sakrecoerhey eagles0513875|208:42
eagles0513875|2hey sakrecoer09:07
eagles0513875|2how are you sir09:07
sakrecoereagles0513875|2: fine thank you :) you?09:29
eagles0513875|2not bad need to relocate my work laptop to my side of the desk instead of a colleagues09:29
sakrecoereagles0513875|2: i don't see you in #ubuntustudio-devel, did you get my emails?:)09:31
eagles0513875|2yes i did09:33
eagles0513875|2sorry life has been a bit chaotic at work09:33
sakrecoerno worries :)09:34
eagles0513875|2hey sakrecoer10:07
dario_ubuntu 16.419:35
s7habohi all! is there anyone who is using wacom tablet on ubuntu studio?20:00
s7haboI cannot get my to work :(20:01

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