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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:27
Bashing-omEnough is enough .. calling it for this session. G nite06:05
ducassemorning all06:36
OerHeksgeutmeurning ducasse06:40
ducassegod morgen, OerHeks06:40
ducassehow are things?06:40
OerHeksboring .. a little. how are you today?06:41
ducassegood, thanks. had a very busy day yesterday, hoping today will be a bit slower.06:42
OerHeksand .. there is our EriC^^ :-D06:46
EriC^^hey OerHeks :D06:49
ducassemorning, EriC^^06:52
EriC^^morning ducasse :)06:52
ducasseEriC^^: everything good?06:52
EriC^^yeah thanks, yourself?06:53
ducassestill waking up :)06:53
ducassevery happy, though - seem to have fixed my keyboard. :)06:54
EriC^^cool, what had happened to it?06:55
ducassewhen pressing a couple of the keys, they sent two or more events. _annoying_. bought some pressurized air, blew out dust, and it seems a lot better.06:56
ducasseit's an expensive, new keyboard, so i didn't really want to have to get a new one.06:56
EriC^^a handy tip is to always put the soda can or cup next to the keyboard not in front of it06:58
EriC^^i spilled quite a few soda's then someone online told me that and i haven't split one (yet)06:58
ducasse:) i have a sneaking suspicion what was/is inside it is cat hair. she loves sleeping on my desk while i work...06:59
EriC^^i want a cat pretty bad07:00
ducassei grew up with them so i can't live without. my previous cat was ran over just before easter, i was pretty heartbroken :-/07:02
OerHekstons of kittens here for free07:02
ducasseuber-cool animals :) 'you need a dog to adore you and a cat to ignore you' :)07:02
EriC^^there was a cat next to my car, she was pregnant recently, when she walked it looked pretty funny07:03
EriC^^her stomach was like  -/\=[][]=/\=-07:04
EriC^^do you have a dog?07:05
ducasseno dogs, just a cat. got her from a shelter, so she's sterilized, thankfully.07:06
EriC^^is she high maintenance?07:06
ducassedogs are a lot more work :)07:07
EriC^^sorry for all the cat questions, i've just really been keen on getting one for a couple years now07:07
ducassebut in the mornings she's very "human! where's my breakfast!?"07:07
ducassei'd advice you to get a female cat if you don't want a _lot_ of dead/half-living birds and mice. male cats also fight, so can need more trips to a vet.07:08
OerHeksmale cat spray urine everywhere :-(07:09
EriC^^they do?!07:09
ducassesome of them, yes.07:09
EriC^^i live in an apartment07:10
ducassenone of mine ever have, but i know it happens.07:10
EriC^^and my family won't let me put it in the house, but i have a closed balcony i was thinking she/he could live there07:10
EriC^^and i'd bring it from there to my room when i'm home07:10
EriC^^the balcony is pretty big, but she/he would be alone there when i'm not home07:11
ducassefrom what the pros say, a cat needs at least an area of 45m2 to live a good life.07:11
EriC^^my room is like 30m2 max i'd think07:12
EriC^^the problem is my family thinks cats have diseases and bla bla07:12
EriC^^old thinking and stuff, they think the cat's breath causes diseases and stuff too07:12
EriC^^i could always get one and if it's unhappy i could return it to the place i got it from07:13
ducassei don't know how shelters etc operate where you live, but here they won't give you one if they think it won't be happy.07:14
ducassethey don't want people returning cats, because it is upsetting for them to move...07:15
EriC^^i'll get it from a pet store07:15
OerHeksHere too, if you choose one, you can collect it the next day.07:15
OerHeksmost new owners won't return07:15
OerHeksbut free kittens, that is up to the breeder.07:16
EriC^^i want to get a tiny one07:16
OerHeksDrabber is a little afraid of cats :-D07:16
EriC^^Drabber is your dog?07:17
ducasseremember that if you get a kitten, you will need to get it vaccinated and so on. plus sterilized if it is ever to go outside, best to do while they are very young.07:17
ducassei think 6 months is the recommended age to do it...07:18
OerHekstrue, then they won't suffer illness or hormonal problems07:19
ducasseplus it's _hell_ when they're in heat. weird sounds, screaming and making advances on furniture.07:21
ducasseon a more linux-y note, any of you played civilization 5 on ubuntu? is an intel hd4600 gpu enough?07:23
OerHeksmin specs linux Radeon HD 6450 or (NVIDIA): Geforce 640M07:27
EriC^^768p medium settings says 13fps07:27
OerHeks(for steam, that is)07:27
EriC^^but that's for the newer civilization07:28
OerHeksnote: Intel Integrated video chipsets (GMA 9XX, HD 3XXX) will not run Civilization V ...07:28
EriC^^for civilization 5 it says low 1024x768 55fps07:29
OerHeksso i guess, it will07:29
EriC^^yup seems good07:29
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ducasseok, thanks :) used to love civ, so i'm thinking of trying this one. worst case i'll have to get an nvidia...07:31
BluesKajHowdy folks12:32
daftykinshallo \o12:59
daftykinsaww you're not joining us in the other place13:00
BluesKajoh forgot to add it to yjr chat list, daftykins13:01
daftykinsah :D13:01
BluesKajon yakkety here trying straighten ou the mess , some icons like FF don't appear when added to quick launch etc, and konversation doesn't use my proxy 5 settings etc etc13:04
BluesKajtoo early in the game methinks13:04
Bashing-omEriC^^: :), o/ .16:42
EriC^^Bashing-om: o/16:46
EriC^^how are you? :)16:46
Bashing-omOH .. well enough to be here pounding on a keyboard .. can not be all that bad then .16:51
daftykins!info lm-sensors trusty18:12
ubot5lm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.4-2ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 81 kB, installed size 406 kB18:12
daftykinsuniverse, mmmk18:13
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Bashing-omEriC^^: Ya free to help subsume with a UEFI install ?22:41
daftykinspauljw: o/23:00
Bashing-omhey pauljw ... WB .23:02
pauljwty, Bashing-om , daftykins , everyone23:03
Bashing-omAre we having fun now ?23:04
daftykinsi just spent an hour researching a battery replacement for a friends wife, this thing is going to be worse to take apart than any of those Apple contraptions23:04
daftykinsthe fun is only just beginning... ;D23:04
pauljwi was not aware that wives needed batteries, learn sumpin' new every day.  :D23:05
Bashing-omdaftykins: Oh Fun !  The things inquiring minds get into . Something new everyday .23:06
daftykinspauljw: apparently she's having the morning sickness with baby #2 so all the power helps i bet ^_^23:06
Bashing-om" battery replacement for a friends wife " LOL23:06
pauljwheheh, i imagine23:06
* daftykins is not a doctor, but he might be soon23:07
daftykinsbest part is they both are!23:07
daftykinsi'm now the proud owner of a Raspberry Pi 3 as of this morning, btw23:08
daftykinsit's now working as a music streamer down in my lounge23:08
daftykins4 of those around a clients house all playing in sync would be quite something :)23:09
pauljwwe seem to have lost control of the tv, i picked up a hdmi cable the other day and now we can't keep our daughter from playing minecraft on the bloody thing... :)23:19
daftykinsooooooh dear :)23:19
pauljwheheh, i'd never messed with such things and it took us about an hour to figure out how to get our laptops to switch over and play on the tv, it is pretty slick.  she knows that when momma wants the tv back there are to be no arguments.23:22
daftykinsnot as simple as the ol' Fn+Function key press?23:23
daftykinsmust say, things have gotten a lot better in Windows land for all of that stuff nowadays23:23
pauljwwell, perhaps there are secrets that we haven't learned yet.  as it is now, we go into settings and mirror displays and select hdmi sound.  but we've only had the cable for a couple of days.23:24
daftykinsthat's not too bad - yeah i'm sure it depends on the laptop23:25
daftykinsi bet if you cold booted with it in you'd have automagic :)23:25
pauljwthat could be, we haven't done that23:26
pauljwsorry, we're once again having t-storms and the sat is dropping.  i'll be back in about an hour when this has passed23:34
OerHeksjust pulled my old Athlon2 2x from the pile of rubble .. lets see what this 4gb machine still can do23:55
daftykinsfrustrate and delay sir, frustrate and delay :)23:59

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