viewer|170Hi, if there's anyone there, I'd really appreciate your help00:41
viewer|170I've been unable to find the system requirements for the latest version of the OS. Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction?00:42
viewer|170Anyone there?00:55
i-viewer|170: hello01:02
viewer|170Hi, if there's anyone there, I'd really appreciate your help01:03
viewer|170I've been unable to find the system requirements for the latest version of the OS. Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction?01:03
i-The minimum is probably about 512-768 mb of ram and an 700 MHz CPU, since that's what the Ubuntu (Unity) system requirements say (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements)01:05
viewer|170You think that low would be enough? The Ubuntu download page recommends 2GHz and 2GB of RAM. I need to have decent performance on a relatively low-powered machine01:08
mparilloI find for light usage, I can run Kubuntu on a 1GB netbook.01:12
viewer|170What do you mean by light usage? At which point would you say that it starts losing performance?01:14
mparilloWeb browsing or light doc editing in Libre office. No heavy games beyond kblocks.01:16
mparilloI have found Kubuntu to be the lightest KDE distro for my netbook or a 1GB VM. YMMV01:16
viewer|170Thanks mparillo, I'll try it out then01:17
data-tomI need some help I'm running KDE v5.6.5 KDE Frameworks v5.23.0 on a laptop with 8GB:RAM Intel:i5-6300U HD Graphics 520 & things on my screen are jitter like when i move my mouse or scroll a window or even move a window. apps menu  is slow coming up etc...01:19
data-tomI'm no KDE master01:19
data-tomwhat settings would help with this^?01:20
data-tomWoW it is sure dead in here01:23
data-tomi love KDE but trying to fix things in it WoW what a pain in the ass01:23
DarthFrogHi.  I'm running Kubuntu 16.04.1.  Dolphin won't open an audio cd, says that audiocd is an unknown protocol.  kdemultimedia-kio-plugins is installed.  Anyone have any ideas?  Google turns up nothing useful.01:43
OmnifrogQuestion:  Can you install Kubuntu (or any distro) to an unmounted drive or partition from already booted-from-a-hard drive system (ie. not an install CD) ?02:06
Unit193Omnifrog: So, you want to debootstrap a system?02:11
Omnifrogjust to clarify, say I boot up my system and my / drive is /sda102:12
Omnifrogis there a way to install a new distro to /sdb1 without putting a CD in and restarting the computer?02:14
Omnifrogobviously I mean /dev/sdx#02:16
Unit193You'll have to restart to get into the new OS, though.02:17
Omnifrogwell yeah, I know that part02:17
Unit193Sure, just trying to be as clear as possible, yes.  And yes, if it is a different partition and you don't want to mess with your *current* partition, then yes.02:18
Omnifrogdo you need the install CD/DVD?02:19
Omnifrogcan you do it entirely in software from the ISO?02:20
Omnifrogwill it ask you if you want to upgrade to Windows 10?02:21
OmnifrogI NEED ANSWERS!02:21
Unit193Oookay, Ubuntu docs are dated...  You don't need the ISO, in theory if you do it live as long as debootstrap is installed you'll need nothing additionally.02:22
Unit193Omnifrog: It may not be the most easy thing to do, do you have specific reasons for needing to do this, btw?02:24
Omnifrogyeah, I have an old (very old) installation of open suse on a drive in this box02:25
Unit193Basics are: mount it to a dir, debootstrap it all, mount dev and other needed filesystems there, chroot in, install the kubuntu-desktop task with  apt-get install kubuntu-desktop^02:25
Unit193OK, no idea how to do it from Suse.02:25
Omnifrogno no, my main boot OS is Kubuntu02:26
Omnifrogthe partition with open suse is what I want to reclaim02:26
Omnifrogand convert to a new backup boot drive02:27
Unit193Oh good then.02:28
Omnifrogseems like  DVD install might be more simpler02:28
Unit193Yep, it certainly is easier.  But the question is, which is more fun? ;)02:28
Omnifrogjust have to be careful about device names02:28
Omnifrogthe most fun option is the safest option02:29
Omnifrogrestoring shit from multiple sources is muchly not fun02:30
Unit193So yes, official DVD installer with ubiquity it is.02:30
Omnifrogthis begs the question though ...02:31
Omnifrogwhy is this not an option ?02:31
Omnifroglike... in a menu somewhere?02:31
Unit193Ubiquity is the default installer, you never actually see the name.  Sorry about that.02:31
OmnifrogI mean, even for enterprise applications I can see that feature being useful02:33
dbromAnyone using handbrake these days02:43
OmnifrogI've used it a couple times02:59
OmnifrogI had no idea what I was doing02:59
mah454when KDE 5.7 released on repositories ?04:43
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Specialistthe 16.04.1 release notes contain a reference to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XenialUpgrades, which referenes https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XenialUpgrades/Kubuntu. which is a 404. are upgrades from 14.04 to 16.04.1 supported?07:46
tuorSpecialist, your updater will upgrade you to the current state.07:52
sonu_nkI need your help to setup virtual host, i have a live project which is running on this ip like eg: . and i want to run project on my ubuntu machine with same url like eg : instead of localhost ..  i also followed steps from here https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts but seems not working08:57
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Guest23938hi...I'm trying to use the cloud storage storage manager, so I added my google drive account....but after that, it doesn't sync...what do I have to do?09:31
tuorHi, can I move a window to an other activity?10:30
teleyinexHi there12:27
teleyinexI just installed kde-plasma-desktop12:28
teleyinexand my fonts look terrible. I've a hidpi screen12:28
teleyinexand this is what happens12:28
teleyinexI think I have tried everything12:28
teleyinexbut nothing works. Forcing DPI12:28
teleyinexdeleting .kde12:28
teleyinexany ideas12:28
tuorAnswer to my question: rightclick on the window title bar, activity ...12:29
teleyinextuor I don' t see the Activity option12:31
teleyinexI' ve ubuntu 16.0412:31
tuorteleyinex, I asked about how to move a window to an other activity. This was the answer. I need to have more then one activity to see the option.12:32
BluesKajHowdy folks12:32
teleyinexno idea about my font issues...12:32
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BluesKajtuor yes, create activities in them in system settings>desktop behaviour>activities12:37
tuorworks now. :)12:38
encolpehow to force baloo purge and reindex all mails ?13:00
soeeencolpe: maybe try asking on #kde-devel13:03
encolpeand kde-pim…13:05
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plusEVHi, I am in need of urgent assistance.I just came home from vacation and I am sitting on a train. I was stupid trusting that the wifi on this train was stable enough to do system updates. Now my Discover app has been sitting on 10% done for the last hour. If I try closing Discover I get the following message: Could not close the application, there are tasks that need to be done.14:02
plusEVI am worried I brick my system when I have to close the laptop down and exit the train in 50 minutes from now.14:03
plusEVwhat can I do?14:03
geniiIf muon doesn't time out by when you have to turn the machine off, use ps to find it's PID and then use kill on the PID number14:04
plusEVKubuntu 16.04, Kernel: 4.4.0-28, KDE Plasma 5.6.5, KDE Frameworks 5.23.014:05
yossarianukplusEV: what I would do is (1) kill the process -  also check forany running apt + dpkg processes. (2) do a 'sudo apt update' (3) do a 'sudo apt-get -f install '14:05
plusEVso just kill moun in htop?14:06
yossarianuk(4) do a 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'14:06
yossarianuk(change 3 and 4 around actually14:06
plusEVlol im such a newblet with htop. When I try to kill stuff it gives me 30 different send signal.14:10
plusEVwhat to choose? sigterm?14:10
yossarianuksignal 9 is direct kill.14:10
geniiYes, 914:11
plusEVall right praying to RNGsus that this reboot works.14:19
plusEVsweet guys. thank you both for quick assistance. :)14:23
plusEVLesson learned. Do not do updates on the train.14:23
yossarianukplusEV: you could always use 'sudo apt-get -d dist-upgrade'14:24
yossarianukthis just downloads packages14:24
yossarianuknot installs14:24
yossarianukso if connection is lost it doesn't matter14:24
plusEVyossarianuk: That is nice to know. ty.14:25
plusEVyossarianuk: I know not to do this on train WiFi really, but I brainfarted and I was thinking using VPN mattered. Of course it does not ;)14:27
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DarthFrogHi.  I'm running Kubuntu 16.04.1.  Dolphin won't open an audio cd, says that audiocd is an unknown protocol.  kdemultimedia-kio-plugins is installed.  Anyone have any ideas?  Google turns up nothing useful.16:14
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geniiAudio CDs don't have a file system16:16
DarthFroggenii: Yeah but it used to use the kio-audiocd slave to open the disk and show the tracks as WAV, MP3 or Ogg files.  Now, it doesn't open the disk at all.16:17
geniiDarthFrog: Is libcdio-cdda1 installed?16:19
DarthFrogI'll check.16:20
DarthFrogNo.  Installing now.16:21
DarthFroggenii: no joy.  But K3B sees it fine.  So that's my work-around.16:24
BluesKajDarthFrog, 16.04 point release is supposedly delayed til next week , so all upgrades aren't available yet17:00
geniiOddly, the ubuntu-announce mailing list had the announcement for the point release on July 22 saying it was out already, no retraction or following announcement that it was delayed.17:09
geniiHowever, the !ltsupgrade factoid reflects the delay17:10
BluesKajDarthFrog my vesion is still plain 16.04 and the cd and dvd disks are recognized as media in dolphin,  What does wodim --devices show ?17:21
geniiMight need some gvfs things17:22
DarthFrogK3b didn't work.  Says can't find libcdparanoia but libcdparamoia0 is installed.18:13
DarthFrogI give up. :-(18:16
BluesKajDarthFrog,  What does wodim --devices show ?18:16
sapucaihola, alguien en castellano, por favor. gracias18:19
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:20
BluesKajsapucai, ^18:20
DarthFrogOK, jack is working. :-)18:27
BluesKajshouldn't need jack18:28
DarthFrogNot the low-latency server, the cli CD ripping program.18:30
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rajivmars the update notifier show an error message that adobe flash plugin has not successfully installed. How do i install it now?19:00
geniirajivmars: Open Konsole and do it by command-line: sudo apt update && sudo apt install flashplugin-installer   ..if it spews out any errors, copy and paste whats in the Konsole screen to a pastebin so we can see what it's doing19:02
rajivmarsgenii. ok. thankyou:)19:03
rajivmarsgenii: it says "flashplugin-installer" has already the newest version.19:08
geniirajivmars: That's fine then, you can ignore what the update-notifier is telling you.19:10
rajivmarsgenii. ok.19:10
rajivmarshey guys. when does plasma 5.7 will arrive for update on kubuntu 16.04?19:13
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IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> When it's ready20:36
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user|71178with the latest 16.04 any1 find a solution to err_name_resolution_failed21:38
user|71178with the latest 16.04 any1 find a solution to err_name_resolution_failed21:38
user|28515im new user ,, how can i remove the clipboard from kubuntu 16.04 ??21:53
bpromptthe clipboard?  dunno what that is21:55
user|28515Clipboard Contents !!!22:00
geniiRightclick on it, close it. When it asks whether you want it to start again next time, choose no22:01
user|28515done :D22:02
user|28515thanks genii22:02
geniiGlad to assist22:03
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user|28515the other thing is , when i use Discover for search , it doesn't show any result !!22:04
geniiPossibly whatever you're searching for has no candidate22:06
user|28515i was searching for Vlc or chrom !22:07
geniivlc is in universe, so you need to enable that repository first22:08
geniichrome is is google's own repository. Although you can install chromium, which is in ( again) universe22:10
* genii smacks the bot22:10
user|28515i see22:10
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geniiuser|28515: For chrome, go to https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/  download the deb package for Ubuntu, save it to the hard drive. then use sudo dpkg -i <the filename you downloaded here> to install it. After you need to update and then install google-chrome-stable22:14
geniiTheir deb file just makes a new repository entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory22:15
user|28515ok ,22:21
kenzuwhat happened in France today?22:38
bpromptkenzu:   check the news :)22:40
kenzuyes I rather ask here :D22:40
kenzumy skype malfunctioned so downloaded lots of ircs and stuff :D22:41
* bprompt notices the channel topic is missing "france" in it22:41
kenzuoh okey, what is the topic? kubuntu?22:41
bpromptahemmm /topic22:41
kenzuSorry if I went off topic..22:41
kenzuOh sorry guys! didnt mean to disturb you and God bless you all22:42
geniiThat was slightly odd22:46
geniiWell, I've seen weirder here :)22:47
bpromptat least it wasn't spam, #ubuntu is on +R mode, so I gather the channel is being spammed, so hmmm at least is not the case here22:48
geniiDragnslcr: Once, a fellow kept asking about this program called choqok, but he was using the phonetic spelling22:49
geniiThat one took a little while to sort out22:49

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