geniiBobJonkman: That article about elevators was pretty interesting14:45
BobJonkmanI was thinking of you when I read it!14:46
chileany body into ubuntu cloud14:48
BobJonkmanchile: Do you mean the UbuntuOne service? I used it briefly, but I don't like putting my personal stuff on someone else's server.14:49
BobJonkmanAnd I think UbuntuOne no longer exists...14:49
chileno sir14:50
chilei want to use ubuntu server for sharing  services for my office users14:51
BobJonkmanchile: What kind of services?14:51
chileoffice softwares and storag14:52
chilethis has got huge scope in INdia14:52
chilei am looking for a team14:54
chilei can work with14:54
chileand offer solutions14:54
BobJonkmanThere's a great integrated office suite available at https://wiki.enterpriselibre.org/index.php/Main_Page14:55
BobJonkmanEverything runs as remote access sessions on a GNU/Linux server14:55
BobJonkmanI haven't used it yet, but it looks promising.14:56
BobJonkmanOf course, there's always Nextcloud: https://nextcloud.com/14:56
BobJonkmanThat's "Enterprise grade" file sharing, some collaboration. No real collaborative applications, tho.14:57
bregmachile, do you mean using Ubuntu server in the cloud, like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure?14:57
chilebut aws is costly implementation14:58
chilei want local smaller implementation f the same14:58
bregmachile, http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/openstack14:59
chilebregma i installed it on my laptop14:59
chileto see and explre it..but it needs a lot more than that14:59
chileu see14:59
bregmanot my area of expertise I'm afraid, I just know of its existence and let my IT department handle the details15:00
BobJonkmanchile: Do you mean you want to find a local hosting VPS provider?15:00
chilei want to be one15:01
BobJonkmanchile: Aahhh! Good idea!15:01
chilebregma bob..any help appreciated15:02
chilewhen i tried doint it i could not go beyond maas15:04
chilebecause it started asking details of h/w i dint had15:04
BobJonkmanchile: I've been wanting to install a VPS management tool for a while. Right now I'm using VirtualBox on my laptop for development, but my laptop drive is at capacity and it's not portable, and not accessible to clients unless I happen to be online.15:04
chileso u do use virtual box as live15:05
* genii makes another pot of coffee15:05
chilecan i do that15:05
BobJonkmanchile: But I've only got as far as you. I get to the MAAS installatin screen, think "This would be really great, but no time right now", and leave it for a few months until the next Ubuntu release come out15:05
chilebregma.. ur team uses autopilot??15:07
BobJonkmanchile: I've run VirtualBox for demonstrations; eg. I've set up several GNUsocial instances or ownCloud instances so the audience can actually play with the software and follow along as I'm doing the demonstration15:07
chilefrom what i i understand not much things can be done owncloud15:08
chileu see15:08
BobJonkmanchile: But it's a one-time use, not intended for production15:08
chilenot it cant be15:08
BobJonkmanchile: I do run ownCloud and GNUsocial in production for my own use.15:08
BobJonkmanBut those instances run on a physical server, not a VPS.15:09
chileya got it15:09
chilei installed owncloud on my domain15:09
chilebut all this things are not actually contributing15:09
chileu know whatsapp comes easier than this15:09
* BobJonkman does a quick search to find out what Whatsapp is..15:10
chileohk im sorry whatsapp is like wechat and gtalk15:11
BobJonkmanHmm... Seems like the client app only, no server software available. And proprietary clients at that...15:11
chileno no15:12
chilefor that use telegram15:12
chilepoint is it should be practicle even if local15:12
BobJonkmanI run a Prosody XMPP server, that provides real-time communication.  I'm at xmpp:bjonkman@sobac.com if  you want to connect with a Jabber client15:12
BobJonkmanOpen standards are the only standards for me!15:13
chilebob noted ur jabber i will catch u once i reach home ..see ya15:17
BobJonkmanBye chile!15:17
* BobJonkman notices genii's coffee15:18
geniiI wonder whatever happened to AccessGrid15:18
* genii slides BobJonkman a fresh mug15:18
BobJonkmangenii: AccessGrid website still exists, but it looks like the software was last update in 2010 http://www.accessgrid.org/15:22
geniiI thought they had it also on github or another git site, but can't seem to find it15:26
bregmaWhat happened to accessgrid?  Smart phones and walled-garden app stores lured people like the heroin dealer on the corner, that's what.15:27
bregmaIt's so easy, just a little pinprick in your data stream and you think of nothing else.15:28
BobJonkmanbregma: sad...15:28
BobJonkmanJust as I thought we were making progress in the Free Software world, suddenly we're all hippie anarchist radicals again15:29
bregmasome of us never stopped15:29
bregmajust getting a little slower in the morning15:29
* BobJonkman is a proud hippie anarchist radical15:30
bregmaI would classify myself as an anarcho-syndicalist, but I have enjoyed a good Grateful Dead concert in my time15:30
* genii hums Casey Jones15:31
harsh410hi bob15:47
BobJonkmanHi harsh41016:06
harsh410sent a request on your jabber16:08
harsh410we were discussing the cloud16:09
geniiInteresting, github accessgrid last commit was July 2012. Couple years later than the version on the main site, but of course, still 4 years ago now. Going to tinker with it a bit today.16:14

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