniabecause they suck and are bad, so they are "easy"22:39
ikoniagtl: there is no tutorial - because ther is no upgrade path yet22:40
ikoniaso any tutorial that says there is an upgrade path is bad/wrong22:40
gtllet me quickly write them then22:40
tgm4883gtl: have you checked that other doc posted yet?22:40
gtlwhich doc tgm?22:41
gtlthe one you posted?22:41
tgm4883gtl: the one Bashing-om posted22:42
gtli only tried to diable the new naming scheme, i think it is not working22:44
martin__Hi all, is there anyone that can help me with fault finding a java/firefox issue i am having...22:49
ikoniamartin__: just state your problem and people will help if they can22:50
martin__ok, so I seem to be having a few issues getting the java plugin to show up in firefox22:50
martin__I've got java showing up and have tried creating a symbolic link in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins but when ever I restart the browser the plugin does not appear to be showing up22:52
MrJonesservice exim4 start   doesn't actually start exim4 for me22:59
MrJoneshow can I find out why? it says "Starting MTA ...done." but no exim4 is actually running afterwards22:59
MrJonesnothing interesting in /var/log/exim4/mainlog either23:00
MrJonesand since it doesn't tell me what command it actually ran, I don't know how to manually launch it to actually get some idea on what is happening23:00
MrJonesis the stdout of the launch stored somewhere? is there something else logged somewhere by the service command which could help me?23:00
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sharkman8uWhat are some opinions on Kdenlive?23:05
GarettMcCartyCan one make money developing open source software?23:12
tgm4883GarettMcCarty: OT for this channel, you might ask in #ubuntu-offtopic23:15
Guest37382hello world!23:18
Guest37382i wish to chat23:18
tgm4883!OT | Guest3738223:18
ubottuGuest37382: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:18
gtlthanks tgm4883 . need to go sleeping now. good night23:25
gtland iknoia too23:25
Guy1524is it possible to ssh to host A and from the connection ssh to host B, if host B is not visible to the client23:43
SchrodingersScatGuy1524: if host b is behind a firewall then you'll maybe want to look at reverse tunnels23:46
Guy1524SchrodingersScat: k23:50

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