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fkn_white_maleWe must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. - #hax @ irc.rizon.net07:48
fkn_white_maleWe must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. - #hax @ irc.rizon.net07:48
zleapis there a page from the xubuntu.org website for themes14:53
flocculantzleap: what do you mean? what do you actually want?14:56
zleaplike desktop themes14:56
zleapto change look / feel of the gui14:56
flocculantno there isn't anything at the website14:56
zleapah ok14:56
zleapi did find xfce-look.org14:57
flocculantwe supply the themes that are installed by default14:57
zleapah ok14:57
zleapi am slowly converting a few netbooks (about 30) to xubuntu14:57
flocculantyea - I'd be little help with changing themes - I never bother :)14:57
flocculantoh cool \o/14:57
zleapwon't be all of them,  but a good few of them14:57
zleapworks really well on the HP mini 110/210 btw14:58
flocculantnice to know :)14:58
pavlushkazleap: Way to go, :)17:02
zleappavlushka: thanks17:59
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pt_lutinhi everybody !20:31
pt_lutinI just installed xubuntu on a laptop but i have a problem to connect to internet20:31
pt_lutinI can't find somme help on google20:31
knomewell if you tell us what your problem is, maybe we can help...20:33
pt_lutindid anyone can tell me if there a pppoeconf on xubuntu as ubuntu ? It's on version 16.0420:33
pt_lutinthe networkmanager don't work20:33
knomexubuntu uses the ubuntu repositories, so everything that is on ubuntu is (or can be) on xubuntu20:34
knome"doesn't work" isn't helpful; you need to be more descriptive20:34
pt_lutinbut on the terminal when i do "sudo pppoeconf" I have the message "sudo : pppoeconf : commande not found"20:35
pt_lutinthat's my problem20:35
knomesudo apt install pppoeconf20:37
pt_lutinok, I understood. I think it's the same as ubuntu... and I find it on http://packages.ubuntu.com20:39
knomeyes; xubuntu uses the ubuntu repositories - use a package manager to install the package20:39
pt_lutini can't connect the laptop on internet20:40
knomeeven with an ethernet cable?20:40
pt_lutinI have an old modem, with user and password...20:41
pt_lutinthat why I have the problem20:41
edwardmlyteWhen can 14.04 users expect to see the 16.04.1 release available to upgrade to?20:43
knomei have no exact schedule, but should be sooner than later20:44
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.20:45
knomethere we go.20:45
edwardmlyteperfect! thanks both.20:45
* knome gives genii a moldy cracker to go with coffee20:45
* genii nibbles20:49
doc|work_hey. I'm setting up 4x1080p screens using displayport daisy chaining. It's recognising that there are 4 screens and overlaying them correctly, but showing them as a single 1080p screen with no resolution options higher than that. Anyone got any suggestions on how to get them recognised as a 4k device?20:59
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xubuntu17dhi! Just finished installing Xubuntu 16.04. I cannot find "Usb start-up disk creator" or "disk manager" or others22:39
xubuntu17dany idea?22:39
geniixubuntu17d: The ISO install images have been hybrid images for a while now, just dd is usually required and no bootloader magic like  before22:42

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