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x58How can I debug why a juju run is not completing?15:59
petevgkwmonroe: here's the traceback I get when trying to deploy a xenial version of the zookeeper charm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21019611/16:08
petevgIt looks like it is a failure in the openjdk layer; it's looking for /etc/default/bigtop-utils, but that doesn't exist ...16:08
kwmonroepetevg: that ain't nary an openjdk layer failure.. openjdk doesn't need bigtop-utils.  it's gotta be a failure of zookeeper or the bigtop base layer.16:10
petevgHmmm ... Zookeeper doesn't attempt to edit anything in place, though.16:11
petevg... I think.16:11
kwmonroeyeah, it's coming from lib/charms/layer/apache_16:11
kwmonroebigtop_base.py", line 239, in trigger_puppet16:11
lazypowerx58 - you can juju debug-hooks application/#    which will put you in an interactive shell (just a plain ol root shell by default)16:12
lazypowerit should trap that run stanza and give you an opportunity to debug16:12
kwmonroepetevg: i might have spoken too soon -- there is some java stuff that it's looking for during that re_edit_in_place.. i'll kick it around in just a few minutes.16:13
petevgkwmonroe: here's my branch, for reference: https://github.com/juju-solutions/bigtop/tree/zookeeper-bind-address16:13
kwmonroecool, thx petevg16:13
petevgDid I specify the series correctly in metadata.yaml?16:13
kwmonroeyeah petevg -- that looks legit16:14
x58lazypower: Thans.16:14
petevgkwmonroe:  you're right about where it's coming from. Here's the line from the base layer:16:14
petevgkwmonroe: do we have any big data charms that we've actually deployed/tested on xenial?16:15
kwmonroeah, right petevg.. so the question is now why isn't /etc/default/bigtop-utils present?  is zk trying to trigger_puppet before bigtop-base is available?16:15
petevgkwmonroe: Hmmm. Bigtop looks like it installed -- there's a bigtop.release directory in the ubuntu user's home dir.16:18
petevgetc/default/bigtop-utils isn't there, though.16:18
kwmonroepetevg: could it be the zookeeper deb in bigtop's repo doesn't correctly specify bigtop-utils as a prereq?  said differently, how does bigtop-utils get installed with a trusty deployment?  i don't see us specifically calling that out in the bigtop base layer.16:20
petevgkwmonroe: That sounds plausible (I don't see it explicitly installing it, either.)16:20
petevgkwmonroe: Yeah. If I apt install "bigtop-utils" and then run "juju resolved zookeeper/0", everything looks happier.16:22
petevgI think that I'm going to go ahead and cheat and just explicitly call "apt install bigtop-utils" in the charm for now, to get this done. I'll file a ticket w/ bigtop to get the package fixed.16:22
kwmonroeroger that petevg.. perhaps we can also work around with an explicit bigtop-utils entry in the base layer: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base/blob/master/layer.yaml#L716:24
suchvenuI am getting the following error when I deploy the charm http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21028721/17:26
suchvenuand the juju status shows as "message: agent is lost, sorry! See 'juju status-history websphere-liberty/0'"17:26
suchvenuCan anyone help me with this ?17:27
suchvenujuju status history shows this : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21028908/17:28
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kwmonroesuchvenu: it seems anastasia suggested trying juju-1.25.6 in bug 1465307, but i do not see that as released yet.17:39
mupBug #1465307: 1.24.0: Lots of "agent is lost, sorry!" messages <canonical-bootstack> <landscape> <regression> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1465307>17:39
kwmonroeanyone know when 1.25.6 is due?17:39
lazypowerkwmonroe - its in proposed17:40
lazypoweradd-apt-repository ppa:juju/proposed17:40
kwmonroeah, ack lazypower.. suchvenu if you want to try the proposed 1.25.6, do:17:42
kwmonroesudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/proposed && sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade juju17:42
suchvenuok kwmonroe17:43
narinderguptaanyone knows how to connect juju to openstack (deployed through juju) i tried this URL https://blog.felipe-alfaro.com/2014/04/29/bootstraping-juju-on-top-of-an-openstack-private-cloud/18:07
narindergupta but facing issues18:07
lazypowernarindergupta - what issues are you encountering?18:11
lazypowernarindergupta - we use juju driving a juju deployed openstack all the time internally with OIL and other efforts18:12
narinderguptalazypower, juju.cmd supercommand.go:429 failed to bootstrap environment: index file has no data for cloud {RegionOne} not found18:12
lazypowerahh i  have seen this before but i dont recall the fix... one sec while I see if i can get someone to lend a hand.18:12
narinderguptalazypower, sure will be helpful. Also if you have the clear method explaining or script will be helpful?18:13
lazypowernarindergupta - i think you have to build simplestreams, but i'm verifying that18:13
narinderguptalazypower, how to do that?18:14
lazypoweri very well could be wrong, adn we have a lot of high profile folks out at the mid cycle sprint, so i may redirect you to the juju mailing list allowing them a chance to chime in18:14
narinderguptalazypower, zahra already posted this to mailing list. everyone says juju can not connect to cloud but manually i can do everything to cloud18:15
narinderguptalazypower, but any information will be helpful18:15
lazypoweryou bet, i'll do what i can to help. i've got your contact details, i'll e-mail you any information i can surface today18:15
narinderguptalazypower, sounds good to me thanks18:16
magicaltroutmake it work lazypower !18:32
lazypowermagicaltrout - working on it, its hard to do when there's no response from the SME's ;)18:33
petevgkwmonroe: Hmmm ... looks like bigdata-utils being missing might be just the tip of the iceberg for Zookeeper on xenial. It looks like the Zookeeper xenial deb installs it in /usr/share/zookeeper rather than /usr/lib/zookeeper, and that screws up the puppet scripts :-/18:35
kwmonroepetevg: how are you specifying the xenial deb in your zk layer?18:38
petevgkwmonroe: I'm not. I'm just running puppet and letting it do its thing.18:39
kwmonroepetevg: did you alter the bigtop_repo_x86 layer opt?  or manually apt-add-repo?18:39
petevgCurrently digging through puppet stuff to see if I can override the path ... I see a lot of instances of that zookeeper path being a defaul or hardcoded, though.18:39
petevgkwmonroe: again. Not doing anything manually. Just telling bigtop to do its thing.18:39
kwmonroepetevg: i bet i know what's happening.. i bet there's a zookeeper package in the xenial archives.  on the borked system, what does "dpkg -l | grep zoo" say?18:40
petevgkwmonroe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21038468/18:42
kwmonroepetevg: how about "sudo apt-cache madison zookeeper"18:42
petevgkwmonroe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21038664/18:43
kwmonroethar she be petevg18:43
petevgSo there is a package in universe.18:43
petevgYeah. And it's newer, so that's why it's being grabbed, right?18:44
kwmonroei'm not sure how the precedent is set18:44
kwmonroebut your thought seems reasonable.. bigger version wins18:44
kwmonroeso now petevg.. we need to figure out how to force the bigtop repo to win.  maybe a priority option we can set?18:45
petevgkwmonroe: Probably. Do you know where puppet calls apt/dpkg?18:45
petevgWe either need to do some magic before that runs, or override it.18:46
petevgI think that I want to pin the package. I'm not sure that it's going to be easy to do so before bigtop installs zookeeper, but after it adds its repo. Digging into it now ...18:48
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kwmonroeok petevg, let's compare notes.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/21045756/19:37
kwmonroepetevg: one solution is to create an /etc/apt/preferences.d/file to force bigtop repos to take priority (as seen in above paste)19:38
petevgkwmonroe: Yep. That's pretty much what I found. Need to test it and make sure that it works before the repo is actually setup.19:39
petevgkwmonroe: thx for suggesting the wildcard -- covering the same case elsewhere makes sense.19:45
kwmonroepetevg: the pro is that presumably all zk deps would get prioritized too (or rather, all bigtop repo bits would).  the con is that there may be some old crusty deb in the bigtop repo that we really didn't want to take prescendent over the main archive.19:46
petevgTrue. I think that the pro outweighs the con, though.19:47
kwmonroeyeah, me too.  lest you're stuck managing deps in a preferences file till you simply die.19:47
petevgI'm sticking the file in a resource, reading it into Python, then writing it out, so we can do some parsing if it every becomes a big problem.19:47
kwmonroeword petevg.  perhaps think about using the bigtop_repo layer option (from bigtop base layer) as the url to use in the origin matcher.  it may not always be "bigtop-repos.s3.amazonaws.com".19:48
petevgkwmonroe: Good idea. Will do.19:49
kwmonroein fact, it probably should never be that hard coded string, but whatever the hostname for the repo url may be.  surely there's some pythony thing to strip 'http://' and '/blah/foo' from a url and just leave the fqdn.19:50
petevgkwmonroe: bigtop_repo[7:].split("/")[0] should do it. Not pretty, but it works. :-)19:56
magicaltroutits okay19:57
magicaltroutkwmonroe hasn't written a pretty line of code in his life19:57
kwmonroepetevg: it's gonna get uglier too.. the layer option is "bigtop_repo-$(arch)"19:57
petevgYep. I'm in the middle of writing that section of code right now :-)19:57
kwmonroeand petevg, what if somebody uses https or ftp?  that'll dork the 7th char.19:58
kwmonroemagicaltrout: all my code is handsome19:58
petevgThis is why a lib is always nice :-)19:58
kwmonroedont we use urlparse in these bt charms?  surely that would do a fine parsing job19:59
petevgHere's an ugly function for you: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21048613/ (Going to test to verify that the approach works, and worry about making things prettier later.)20:00
kwmonroemagicaltrout: if you can't keep up, at least keep quiet20:00
* magicaltrout finds more wine20:00
petevgmagicaltrout: thank you. urlparse is a good idea, to catch other stuff I haven't thought of.20:01
kwmonroepetevg: i like everything about that function except line 820:01
kwmonroethat's like 92% approval from me20:02
kwmonroewhich is pretty incredible20:02
petevgExcellent. I'll fix up line 8 with urlparse before review :-p20:02
kwmonroe:)  +120:02
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petevgkwmonroe: yay. Tests passed! Cleaning up code. PRs coming your way soon ...20:17
x58juju run --service myserver hangs forever and never seems to complete.20:33
petevgkwmonroe: PRs for you: https://github.com/juju-solutions/bigtop/pull/30  lazyPower had volunteered to review them, so feel free to sling it over to him if you run short on time :-)20:36
petevg(That PR links to the other two.)20:36
kwmonroeroger petevg, taking a gander ahora20:59
zeestratHey guys, what would you do if you'd need to deploy some none juju services on blank Ubuntu machines if you have an MAAS managed infra with some juju deployments already? Just commission machines in MAAS, use the ubuntu charm so you can manage it some what with juju and get some flexibility with lxd containers, or some other approach?21:36
zeestratI see that the ubuntu charm is intended for testing and development, but is there anything inherently missing that I should look out for?21:37
kwmonroepetevg: "This breaks many things"  lol.  zk and bigtop-base PRs merged.  we'll let upstream marinate on their PR.21:42
petevgkwmonroe: Cool. Thank you :-)21:45
kwmonroezeestrat: deploying 'ubuntu' seems a fine way to do what you want.  i don't know of anything missing that would make you say "oh, this is why it's test/dev only".  it's just a cloud-init ubuntu installation.21:48
kwmonroezeestrat: and you do get the benefit of connecting stuff up to it.. anything that uses the juju-info relation can be attached to your 'ubuntu' charm units... stuff like ganglia for monitoring, etc21:49
kwmonroepetevg: fwiw, https://jujucharms.com/u/bigdata-dev/zookeeper/xenial/1 is your new hotness22:42
petevgkwmonroe: sweet! Thank you :-)22:43
kwmonroenot so fast petevg.. the bigtop_apt change in the zookeeper push now conflicts with your unit test PR :/  https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base/pull/2822:44
kwmonroenot a big deal, just wanted to knock you down a peg this fine tuesday afternoon ;)22:45
petevgkwmonroe: of course it does. Will fix it in the morning :-)22:45
kwmonroecool - thanks, and have a good night!22:45

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