joeshmoenomic are you still there?00:41
joeshmoei just got back from a bunk ass mission lol00:41
joeshmoeanywho, so python is sort of like what latin is to spanish french and itallian00:42
nomic#!/usr/bin/python   as line #1 of a file , makes it into a python script00:42
nomicno, its just used a lot00:43
nomicis accessible00:43
joeshmoeok and how do i access this when i boot up?00:43
nomicyou know the bash shell?00:43
joeshmoei run a boot shell you said?00:43
nomicyou can access python00:43
joeshmoesorry bash command cell00:44
nomicby typing python in bash00:44
nomicits always there00:44
joeshmoeand how do i tell the difference between a command terminal and a bash?00:44
nomicbash is the command shell00:45
joeshmoeim sorry if i seem slow, but i really am picking this up, and what exactly can i do by running python?00:45
joeshmoeor sorry scripting in python00:45
nomicanything that requires a program00:46
joeshmoeok so i can start a terminal right now type in python and whamo im good to go?00:47
nomicyou need to learn it = online resource00:47
nomicI advised python as entry point for beginner 1. is used widely 2. is already installed00:47
nomic3. is easy / accessible00:47
nomicfar better for you to pick up a web resource, to learn, rather than being shown here00:48
nomicyou must read about it00:48
nomicplenty of beginners resources/tutorials00:48
joeshmoewhat is the best place to find tutorials that you could reccomend? i am very interested in becoming an IT guy, you know start pen testing and running Kali Linux00:50
joeshmoeoh i guess that is one more question that i have for you, how do i download and install katoolin?00:50
joeshmoei followed the exxamples on the internet but they didnt' work00:50
nomici dunno what it is (katoolin), sorry00:51
nomicgoogle "python tutorial"00:51
joeshmoekatoolin is supposedly every app that kali linux has but in a format to run on ubuntu00:52
joeshmoeor i guess the better question is how to dual boot kali with ubuntu/00:55
joeshmoethat would just be easier yeah?00:55
nomicask in #ubuntu00:58
nomicor forums :)00:59
nomicmate, ubuntu has forums00:59
nomicefficient to ask qs.  this place not always busy (mate)01:00
joeshmoemerci gracias01:01
vmNice to chat you02:12
vmI am using a vmware with ubuntu mate02:12
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jcjordyn120Traceback (most recent call last):06:23
jcjordyn120  File "/home/jordyn.old/jordyn-system-info/source/usr/bin/jordyn-system-info", line 330, in <module>06:23
jcjordyn120    func()06:23
jcjordyn120  File "/home/jordyn.old/jordyn-system-info/source/usr/bin/jordyn-system-info", line 269, in term_display06:23
jcjordyn120    term = os.getenv("TERM").split('/')[-1].capitalize()06:23
jcjordyn120AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'06:23
ouroumovPastebin please jcjordyn12006:23
ouroumovDon't dump lengthy output on the channel06:24
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n3m3sis_hello guys, i am using a macbook air 2012 13inch via parallels. Out of box it seems like my graphicdrivers cant be detected also the welcome screen couldnt find it. Is it possible to get this fixed, I noticed that on regular Ubuntu it was working right away.11:18
nomicn3m3sis_  more efficient ot ask v specific hardwar questions on https://ubuntu-mate.community/11:28
nomicregister, open thread/topic there11:28
nomica macbook air isn't v standard in that11:28
nomicubuntu runs 100% on a pc11:28
nomicits a bit specialist, to install ubuntu on a macbook air11:28
nomicits like trying to install windows on a macbook air11:29
nomicmacbook air designed for macos11:29
nomicq. must be, does it even have drivers for mate/macbook air11:29
n3m3sis_okey thank you i will give it a try there.11:41
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mate|12061im having issues with hdmi output from my laptop to tv13:13
mate|12061can anyone please help13:13
anikanyone there13:15
bekksAccording to "/names", yes.13:16
anikdo you on developing ubuntu apps for desktop13:16
mate|12061sorry got to go,no disrespect,peace13:17
anikanyone outthere13:17
anikany girl out there13:18
bekksanik: What is your actual support question?13:18
bekksAnd if you are looking for a date, quit IRC and meet real people.13:19
anikmy question is on ubuntu app dev13:19
bekksSo what is your question?13:19
aniksorry for that..13:19
anikhow to start ubuntu app development13:20
bekksdid you ever developed an application yet, regardless of the OS, programming language, etc.?13:20
anikyes on android platform and java13:21
bekksSo you could start like that on Ubuntu too, you could develop a Java app.13:21
anikthat will support for mobile platform?13:22
bekksA mobile platform has nothing to do with it, at first step.13:22
aniki mean ubuntu touch phones13:22
bekksIf youdevelop for Ubuntu touch phones, your application will support them.13:23
anikis java supported on ubuntu phones?13:23
bekksAs on every Ubuntu.13:24
anikyahoo thanks!!13:24
anikmy problems solved13:24
anikbye bekks <313:25
ali1234to make proper ubuntu touch apps you are supposed to use Qt14:06
bekks"Proper apps" do not necessarily have a QT Gui.14:07
giulio_hi guys i have a problem i install ubuntu mate 6. on my laptop dell inspirion 1721 but i can t connect in wifi ? thank you14:47
giulio_ubuntu 14.614:48
bekksThere is no Ubuntu Mate 6 not 14.6.14:49
bekksThere is 16.0414:49
giulio_sorry 16.414:50
giulio_i install wireless driver but still don t work14:52
bekksWhich wireless drivers for which chipset?14:53
giulio_work only with cable14:53
bekksWhich wireless drivers for which chipset?14:53
giulio_BCM4311802.11b\gWLAN Wireless  WLAN Mini-Card14:56
bekksgiulio_: And which driver did you install?15:04
giulio_this one wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card15:07
bekksgiulio_: you named two different wifi cards. Which one are you using, and which driver are you using?15:14
giulio_i realy don t now bekks...15:28
bekksgiulio_: So which drive did you choose to install?15:28
giulio_broadcom 802.11  Linux STA wireless driver source from bcmwl-kernel-source15:32
dominikist hier einer der deutsch kann ?15:53
avroni use software to download programs and games its faster and lighter16:04
avronsomeone say something!!16:05
Guest2872I've installed 16.10 development version, is there any special way I should update my machine other than using apt-get?16:09
Guest2872also, i'm new to testing16:09
avron<Guest2872> install (software) as your software center16:11
Guest2872use of software updater complains about possible borkened install, which is why i've been using term16:13
avrongo to the welcome screen and software theres a link for software centers install software16:14
Guest2872and that will not harm the testing environment?16:17
Guest2872thank you16:17
Guest2872why that over apt-get, may I ask?16:17
Guest2872shouldn't it pull from yakkety?16:17
Guest2872I know there was some issue with mint wanting to pull from ubuntu repos and not the mint specific repos16:18
Guest2872nevermind. i'm an idiot16:19
Guest2872it's all yakkety16:19
avronare your running ubuntu mate?16:20
Guest2872currently, anyway16:22
Guest2872I have a few installs on this machine16:22
ubuntu-mateHello, anyone here?16:28
Guest2872i'm pseudo here16:30
avrondid the software i told you worked?16:34
Guest2872it was able to update the system, yes16:40
avronwhat? the software center16:40
avron<Guest2872> Say Something!!!16:43
avron<Guest2872> How dumb you are? your ignoring me!!!!16:44
Guest2872avron, sorry I am multitasking17:03
Guest2872along with doing this, I am working on several other things and am not physically at my computer the entire time17:03
avronGuest2872: is the simple software center that updated your computer?17:08
Guest2872yes, that was able to update some things17:08
ashutoshmjainHi  - The software boutique does't show an option to install Libre Office  .. i started with minimal installation of Mate and never installed Libre office ..is it a bug or supposed to install Libre office directly from their download torrent ?17:35
alkisgashutoshmjain: personally I install gnome-software and use that instead of the boutique17:37
alkisgIt's what ubuntu uses as well17:37
alkisgsudo apt install gnome-software; and then find it in the menus17:37
ashutoshmjainsure ..thanks17:37
alkisgashutoshmjain: also, if you install ubuntu-mate-desktop, it will pull all the dependencies for you, libreoffice included17:39
alkisgsudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop17:39
ashutoshmjainI have already installed some software eg Bit Torrent Sync  ... Hope installing ubuntu-mate-desktop wont adversely impact17:41
alkisgit will tell you which packages it will install, and you can press y or n to accept or not17:42
Akuliashutoshmjain, installing ubuntu-mate-desktop shouldn't remove anything.17:42
ashutoshmjainI liked the software boutique  .. Its very well designed  .. only issue is with Libre office  .. rather than giving an install option it just has a downward arrow to show more17:42
Akulisudo apt-get install libreoffice17:44
Akuliand you have it17:44
ashutoshmjainInstalling the Desktop now  ..going well ..thanks17:44
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ethertronone having problems with updates on Xenial18:15
bekksethertron: which problems do you have?18:15
ethertronyesterday i tried updating the LTS updates for xenial and 34 of the way it reports a problem18:16
ethertronyou know that little messege that says it will notify ubuntu of an internal error18:17
ethertronive never run MATE just Unity18:17
bekksLTS upgrade is postponed for a week.18:17
ethertronohh really18:18
ethertronmaybe i'll just wait till next week18:18
bekksIts your only option :)18:19
alkisgethertron: run this in a terminal: sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade18:24
alkisgThis popup message might be due to a not fully updated local mirror, nothing major18:24
bekksdist-upgrade is unknown to apt, it is replaced with full-upgrade18:24
alkisgbekks: please run it18:26
bekkswhich invokes apt-get dist-upgrade18:27
bekksI'd prefer apt full-upgrade18:28
alkisgMy command is runnable and your initial statement was invalid18:28
alkisgYour preference may be fine, no comment there18:28
avroni love ubuntu mate its smoother and no issues. On linux mint minetest crashes alot18:40
bekks!info minetest18:42
ubottuminetest (source: minetest): Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4.13+repack-1build1 (xenial), package size 1573 kB, installed size 4751 kB18:42
pavlushkabekks "sudo apt dist-upgrade" does work :)18:59
pavlushkabut in the man pages its "full-upgrade", dist-upgrade is absent.19:01
alkisgIt's probably there for compatibility for those that were used to the old apt-get syntax19:04
pavlushkathink so19:04
alkisgAnd it might have been renamed because people were thinking that "dist-upgrade" means "update to a newer distro version"19:04
CircularLogicyes i have made that mistake early on :P19:05
ali1234when the command was invented that is what it meant19:05
CircularLogicwhy they change then?19:06
ali1234because it no longer means that19:06
CircularLogicyeah i mean i wonder why they decided to change the behavior19:07
ali1234they didn't change the behaviour19:07
ali1234they made a proper upgrade tool19:07
CircularLogicwhat i thought you ment is that dist-upgrade used to do the same as do-release-upgrade does now19:10
ali1234in the past if you wanted to do a release upgrade you would edit your sources.list to point at the new repo and then do a dist-upgrade19:11
ali1234you can still do that now if you want but it isn't recommended19:11
ali1234do-release-upgrade is smarter19:11
CircularLogicdo-release-upgrade does that now but more safely if i understand correctly19:12
CircularLogicat least in part19:12
bekksdist-upgrade never did what do-release-upgrade does.19:14
bekksThose are two totally different tools.19:14
bekksdist-upgrade does not upgrade your distro from from release to another, and never did that.19:15
ali1234correct. when dist-upgrade was created there was *no tool* to upgrade your release19:16
ali1234you had to do it by hand19:16
vlyalcinhi to all, I am getting error during "sudo apt-get update" command20:04
vlyalcincould you help me to update the source.list file?20:04
alkisgvlyalcin: grep -r ubuntu-mate /etc/apt/sources.list*20:05
Akulivlyalcin, run this and pastebin: env lang=C sudo apt-get update20:05
alkisgYou'll see there where ubuntu-mate-dev is, in order to remove it20:05
Akulii want to see the error messages in english first20:05
vlyalcinalkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21049589/20:07
ali1234you did a release upgrade right?20:07
alkisgsudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-mate-dev-ubuntu-ppa-xenial.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-mate-dev-ubuntu-trusty-mate-xenial.list20:08
ali1234you have ppas on your system which don't contain packages for your release20:08
ali1234you need to remove them20:08
ali1234you might not want to just rm them though, because you might want to remove any old ppa packages which are installed first20:09
ali1234so you might want to ppa-purge them instead20:09
vlyalcinali1234: Actually I installed mistakenly the mate desktop while I was trying to install xrdp20:09
vlyalcinBut I want to save with short way my system20:09
ali1234oh, did you follow an old guide that told you to add those ppas?20:09
vlyalcinI will try to continue with mate20:09
vlyalcinalkisg: greate! thank you it is ok now20:14
vlyalcinAkuli: thank you20:15
vlyalcinali1234: thank you20:15
alkisgvlyalcin: you're welcome20:15
vlyalcinwill I miss any package with using mate?20:16
vlyalcinis there big different with xenial repo?20:17
ali1234no it is exactly the same thing20:17
alkisgmate is a good desktop environment, you won't miss anything. Xenial is 16.04, all Ubuntu flavors are "xenial" now.20:17
vlyalcinwhat was the default one?20:19
vlyalcinok then, I will keep trying the mate environment20:21
vlyalcinthank you again20:21
SCHAAP137mate is nice indeed20:28
CircularLogichi :D20:34
jcjordyn120how are you doing CircularLogic20:37
CircularLogicfine thanks20:38
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