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DanielLHello to all13:33
dholbachhey hey13:35
dholbachstarting in 13mins14:47
tsimonq2dholbach: typo in the YouTube video name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrhXEh33KOw14:48
BlueBeardyBearHi, I probably won't be able to watch this live. But I thought I'd leave some questions.14:50
BlueBeardyBearQUESTION: Up until now nobody has seen the new dashboard design of unity 8 in desktop mode, what are you hiding?14:50
BlueBeardyBearQUESTION: Will there be an indicator in Unity 8 when an app is accessing my microphone , webcam or recording my screen14:50
BlueBeardyBearQUESTION: Will Ubuntu with Unity 8 and Snappy eventually lead in a rolling release on Desktop?14:50
BlueBeardyBearQUESTION: Can we have a space where we can ask questions, without being live at this stream? Like a forum thread or something?14:50
BlueBeardyBearQUESTION: If allowed apps can access my whole home directory, wouldn’t it be better if every app gets it’s own folder in /home/ and one folder that are shared between all snaps? Maybe also secure file picker solution, which let’s you decide what file the app is allowed to see? (I’m no expert, that was just a thought)14:52
mhall119getting a headstart eh BlueBeardyBear ?14:53
tsimonq2oh I have a ton of questions mhall119 :P14:54
BlueBeardyBearI'm at work, so I won't be able to watch it live.14:54
BlueBeardyBearBut I can watch it later :D14:54
popeyBlueBeardyBear: i don't know what you mean by dashboard14:54
mhall119BlueBeardyBear: #ubuntu-touch, #ubuntu-desktop or #ubuntu-app-devel14:54
mhall119you can ask anytime14:54
mhall119also #ubuntu-unity14:54
popeymhall119: he means a doc, pre-filled for our Q&A14:54
mhall119here then I suppose14:55
popeywhich has been asked a bunch of times, and we have said before, "sure, make a doc and people can put them in"14:55
popeyor here, sure ㋛14:55
mhall119let's make a django app for it!14:55
* mhall119 runs14:55
dholbachor let's to it on askubuntu :)14:56
BlueBeardyBearI'm also not 100% sure if this has to be live?14:56
mhall119if it's live, we can't procrastinate14:56
BlueBeardyBearpopey: Dashboard, the app launcher/lense14:58
tsimonq2ass soon as you guys start I'll paste my list :P14:58
tsimonq2whoops :O14:58
BlueBeardyBearbutt you can't write that here14:58
tsimonq2timer on YouTube video says 30 secs!14:59
dholbachgo go go!15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: when is David Calle going to become an Ubuntu member?15:00
tsimonq2See dholbach, I started it. :P15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: what is Lubuntu planning with bug day? ;)15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: what is your stance on dropping i386 support?15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: there’s been a lot of talk about Snappy, but how do I get my hands dirty with Debian/Ubuntu packages?15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: what do you think of LXQt?15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: what’s going on with the CoC revisions?15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: what IRC client do you use and why?15:00
tsimonq2QUESTION: have you ever had Snappy popcorn? It’s really good. :)15:00
tsimonq2there! \o/15:00
kloinkaQUESTION:How does Snappy© handle AppArmor and Selinux policies?15:01
mhall119is davidcalle *still* not an Ubuntu Member?15:01
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ahayzenQUESTION: Who has the best beard in the community?15:02
tsimonq2mhall119: correct, and dholbach made a joke in one of the last Q&As about how the meme shouldn't be Chloe and the HUD but when davidcalle will become an Ubuntu Member :P15:02
dholbachnice one :)15:03
* tsimonq2 gives dholbach a high five15:03
DanielLQUESTION: when unity 8 will be the default DE? Any chance untill the next Ubuntu LTS?15:04
tsimonq2lol dholbach15:04
Guest39653Question: What does the production timetable/ramp-up look like for U.S. accessible Ubuntu phones?15:04
ahoneybunblames tsimonq215:04
tsimonq2ahoneybun: http://blamepopey.com/15:05
ahayzenQUESTION: I heard at the snappy sprint there was talk of 'content sharing', eg shared runtimes/platforms. Can you explain how these will work? And can we expect snappy gtk, qt, uitk etc 'content sharing' snaps?15:05
nick011QUESTION: Do you know who from the Ubuntu community (not only canonical) is coming to the ubucon EU15:05
HTML5QUESTION: Could Ubuntu benefit from the recent layoffs  on Cyanogen ?15:05
czajkowskinick011: I am :)15:05
tsimonq2OMG popey is BlueBeardyBear! LOL15:05
* tsimonq2 runs15:06
mariogripnick011: me too :D15:06
stephenbQUESTION : When will the MX6 ubuntu edition be available? :)15:06
Guest39653Question: I've enjoyed writing Desktop applications on the electron (js) framework, has the snappy team considered how such JavaScript Desktop applications could become snaps?15:08
ahayzenQUESTION: As snappy is going cross-distro, are tools that are "ubuntu" prefixed expected to be implemented per distro. Or will they be renamed/merged into the snap tool itself? Such as there is ubuntu-app-launch, does Fedora need to implement this? Or will this become something like snap run ?15:08
mariogripspeaking about ubucon EU, we need to somehow fly mhall119 over to ubucon EU, I need to give him a hug :)15:09
mhall119mariogrip: you mean you don't want to be flown to Florida for that?15:09
BlueBeardyBearQUESTION: Is tehre a possibility for Canonical to make React Native compatible to ubuntu?15:10
mariogripmhall119: haha, yeah sure, I would love to come to Florida :D15:10
DanielLQUSTION: any chance microsoft office suite will come to ubuntu untill 2020, since canonical works with microsoft now?15:11
thibranQUESTION: Is it possible to build a snap out of a .deb file which works only on Ubuntu 14.04?15:12
tsimonq2More questions incoming! :D15:12
tsimonq2QUESTION: What’s going on with Canonical and LibreOffice?15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: When will we have an Ubuntu Phone in the US?15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: What is something you wish should be improved in the Ubuntu Phone? (something technical, not the way things work, like my above question)15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: How do I apply at Canonical? :D15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: What email client do you use and why?15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: What’s the status of the Snappy Playpen?15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: If you had to choose a favorite flavor besides vanilla Ubuntu, what would it be? :O15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: What room are you in?15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: Have you ever used any other UNIX distribution?15:13
tsimonq2QUESTION: What’s going on with Canonical and LibreOffice? Canonical joined some advisory board?15:13
tsimonq2oh shoot last question is a duplicate of the first, ignore either one, popey, dholbach15:13
mhall119BlueBeardyBear: the content-hub from the phone will do the secure file-selection already. Additionally, we're looking into being able to use the same "portals" that flatpak is adding to Gtk15:13
mhall119and potentially qt in the future15:13
tsimonq2popey: http://lubuntu.me/lubuntu-bug-day/15:16
mhall119dholbach: popey: he was on-air yesterday and recorded aboutit15:16
michelRQUESTION: is there a list of correspondance between SDK version and OTA ? (ex SDK 15.04.4 <--> OTA11) ?15:17
Sid__QUESTION: What is still to be done in Unity8 to become the default?15:19
mhall119not really15:19
nick011QUESTION: what do you think about the new Iphone with no Headphone jack?15:20
mariogriprobot dholbach15:21
tsimonq2dholbach: happened yesterday15:21
tsimonq2dholbach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vAaE37fZSM15:22
Sid__QUESTION: There had been talkes about the possibility of creating your own aggregator-scope while you are on the phone. just draging that service you want combined. What is the status about this neat feature? I woul dlove to customize some scopes my self15:22
mhall119re: CoC, there was discussion on ubuntu-community-team ML and I've taken the feedback from that and updated my MP, we just need to pick it back up and decide to land it or not15:22
tsimonq2YAY popey!15:23
mhall119irssi 4 life15:23
mariogripQUESTION: HUD?15:23
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* tsimonq2 high-fives mhall119 15:23
tsimonq2hahahaha popey15:24
mhall119mariogrip: I was talking to kevin gunn last week about HUD, he said he would check with the design team to see if it's a higher priority now that we're pushing hard for Unity 8 on the desktop15:24
mariogripmhall119: Awesome :D15:24
stephenbQUESTION : what features are you excited about for the 16.10 release?15:25
Sid__QUESTION: 2 years back there where talks about the inability for messaging /GPS  apps (telegram, email etc) to run in the background (push messages, protocoll your run etc). Canonical wanted to provide Services for these kind of things. What is the status about this?15:27
mhall119that's for tvoss15:28
dholbachubucon eu: http://ubucon.org/en/events/ubucon-europe/speakers/15:30
mariogripatom is electrum15:33
Guest39653Not a question: Just looked up if Unity3d framework was available on linux. It is! Very cool. If you are into or interested in developing video games, take a look. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-on-linux-release-notes-and-known-issues.350256/15:33
ahoneybunand atom does not work mariogrip15:34
ahoneybunas popey and I found15:34
ahoneybunFranz tsimonq215:35
* tsimonq2 kicks ahoneybun 15:35
mariogripahoneybun: awww, I just saw there was an snap for it so I thought it was working15:35
ahoneybunnot for me15:36
ahoneybuntsimonq2, just saying that it uses electrum I think15:36
ahoneybunat least atom-cwayne does not work15:36
ahoneybunmariogrip, ^15:36
tsimonq2QUESTION: What does a typical work day look like for you?15:36
nick011QUESTION: Is there anyone that has more phones than popey lol :P (and are they "sit proof")15:36
mariogriptsimonq2: mine is wake up -> c++ -> food -> c++ -> sleep -> repeat15:37
tsimonq2mariogrip: hehehehehehehehe15:37
mhall119tsimonq2: more or less this: https://xkcd.com/490/15:38
mariogripahoneybun: will give it a go15:38
mhall119nick011: mariogrip probably has more phones than popey15:38
mariogripmhall119: ha :)15:38
tsimonq2mariogrip: hahahaha15:39
thibranYes, I want it work on Ubuntu 16.0415:39
tsimonq2mariogrip: if the Gmail app didn't suck so much for writing and reading email, I would just stay in bed until I had to get out of bed and code something :P15:39
nick011mhall119: haha15:39
tsimonq2wait, mhall119 ^15:40
tsimonq2no no no dholbach popey, see my last question in that block15:41
diddledan_QUESTION: so if we're doing vague questions, how about them current affairs, eh?15:41
paganiniQUESTION: Why isn't miracast/aethercast going to be implemented in the BQ Aquaris E4.5?15:43
tsimonq2hey no diddledan_, see my last question in that block :P15:43
nick011QUESTION: what would you say is the best and fastest commercial or not ubuntu touch phone?15:44
tsimonq2Thunderbird! \o/15:44
* mariogrip want to work for canonical :)15:45
tsimonq2hey no that's not fair! :P15:45
diddledan_I like chocolate chip15:45
diddledan_also strawberry15:45
mariogripoh no, mate stickers, Martin Wimpress make me scared of stickers lol :P15:46
* mariogrip cries :( skipped my question15:54
mariogrippopey: not the kernel, a newer verson of the android hal15:58
tsimonq2no I can ask more :P15:59
stephenbthank you15:59
mariogripforgot last question from nick011 popey15:59
dholbachbig hugs everyone!16:00
ahayzenthanks dholbach popey :-)16:00
mariogripThanks dholbach and popey :D16:00
paganinithat's a pitty:(16:00
tsimonq2dholbach: won't let you forget https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jzGIaZcGcM XD16:00
paganinithanks alan pope for your answer16:01
paganiniand mariogrip16:01
paganinithank you too16:01
nick011thanks everyone16:02
tsimonq2thanks dholbach and paganini16:02
popeythanks everyone!16:02
popeythat was fun16:02
tsimonq2whoops, thanks popey16:02
paganinicpu intensive... might melt the phone...16:03
tsimonq2popey: so about the LibreOffice question, take a look here: https://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/announce/msg00269.html16:03
tsimonq2popey: I thought you guys might know something about it16:03
tsimonq2popey: and yes it was a vague question but look at the bottom question in that block, it was more specific but you skipped it16:04
tsimonq2s/know/might have known/16:04
davmor2popey: tsimonq2: Brandy Snaps surely the branding is right there :)16:08
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tsimonq2popey: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/07/canonical-joins-document-foundation-advisory-board17:02
popeytsimonq2: makes sense with context :)17:39
tsimonq2\o/ :)17:39
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