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MooDoohowdy all05:40
* ahoneybun waits for his LoCo'12:34
ahoneybuns renewal12:34
Kilosyay ahoneybun you renewing as well12:39
ahoneybunyea we have a bug report and all up12:40
ahoneybunthe pages been up as well12:40
ahoneybunyep Kilos13:14
mhall119nhaines: ping14:37
svijmhall119: are you pinging him for the LoCo Healthcheck mail?14:38
svijhe forgot to include you in the mail14:38
* svij forwards14:38
mhall119did it go to the rest of the community team?14:39
svijno only loco council14:39
svijshould I forward to all of you?14:39
mhall119yes please14:39
Kilosand me please14:40
* genii makes more coffee and washes out the mugs14:44
svijmhall119: done14:44
svijKilos: sorry, this ewas unrelated to you14:45
mhall119thanks svij 14:53
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dpmthanks svij for the detailed meeting notes17:55
svijyou should thank nhaines, dpm 17:57
dpmok, thanks to all who took part in the meeting in any case :)17:57
dpmand with this, I'll call it a day, see you all tomorrow!17:58
lina_Hi, I want to know if the re-approval process for LoCoS is still working?18:55
Kilosjust hang here a while lina_ someone will help you when they get time18:59
tsimonq2!lococouncil | lina_ 18:59
ubot5lina_: The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, PabloRubianes, nhaines, wxl, svij, and lunapersa - they are here to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com18:59
* tsimonq2 runs18:59
lina_thank u!19:00

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