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liuxgcan anyone tell me why the "hello-world" example snap does not have the wrapper files after installation?02:23
liuxgelopio, ping02:27
mupBug #1604964 opened: huge download for nothing - snap does not exist <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1604964>04:32
zygagood morning05:49
e^1good morning :)05:53
e^1zyga: looks like you are closer to my TZ05:54
* e^1 reboots05:55
didrocksgood morning06:05
dholbachhey hey07:06
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zygaSon_Goku: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1360199 :)08:43
Son_Gokuzyga: check it again :)08:51
zygaSon_Goku: I just saw, thank you :)08:52
zygaSon_Goku: btw, you are up early ;)08:52
zygaSon_Goku: are you jetlagged?08:52
Son_Gokumy coworkers were all freaked because I was cheery as hell when I got in at 9am08:53
Son_Gokubecause I'm usually more sour in the morning08:53
Son_Gokulooks like it'll be the same today...08:53
ogra_lol, thats awesome !08:53
Son_Gokuzyga, I think I've addressed all the things I noticed in the ticket08:59
Son_Gokuso take a stab at resolving them, please :)09:00
zygaSon_Goku: with pleasure09:02
Son_Gokuzyga, more feedbacks :)09:13
zygaSon_Goku: THANK YOU, the feedback you get is immensly valuable09:14
zygaSon_Goku: let me spend some time on iterating now09:14
zygaSon_Goku: snap-confine is "easy" but the C conventions for packaging are a new thing there09:15
dpmhi Son_Goku, did you get back home allright? :)09:15
Son_Goku€160 poorer due to emergency taxi to FRA, but managed it :)09:15
dpmargh, glad you made it in any case09:16
Son_Gokuthank god I had the foresight to enable my credit cards in Europe09:16
Son_Gokuotherwise I would have been really screwed09:16
dpmgood thinking :)09:17
Son_Gokuonly reason I needed to do it was because I woke up too late :/09:18
Son_GokuI missed my shuttle and the next one would have been far too late09:18
Son_Gokumade it to the plane with 10 minutes left on the clock09:18
ckinghi there, how long does it take for a snap name registration to take to be reviewed? I've had one pending review since yesterday09:18
Son_GokuI definitely enjoyed being in Germany for the sprint though09:21
Son_Gokuzyga, in regards to C conventions for packaging, at least for RPM based distros as long as you're using the correct macros, it should just "agree"09:36
Son_GokuSUSE defines %_libexecdir as /usr/lib, while Mageia defines it as %_libdir09:37
Son_Gokuprovided you pass the macro parameters to snapd, it should agree with snap-confine09:37
zygaSon_Goku: I revertee back to just plain %configure for now09:42
zygaSon_Goku: we can change it once it actually matters09:42
Son_Gokuafaik, plain %configure should define --libexecdir09:43
Son_Gokuthen your autoconf stuff can just automatically install to the subdirectories it creates in %_libexecdir09:44
Son_Gokuyep, rpm -E %configure indicates as much09:46
sergiusenscking registering snap names should be instant09:55
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sergiusenscking uploads of snaps can get blocked09:56
sergiusenscking or did you claim a name09:56
ckingI claimed a name09:56
ckingand that's "pending review"09:56
ckingconsidering it's a package that I own anyhow in Debian and Ubuntu, I thought it would be trivially fast to get it reviewed and accepted09:57
noise][cking: I can look into that for you, we are still ironing out processes around these things09:59
ckingnoise][, ok, thanks!09:59
noise][cking: approved!  sorry for the delay10:01
ckingthanks \o/10:02
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stgraberzyga: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/160651010:07
mupBug #1606510: Interfaces for LXD <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606510>10:07
mupPR snapd#1577 closed: daemon, cmd/snap: refresh --devmode <Reviewed> <Created by chipaca> <Merged by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1577>10:07
mupBug #1606510 opened: Interfaces for LXD <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606510>10:07
hades|2can i upgrade my ubuntu core 15.04 kernel to 16.04 ?10:31
hades|2using ubuntu-core-upgrader ?10:31
hades|2is it possible to use ubuntu-core-upgrader to upgrade an existing ubuntu-corehost using  an img file ?10:42
ogra_hades|2, nope10:45
ogra_hades|2, snapd manages upgrades of snap packages ... upgrading the system is just "snap refresh"10:46
ogra_that will upgrade all snap packages including kernel and rootfs10:46
Chipacawhat is ubuntu-core-upgrader?10:47
ogra_that package that carries do-release-upgrade10:48
ogra_(update-manager for headless systems)10:48
hades|2my host doesnt have snap refresh10:48
Chipacaogra_, is it anything to do with snap?10:49
ogra_it is for classic installs10:49
hades|2starting from 16.04 ?10:49
ogra_Chipaca, would be trivial to make it call "snap refresh" at the end of the upgrade though :)10:50
ogra_but i guess thats kind of pointless given snaps refresh themselves10:50
Chipacaogra_, 15.04 is so long ago, i'm pretty sure 'snap refresh' wasn't a thing then10:50
hades|2what about old ubuntu-core based on vivid/15.04 , how to upgrade to 16.04 ?10:51
ogra_oh, i missed the 15.04 part above10:51
ogra_(just rebooted to switch my session to unity8 ... backklog slipped through)10:51
ogra_hades|2, you cant10:51
Chipacahades|2, wait, are you asking about *snappy* ubuntu core, or classic ubuntu core?10:51
ogra_the image setup has changed in incompatible ways10:52
Chipacaand we don't have blessed core images yet anyway10:52
ogra_(as has the snap format and other things)10:52
ogra_right, there are no 16.04 images yet ...10:52
hades|2ok thx10:53
ogra_i assume that wont happen anymore though ... series 16 snap images should be upgradeable to series 18 snap installs later on10:54
ogra_15.04 was kind of special in that regard, nothing was really finalized back thn10:54
mupPR snapd#1580 closed: wrappers: set BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE_HINT for unity <Created by mvo5> <Closed by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1580>10:55
mupPR snapd#1586 opened: wrappers: set BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE_HINT for unity <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1586>10:55
ogra_uh... bamf ... thats still alive ?10:55
Chipacaogra_, as much as unit7 is10:56
hades|2ill reflash a host using a series 16 img then10:56
Chipacaogra_, I think we do want to support 15.04->16 upgrades, but it's definitely not there yet10:56
Chipacahades|2, there are no official 16 core images yet10:57
ogra_Chipaca, yeah, i was talking about 16->18 :)10:57
hades|2so is it safe to keep my current snappy 15.04 host ?10:57
ogra_until we announce official 16 series images you should better keep it, yeah10:58
hades|2using snappy update / snap refresh i might be ablke later on to upgrade "safely" too ?10:59
Chipacahades|2, that is the plan as i understand it11:00
Chipacahades|2, no reverts of that refresh though11:00
Chipacahades|2, or in 15.04 parlance, no rollbacks of that upgrade11:01
hades|2it should be fine for me although11:01
kalikianaHrm. What is normally supposed to update snaps? Because of a blog post I "snap refresh"ed vlc, it evidently didn't update automatically. Am I missing some package for that?11:17
ogra_nope, there is a system service (systemd timer) that does the automated snap refresh runs11:18
ogra_not sure on what schedule that runs on classic installs though11:19
ogra_Chipaca, might know11:19
mupPR snapd#1529 closed: snap: rework the output after a snap operation <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1529>11:37
stokachusergiusens: could we invoke any parts this way before the npm install takes place? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/5m23iw2R/11:45
stokachuthe hook could be preinstall11:46
CavanI disconnected so I dont know if my messege sent (Sorry if It did): I still cant get Karaf to write to files, my wrapper is '#!/bin/sh set -e set -x  export KARAF_DATA="$SNAP_DATA" export KARAF_HOME="$SNAP"   mkdir -p "$KARAF_DATA/data/logs" mkdir -p "$KARAF_DATA/instances" if ! [ -d $KARAF_DATA/conf ]; then     cp -rd $KARAF_HOME/karaf-conf $KARAF_DATA/conf fi  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SNAP_LIBRARY_PATH:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH $KARAF_HOME/bin/karaf r11:47
ogra_Cavan, $SNAP_DATA is not user writable, is that a service or a binary a user would execute ?11:50
ogra_in case of the second you would have to use SNAP_USER_DATA11:51
ogra_(also setting HOME to SNAP if your app tries to write to its home wont work, $SNAP is readonly)11:51
mupPR snapd#1563 closed: Interfaces: hardware-observe <Created by cwayne18> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1563>11:58
Cavanogra_, So is this how it should be? 'export KARAF_DATA="$SNAP_USER_DATA" export KARAF_HOME="$SNAP_DATA"'12:04
ogra_i would point both to SNAP_USER_DATA actually12:05
ogra_if thats an enduser app that a user executes12:05
Cavanogra_, Im still getting 'mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/snap/karaf/x17/data/log’: Read-only file system' any idea what I could do?12:14
ogra_thats $SNAP12:15
ogra_so whatever you use in that mkdir should point to $SNAP_USER_DATA12:15
ogra_(and your config shoul point to that dir)12:15
mupPR snapcraft#686 opened: Add missing dependencies <Created by cholcombe973> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/686>12:19
Cavanogra_, so like this? export KARAF_DATA="$SNAP_USER_DATA" export KARAF_HOME="$SNAP_USER_DATA"   mkdir -p "$KARAF_DATA/data/logs" mkdir -p "$KARAF_DATA/instances"12:27
Cavanogra_, anychance you could check out my stack overflow quickly if I link it?12:28
ogra_sure, just paste it on paste.ubuntu.com12:29
Cavanogra_, thanks http://paste.ubuntu.com/20997635/12:30
Cavanogra_, it hasnt been updated since you told me thye should both have SNAP_USER_DATA, so assume they're there12:31
ogra_i thoght you had a stak to look at, sorry12:31
ogra_that wouldnt have needed a pastebin :)12:32
CavanAh right aha, also I just noticed my wrapper is more up to date than that now 'set -e set -x  export KARAF_DATA="$SNAP_USER_DATA" export KARAF_HOME="$SNAP_USER_DATA"   mkdir -p "$KARAF_DATA/data/logs" mkdir -p "$KARAF_DATA/instances" if ! [ -d $KARAF_DATA/conf ]; then     cp -rd $KARAF_HOME/karaf-conf $KARAF_DATA/conf fi  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SNAP_LIBRARY_PATH:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH exec "$SNAP/bin/karaf" "$@"'12:32
mupPR snapd#1587 opened: store: deal with 404 froms the SSO store properly <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1587>12:32
ogra_Cavan, have a look at https://github.com/ogra1/jtiledownloader12:34
ogra_that ships a wrapper script12:34
ogra_(though this executes a jar )12:35
ogra_so far your wrapper looks ok though12:36
ogra_so what happens if you try to run it ?12:36
ogra_zyga, uuuh, is the base snap still public in the store ? can you please unpublish it ?12:42
Cavanogra_, basically when I try to run the ./karaf I get12:42
Cavanmkdir: cannot create directory ‘/snap/karaf/x18/data/log’: Read-only file system WARN: can't update etc/config.properties with the generated command shutdown. We advise to manually add the karaf.shutdown.command property. Unable to update instance pid: Unable to create directory /snap/karaf/x18/instances /snap/karaf/x18/data/log/karaf.log (No such file or directory) Unable to update instance pid: Unable to create directory /snap/kar12:42
ogra_when you run ./karaf ?12:43
ogra_you mean you execute something inside $SNAP manually ?12:43
ogra_that cant work12:43
ogra_you need to use /snap/bin/karaf ... or just karaf ... (since /snap/bin should be in your PATH(12:44
CavanI go into the /bin and execute karaf? I thought you had to boot it the normal way after the snap is installed, in the directory of course12:44
ogra_else you miss one layer of wrappers12:44
ogra_well, try /snap/bin/karaf ... see what that does12:45
mupPR snapd#1579 closed: snapstate: add daemon-reload to fix autopkgtest on yakkety <Reviewed> <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1579>12:45
Cavanogra_, I get the same result12:46
ogra_Cavan, well, the mkdir errors look like your wrapper has not been updated12:54
ogra_the mkdir seems to still point to the wrong dir12:55
ogra_Cavan, are you use the karaf binary actually uses these $KARAF_* vars at all ?12:56
ogra_or does it just try to write to ./ by default12:57
ogra_then you would need to add a "cd $SNAP_USER_DATA" to your wrapper before the exec line12:57
Cavanogra_, If i go into the bin folder there is a setenv file which has the '# export EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS # Additional JVM options # export KARAF_HOME # Karaf home folder # export KARAF_DATA # Karaf data folder # export KARAF_BASE # Karaf base folder # export KARAF_ETC  # Karaf etc  folder' so I assumed thye would be the binaries?12:58
ogra_well, the binary doesnt seem to use the vars ...12:59
ogra_try the cd ... that might work around it12:59
Cavanogra_, Okay, do I literally put it the line before the exec?13:00
ogra_a line above the exec line, yes13:00
Cavanogra_, again same result. But for a test I ran the wrapper in /bin and I got '+ export KARAF_DATA= + export KARAF_HOME= + mkdir -p /data/logs mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/data’: Permission denied' If that is any help?13:06
ogra_well, that is if you execute /snap/bin/karaf ?13:07
ogra_(literally that string)13:07
CavanNo, thats if I execute /snap/bin/wrapper13:07
ogra_and how did wrapper get into /snap/bin ?13:08
ogra_your wrapper should live inside your snap ... not in the /snap/bin system dir of your host system13:08
CavanWhen I've looked at online examples a few have created wrappers in the /bin, is that incorrect?13:09
ogra_as i said before, when you install the snap there are more layers of wrappers added automatically13:09
ogra_the top level wrapper (according to your snapcraft.yaml) will be /snap/bin/karaf13:09
ogra_and only that is what you should ever execute13:10
mupPR snapd#1582 closed: debian: move snapd.refresh.timer into timers.target <Created by mvo5> <Merged by niemeyer> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1582>13:10
ogra_do not exec anything in /snap/karaf/$version/ directly13:10
ogra_that can not work13:10
CavanSo where should I install the wrapper? Also to atempty to run karaf I go /snap/karaf/current/bin/karaf Should I not be doing that aswell?13:12
ogra_you should install the wrapper where your snapcraft.yaml expects it13:12
ogra_looking at your stackoverflow post it is all correct13:13
ogra_just leave it like that13:13
ogra_just dont try to runanything else but /snap/bin/karaf13:13
CavanIf I do that I get this though '/snap/bin/karaf: No such file or directory'13:14
ogra_that cant really be ... your snapcraft.yaml defines it13:15
ogra_if you built your snap with that snapcraft yaml and snap installed it this commmand must be there13:15
Cavani'll install it again to make sure13:16
ogra_wait !13:16
ogra_why do you define "daemon: simple"13:16
ogra_thats for system daemons ... and will definitely not create the user binary in /snap/bin13:16
CavanWhat should I do instead?13:16
ogra_but will instead create a systemd unit and install it13:16
ogra_just drop that one line13:17
ogra_and rebuild your snap13:17
ogra_(unless indeed ... your app is actually a system daemon)13:17
ogra_(but then you cant start it ... systemd will handle it)13:17
ogra_s/start/run it as a user/13:17
CavanSo I'm re-installing it back to my Stackoverflow post and dropping that one line correct?13:18
ogra_if karaf is actually something a user can run then thats the right way13:19
Cavanogra_, okay now I'm getting 'Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.karaf.main.Main' when typing /snap/bin/karaf13:32
ogra_you might need to set some app options then ...13:32
ogra_you said something about EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS  above13:33
mupBug #1606574 opened: SSH Interface is missing <snapd-interface> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606574>13:33
ogra_so whatever java needs (i'm really not a java specialist, i know how to make it exec a .jar ... thats about it)13:33
Cavanshould I get the MakeFile to install the .jar?13:34
ogra_well, if you have a jar, just look at my jtiledownloader branch (linked above)13:34
ogra_that should get you going13:34
Cavanogra_, thanks so much for your help, although you'll probably be hearing from me soon with another problem aha13:35
ogra_heh, well, good luck for now13:36
Chipacajdstrand: on #1592696 I think you meant 16.04 not 14.04 :-)13:40
mupBug #1592696: snaps dont work with encrypted home: failed to create user data directory. errmsg: Permission denied <amd64> <apport-bug> <xenial> <snapd (Ubuntu):Invalid> <ubuntu-core-launcher (Ubuntu):Fix Released by jdstrand> <snapd (Ubuntu Xenial):Confirmed> <ubuntu-core-launcher (Ubuntu13:40
mupXenial):Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1592696>13:40
timothyI think it's fixed on new snap-confine13:41
Chipacatimothy: so do i :-) and jdstrand says as much in his latest update to that bug; i'm pointing out a typo in that comment, is all13:42
mupPR snapd#1585 closed: store, daemon, client, cmd/snap, docs/rest.md: adieu search grammar <Created by chipaca> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1585>13:44
ogra_so how do i access any packages owned by the shared store account now that it is locked13:53
ogra_i know all packages were shared with me ...13:53
ogra_but i dont see them in my myapps.d.u.c page13:53
zygaogra_: I cannot, I didn't publish it14:00
ogra_zyga, crap ... and i cant see it and the shared account is locked down14:00
ogra_zyga, is mvo anywhere near you ? he might know14:01
zygaogra_: I bet he did it14:05
ogra_did what ? unpublish ?14:05
ogra_i still find it with snap find14:05
Pharaoh_Atemmorning all14:05
ogra_zyga, i'm happy to do the unpublishing if someone tells me how we access the shared packages now ... we all should be able to since heidelberg14:06
ogra_but my myapps page simply doesnt show it14:06
mupPR snapd#1588 opened: tests: added spread find private test <Created by fgimenez> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1588>14:09
mupBug #1605003 changed: cannot communicate with server - openSUSE Tumbleweed <Snappy:Invalid by zyga> <openSUSE:Confirmed for zyga> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605003>14:09
jdstrandChipaca: yes, thanks14:10
zygaogra_: I'm sorry, I don't know that; I never used the shared account14:12
ogra_zyga, well ...14:12
zygajdstrand: hey, we will need to have snapd manage groups and users14:12
zygajdstrand: for the case of lxd14:12
zygajdstrand: so that ldx snap will be able to create the ldx socket that is not world writable14:13
zygajdstrand: I'm just letting you know14:13
* ogra_ vomits 14:14
ogra_so mvo tied all the shared packages to ogra@canonical.com ... which is not assigned to my U1 account at all14:14
ogra_trying to add the new address to U1 while being in a unity8 session breaks because launchpad is to dumb to show me the capcha !!!14:15
ogra_(it considers the webbrowser appp as not capable to use captchas ... sigh)14:16
ogra_so silly14:16
* Pharaoh_Atem sighs14:19
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: looks like F25 branching is starting14:20
Pharaoh_Atemyou accidentally don't have F25 commit power: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/package/rpms/golang-github-mvo5-goconfigparser/14:20
* Pharaoh_Atem sighs14:21
Pharaoh_Atemtime to prepare for messages about my entire world branching for F25...14:21
chilehi snappers14:24
Cavanorga_, How would I extract org.apache.karaf.main-4.0.5.jar fromthe make file, when I try it just places the file instead of extracting it14:25
sergiusensogra_ heh, oSoMoN has a bug for that already14:25
ogra_hmpf ... so i see a "core" package that was shared with all of us ... but there is no "base" package anywhere14:27
ogra_and that core package is also unpublished properly14:27
ogra_MVOOOOO !!!14:28
ogra_Cavan, well, you dont want to extract it ... look at my jtiledownloader snap14:29
ogra_(i gave you the github url above)14:29
ogra_just copy the exec line and replace my jar with yours in there14:29
jdstrandzyga: I saw that. note that in 15.04 what we did instead as a quick workaround was to add the lxd group to the system14:31
jdstrandzyga: tyhicks and I should be involved in the designs surrounding adding groups to the system via snaps14:31
jdstrandzyga: and possibly a memnber of foundations (slangasek or someone he assigns)14:32
ogra_adding system groups sounds slightly scary with libnss-extrausers in place and using a readonly /etc/groups14:32
ogra_(how do you make sure the GID doesnt clash if somme package added the same GID to the readonly side at core snap build time)14:33
ogra_(it would just come with the next oos snap update)14:34
jdstrandit indeed sounds scary since it would be easy for a snap to pick a group to add (eg, 'ogra')14:34
ogra_well, not only that14:34
ogra_you dont know what comes down the drain from the store14:34
jdstrandso maybe it wouldn't be arbitrary groups, but rather, the snappy interface says (ok, we'll set up this group)14:34
ogra_so you cant really predict if a GID will clash14:34
Pharaoh_Atemogra_: mvo isn't even here, so he can't really hear you.... :/14:34
ogra_Pharaoh_Atem, there are enough people at his sprint ... i guess he is stuck in some session ;)14:35
* Pharaoh_Atem shrugs14:35
* ogra_ relies on mouth propaganda with that one ;) 14:35
chileany body14:36
chilewith some idea on native apps in jquery+php+html experience14:36
ogra_jdstrand, well, i guess we'd need to define some range that cant get touched by image builds ... iirc we already define that system groups have to be below 1000 ... so we'd need a range ... say 1000-2000 that gets reserved for extra groups ... and make sure that user accounts only get created from 2000 onwards ... or something like that14:37
ogra_but thats fiddly to implement for sure14:38
chileany body with ubuntu cloud here14:45
zygaPharaoh_Atem: hey14:58
zygaPharaoh_Atem: why do you have two IRC nicknames14:58
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: yo14:58
Pharaoh_Atemthis self is my workstation at work14:58
Pharaoh_Atemmy other self (Son_Goku) is my laptop14:58
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I've updated the snap-confine.spec14:58
zygaPharaoh_Atem: pushed updates to fedorapeople14:59
Pharaoh_Atemthis guy is persistent, the other one shows up when I'm away :)14:59
zygaPharaoh_Atem: magic :)14:59
zygaPharaoh_Atem: should I just indicate the changes on the bug report?14:59
Pharaoh_Atemalways do that, as it's for the benefit of me, you, and others potentially watching14:59
zygaPharaoh_Atem: you can also check what I did by looking at github (for all the real details)14:59
zygaok, will do14:59
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I could use a hint that tells me how to do a fedkpg build against something from koji (the gopkg.in/check.v1 thing)15:05
Pharaoh_Atemyou need to create the buildroot override15:07
Pharaoh_Atemit would automatically be in effect for builds you do from your user with koji (via fedpkg)15:07
Pharaoh_Atemyou should be able to build from F25 and Rawhide with no problems, though15:08
Pharaoh_Atemsince both will have check in there already15:08
elopiostevebiscuit: why don't you ship your patched go plugin in snapweb in parts/plugin/x-go.py ?15:10
elopiothat way we don't have to wait for a new release.15:10
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: I've approved snap-confine15:12
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I'll do the change to the remaining two pkgconfig files15:13
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I'm somewhat exhausted by the sprint and I'm very glad and I very much appreciate your detailed review15:13
stevebiscuitelopio: that's an option, I'd already mentioned godeps to kyrofa and he created the bug on LP15:14
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: that's why we do these in Fedora :)15:17
Pharaoh_Atemone more set of eyes tends to help at times15:17
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I hope to get more so that we can have a day off sometime ;)15:18
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I'll work on fedpkg builds now15:22
zygaPharaoh_Atem: but it does look like we are down to snapd now :)15:22
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I didn't check go-flags yet, is the update also going to f23+?15:22
Pharaoh_Atemit's going everywhere15:22
zygathat's good then15:22
zygaWe had a release just now, 2.11 :)15:23
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/?packages=golang-github-jessevdk-go-flags15:23
zygaI'll do COPR but I'm super happy I will be moving closer to fedora :)15:23
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Pharaoh_Atemyou can try out those packages and see if they work15:23
zygaPharaoh_Atem: nice, I see15:23
Pharaoh_Atemand leave feedback :)15:23
zygaPharaoh_Atem: yes, I will download them15:23
zygaPharaoh_Atem: is there a better way rather than just to get them from bodhi?15:23
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I will build against it in my local repo15:24
Pharaoh_Atemyou grab them from Koji15:25
Pharaoh_Atemlooks like an override is already in place for go-flags15:25
Pharaoh_Atemit might "Just Work"15:25
* Pharaoh_Atem shrugs15:25
ahoneybuntsimonq2, heard of KDE Connect?15:34
tsimonq2ahoneybun: no clue what it is15:34
ahoneybunyou can send and recieve files between phone and PC15:35
ahoneybunalso control mouse and keyboard15:35
ahoneybunit pulls a lot in from KDE in Libs15:35
ahoneybunso it would be cool to snap it15:35
Cavanogra, I did exec $SNAP/org.apache.karaf.main-4.0.5.jar (Which I'm hoping is what you meant before) and I keep getting '/snap/karaf/x23/org.apache.karaf.main-4.0.5.jar: 1: /snap/karaf/x23/org.apache.karaf.main-4.0.5.jar: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")''  '15:45
qenghoogra_: WAT15:46
qenghoI mean, not ogra_.15:48
qenghoCavan: That is very very wrong.15:48
Cavanqengho, which part, the exec?15:49
Cavanor the return im getting from the terminal?15:49
qenghoCavan: A jar file is a kind of zipfile that is specific to Java. You can't ask the linux kernel to just execute it. It's not a java virtual machine.15:49
qenghoCavan: So, "exec jarfile" is wrong.15:49
qenghoCavan: you probably want to read up on what to do with the jarfile, and how one runs karaf. It's joing to have something to do with the program "java", though.15:51
Cavanqengho, Yeah I figured, I'm trying to figure out where its meant to go, ogra gave me fantasic advice earlier but im to terrible at this to figure it out aha15:53
qenghoCavan: I am guessing you should have in your snapcraft "command: wrappernamesomethingyouinvented", and in your wrapper, a shell script, you set up some variables and execute  java -Dhomesomethingsomething -classpath $SNAP/something jarfilesomething classnametobootstrap15:55
qenghoCavan: stop with the snap part for a while. Figure out how you run that. Once you have a firm grasp how it NORMALLY starts up, come put those commands in a snap.15:57
mupPR snapd#1581 closed: asserts: remove/disable comma separated lists and their uses <Created by pedronis> <Merged by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1581>15:57
qenghoCavan: You only have problems that have nothing to do with snappy so far. We're going to be terrible at answering those. :(15:58
Cavanqengho, ah thats fair enough, I'll give it a good go aha, thanks!15:59
qenghoCavan: We'd love to help. Don't be shy about questions, but realize I have never even heard of karaf before your questions.16:01
* qengho Zzzz16:02
ogra_Cavan, https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/blob/master/jtiledownloader/launcher16:08
ogra_Cavan, see the last line16:08
ogra_you want that16:08
ogra_(indeed with a path to *your* .jar16:08
zygaPharaoh_Atem: so what is the "there might be more..." comment about16:14
zygaPharaoh_Atem: is there anything I should fix in snap-confine packaging?16:14
Pharaoh_Atemforgot to run fedora-review16:14
Pharaoh_Atemit has a checklist of things16:14
zygaoh, I will do it16:14
zygathank you16:14
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I must say fedora-review -n seems to assume SRPMs are in ~/rpmbuild/SPECS which is odd, I'll try it with the bug number16:21
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: I have to run it, and I posted the results in the bug16:24
Pharaoh_Atemthough it's useful for you to do while crafting the spec16:24
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I have a call now, I'll review it after that16:26
zygaI just saw the report, very useful!16:28
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: yeah, unfortunately I can't run it for golang stuff because it throws too many errors to be useful16:35
Pharaoh_Atembut it's a good blueprint regardless16:35
Pharaoh_Atemwe make too many exceptions for golang that we do reviews for those differently16:36
kyrofaelopio, stevebiscuit indeed, sorry for moving slowly on the godeps plugin. I actually have one locally, but I need to clean it up and push. There were some things that needed to happen before then, but Fridays are my only snapcraft days currently so things take a sad amount of time16:43
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stevebiscuitkyrofa, elopio: grand, I'll remind you about it during Friday's standup ;)17:10
wililupyAre there plans to have a docker snap?17:26
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mhall119zyga: how do give a snap access to certain hardware?18:17
mhall119I'm getting Log: apparmor="ALLOWED" operation="open" profile="snap.arduino.arduino" name="/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.2/serial" pid=18376 comm="java" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=018:17
mhall119File: /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.2/serial (read)18:17
mhall119* use gadget hardware assign to access '/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.2/serial'18:17
mhall119also in the arduino IDE: can't open device "/dev/ttyACM0"; Permission denied18:18
ahoneybunmm I'm wondering about getting code from git18:31
ahoneybunmhall119, I'm thinking about making a snap on KDEConnect18:33
jdstrandmhall119: I think you want to use the serial-port interface18:47
jdstrandmhall119: you might be the first user of that interface so please file 'snapd-interface' bugs if you see them18:47
Dubstar_04Is there anynew on a fix for running OpenGL snaps on Nvidia systems?18:50
timothyDubstar_04: for example? on which distro? with nvidia or nouveau?19:05
Dubstar_04timothy: I'm on 16.04, snaps work with nouveau but no with Nvidia.19:07
Dubstar_04this is the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21041858/19:07
timothyusing the snap-confine from proposed worked to me19:08
ahoneybunmm franz does not want to launch as a snap19:13
ahoneybuntsimonq2, ^19:13
Croephaso, on the ubuntu site, it says that Snappy uses delta's to reduce bandwidth, how does that work? like does it use vcdiff? does the server have all the diffs handy?19:13
timothyiirc it's need to be re-added19:16
Croephatimothy, the functionality was there, but isn't now19:17
timothyCroepha: http://askubuntu.com/a/78963419:17
Croephatimothy: thanks19:19
Dubstar_04timothy: i have installed that. now I am getting: multiple nvidia drivers detected, this is not supported19:19
timothymaybe you have multiple nvidia drivers installed?19:20
Dubstar_04Umm, I have been switching between nouveau and nvidia while testing snaps. maybe something got messed up.19:21
ahoneybunlet's try this again19:22
mhall119jdstrand: is serial-port interface in snapd on xenial?19:23
mhall119because I don't see it in `snap interfaces`19:24
jdstrandmhall119: it is and has been for a long time. I'm not sure why it doesn't show up. that may be one of the bugs (it was implemented a very long time ago)19:27
Croephaif I deployed with 16/rolling/edge would there be a clear upgrade path once 16 comes out as stable? without having to reflash?19:28
mhall119jdstrand: where do I file bugs for it? has that moved to github too?19:28
jdstrandbugs are still LP19:29
mhall119jdstrand: lp:snappy ?19:29
ahoneybuncould anyone look at these errors http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21044760/19:29
jdstrandadd the 'snapd-interface' tag19:29
ahoneybunit's complaining about gtk but I have desktop gtk in the yaml19:30
Dubstar_04timothy: I only have one nvidia driver installed19:30
ahoneybunyaml: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21044876/19:30
jdstrandmhall119: a super-cursory reading of the test code indicates that slot implementation should define the serial ports and then you would plugs what it exports. that doesn't sound like it will do what you are looking for since classic and the os snap don't do any of that atm19:32
jdstrands/test code/serial_port*.go code/19:33
jdstrandI think this was implemented thinking a gadget snap would 'slots: ...' and then snaps would plug into that19:33
jdstrand(which would make sense)19:33
jdstrandand/or the os/core snap would auto-detect these ports and supply implied slots19:34
jdstrand(which would also make sense)19:34
jdstrandbut that today, there is no gadget snap on classic and snapd is not detecting the serial ports to provide an implied slot19:35
jdstrandI *think* the hooks work may in part be for this sort of thing, but would need zyga to confirm19:35
mupBug #1606674 opened: Unable to drive Adruino over USB from Arduino IDE snap <snapd-interface> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606674>19:35
mhall119jdstrand: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/160667419:36
mupBug #1606674: Unable to drive Adruino over USB from Arduino IDE snap <snapd-interface> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606674>19:36
jdstrandI see that, thanks19:36
jdstrandzyga, can you take a look at bug #1606674 when you have a moment?19:37
mhall119otherwise my arduino IDE snap is fully functional19:37
mhall119with the exception of being able to, you know. function :)19:37
jdstrandthat interface is absolutely what you should be using19:38
timothymhall119: I think you can access /dev/ttyACM0 without using snap :P19:39
jdstrandbut I think the implementation hasn't been revisited since classic was a focus and other things got prioritized over the gadget/all snaps finishing touches19:39
jdstrandtimothy: well, he can also use --devmode19:39
timothy"However, it is unable to access the board, even in devmode."19:40
jdstrandah, I didn't read the bug yet. that is weird19:40
jdstrandmhall119: what are the permissions on /dev/ttyACM0 ?19:41
jdstrandmhall119: I suspect devmode isn't working right cause of that. /dev is listed as a source mount in snap-confine, so that shouldn't be it (are you using snap-confine from proposed?)19:42
jdstrandmhall119: is the output the same regardless of if you are in devmode or not or is the output different? if different, you should list that in the bug. I suspect there are two different bugs19:44
timothymhall119: can you do an ls /dev/ttyACM0? maybe it's using some acl, that you can see with getfacl /dev/ttyACM019:44
timothyls -l*19:45
mhall119jdstrand: from within the snap, or normally?19:47
mhall119crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 166, 0 Jul 26 14:15 /dev/ttyACM019:47
mhall119oh, hangon, I seem to recall needing to make my user part of the dialout group to use the arduino ide19:47
timothyyes, you need dialout group19:48
timothysudo gpasswd -a $USER dialout19:48
jdstrandso that should make it work in devmode19:49
jdstrand(please comment in the bug if it does)19:49
timothyofc you need to reload or to do su - $USER19:49
mhall119sure enough, getting into the dialout group lets it work in --devmode19:56
ahoneybuntsimonq2, did you see the links?19:56
tsimonq2ahoneybun: what links?19:57
ahoneybunI'm trying to work on Franz snap anyway19:57
ahoneybungetting some gtk errors when running it19:57
mupBug #1574114 opened: snapd should not conflic with mediaplayer snappy <amd64> <apport-bug> <xenial> <One Hundred Papercuts:Confirmed for mvo> <Snappy:Confirmed> <snapd (Ubuntu):Confirmed for mvo> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1574114>19:59
ahoneybunthis darn connection today is back20:00
timothylet's try apparmor with confinement on archlinux with nvidia drivers :)20:01
Dubstar_04Anyone using snappy with Nvidia cards?20:02
Dubstar_04I have purged all nvidia drivers and I still get this message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21048959/20:03
timothyls /usr/lib/nvidia-[1-9][0-9][0-9]20:03
Dubstar_04timothy: how do i remove those?20:04
timothydid you installed those by installing the driver by hand?20:05
Dubstar_04I have only ever installed through ubuntu drivers, I think20:06
Dubstar_04can i just rm -rf /usr/lib/nvidia*20:06
timothydpkg -S /usr/lib/nvidia-346/libnvidia-fbc.so.120:07
dz0nyDubstar_04: purge will not help since it rewrites gl load paths20:07
Dubstar_04Its working!!!20:08
Dubstar_04timothy: thanks!!20:08
Dubstar_04My snap works at last!!20:08
timothyyou're welcome, you are like I studied snap-confine last week :P20:08
ahoneybunDubstar_04, I have NVIDIA but it's using the Intel atm20:08
ahoneybunI'm just trying snaps today20:09
ahoneybunfirst time working with snapcraft lol20:09
Dubstar_04I might try and reboot and reinstall nvidia drivers before i get too excited...20:09
ahoneybunI have Intel and NVIDIA20:10
ahoneybunbut I have not install the driver for the Nivida20:10
mupPR snapd#1589 opened: interfaces: miscelleneous policy updates for default, mount-observe, opengl and unity7 <Created by jdstrand> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1589>20:10
Dubstar_04Are there snap channels, like alpha, beta, stable?20:12
timothyhttp://snapcraft.io/ search for channels20:14
Dubstar_04timothy: perfect, thanks.20:15
timothyDubstar_04: works?20:18
Dubstar_04I switched back to Nvidia drivers and i'm still getting the opengl errors20:18
timothysorry I have to go20:21
mhall119sergiusens: you around?20:58
mupPR snapcraft#687 opened: Enable integration tests to run in the production store <Created by elopio> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/687>21:14
mupPR snapcraft#688 opened: Strip common path prefixes from linkname as well as name when extracting a tarfile <Created by mhall119> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/688>21:23
mupPR snapd#1590 opened: interfaces: add process-control interface <Created by jdstrand> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1590>21:39
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thurstonI'm getting this error in my Snap package:23:17
thurstonX Error: BadValue23:17
thurstonRequest Major code 154 (GLX)23:17
thurstonRequest Minor code 3 ()23:17
thurstonValue 0x023:17
thurstonError Serial #2323:17
thurstonCurrent Serial #2423:17
thurstonany help?23:22

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