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woobydoobysup, any idea when mir 0.24 will land in 16.10?05:40
dufluwoobydooby: As soon as we have confirmed it doesn't break Unity8 and friends :)05:40
woobydoobyoh, ok :D05:40
dufluIt's a big one too05:42
woobydoobyyeah, i've seen it's in a silo or something05:43
woobydoobya silo is like a ppa?05:43
woobydoobyif i install 0.24 from the silo and it doesn't work can i revert?05:43
dufluwoobydooby: I believe a silo is just a PPA. You can revert if you have 'ppa-purge' installed05:44
woobydoobyppa purge or something05:44
woobydoobygreat then :D muhahaha05:44
woobydoobythanks duflu05:44
woobydoobyhm.. btw.. kde conversation worlk okish on mir05:45
dufluwoobydooby: Thank you too. Please add your findings to https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/0.24/+merge/30058905:45
woobydoobythere are some problems with the menu and other things but it's usable on unity8 desktop05:45
woobydoobyusing it right now05:45
dufluUnfortunately silos are often bloated beasts with lots of projects changing at the same time. Difficult to narrow down regressions05:46
woobydooby:( we need to move to snaps05:46
woobydoobysnap refresh mir ))05:47
woobydoobyi've heard snaps cure cancer05:47
woobydoobybut i'm not sure if it's true05:47
dufluSnaps don't reduce the number of ABI/API breaks in a release necessitating multi-project updates unfortunately05:52
woobydoobyoh i see :> so you also need to update qtmir and unity compositor and stuff along with mir05:54
woobydoobyok, so looks like 0.24 is in the Mir staging ppa05:55
woobydoobyso.. after update i'll have mir 0.24 but all above will probably break, right? i will not be able to run unity8 desktop05:55
woobydoobybut i'll be able to play with mir in a vt05:55
dufluI'm not sure actually. Depends which PPA/silo...05:59
dufluI need to go visit the winter air for a while06:00
woobydoobylp  ~mir-team/+archive/ubuntu/staging06:03
woobydoobydufu can an abstraction layer above mir help with the abi breaks? (not coder here, just thinking), so then.. mir can move much faster, you'll probably also need to update the abrsraction layer with mir but will not break the stuff above06:14
RAOFWelcome to lp:miral :)06:16
woobydoobyOMG! that's so cool! like totally cool06:17
woobydoobykonverstaion eating 200% cpu, i've seen this with all qt5 apps06:35
woobydoobyback to irssi06:36
woobydoobykde apps06:41
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greybackalan_g: your MPs are landed in trunk11:23
alan_ggreyback: thanks11:24
* alan_g looks forward to POC Qt compositing landing too11:24
greybackalan_g: another bump from qtmir: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/miral/qt-bump-to-qtmir-529/+merge/30116813:01
alan_ggreyback: ack. On my list13:02
greybackalan_g: and I'd like your thoughts on a design matter I'm hitting. Please see https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/miral/qt-add-window-model-mir-side/+merge/30107413:03
greybackjust scan for the comments, I try to explain what I'm doing there13:03
alan_ggreyback: what's the question?13:12
greybackalan_g: for one, I need to duplicate much of the miral::WindowInfo object, so that I can pass it across thread boundaries. I'm making my own copy13:13
greybackI was considering adding a deep-copy method to WindowInfo13:14
greybackbut size & position are not included in that structure, but in the pointed-to Window13:15
greybackhence just making my own WindowInfo struct, copying most of miral::WindowInfo into it13:16
alan_ggreyback: miral::WindowInfo::WindowInfo(WindowInfo const& that) :13:16
alan_g    self{std::make_unique<Self>(*that.self)}13:16
alan_gThat's a deep copy13:16
greybackah. I missed that13:16
greybackok, I just need to see about window size & position13:18
alan_gIt doesn't deep copy the Window properties13:18
* alan_g has an ambition to remove the member functions from Window, but hasn't achieved that yet13:24
greybackoh good to know13:28
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