twbI haven't edited an upstart job in a long time02:08
twbI have one that says:02:09
twbexec su supybot -s /bin/sh -c 'exec supybot --allow-default-owner /var/lib/supybot/supybot.conf'02:09
twbIf I want to run savelog /var/log/irc/messages.log first, can I put a second "exec" line in there?02:09
twbOr... IIRC I do something like 'exec start \n <shell script> \n exec stop"02:10
AnrDaemontwb: You can remove that abomination of exec first.02:10
twbAha "pre-start exec"02:10
AnrDaemonAnd use setuid to change EUID of the job.02:10
twbNote that this is an ancient host running upstart 0.6.5 and I'm not allowed to upgrade02:11
twbI don't see "setuid" mentioned in init(5) so I'm just gonna slap a "pre-start exec savelog" in there, and run away02:13
twbOK, it's working good enough for government work02:23
twbThanks for your help & sorry to grief you with an ancient version :-(02:23
AnrDaemonHate those systems. >.<02:38
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