i-I'm running Server 16.04, so I figured to ask here.00:46
i-I have kswapd0 running at 100% (almost) CPJ00:47
i-Dunno what I could do to fix this :P00:47
sarnoldi-: is there anything interesting in dmesg output?00:52
sarnoldi-: what does smartctl status look like on your drives?00:53
i-smartctl apparently gets an 'invalid argument'00:59
i-dmesg looks like normal01:01
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cpaelzeri-: kswapd at 100% likely means you are staying below some watermarks07:01
cpaelzeri-: depending on numa setup you have one or more kswap kernel threads but that aside07:01
cpaelzeri-: usually I'd expect you now want to find where your memory is:07:02
i-this is actually an EC2 instance, btw07:02
cpaelzergood to know07:02
cpaelzeri-: a) spent with tools like smem or even just /proc/memofino and /proc/slabinfo07:02
cpaelzeri-: b) track a bit how much is going on in terms of discarding pages and vm effort on it07:03
cpaelzerfor b there might be more modern things, but I still like systat for that07:03
cpaelzerhttp://www-05.ibm.com/de/events/linux-on-system-z/downloads/Tools-MK2-V7-Web.pdf pages 72/73 and 149 would be where I'd start07:05
cpaelzeri-: feel free to post the syststat and smem data somewhere to try to jointly interpreting them :-)07:05
cpaelzeri-: an output of /proc/meminfo /proc/slabinfo  /proc/zoneinfo and /proc/pagetypeinfo along the other data can also help to shed some light07:07
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cpaelzerrbasak: I realized that it might be reasonable to spend at least a bit of time when doing a merge to check for outstanding bugs09:25
cpaelzerrbasak: most of the time this is just 30 minutes of cleanup, but sometimes one can find something important and add it right when merging anyway09:25
cpaelzerrbasak: as well as trying to push remaining delta to debian09:25
cpaelzerrbasak:  I was wondering if we should add the two (pushing delta to debian + reviewing open bugs) to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging/GitWorkflow between step 6/7 or if you consider that "too much"09:26
negevhi, say i have rails installed and i want to configure a different apparmor profile for each rails app, is there a way to do that?10:09
rbasakcpaelzer: I think that's a good idea.10:16
cpaelzerrbasak: thanks I'll add a very short statement as soon as the wiki lets me in10:18
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cpaelzerrbasak: fyi picking the exim4 merge - ok ?11:16
cpaelzerthat is the next on my list, but you touched last so I wanted to hear an ack11:17
rbasakcpaelzer: sure, thanks. I'm reviewing your ntp merge right now.11:18
cpaelzermdeslaur: you also uploaded exim4 recently - is it ok for you too that I take the work on the merge?11:18
mdeslaurcpaelzer: please take it, thanks11:19
ktt9Hello. I have a problem with preseeding Ubuntu 16.04 server amd64. Patched boot command line seems to ignore preseed/early_command string. Am I missing something?11:43
ktt9Same procedure works perfectly for e.g. 15.10 and earlier versions.11:44
rbasakktt9: I'm not aware of anything that should have changed with that. I suggest you provide exact steps to reproduce in a bug report.11:45
ktt9Okay, understood.11:48
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b3h3m0thI opted for home folder encryption on ubuntu server 16.04 during installation. Now I want to be able to login as a different user and access my files. How do I do that ?13:38
bekksb3h3m0th: You dont. Because your home folder is encrypted per user.13:44
bekksb3h3m0th: you need to login two users then.13:44
b3h3m0thI did not get that13:45
JanCwell, you could still mount it AFAIK13:45
b3h3m0thyeah, that's what I want to do13:45
bekksthe home of user A is decrypted when user A logs in. So login user A to get that home decrypted, and switch users, and login user B.13:46
b3h3m0thI want to do that without logging in to user A13:46
b3h3m0thtechnically speaking, I want to figure out the decryption passhrase and the decryption command for /home/A/ (given I know the unix password for user A) from user B's shell13:47
bekksb3h3m0th: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory13:47
JanCit's using ecryptfs13:48
bekksb3h3m0th: There is no way to guess the passphrase for the encryption from the known user password.13:48
bekksThere is entirely no relationship between them, technically. You MIGHT set the same passphrases, but thats not a requirement at all.13:48
bekksb3h3m0th: Instead of trying to crack, just ask user A.13:49
Zardoz84I need help with a nearly catastrophic problem with Ubuntu Server (14.04) on a Intel FakeRAID13:54
Zardoz84We replaced a failing hard drive by another, and looks that the rebuild process instead of copying the data of the good disk to the new disk, has doing opossite! Now I have a raid volumen that is empty !13:55
bekksZardoz84: No it is time to restore your backup.13:55
JanCb3h3m0th: see there how you can get the mount passphrase13:55
Zardoz84But lucky, we had a separate raid 1 to store the data13:56
Zardoz84that have a BTRFS filesystem. I boot from the Ubuntu server cdrom on rescue mode, to check the data volumen, and I can't mount the partition13:56
bekksSo you dont have a backup?13:57
Zardoz84fdisk says that there is a single partition of GPT type, and when I try to list the partitions using -t gpt, I get an error13:57
Zardoz84bekks: Yes, but I'm trying to restore the data hard disks13:58
bekksZardoz84: Can you please anwer my questions?13:58
bekksZardoz84: Do you have a backup?13:58
Zardoz84bekks: Yes, I have backups of the data but I'm trying to restore the data hard disks13:58
bekksZardoz84: they were overwritten. Restore your backup.13:59
Zardoz84I know that I would need to reisntall the OS, but I need to know why this happen, so the next time that we replace a hard disk, we not get a server down for a entire day13:59
JanCdon't use fake raid13:59
Zardoz84bekks: As I said, I know that the SO volumen is lost and I need to reinstall it. What I'm worried, is about the data volume that looks that is Ok, but I can mount the partition14:00
bekksZardoz84: USe a hardware raid controller.14:00
JanCand I wouldn't use btrfs either14:00
Zardoz84JanC: Sadly, I can't choose the hardware14:00
bekksZardoz84: Do you have a BACKUP on SEPARATE drives?14:00
Zardoz84We have a backup on a network drive, so YES14:00
JanCyou can ignore intel fake raid and use linux software raid14:01
bekksZardoz84: So reinstall that thing, forget about whatever is on those disks, and restore. your. backup.14:01
Zardoz84:( My kingdom for a real RAID....14:02
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RoyKbekks: I'd use mdraid over hwraid any day14:47
b3h3m0thbekks:  no need of asking user A14:48
b3h3m0thI am user A14:48
b3h3m0thI did not set the passphrase14:48
b3h3m0thit was set up during installation14:48
b3h3m0thof ubuntu server14:48
bekksThen you are logged in as user A :P14:48
b3h3m0thbut there is a catch14:49
b3h3m0thmy ultimate intention is to set up (home folder encryption) and (key based ssh)14:49
b3h3m0thso, if home folder encryption is there, the ssh keys in home folder cannot be verified14:50
b3h3m0thso I am using https://stephen.rees-carter.net/thought/encrypted-home-directories-ssh-key-authentication14:50
b3h3m0thin that, I can login using my keys of user A14:50
b3h3m0thbut then I have to unlock using my password14:51
bekksYou could have asked that about an hour earlier.14:51
b3h3m0thbut I want my decryption passhrase to be different from my unix password14:51
b3h3m0thfor security reasons14:51
bekksYour initial question was totally different from your ssh issue.14:51
b3h3m0thyeah, I did not want to be off topic14:51
b3h3m0thbrb. logging on. dinner14:52
JanCwhy would an ssh question be offtopic and an ecryptfs question not?14:55
patdk-wkI think he means offtopic to the problem at hand, he was attempting to solve14:58
JanCwell, even more reason to describe the exact same problem instead of something unrelated?15:00
b3h3m0thso the command mentioned in https://stephen.rees-carter.net/thought/encrypted-home-directories-ssh-key-authentication is not present in ubuntu server 16.0415:23
bekksWhich command...?15:23
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b3h3m0thI'm wondering how it is mounted by ubuntu when I login normally15:25
bekksCheck wether the package ecryptfs-utils is installed.15:27
b3h3m0thwhat was the command ?15:28
b3h3m0thsomething with --policy15:28
b3h3m0thyes it is15:29
b3h3m0ththat command did work15:32
b3h3m0thpath issues15:32
b3h3m0thand the passphrase is my unix password15:33
b3h3m0thhow insecure of ubuntu server it did not even ask me for passphrase while setup :(15:33
bekksYou could always change that.15:36
geniiThe Server meeting seems sparsely attended today16:17
tewardsome of us were delayed due to other things (read: workplace requirements)16:18
teward(that was me)16:18
Pinkamena_DHello all, I am looking for the best solution to allow usernames / passwords from an active directory server to be used to log in with SSH to ubuntu server. This is the only feature I am looking for, no mountings/printers/user info, etc. Can anyone recommend a good guide?16:20
sypherPinkamena_D: Simple LDAP might work, but you could also check out Centrify. It has a free version, if you don't require zoning.16:21
sypherPinkamena_D: Install the agent, join the domain, done. One of my largest clients uses it extensively, it's very good.16:21
Pinkamena_DThis is a commercial organization so I am not sure if that would work16:22
sypherPinkamena_D: So is Centrify.16:22
Pinkamena_DMeaning, I don't need to worry about licensing.16:23
sypherPinkamena_D: It's free version isn't a trial or anything like that. It's ONLY AD authentication. The paid version has a lot more features, if you require them.16:23
Pinkamena_Dhmm, well I will look into it16:23
sypherPinkamena_D: The free version has a 200-system limit in terms of licensing.16:24
Pinkamena_DIn case this idea does not end up going over well, do you have any info on the pure LDAP solution you mentioned before?16:25
sypherPinkamena_D: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryHowto - Which, incidentally, mentions Centrify.16:26
sypherPinkamena_D: Oh, I didn't know this. Centrify is in the Ubuntu partner repo.16:27
sypherPinkamena_D: So you'd only have to enable the repo and install the package.16:27
sypherPinkamena_D: Or, well, it was for precise.16:32
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harsh410in need of some guidance for cloud17:09
harsh410hi in need of some guidance for cloud17:09
bekksharsh410: you're in need of asking a support question then. :)17:11
harsh410ok and is this the forum17:12
bekksThis is an IRC channel.17:12
harsh410and it is for helping right17:13
harsh410if u cant better say no17:13
harsh410let others do that17:13
bekksIf you dont want help, better say it.17:13
bekksOr ask your actual support question.17:13
harsh410ofcourse i need it17:13
sypherThen ask your question.17:13
geniiharsh410: A specific question is easier to answer than a generalized one17:16
harsh410u should have said so right away ......I want to set up a local cloud based system for 30  users of my office .i want a file sharing server and most importantly office softwares . i have been able to perform file sharing on virtual m/c i want to perform services as a service17:16
harsh410for office softwares like libre  write17:16
bekks0726 191122 < bekks> harsh410: you're in need of asking a support question then. :)17:18
bekksI did. It was my first comment. You preferred to chitchat instead.17:18
harsh410help me . if u can please..i may not know the protocols of discussion but my intentions are clear17:19
bekksYou want to setup a fileserver.17:19
bekksAs a VM, as you told us.17:19
bekksSo whats the issue with that?17:20
harsh410i was able to set up a file server and perform file sharing.next thing i want is to provide office applications as service17:20
harsh410to users17:20
bekksInstall an Ubuntu VM, install the file server services you need/want, and there you ho.17:20
bekksIf you want to provide office applications to users, you would have to provide a desktop for each user.17:21
harsh410can the services be shared to them17:21
harsh410if they dont install the softwares17:21
harsh410if thin clients are given to them?17:21
ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project17:22
bekksThats "giving a desktop to the users".17:22
harsh410okay sounds useful  and how are softwares like libre installed and managed?17:23
RoyKharsh410: read up on ltsp17:24
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n2deepHas anyone here been able to get cloud-init to execute a /sbin/modprobe command in the past?21:32
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