pleia2I should do some scouring of the internets to update http://xubuntu.org/press/ since I know there are a few more around19:01
Unit193Maybe drc will stop by and help you. >_>19:02
knomeUnit193, on a funny mood? (:19:05
Unit193knome: He's linked quite a few in the past, actually.19:06
knomei know19:06
Unit193He spots a lot more than I do.19:06
knomemaybe you aren't just trying19:06
pleia2knome: gonna do another round of #LoveXubuntu posts, care to do twitter?19:09
knomegood good19:12
Unit193Well that's certainly not as nice as upstart user sessions..20:34
flocculantI'd wonder wth - but I guess I just read it too :p20:39
Unit193+Exec=/usr/share/xfce4/scripts/run-systemd-session xubuntu-session.target20:39
ochosiyou read what where?20:43
ochosiand evening everyone20:43
knomehello ochosi 20:43
ochosiare systemd user sessions already working in yakkety?20:43
Unit193ochosi: Email, pitti made commits to x-d-s.20:44
ochosiwhere what who?20:46
ochosii mean which ml?20:46
knomewho said mailing list?20:46
knomeput your act together simon20:47
knomeshot put.20:47
ochosiyeah, it's just... hard.20:47
knomeit is?20:47
Unit193I really have been wanting to correct the 'XFCE' spelling though. >_>20:49
ochosiwell to some extent i'm happy he is proactive about these unavoidable changes20:50
ochosion the other hand dropping us a line in advance would have been super-cool20:50
ochosibut well, can't have everything i guess20:50
Unit193zequence: Hey, I recommend looking at the last two commits in https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/xubuntu-default-settings/trunk20:54
ochosiUnit193: any thoughts on when to have the next team meeting?20:55
Unit193ochosi: 1. When we have agenda items (which now we do have one.)  2. When I can make it, so "evening" UTC.20:56
ochosimaybe the agenda items will magically add themselves as soon as there is a day/time :)20:56
ochosibtw, i still can't edit that stupid page so it's hard to add agenda items for me20:57
ochosiwhen will this finally be productive? http://wiki.xubuntu.org/meetings/start20:58
* knome hides20:58
ochosilazy website team! :D20:58
knomemaybe the new council-to-be can take care of that20:58
Unit193ochosi: FWIW, as said in -ot I've been waiting for something so it's not me trying to pull a 3 minute meeting. :P20:58
knomeand also as i said there, i think regular meetings are a good thing even when there isn't anything specific on the agenda20:59
ochosiUnit193: sure understandable. although if we don't have regular meetings anymore at all the things also don't come up anymore20:59
ochosidarn, knome typed it a little faster...20:59
Unit193Sooo, in 6 min?  :---D21:01
ochosisure, why not :>21:02
knomeif flocculant isn't around it's kind of moot though21:03
Unit193And "dishonest" to everyone else.  I think this week would be good.21:04
ochosiwell, it also somehow depends on when the next meeting would be scheduled though21:04
Unit193I suppose tomorrow would be too quick though.21:04
knomeanother point is that if the meetings are regular, then it doesn't matter that much if one of them is scheduled quickly21:05
ochosiyou expect ppl to prepare or reserve the slot in their calendar?21:05
knomemaybe some weirdos like pleia2 21:05
ochosiwow, worst burndown ever http://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-burndown21:06
knomethat happens21:06
ochosiyeah yeah, i know ;)21:06
knomeand babies21:06
ochosii think 14.10 was also a bit like that21:06
ochositrue as well21:07
pleia2I have a thing at 1900 tomorrow, but otherwise ok ;)21:07
knomeand maybe the others are practicing having them21:07
Unit193I was going to say 4PM tomorrow.21:07
knomepleia2, great timing, especially with "a thing"! :P21:08
* pleia2 is very precise21:08
Unit19320:00 was my idea. :P21:09
ochosidarn it, why didn't they name it "12.04 precise pleia" anyway?? i mean wtf is a pangolin!!21:09
* knome picks "trusty" then21:09
knomeochosi has to be the xenial one then21:09
ochosioneiric ochosi21:10
knomeone-eyed ochosi 21:10
ochosikarmic knome21:11
knomefeisty flocculant 21:11
ochosiutopic Unit193 (that one oddly fits nicely)21:11
ochosibreezy bluesabre 21:11
* ochosi wonders why nobody thought of this game sooner - then again, no games with names..21:11
knomethis game is played quickly21:11
Unit193The naaaaame game.21:12
ochosipoor akxwi21:12
Unit193Awkward akxwi21:12
Unit193So then, Tue Jul 26 20:00:00 UTC 201621:13
knomeanonymous akxwi21:15
Unit193'Unknown Unit193' might fit better. :P21:15
ochosione day we will reveal your secret identity!21:17
ochosithe world will tremble21:17
Unit193...At how boring it is. :P21:22
Unit193ochosi: There.21:23
knomeUnit193, added to calendar.21:29
Unit193Great.  I was somehow magically logged into the wiki, so got it.21:29
Unit193dkessel, flocculant, astraljava1, slickymaster: Meeting tomorrow.21:30

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