infinitytjaalton: Trusty dailies with hwe-x should be popping out in about 3hr.04:05
infinitytjaalton: I do have a concern that you dropped a bunch of video drivers from video-all for this backport.04:05
infinitytjaalton: While dropping support for those in xenial was fine, I'm concerned when we upgrade users who installed with hwe-u/v/w to hwe-x, they may not have a video driver anymore.04:06
MirvQt 5.6.1 ongoing. It will be stuck in proposed for a while, Kubuntu folks will now start uploading their updates that will then sort out the autopkgtest problems.05:46
tjaaltoninfinity: ok, easy to add back05:52
jbichais Kubuntu skipping Alpha2 then?05:57
tsimonq2infinity: the Lubuntu team is ready for an LXQt image to be spun up on a daily basis, so we can start getting it to work, we have the *qt* seeds (not bolded, wildcards on both sides) ready to go, and we just need an image spun up now05:59
tsimonq2infinity: I don't know much about how seeds work, but if you have any questions about the Qt/LXQt ones, let me know06:00
tsimonq2infinity: and can we just get desktop for now until we do some testing and further manipulation of the seed?06:02
tsimonq2infinity: also, if it matters, can it be something like lubuntu-next instead of lubuntu-qt?06:03
Mirvjbicha: if you asked regarding the Qt, they are fine it being in the proposed and I guess it will take more than two days for everything to be resolved (but they can at least start now)06:07
yofeljbicha: yes, kubuntu is skipping a2. There's no point in testing the current archive state07:49
yofelon a side note: did the discussion about adding ~ubuntu-dev to ~ubuntu-transition-trackers ever get anywhere?07:50
sil2100Hello release team!10:42
sil2100address-book-app fails to migrate because of arm64 left-over binaries, but those were only in -proposed10:43
sil2100I reverted the addition of those binaries as they caused uninstallability issues currently10:43
tsimonq2infinity: seems like a little bit more work than just asking someone to do it, right? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecognizedFlavors says a couple of things such as getting an IS signoff, but since we already have a set of images, what out of that page would still need to be done?10:43
sil2100Could anyone just remove those old binaries? Otherwise it won't migrate10:43
sil2100And we won't enable arm64 binaries on it until we won't get unity8 arm64 building10:43
apwsil2100, that then is just NBS in yakkety-proposed ...11:28
sil2100Well, proposed migration doesn't want to let it through now11:35
sil2100Just want it to migrate, as the arm64 binaries never went out of -proposed and should not exist11:36
apwsil2100, sorry yes, and that will jam up indeed, i am confused that the new one still builds on arm64, i thought that was to revert it11:36
apw(not that primary binary packages, but still some qt* ones)11:36
apwoh ok, they are pre-existing ignore me11:39
apwsil2100, ok should be gone12:01
sil2100apw: thanks!12:05
Laneyyofel: I've invited them - you need the DMB to approve the invitation12:06
rbasakyofel, Laney: done12:27
tsimonq2rbasak: seems you are on the DMB, so let me ask you. Is the process complicated if a flavor wants to have another image built? Does it have to go through IS and everything that is on the wiki page even if the flavor already has some images?12:29
tsimonq2rbasak: (wiki page I'm talking about is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecognizedFlavors )12:30
rbasaktsimonq2: sorry, that's not really a DMB thing. I think it probably falls under the release team, so try asking on the ubuntu-release ML if you don't get an answer here.12:31
tsimonq2rbasak: oh so it isn't? good to know, thanks12:31
* tsimonq2 's definition of DMB is probably mixed up, Googling12:32
tsimonq2yeah sorry rbasak, confused DMB with tech board :)12:33
rbasakAh, yes. It's presumably either under the release team's remit, or falls back to the TB if not. In practice, you'll probably end up with someone on both teams to handle it :)12:34
tsimonq2rbasak: I pinged Adam earlier, he's on both, so I think that's a safe bet :)12:36
DataforceHey all - when are 14.04 users going to start being prompted for 16.04? I was expecting it last week but http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts still just lists trusty and I'm not seeing the prompts or getting a release prompt from `do-release-upgrade` (I know I could use -d to force it but that's not the point ;))15:10
apwDataforce, i know it was not enabled immediatly, that the decision was going to be made early this week15:12
Dataforceapw: ah ok thanks, I'm just wondering when it'll happen so that I can monitor our mirror server for the (presumed) extra traffic15:14
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jibelinfinity, upgrade tests are done, nothing to report. and it worked on preinstalled 14.0 'on dell too16:21
jibelinfinity, I think it's good to open the upgrade to 16.04.116:22
infinityjibel: That was a much more promising (and boring) report than I was expecting.16:26
infinityjibel: But thanks!16:26
flocculantinfinity jibel: I know that I've at least tested for me upgrading - have other flavours at least checked?16:26
flocculantI'd have hoped so - but I rarely saw anything on the tracker16:27
jbichaUGNOME has a tester who did upgrade testing and he didn't report any issues16:36
tsimonq2I personally tested with Lubuntu16:52
tsimonq2infinity: speaking of Lubuntu, how would I go about getting that image built?16:56
infinitytsimonq2: Merge proposals for livecd-rootfs and debian-cd, for a start.16:59
infinityBrain not awake yet.17:00
tsimonq2yay, Bazaar... :P17:03
tsimonq2infinity: do you need me to make a debian/changelog entry on livecd-rootfs?17:05
tsimonq2I'm assuming not?17:05
ogra_your commit should have a changelog entry ... against UNRELEASED17:06
tsimonq2alright thanks ogra_17:06
tsimonq2there: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/livecd-rootfs/lubuntu-next-image/+merge/30120217:17
tsimonq2I don't have experience with this so let me know how I did :P17:17
tsimonq2infinity: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/ubuntu-cdimage/lubuntu-next-image/+merge/301203 and https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/livecd-rootfs/lubuntu-next-image/+merge/301202 is good to go, what now?17:44
bdmurrayinfinity: When are you thinking about making the meta-release change?17:49
tsimonq2infinity: what's the ETA for getting Alpha 2 prepared? (iso.qa.ubuntu.com etc.)18:08
infinitytsimonq2: Dunno.  Note the complete lack of anyone signing up to do A2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseTaskSignup18:35
tsimonq2infinity: Lubuntu is, putting Lubuntu there18:36
tsimonq2oh I see18:36
tsimonq2infinity: I can do it if you are fine with it, although I'm not *officially* a release manager18:37
tsimonq2(the checklist tracking)18:37
tsimonq2infinity: I just helped flexiondotorg for Alpha 118:40
tsimonq2in addition to that, I don't know who *can* do Nusakan publishing18:40
tsimonq2I can't18:40
flocculanttsimonq2: that'd be someone canonical'ish18:41
tsimonq2flocculant: you talking about Nusakan or checklist tracking? because I can totally do the latter18:42
flocculantyou were asking about publishing18:42
tsimonq2flocculant: I was just sort of pointing out the former18:42
tsimonq2yeah sorry18:42
flocculantthere's not been an A2 message on release either I see18:43
tsimonq2flocculant: you think it's too late to send a message and ask who's participating?18:43
flocculantnot that it actually affects Xubuntu18:43
flocculanttsimonq2: of course it is - gets to the list today, wait for timezones, it's thursday18:44
tsimonq2flocculant: yeah so I don't know if it's too late :(18:44
flocculantpeople need to actually do the flavour stuff - the mail from 'canonical' about all that is at least 4 cycles old I'm sure18:45
tsimonq2you talking about checklist tracking?18:45
flocculantit's been like that for a while now, so trying to catch up 2 days before release seems a bit silly18:48
flocculantand I'm not pointing nor talking about you specifically :)18:48
tsimonq2alright :)18:48
tsimonq2so what do you suggest happens from here, flocculant?18:48
flocculanttsimonq2: nothing to do with me - I said weeks ago we're not bothering till Final ;)18:49
tsimonq2alright flocculant :)18:49
flocculantpart of *my* reasoning was all of this - some flavours make the effort - others don't18:49
tsimonq2for the time being, I'll put my name on Alpha 2's checklist tracking, and if anyone has a problem with that, please let me know ASAP18:50
flocculantin fact iirc it has been Lubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu and Mate doing all the running for flavours18:50
infinitytsimonq2: FWIW, I'm inclined to agree with flocculant on this.  If no one thought to volunteer, put out a call for participants, etc, until Tuesday, I'd be inclined to just skip it.  Too little, too late.  There's no obligation to do pre-beta-2-milestones.19:47
infinitytsimonq2: Yes, Canonical can hunt down someone to do the backend bits if the community wants to do them, but the contract there was that the community had to step up and drive the process.  That really didn't happen here.19:48
tsimonq2infinity: I wasn't aware of this so I had no idea. It would be great if Lubuntu could release an Alpha 2 image but if it can't happen, I understand19:49
wxli'd be shocked if at least mate doesn't want in19:50
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flocculantthat's not the point thought is it19:51
tsimonq2flocculant: how so?19:52
flocculantit's Tuesday and no-one bothered to start the ball rolling last week19:52
flocculantreally not hard to understand tsimonq219:52
flocculantyes there was other things happening - but it's just an e-mail to do that19:53
rbasakI wonder if it would help this kind of thing if there were a flavor lead on the release team generally looking after non-Canonical flavors. Did that help when we had that in the past?19:54
infinityrbasak: Did we have that in the past?19:54
infinity(The answer is no)19:54
flocculantrbasak: how would that help - surely a flavour knows when it wants to do something - if that doesn't get flagged up early enough - then they should shout out19:54
infinityWe had member of the release team who happened to work more with a specific flavour than with Ubuntu (Scott and Jonathan), but they didn't go chasing other flavours and babysitting.19:55
flocculantrbasak: and last week was when I would have shouted if xubuntu was taking part19:55
rbasakI meant socially, rather than technically, if there's someone volunteering to think about these things. Just a thought.19:55
infinityWe're trying to move in the other direction, though. ;)19:56
wxli don't think chasing/babysitting is an issue that the flavors can't take care of. however, since they're often little teams, a little heads up would be nice.19:56
rbasakWhat direction's that?19:56
infinityThe point of this contract was to allow flavours to step up and help themselves do something that, largely, many of us think is pointless. ;)19:56
infinity(To put it bluntly)19:56
flocculantwxl: surely the release schecdule is sufficient heads up?19:57
infinityI'd like to ditch all pre-final-beta milestones entirely and replace them with community testing parties, where people gather on IRC, order in some pizza, grab a few dailies, file a bunch of bugs, have a good time, but there's no milestone released.19:57
flocculantI used to add the dates to the xub trello tool, then later to the xub calendar19:57
infinityBecause releasing blessed ISO milsetone images is, frankly, bad.19:57
rbasakI'm only suggesting something that would assist with helping flavours step up.19:57
wxli'd say that's a fair notion infinity19:58
infinityrbasak: Sure, and anyone could do that, if they so choose.19:58
infinityrbasak: It's not the release team's responsibility to be a personal calendar, mind you.19:58
rbasakBut anyway, I don't have a strong opinion on this. I just wondered if people thought that might help. Perhaps not then.19:58
tsimonq2to be honest, I've had my eye on this for a while, and it surprised me that *today* nobody was thinking about it19:58
tsimonq2Lubuntu could very well release Alpha 219:58
tsimonq2*could* - we need release team support19:59
wxltsimonq2: well it's a fair notion to expect us to figure out exactly who's participating and who's not ahead of time19:59
wxlin all honesty, doing away with milestones would be really nice20:00
wxli think quite possibly it might lead to more testing20:00
wxlso many testers seem to wait until the milestone, which is really not ideal20:00
wxlit's the wrong effort20:00
wxlwe need testing of a wider scope20:01
infinitywxl: Right, the counter-argument is that understaffed flavours can't test every day, so milestones provide a rallying point.  Hence my suggestion to just turn milestones into IRC beer and pizza bughunting day.  No pressure to RELEASE a thing, just find all the bugs you can and have fun fixing.20:02
wxlinfinity: yes, but we could certainly test with the same amount of frequency20:02
tsimonq2infinity: devil's advocate: an excuse to procrastinate, if it's informal, they have the option to postpone20:02
tsimonq2infinity: whereas with a release it's more urgent20:03
tsimonq2just saying :P20:03
tsimonq2but I agree with the points made20:03
wxli think it's worth a test some cycle20:04
wxland a non-LTS one at that20:04
tsimonq2the question is, what are we doing *now* ?20:04
infinitytsimonq2: milestones are optional anyway (as is community participation in testing them), so...20:04
tsimonq2what's our plan?20:04
tsimonq2yeah infinity :P20:04
tsimonq2are we going to release Alpha 2?20:04
wxli think the other flavor leads are probably afk20:04
infinityDepends on if you get responses to your mail.20:05
infinityBut, honestly, by the time you do, you're leaving a day for spin/test/respin before release.20:05
infinityWhich effectively means spin/release.20:05
infinitySo, sure.  I could release today's daily as a milestone for you.  But that would be worthless. ;)20:06
wxlwhat about the others that seem to be signed up? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/Alpha220:06
wxlflexiondotorg created that so i'm sure that means mate's in (hwich would be my guess anyways based on the past)20:07
wxlsimilarly kylin released an alpha 1 so i doubt they don;t want to release 220:09
wxlmy vote is to include the three of us and make a milestone20:09
tsimonq2I agree with that20:09
tsimonq2because we have a general idea20:09
wxland follow it up with an email discussing that this will be the LAST TIME we do this without communication from flavors20:09
tsimonq2agreed as well20:09
tsimonq2infinity: thoughts?20:09
infinitywxl: Fair enough.  We can set it up for Lu/Ky/MATE.20:16
infinitywxl: I might have to find someone else to do the release bits for you on Thursday.20:16
infinityLaney: Feel like being a community release sucker for A2?  My hands are full with 14.04.520:17
infinitywxl, tsimonq2: I'll set up the milestone and put in a britney block after I've found some lunch and such.20:18
tsimonq2thanks infinity, wxl's out to lunch too :)20:19
tsimonq2infinity: could you also please review those MPs when you get a minute?20:21
tsimonq2infinity: whatever Lubuntu Next images that are set up as a result of that won't go into A220:23
flocculantwxl: not read the whole backlog - but xubuntu tries to push those likely to actually test to run dev/current20:32
infinityflocculant: Yeah, still need occasional install testing, too.20:44
infinityI do so love how all the critical installer bugs seem to be found and fixed a week before final release. :P20:44
flexiondotorgwxl, Yes. Ubuntu MATE is in for Alpha 2 :-)20:49
tsimonq2hello flexiondotorg :)20:49
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, o/20:50
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: just setting up Mumble to go on LUP, but I'm glad that we're good in that area :)20:50
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flocculantinfinity: I do this every now and again http://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-qa21:12
flocculantwhich matches up to the tracker21:12
flocculanttrying to get people an easy way to see current status21:12
flocculantof course I really need a vbox column too :p21:13
infinityAlright, Alpha 2 set up.  Not going to impose the block or build the first images until autopkgtesting and proposed-migration have settled down a bit.21:52
infinitySo, in a few hours.21:53
flocculantinfinity: I try and find installer issues asap, but on the other hand - at least this cycle when Nick had moved on - I found install issues, but because no tracker home, hard to know who to tell21:54
flocculantin the end cyphermox idles in xubuntu-dev so pinged him I think21:54
flocculantI try not to hassle people in here as much as I can21:55
flocculantI kind of hoped that if 'bug' 'install' yaketty' people noticed21:56
flocculantif tagging bugs on tracker doesn't actually do much - that's useful info21:56
* flocculant wouldn't actually (unless asked) tag a person or team21:57
flocculantkind of expect the tool to do that21:57
flocculantbut it is hard out here in 'flavour' land to know what to do for the best21:58
flocculantwxl flexiondotorg might comment21:58
tsimonq2infinity: can you look at my MPs?22:59

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