gilirtsimonq2, easier to talk here ;-)06:49
tsimonq2o/ gilir :)06:49
tsimonq2gilir: so I guess I wanted to see what your thoughts were on having ~lubuntu-dev have upload permission to LXQt and LXDE packages06:51
tsimonq2gilir: you say it's interesting sharing upload rights, what do you mean by that?06:51
gilirtsimonq2, currently lubuntu-dev = me + ubuntu-core-dev06:52
tsimonq2gilir: and another person06:52
tsimonq2gilir: but I have seen your Launchpad page, you are a MOTU06:52
gilirtsimonq2, yes but inactive, I may remove him soon06:52
tsimonq2gilir: alright, I see06:52
gilirtsimonq2, so adding the subset will make no difference that the current situation06:53
tsimonq2gilir: by the way, Mirv is here, he is doing the Qt 5.6.1 transition, it's already landed in Debian but he's doing work to get it in Ubuntu, and I tested building LXQt and installing LXQt in Ubuntu against 5.6.1, works fine :)06:54
gilirtsimonq2, that will make sense when someone will seek upload right for LXQt and / or LXDE packages06:54
tsimonq2I see gilir06:54
Mirvtsimonq2: yeah I just also tested installing LXQt on the VM where I have that silo 024 (that is now in yakkety-proposed) installed and it seems to start fine.06:54
tsimonq2gilir: I understand it doesn't make sense now, and I agree, but in the future, I might want to help out, or someone else might want to help maintain Lubuntu packages, but it's easier to get upload permissions to a subset of packages than to get MOTU06:55
tsimonq2great Mirv :)06:56
tsimonq2gilir: but I totally understand the situation with it being a team of only you and core-dev06:58
tsimonq2gilir: and I understand where you are coming from :)06:58
tsimonq2in the meantime, Mirv, won't we need a rebuild of the LXQt packages for Qt 5.6.1?06:59
tsimonq2Mirv has lxqt-qtplugin ready to go though07:00
Mirvtsimonq2: I took care of them. There are two such packages that need a rebuild: libqtxdg and lxqt-qtplugin. They use Qt Base's or Qt Declarative's private header, get a qtbase-abi or qtdeclarative-abi dependency stamped on them from symbols files, and therefore are forced to be rebuilt.07:00
tsimonq2I see Mirv, but don't the other packages need to rebuilt to pick up on the new Qt deps?07:01
Mirvtsimonq2: not really, because Qt promises it's ABI stable unless you use private headers07:02
Mirv...a promise that has not 100% always been kept but usually is07:02
tsimonq2and either way, with LXQt 0.11 coming soon, it will be fine07:02
Mirvhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libqtxdg/1.3.0-3build1~1 + https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxqt-qtplugin/0.10.0-3build1~2 are the rebuilds07:02
Mirvwhen I'm preparing a new Qt release, I will always check all packages that depend on eg qtbase-abi-5-6-0 or qtdeclarative-abi-5-6-0, and get a list of packages that I need to rebuild to do a successful landing - the list is compiled at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xXhsnTwzvm5p6gDbUrDpRPSJV9tX4SHCptC9yUYCMmE/edit (bottom of the page)07:04
tsimonq2alright :)07:04
tsimonq2gilir: in the meantime, while you are here, let me look at that liblxqt patch and see if it really needs any changes before a merge07:05
tsimonq2gilir: the only thing really needed is the Standars-version bump, which is in Debian's repositories for 0.1107:08
tsimonq2gilir: so I'm going to close the bug07:08
gilirtsimonq2, ok, it's probbaly better to do nothing on lxqt packages until the new release is out07:09
tsimonq2gilir: I agree07:09
tsimonq2hey dholbach07:18
tsimonq2dholbach: so I closed the liblxqt bug because through learning some more packaging with the Kubuntu folks, I understood that Julien's approach is correct07:18
dholbachok, no worries07:19
tsimonq2dholbach: that updating the symbols file for a release is better than an abi package generally07:19
tsimonq2so I marked as invalid and I unsubscribed the sponsors team07:19
tsimonq2dholbach: just so you were aware :)07:20
dholbachok, no problem :)07:21
tsimonq2gilir: somebody emailed the ubuntu-devel-discuss list about a problem and solution to a bug in xfce4-power-manager and specifically mentioned Lubuntu, forwarded to the lubuntu-devel list and I carbon-copied you07:27
tsimonq2gilir: it includes a patch as well :)07:28
tsimonq2wxl: hey, ping17:10
wxltsimonq2: ?17:42
tsimonq2wxl: aren't we supposed to do Alpha 2 this week?17:53
tsimonq2wxl: by the way, you should update the topic to reflect the current image statuses17:53
tsimonq2wxl: yep, Thursday17:58
tsimonq2wxl: and we also have 14.04.5 NEXT Thursday18:00
wxlso we should get images today then18:00
tsimonq2wxl: yeah, right after the images for Alpha 2 get spun up, I'll put out the call for testing18:02
tsimonq2wxl: then next week, I'll put out another CALL FOR TESTING for the PPC folks ;)18:02
wxlUnit193: can you give tsimonq2 manager on lubuntu-devel?18:03
tsimonq2wxl: lubuntu-devel being #lubuntu-devel or lubuntu-devel being lubuntu-devel@l.u.c ?18:04
tsimonq2wxl: can't you do that? or no?18:04
wxlnope i only have op18:04
tsimonq2oh okay18:05
tsimonq2wxl: so I'm assuming infinity (or someone else on the release team) has to create the Alpha 2 milestone on iso.qa.ubuntu.com?18:06
tsimonq2wxl: I pinged him so hopefully I'll get a timely response so I can get that call for testing put out18:09
agaidabtw - right now gilirs approach is not right - but hey, you have to handle that, i have no problem with broken packages and frustrated users. Not saying that it hurts LXQt - but its up to you18:56
agaidauntil now we have only two broken repositories, xenial and yakkety - lets wait and build some new and shiny broken things18:56
tsimonq2agaida: it was explained to me, your approach with the ABIs is wrong18:57
tsimonq2agaida: yes it might be a little bit easier but in the long run it's the wrong approach18:57
agaidaok - belive what you want to - not my problem18:57
agaidaand why the approach is badly broken - Qt use it18:58
agaidaright, i understand it18:58
agaidaso ubuntu will be the home of broken LXQt packages for a certain amount of time - cool19:01
tsimonq2agaida: your opinion19:01
agaidano - reality19:01
tsimonq2agaida: Ubuntu will be the home of LXQt packages done the correct way in regards to symbols19:02
agaidahave a look into the yakkety repo - lxqt-config is broken19:02
tsimonq2then we will fix it19:02
agaida<sarcasm>woah - better debian packages than debian - my deepest respect </sarcasm>19:02
agaidahave fun with it and get a clue19:03
agaidaand yes, i'm more than a little bit pissed19:03
tsimonq2agaida: then get out of the channel and vent somewhere else, this is not the place to do it. We've decided what we plan to do.19:04
agaidait is exactly the place - but hey, dream on, make your thing and please don't  file bugs about some segfaults to upstream nor debian. thanks in anticipation19:06
tsimonq2o/ redwolf19:43
tsimonq2redwolf: you should update this screenshot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Get_Lubuntu19:43
redwolfI will, when it's officially released ;)19:44
tsimonq2oh okay19:44
redwolfdon't worry :)19:44
tsimonq2redwolf: I meant with 16.04 but 16.10 works too ;)19:44
redwolfalso I was updating some Reddit things, like the icon and colours for the official reddit mobile app19:44
tsimonq2redwolf: also, when launching Thunderbird from the terminal, I get this: (thunderbird:6997): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory imported-Humanity/192 of theme Lubuntu has no size field - I assume it's your department?19:45
redwolfbut that message is ok, no harm will occur to your computer :)19:45
redwolfwe use non-fixed sizes for some things. some apps don't like it.19:45
tsimonq2redwolf: but can you fix pls?19:45
tsimonq2oh okay19:46
redwolfany other request? :P19:46
tsimonq2redwolf: Yakkety uploads for the artwork PPA19:47
redwolfeverything's up19:47
wxleverything's UP19:47
redwolfnothing will be released until the rearrangements are done (Julien is doing things, fixing things)19:48
redwolfwe made deep changes in the theme structure (extended support for symbolic icons and high contrast ones)19:48
redwolfand I made ONE new icon .__.19:48
redwolfoh wait... it's not uploaded yet XD19:49
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tsimonq2wxl: conversation @ #ubuntu-release19:50
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wxltsimonq2: did i not just get involved?19:50
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tsimonq2wxl: re: #ubuntu-release, should I put up the fight, or are we fine not releasing Alpha 2?19:53
wxltsimonq2: depends on if others want to be involved. it's probably too late for that though :(19:54
tsimonq2wxl: yeah19:54
wxltsimonq2: i'm about ready to go to lunch so can you follow up on whatever infinity decides?20:12
tsimonq2sure wxl20:12
tsimonq2yep :)20:12
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: we're getting LXQt Lubuntu images spun :O :D20:51
flexiondotorgSo the switch to LXQt is official for 16.10 Alpha 2?20:51
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: just waiting for infinity to review some MPs20:51
tsimonq2no no no, we're nowhere NEAR switching20:51
tsimonq2and it won't be ready for Alpha 220:51
tsimonq2but Beta 1 should include the image20:52
tsimonq2(hopefully, fingers crossed)20:52
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: the tentative plan we've been looking at is to release LXDE and LXQt and switch for 17.04.20:53
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: but at least it's progress :D20:53
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, So 2 images?20:53
lynorianwow alpha is this week oops20:59
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: coming to LUP?21:01
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Already there.21:05
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flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Snaps?22:07
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: anything useful?22:07
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Lots :-)22:08
flexiondotorgThe platform snaps are the main thing I'm interested in right now.22:08
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: I mean, specifically for making something like a Lubuntu snap22:08
tsimonq2oh okay22:08
flexiondotorgWhich is similar to what you start for Lubuntu.22:08
flexiondotorgBut all parts are source.22:08
flexiondotorgAnd there are not build-packages.22:09
flexiondotorgThey are source parts.22:09
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: has it landed yet?22:09
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, In master.22:09
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: I see, sort of like the snap I have already22:10
flexiondotorgAnd what is missing is the markup to identify it as a Content Interface.22:11
tsimonq2that will be cool22:11
tsimonq2I'll keep an eye on it :)22:11

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