tsimonq2hey pleia2...11:54
tsimonq2pleia2: the newsletter doesn't make sense :P11:54
tsimonq2"This release is also available for all major flavor distributions."11:55
tsimonq2I didn't edit yesterday... :/11:55
tsimonq2s/edit/do an editorial review/11:55
MooDoowhat should it have read, makes sense to me, then again what do i know :D12:31
pleia2tsimonq2: what's the problem with that?17:00
tsimonq2pleia2: "major flavor distributions"17:01
pleia2I read it, what's the problem?17:01
tsimonq2just seems weird to me17:01
tsimonq2but you sent the emails already ;)17:01
pleia2I guess "distributions" could have been dropped entirely in favor of "flavors"17:01
tsimonq2I would have mentioned it last night17:01
pleia2but I wouldn't say that it doesn't make sense17:01
pleia2woo, we can publish to forums again18:04
pleia2bapoumba of the forums council put up issue 474 for us, I just posted 47518:04
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