pavlushkaHello Folks! Nice to see you, :)08:32
pavlushkaping zaki Kilos !08:33
Kiloshi pavlushka 08:33
pavlushkaMorning Kilos !08:33
Kilosjust got back from sorting sheep08:33
Kilosnippy here today. max 14°c08:34
pavlushkaKilos: you better get nappy!08:38
Kiloshopefully today your domain points to your wiki08:48
pavlushkayou mean our wiki?08:49
Kilosthen we start sorting the wiki08:49
Kilosyes bd08:49
Kiloswe will have to find a host for the site you guys build08:50
Kilosi was hoping Researcher- can help with that08:50
Kilosits actually fun to build a site, if you can understand it all08:54
pavlushkaKilos: I guess that would be fine, :)08:55
pavlushkaKilos: I checked but not yet, nor loading neither re-directing.09:00
Kilosno the LC have to point it there09:01
Kilospavlushka you got mail09:20
pavlushkaKilos: cp09:20
Kiloshopefully today its done09:22
walriderpavlushka, bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai 09:45
walriderKilos, hey uncl how u doing 09:45
walriderQA,  hi 09:45
walriderQA, what does it mean salut ?09:45
QAwalrider: Erk, dunno09:45
walriderQA, ok 09:45
QAwalrider: Sorry...09:45
pavlushkawalrider: hold on a second, a bit busy.09:45
walriderpavlushka, ok bhai 09:45
pavlushkaan hello walrider !09:45
pavlushkagive me 20 mins09:46
walriderok 09:46
walriderno prblm 09:46
pavlushkawalrider: ok, I am back, but you didn't do what you have told that you would do :)09:50
walriderbhai ei koy din ami bashay chilam na 09:50
walriderbaire frnd er bashay chilam oikhane assigment project egula shesh kore ajke ashchi 09:50
walridersorry about that 09:50
Kiloshi walrider 09:50
walriderKilos, how are u uncl 09:51
walriderKilos, nice to see u there 09:51
Kiloslol im always here09:51
pavlushkawalrider: ok no problem, its all up to you :)09:51
walriderpavlushka, right now im serious about intern 09:52
walrideramar akjon team mate er shathe kothabolsi 09:52
pavlushkawalrider: pm me.09:52
walrideramake apnar shathe kottha bolte bollo officially 09:52
walriderok 09:52
Kilosyay ubuntu-bd.org directs to wiki12:10
Kilosyes browse to it12:13
Kilosnow we sort the wiki so it like proper ubuntu wikis and then when you guys have a site built we have the link redirected to the site12:14
Kilosnow pavel is gone12:14
zakigreat :) 12:20
zakiThe "Deshi" Local Community Team12:20
zakiwhy is that. can't understand12:20
zakiis that misspeled 12:21
zakiKilos: 12:21
Kilosthey tried to be clever12:29
Kilosand abbreviated banglandesh12:29
walriderzaki bai ki obosta 12:30
Kilostareg must see this as well then he will know we are making progress12:30
Kilosnow you guys must start inviting more of the fb crowd that are interested in becoming part of the world wide ubuntu community12:31
Kilosubuntu is far more than bangladesh12:32
Kilosand facebook12:32
walriderzaki bhai 12:33
walridersheram xam disi reffrd er ta 12:33
zakiKilos: oky. :)12:36
zakiwalrider: how are you?12:36
zakiand about exam?12:36
walriderwc back zaki bhai  bhai 13:04
walrideraktu onno room e gesilam bai 13:04
walriderwc bhai 13:36
zakipavlushka: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BangladeshiTeam13:37
Kiloshi guys back from my herding duties13:38
pavlushkathanks every one!13:40
pavlushkaI was trying to help a guy from india for his local webserver to be addressed as a vhost webserver13:41
Kilosglad to see you involved all over pavlushka 13:42
pavlushkathat is to have a specific name with a specific ip.13:42
pavlushkaKilos: thank you kilos, but it is not working, can you guys check out and see what is wrong with this, configure the v-host for example.com, If you done it correctly, you will be able to load the page by typing "example.com", and then add the "ip" against "example.com" in the /etc/hosts file in your system.13:43
Kiloswhat isnt working13:47
walriderport 13:47
Kilospavlushka google for similar errors and if you dont find a solution ask the guys in za13:49
pavlushkaThe worst part is I was asking him for these and paste "sudo ls /var/log/apache2/", "cat /var/log/apache2/access.log",  "cat /var/log/apache2/error.log", "cat /var/log/apache2/other_vhosts_access.log", reports but power went down and after that the Net was down and Now he is nowhere, :)13:53
pavlushkawalrider: any idea?13:54
pavlushkawalrider: dont utter port.13:55
pavlushkawalrider: coz I am gonna de-port you then.13:55
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX 15:32
AudaciousTUXhi kilos15:35
Kilosubuntu-bd.org is working15:36
Kilosnow you guys can built a site and we see if we can find a host for it15:36
AudaciousTUXstill developing  ...  can't manage time :(15:37
Kilosthere is no rush15:37
Kilosat least we are progressing15:37
AudaciousTUXyah :)15:38
pavlushkaGuys there's a monthly meeting tonight at za around 12.30 am, please join, :)17:44
pavlushka^^ kamrul zaki  AudaciousTUX17:55
AudaciousTUXbye all :p17:56
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: ok bye :)17:56
Kiloshe is tired17:57
Kilosnight AudaciousTUX 17:57
AudaciousTUXnot tired... just under pressure.... education killing me :317:59
Kilosdo your best lad17:59
Kilosno one can ask for more17:59
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: good luck :)18:01
Kilospavlushka did you get the weekly newsletter18:04
pavlushkaKilos: ubuntu-za Digest, Vol 130, Issue 15 ?18:07
Kilosi dont think so18:07
Kilosi get it in mail so read in mail18:08
pavlushkaok, may be missed that, I receive a lot of Bug notification mails, so without directly addressing me, I just skim through over those, :(18:10
Kilostheres news about us18:11
pavlushkaKilos: oo0 lala, wow , write now reading belkinsa's18:15
Kilosnow the whole ubuntu world knows what we are doing18:19
pavlushkaKilos: *right now, man the typos, I am gonna kill the typos.18:19
Kiloswhat typos18:19
pavlushkawrite now in place of right now, drives me nuts , my typos, grr18:20
Kilosslow down and relax18:23
pavlushkaok, I am gonna eat, brb :p18:24
Kilosenjoy as well18:24
Kiloswhat about login in to our meeting18:25
Kiloseaqt once logged in18:25
pavlushkaI'll be in-front of the screen while eating, :)18:26
Kilosza is a lovely channel hey pavlushka 19:40
Kilosdid you fall asleep zaki 19:41
zakii was watching.19:41
pavlushkaKilos: Do you have any doubt on that?19:41
Kiloswe joke and tease each other all the time19:41
zakiwatched all of it.19:41
zakiha ha. 19:42
pavlushkaand they are arranging a 16.08 release party, :p19:42
Kilosim proud of my peeps19:46
Kilosnow ive added you guys19:46
pavlushkaKilos: yaa, who does that, :p19:46
Kilosbefore im finished with you you will all be crazy as well19:47
Kilosand we need to push tareg19:49
zakipavlushka: about tareq?19:49
pavlushkazaki: https://www.facebook.com/tareqmhd20:05
zakinever seen him in this channel20:07
zakinever mean in my time.20:08
pavlushkazaki: check the online irc logs of 21/06/16 or 21/06/16.20:09
zaki1 month ago. oky20:09
pavlushkaGood night zaki , I'll be off, feeling sleepy.20:10
zakioky. food night, sleep tight20:10
zaki:3 good*20:11
zakiQA: good night20:11
QAGood night zaki sleep tight20:11
RemonShaiAudaciousTUX, halluuuuuuuuuuuu20:32

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