eagles0513875|2hey all ) 09:33
sakrecoerhi! :)09:34
sakrecoereagles0513875|2: have you had some time to familiarize yourself to the wiki pages i sent you?09:38
eagles0513875|2not yet mate :( 09:40
eagles0513875|2ill be back in a moment09:40
eagles0513875|2i need to relocate my laptop09:40
eagles0513875|2be back in a few moment09:40
eagles0513875|2im back sac10:07
eagles0513875|2wow i cant type 10:07
eagles0513875|2im back sakrecoer10:07
sakrecoerwb eagles0513875|2 10:34
eagles0513875|2ty kind sir10:34
eagles0513875|2sorry bit nuts around the office today 10:34
eagles0513875|2IT admin that does building maintenance etc10:35
sakrecoerok :) 10:35
eagles0513875|2im looking forward to helping out in what ever way I can 10:40
eagles0513875|2not sure in what capacity yet10:40
sakrecoereagles0513875|2: \o/ 10:42
eagles0513875|2im interested in packaging10:43
eagles0513875|2but have no idea how10:43
sakrecoeri'm not good at that either, but i think atm that is the skill set we need the most 10:43
sakrecoereagles0513875|2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioPackageMaintenance10:44
eagles0513875|2will need to go looking through the wiki10:45
eagles0513875|2lmms is what im involved with as well to an extent10:45
eagles0513875|2lots of great leaps and bounds going on there10:45
sakrecoernice :)10:46
eagles0513875|2im wondering is there a ppa for US that will contain bleeding edge media packages10:47
eagles0513875|2like latest master branch of lmms for example10:47
sakrecoereagles0513875|2: we have the backport testing ppa: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/+archive/ubuntu/backport-testing10:51
eagles0513875|2ok but how often are packages update there for testing10:54
sakrecoereagles0513875|2: we have just begun with backporting... we rely on what ubuntu imports from debian, so many times we don't have bleeding edge. but you might want to talk to OvenWerks zequence rosco2 or krytarik about it, since they know much more than me about the package realm10:55
eagles0513875|2ok 10:55
eagles0513875|2dunno why the name OvenWerks sounds familiar lol10:56
sakrecoermaybe because he is super nice and skilled and active here? :) he is also very active in ardour i believe 10:57
sakrecoereagles0513875|2 ^10:57
sakrecoeranyways, i have to go AFK for a while, very nice to chat with you eagles0513875|2 looking forward to have you arround! :)10:58
sakrecoerwell, i mean, its nice to have you arround.. :)10:58
sakrecoerread y'all later! o/10:59
eagles0513875|2later sakrecoer :) 11:04
eagles0513875|2hey OvenWerks zequence 11:04
eagles0513875|2how are you guys got some questions about the backports testing repo11:04
zequenceeagles0513875|2: The backports testing repo is intended for testing backports when having made a backport request11:45
zequenceThe backport may be accepted only after it has been tested on the release it is to be backported to11:45
zequenceUsually it is the backporter that does the testing, but anyone can help out with this. And, a PPA is nice to have when several people want to test the same package11:46
zequenceNot sure if that answers your question, which I realize I haven't yet read :)11:47
eagles0513875|2zequence: but what if you want to test next releases of lets say ardour for example or lmml11:48
eagles0513875|2where the code base is changing on a continuous basis11:48
zequenceeagles0513875|2: If you want to test the next release, you install the development release of Ubuntu Studio11:48
eagles0513875|2no no not of US but of a particular piece of software11:49
zequenceWell, there's only one place you can find those for Ubuntu Studio, and that is in the official Ubuntu repos11:49
zequence..which you will have access to once you install a dev release11:49
zequenceThe two that you mention, as well as most of our packages are actually imported directly from Debian11:50
zequenceDebian Unstable11:50
zequenceThe imports continue until a specific date during the development period, which is tagged "Debian Import Freeze"11:50
zequenceAfter that, Beta testing  commences11:51
zequenceAnd, then the release. And, then it all starts over again.11:51
zequenceSo, that's how it works, basically.11:52
zequenceIf you want to try out the latest version from the upstream developer for an application, such as ardour, or LMMS, you need to get the source and compile it yourself11:52
zequenceOr, find someone who does it for you and publishes those packages.11:52
zequenceThe packaging in Debian Unstable is fairly up to date. It all depends on the packager, really.11:53
zequenceIf you would like to learn about packaging those mentioned applications, Ubuntu Studio is not the right place to do that. We only package our own original source11:54
zequenceThe people who does most of the packaging are found in debian-multimedia, the team of packagers that package multimedia applications and libraries11:55
zequencewho do*11:55
zequenceThe only kind of packaging we do here is bug fixing for a specific Ubuntu (Studio) release.11:56
zequence..and that does not happen often (and we are not alone in doing that anyway)11:56
zequenceWell, except for our own original source, as mentioned11:56
zequenceeagles0513875|2: Check it out https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia11:57
zequenceSeems I may be having some weird DNS problems. Not sure when this is sent to the server.12:02
zequenceI will be gone for a moment.12:03
eagles0513875|2zequence: ok will speak later as I am busy at work12:06
eagles0513875_hey all im back15:20
eagles0513875_zequence: i am more then willing to help package things15:21
zequenceeagles0513875_: To learn, it's best to do that with the multimedia team, as they have more of that.15:23
zequenceWith us, it's a bit slower. Requires more time, and getting upload rights will be slower.15:23
zequenceOnly a few packages that need a few tiny changed each cycle15:25
eagles0513875_what happens though if a version of lets say lmms is very old and newer releases have come out 15:28
eagles0513875_and not been updated in debian15:28
zequenceeagles0513875_: Think you are referring to stable Debian releases15:53
zequenceDebian Unstable is not a release per se. It is the archive where the most recent packages end up15:54
zequenceThat is what the dev versiof on Ubuntu (Studio - and all other official flavors) sync to.15:54
DalekSecI poked zequence in #xubuntu-devel, but you may want to look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/275014126/xfce4-session_4.12.1-3ubuntu1_4.12.1-3ubuntu2.diff.gz and the last two commits https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/xubuntu-default-settings/trunk20:59
sakrecoerDalekSec: i couldn't find your pokes in #x-dev, can you help me understand it better?21:25
DalekSecThe first is a debdiff of xfce4-session, second is bzr commit log? :P21:35
sakrecoerDalekSec: yeah, that is about how much i can see. what are "you" supposed to see in it?21:44
sakrecoer..or "look at"..21:44
DalekSecSwitching from upstart user sessions to systemd user sessions.21:45
sakrecoerDalekSec: thanks.. and also, why can't i see your ping in #x-dev? it was less than an hour ago..21:47
DalekSec/lastlog zeq   ?21:48
sakrecoeroh... you are untit193 :D21:49
sakrecoersorry, i didn't know...21:49
DalekSecEh, thought everyone knew.  OK.21:50
sakrecoerwell... now, one more r... erm human does :)21:51
sakrecoeranyways, upstart=>systemd... can you please hint me, DalekSec ? what kindof consequences for ubuntustudio?21:54
DalekSecWell, us-settings would have to be changed to follow suit with x-d-s.21:54
sakrecoerthank you DalekSec :)21:59
DalekSecSure.  krytarik might be able to explain some more too. :P22:00
sakrecoerDalekSec: i didn't get what you were explaining22:11
eagles0513875|2hey sakrecoer23:50
eagles0513875|2and anyone else that is alive in here23:50
eagles0513875|2omg DalekSec :D wassup m823:50

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