mapitohe guys03:26
=== mapito is now known as mapps
MooDoohowdy all05:40
davmor2Morning all08:08
MooDoomorning davmor2, how goes it08:08
davmor2MooDoo: backwards recently it appears, worked on the new release for the phone then 16.04.1 desktop, now upgrade from 15.10 and 14.04.4 and next week 14.04.5 how is it not going backwards right ;)08:09
davmor2MooDoo: hows things there mucka?08:13
knightwisemorning everyone08:15
davmor2morning knightwise08:16
MooDoodavmor2: yeah ok thanks, just ordered my copy of the official ubuntu book08:26
davmor2MooDoo: is that so you know how to do things officially :P08:28
MooDoodavmor2: yes, want to learn what this Ubuntu thing is...heard of it, never used it ;)08:29
davmor2MooDoo: that sounds like you yes, surprised you did get the official server book rather than the desktop one :)08:31
davmor2MooDoo: I know you'd like to learn about servers and how to use them too :P08:31
knightwiseanybody ever read any covers of the linux voice mag ?08:37
knightwiseis it any good ? Cuz the podcast is all about the brexit lately08:37
* knightwise not interested in politics in a linux podcast08:37
popeyi subscribe to linux voice08:44
popeybut they haven't put out an ep in a while08:44
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:53
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy One Voice Day! 😃 ❤09:08
Azelphurali1234, don't suppose you're about? I spotted you've done work on minecrift and am having some problems?09:19
ali1234what did i do this time?09:19
Azelphurali1234, well, I'm trying to help out a little gaming store, they've got a Windows machine running minecrift, but controller detection doesn't seem to work.09:20
AzelphurI tried wiping out the .minecraft folder, and reinstalling minecrift, but now for bonus points - it doesn't install. Says it installed successfully, doesn't add its profile.09:23
ali1234minecraft doesn't install into .minecraft any more09:23
ali1234they have this weird overlay system09:23
AzelphurI see09:24
Azelphurthe profile still doesn't show up in the launcher, however09:24
ali1234that's because the profile settings are stored in .minecraft09:24
AzelphurOh I see09:25
Azelphuris there documentation for this anywhere09:25
Azelphurhappy fun times, so what am I supposed to do? :P09:27
ali1234i dunno.09:28
ali1234minecrift hasn't been properly supported for a long time09:28
AzelphurI see, is there a better/alternate solution?09:28
ali1234minecraft itself basically died when microsoft bought it09:28
foobarryits the MS way09:28
ali1234still no modding API and now they only work on the xbox version09:29
zmoylan-piwho didn't see that coming?09:29
Azelphurali1234, seems like some people are still running it09:30
ali1234yes, i was able to install it recently, on linux, using old versions of minecraft09:30
daftykinsmorning \o09:30
AzelphurI see09:31
Azelphurali1234, well that's pretty much what I'm aiming for here (only sans the Linux, sadly)09:31
davmor2JamesTait: I know these guys did okay but come on a whole day to them surely not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_O1A8PLxQU also as a serious answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiri_EDfU8U09:32
Azelphurali1234, the thing I find weird is when I run the installer, it says it's installing to <path> it says it installed successfully, I look at <path>/launcher_profiles.json and it hasn't been modified09:34
Azelphuris that because of the overlay thing you mentioned?09:35
Azelphurali1234, I see, can you explain the overlay thing?09:36
ali1234you know minecraft.jar?09:36
ali1234the real one, not the launcher09:37
ali1234well with the overlays that file gets unpacked09:39
AzelphurI se09:39
ali1234then instead of injecting class files into the zip09:39
ali1234it creates an overlay with the new files you want09:40
ali1234then it says "load the base plus this overlay"09:40
ali1234all that is handled by the launcher09:40
ali1234does anyone here have a raspberry pi official display V1.1?09:50
Azelphurali1234, so my guess is, it worked, then we nuked .minecraft, which updated to the new 'overlayed' setup, and killed it completely09:51
Azelphursound right?09:51
ali1234yes, but it works fine with the overlay setup still09:52
ali1234you just need to properly delete everything09:52
ali1234i suggest formatting the computer09:52
Azelphuryea...I can't really format the computer lol09:52
popeynuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure09:52
Azelphurali1234, I can delete .minecraft and run the minecraft uninstaller perhaps?09:53
ali1234i don't know anything about windows09:53
AzelphurA quick google reveals it's the same as Linux09:53
Azelphurthere's the launcher, and .minecraft, and that's all there is09:54
Azelphurso deleting .minecraft does it09:54
AzelphurI have been copying the profile across after deleting .minecraft, so perhaps I'll try not doing that09:55
foobarrybernie ecclestone's mother in law is younger than him :S09:59
foobarryby about 20yrs10:00
daftykinssounds like a BOGOF to me10:00
Azelphuranswer: minecrift doesn't create a profile for you any more - you have to create it yourself10:06
daftykinswhat's the timescale on the java one getting the chop, anyway? seems like the windows 10 minecraft has been lurking for a while but perhaps is behind on the content or something (i do not touch minecraft)10:10
popeyjeb is still working on "pc minecraft"10:19
popeynext update to be announced at minecon AIUI10:19
MooDoooooo minecraft :)10:20
daftykinsyawn :P10:23
daftykinswho is jeb? :)10:23
popeylead dev10:23
popeyJens Bergensten10:24
popeythey've put out some minor revision bumps recently, but there's some expected big changes in 1.1110:25
ali1234inb4 1.11 is unchanged except for a "get windows 10" nag screen10:31
daftykinsthat'll all be gone as of Friday (:10:31
daftykinsmaybe there'll be one more fiasco of how they remove that GWX app...10:32
zmoylan-piit's swap to 'searching your hard drive for your credit card number to upgrade to windows 10' message instead10:32
daftykinsone of my clients with a Lenovo X1 Carbon is away right now so i can't do the 10 upgrade XD10:33
popeyi wonder if they do drop the java version, and say "Hey, get the new version in the windows store"10:34
popeyI can't imagine they'd be that daft though10:34
ali1234they clearly will eventually10:34
ali1234the android/xbox/windows 10 version already has about 4x the number of users10:34
zmoylan-pims... not make daft decisions...10:34
daftykinsif you've still got the local installer (if it works that way) i suppose you could always hold onto the last version?10:35
popeynot if they deprecate it10:36
popeythey could make the auth servers reject old versions quite easily10:37
popeyand servers move on too10:37
popeyso it would be come useless for anything other than local play10:37
ali1234and the auth code was patched out about 2 days after it was added10:37
daftykinsoh ok, didn't realise it chatted online like that10:37
daftykinsi thought you'd have working local and LAN still10:37
daftykinszmoylan-pi: big news! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kzeu7jb80oq0p6v/AACBL9YjVxxpzZCNc93-Th_ya?dl=010:40
zmoylan-pithe rasp pi take over of the universe proceeds according to plan...10:41
daftykinsit's choking on music playback though right now, not sure whether it's cache related or it's just that bad at doing HDMI audio out o010:42
zmoylan-pithat sounds odd... i've never used audio on my pi but i've never heard of many problems with playback...10:43
daftykinsnah i'm pretty sure it's the software10:43
daftykinswow my telco just text me to say AT&T in the US block their customers from texting us Guerns... how funky10:46
daftykinsand all texts from t-mobile in the US aren't working to my number range XD highly impressive stuff10:46
zmoylan-piand the decision for this madness with sms is?10:46
daftykinsdecision to use it, you mean?10:47
zmoylan-pidecision for american companies to deny the existence of your location10:47
daftykinsjust like how the UK gov likes to screw us over regularly too really i'd imagine :)10:47
zmoylan-piso international annoyances. yay \o/10:48
daftykinsfound it funny 'cause i can text them, but they can't reply10:48
* zmoylan-pi remembers writing an sms server in 90s and finding all the telecoms companies in ireland blocked such software but wouldn't tell you that they did or why...10:49
zmoylan-pii'd send a messages for 2-3 hours and then it would just stop... no errors, no information10:49
daftykinsmust not have been on their whitelist :)10:50
zmoylan-pithey swore blind they didn't have a whitelist10:50
* daftykins winks10:50
zmoylan-piin the end i added a random time interval to every batch send so it no longer sent messages at fixed intervals.  that seems to have confused their software enough to not be noticed.  was only sending 3-4 messages per hour to engineers.10:51
daftykinswonder if the pi is choking because it's doing some samplerate conversion11:11
daftykinstelco says they've been arguing their case for over a year with AT&T, hah11:16
zmoylan-piprobably getting put through to the wrong number... :-P11:16
daftykinsmy calls to ebay yesterday amounted to being sent around the houses and being misunderstood at every single step11:18
foobarryyou tried to speak to ebay?11:19
daftykinssome days when you log in, there's a box saying "enter your mobile number for security" and the nice little box has the Guernsey flag in it which auto populates "+44"11:22
daftykinsputting a real mobile number in after that doesn't work, i had to change it to "United Kingdom" instead11:22
daftykinsi know what you'll think - what's wrong with that? well, why bother to list Guernsey if it doesn't work11:23
ali1234why doesn't it work?11:28
daftykinsfails validation, one sec11:29
daftykinsjust rejects our rock mobile number format and says "Please enter a valid phone number"11:30
daftykinsso it's as though whatever validation they're doing on UK, isn't applied to Guernsey11:30
ali1234what's the mobile format?11:30
daftykins(0)7781 4xxxxx11:30
ali1234do you hae to enter the dialing code to call someone in the UK?11:31
daftykinsthe 44? nah11:31
ali1234and vise versa?11:31
daftykinshow do you mean?11:32
daftykinsi don't think anyone in the UK has to use +44 to dial our mobiles11:32
ali1234would i have to dial +44 to call you?11:32
daftykinsit's just ebays system requiring it be there11:32
popeyso you can't choose +44, and type in 77814xxxxx, like every other site?11:33
ali1234you might want to complain to this website as well: http://www.dialling-codes.co.uk/dialling-code-for-guernsey/11:33
ali1234i assume all the pages are autogenerated from a script11:33
ali1234and so this one is wrong11:34
ali1234maybe ebay uses libphonenumber11:35
ali1234if they don't, maybe they should :)11:37
daftykinswell that's only referring to worldwide compatibility11:37
ali1234you could send them this: https://github.com/googlei18n/libphonenumber/blob/master/FALSEHOODS.md11:38
daftykinspopey: indeed, 7781 and 07781 plus the rest are rejected when Guernsey is selected11:38
daftykinsbut it was accepted fine once UK was selected11:38
ali1234what is the ISO country code for guernsey?11:38
daftykins.gg ?11:39
ali1234GG yes11:39
daftykinsin the above image the Guernsey flag is up11:39
ali1234libphonenumber accepts it11:40
popeydaftykins: gotcha11:41
daftykinsthey sent me an email trivialising the issue to "here's how you change your phone number on ebay!" so i've replied attempting to educate them on the merits of actually listening to the actual issue rather than assuming11:41
daftykins3 separate phone staff i went through, too XD11:41
daftykinsi kept trying to say i was trying to report an issue with the site, but they all wanted to just see that i had the number on my account so everything must be fine!11:42
davmor2daftykins: actually most of us do without realising it.  any mobile that contacts you is +44 if it is a uk registered number and you copy that to your addressbook ;)11:43
zmoylan-pii miss my original psion 3a.  you'd put a phone number in and when you told it were the number was and where you were it would display and dial using a keyboard shortcut the correct number with all the needed country and area codes necessary11:45
daftykinsyeah that's true, i've seen the difference between someone one-ringing you to share a number and it having the full format... versus if you just save starting from the 0778111:45
ali1234so heres a thing11:47
popeyi save all numbers in my contacts with +NN MMMMM XXXXYYY11:47
popeyhave done for many years11:47
ali1234daftykins: did you perhaps originally sign up to ebay under a UK address?11:47
ali1234the form is asking you to confirm your number, not update it, so perhaps they think your number is a UK one. (perhaps they didn't have a separate code for GG when you signed up)11:48
daftykinsi did wonder if it were rejecting the number as Guernsey based on matching it to my account, but none of their staff got that far in the logic so far11:55
davmor2popey: +1 it is useful for when you are out of the country that is for sure11:57
daftykinsmmm i discovered that a while back11:58
daftykinsinternational dialling is hard11:58
davmor2oh new car is in the local garage at last now I get to see the petrol blue for real :D12:00
daftykinson another topic it seems HDMI audio is to blame for my pi experiments, might have to be on to the devs!12:05
daftykinsdiddledan_: what time do you call this!14:58
* diddledan_ checks his watch14:58
daftykinspostie came with my pi at 9:30am!15:10
diddledan_omg that's early15:12
daftykinsbit late for them, usually 9:15 but there are some town festivities on right now15:13
daftykinsi could hear a brass band from my windows at that time15:13
diddledan_too much technology15:35
daftykinsso Apple really do want to kill people15:36
MartijnVdSwant to.. or just DO15:48
daftykinscrazy old Dell with reclining mode cooler - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z7irva9kz3cqm72/AABwTaOsK6furOUkPekFgKsfa?dl=016:07
daftykinssorta backwards design form factor too, always found them weird16:07
diddledan_damn that's dusty16:23
diddledan_butt ugly inside the box, too16:23
daftykins'tis a 3GHz Pentium D 92516:37
diddledan_D for Disaster16:37
daftykinsmaybe so for looks, but 11 years on and it's still goin'16:37
diddledan_radom fella: https://youtu.be/7L0k2-kO_yc17:30
daftykinsaww it's too old and rubbish to take a 45nm core 2 duo :P17:46
davmor2diddledan_: seriously you need help18:00
daftykinsi considered this a safe haven from US politics ;_; how wrong i was18:04
davmor2daftykins: hahahahahahaha18:05
daftykinswas it 'lm' for a CPU instruction flag to support 64-bit? i forget18:10
ali1234you mean for gcc? -m6418:14
daftykinsno there's a flag in /proc/cpuinfo that indicates whether it's a 64-bit capable chip18:15
daftykinsi thought...18:15
daftykinsnevermind, yes it is :D18:16
MartijnVdSLong Mode18:25
MartijnVdSis what that stands for18:25
daftykinsoof a twitch user out playing pokémon in a public park got SWAT'd by a viewer, what an ass18:47
daftykinsthat's when they call the police and send them to your location claiming you have guns and/or bombs etc18:47
zmoylan-pithat's what happens when you have phone networks that don't do proper caller id allowing for calls to be spoofed from any location18:48
foobarrysome corporate spammer sent one of those "how about a call on friday at 11am" mails and forgot to bcc. cue mass reply all where load of eejits decide to put their oar in18:54
foobarryeveryone replying all saying PLEASE STOP REPLYING ALL18:57
zmoylan-pithe joys of out of office messages on those is fantastic18:58
daftykinshmm if you knew two people out of office and you faked the sender to one of the two, i wonder if MS have thought about that one...19:00
daftykinssounds like a bug from the last couple of years :)19:00
zmoylan-piand didn't they put up a sign that said 'out of office' in welsh after sending text for a sign to be translated?19:02
daftykinssaw that story but i don't remember it saying it was MS19:04
zmoylan-pinot the generic out of office message no19:04
WelshmanHi everyone in this channel/chatroom and I am Linux Mint user. Yes I do know this channel/chatroom is for Ubuntu users but the last time I visited I did receive answers/replies. So, I have a question and it is just one.20:14
WelshmanHow do I make sure that there are 'up and down' scrollbar arrows for each window and the Menu panel for Linux Mint?20:14
WelshmanLook forward to any reply and I thank you in advance.20:14
WelshmanLeaving channel/room for a few minutes whilst I await a reply. Thanks again.20:15
daftykinsyou're correct, take that to the correct IRC network and channel for Mint, thanks20:16
lubotu3Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org20:16
daftykinsyou're on the wrong server20:16
WelshmanHave just returned to check/to see if anyone has answered my/replied to my question. I can see know has yet. So, I will leave again for for a few minutes to play a game whilst I continue to wait for an answer/reply to my question. Thanks in advanced to anyone who does. Back as soon as possible. : )20:36
daftykinsWelshman: you're in the wrong place, please go to the right place and stop using this as your resource20:40
daftykinsMint runs desktops that aren't necessarily even available in ubuntu, so it's wrong to ask20:41
Welshmandaftykins: H and thanks for your reply. Also, the last time I visited the "right place" I did not receive an answer/a reply and that was after waiting for several minutes. I even sent a message to the 2 or 3 persons listed through private message. So, if you do not mind I will wait for a bit longer to see if someone will answer/reply to my question (someone 'new' might enter the channel/chatroom)! : )20:55
WelshmanWill now leave again to carry on playing a game whilst I continue to wait for an answer/reply to my question. Thanks in advance to anyone who does. Back as soon as possible! : )20:55
daftykinsand so the ignore is set.20:57
Welshmandaftykins: Have just returned again briefly to check/to see if anyone has answered my/replied to my question. I can see no one has. So, I have a question to ask you. My question is: Do you know where else I can visit (that is channel/chatroom) so that I can ask my question other than the "right place"/#linuxmint-help or the Linux Mint forum? Appreciate any link or answer/reply. Thanks in advance. : )21:17
Welshmandaftykins: Leaving again to carry on playing a game whilst I wait for your response. Thanks in advance. Back as soon as possible! :21:17
Welshmandaftykins: *: )21:18
diddledaneveryone watch dark matter - good series21:30
diddledanalso, the expanse21:30
diddledananother good one21:30
daftykinsi was watching The Expanse but i can't even remember if i finished the last ep21:31
daftykinsi seem to be developing a habit for not finishing things21:31
daftykinshmm my mate has just called to say he's packed his wife off to Guernsey for a week and that her phone broke, so looks like i'm going to be performing surgery on an HTC One M8!21:32
daftykinsit requires more glue melting! https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/2YsuBPkZFkn3tTKp21:33
zmoylan-pigive her a nokia 3310 as a loner... :-)21:34
Welshmandaftykins: Sorry to disturb you. Also, have returned and can see that you have not answered the recent question that I sent to you. So, if you do not mind I will repeat it again to see if anyone else can or will answer/reply to it. Thanks in advance. : )21:35
daftykinsi bet even dumbphones are having their batteries conk out these days21:35
Welshmandaftykins: Back soon. Playing a game. Thanks again.21:36
diddledandaftykins: are you the point-of-contact for all help requests now?21:36
daftykinswell this one was my mums i sold to his wife when they were last over, but really he asked first if i knew anywhere locally doing repair...21:36
diddledannono, I was referring to the Welshman21:36
diddledan"I've just arrived. daftykins, you once said something to me so I'm going to badger you forever more!"21:37
daftykinshaha he's stuck on a delayed Southern train heading back to Lewes where they have a place, we were just talking about that train co's woes the other day :)21:38
daftykinsoh right21:38
daftykinsyeah i ignored Welshman so he gets the message about being in the WRONG PLACE for Mint.21:38
diddledanaah, so you're not seeing him attempting to get you to reply21:40
daftykinsooh he'd badmouthing the Tories now21:40
daftykinsUK politics go!21:41
daftykinsnope 100% ignored21:41
daftykins!mint | Welshman21:41
lubotu3Welshman: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:41
daftykinsif you can't get support from them, perhaps you're on the wrong distribution21:41
diddledan^^^ that21:42
daftykinsoh my dear Tux no, you have to take the motherboard off to get to the battery!21:44
daftykinsHTC might be even worse than Apple...21:44
daftykinsbrb let me find some old people with a pacemaker to test on...21:45
diddledangood question, that: how did the teenager discover that they're susceptible to ipads?21:48
daftykinsi feel like that's a youngster with a large number of iPads for sale21:49
daftykinsmaybe some false teeth sets too...21:49
diddledanI wonder whether they tested on a live patient or if they just assumed21:49
WelshmanHave briefly returned to repeat my question that I recently posted. My question is: Does anyone know where else I can visit (that is channel/chatroom) so that I can ask my question,*that I posted earlier, other than the "right place"/#linuxmint-help or the Linux Mint forum?21:52
Welshman*The following is my question that I posted earlier, just incase anyone is interested: How do I make sure that there are 'up and down' scrollbar arrows for each window and the Menu panel for Linux Mint?21:52
WelshmanThanks to anyone in advance. Also, back soon as possible as leaving room to play a game whilst I await for reply! : )21:52
daftykinssince it's a kid, it can't have been much legit - maybe his own grandparent kept one and they saw it happen at home, or it really was a live one21:53
diddledanthey might have had murderous intentions and once their plot was completed they published the issue to provide legitimacy21:56
daftykins"it weren't me guv, it was the fruity tech!"21:56
daftykinsman shauno would not have lasted 5 minutes in here with us :(21:56
diddledanwhy use a small word when an infinitesimal verbiage readily suffices?21:57
daftykinswhich did you have in mind?21:58
diddledanI said that in response to my large-worded thing just before - lots of words like murderous and intentions and legitimacy. I got scared.21:58
daftykinsoh yes21:59
daftykinsyou should have presented some beautiful alliteration21:59
* diddledan runs away21:59
WelshmanHave briefly returned again to check/to see if anyone has answered/replied to my recently posted question and my earlier posted question. I can see that no one has. So, will now leave to search online to try to find an answer to my first earlier posted question and I will not be visiting "right place"/#linuxmint-help or the Linux Mint forum! But, I might return here again in the future. Thanks to all! : )22:11
daftykinsstill going eh?22:16
daftykinstroll status confirmed22:17
diddledananti-toll weaponry targetting22:17
daftykinsi had some delightful racism in #kodi today, only we have no active ops there, know what #freenode told me to do?22:17
daftykinsignore and deal with it.22:18
daftykinsthey're ace22:18
diddledanagain, smh22:18
diddledan#WordPress gets painful at times, too22:18
daftykinsooh dear22:18
daftykinsi take it that gets trolls questioning it as a 'product' despite all woes being from plugin security and admin maintenance?22:19
diddledanyeah, and folk that refuse to understand that if they have a commercial plugin/theme that we cannot possibly support them22:20
diddledanI mean, we could try, but we can't replicate their problem unless we pay for it ourselves22:20
daftykinsoh dear, yep that's an all too common theme (excuse the pun)22:20
daftykinsyeah - and dollars to doughnuts the dev might even have a newer version they've neglected to research :(22:20
daftykinsi quite like that themeforest that'll email you when a plugin has had a security woe in a prior edition22:21
diddledanwe seem to get a regular meme of someone saying "my friend bought it" which usually means "I downloaded it off a warez site"22:21
diddledanif the premium product had been purchased legitimately then there'd be some form of support entitlement presumably22:22
daftykinswow this amazon seller lists a number and i thought it was fake - 0121212121422:23
daftykinsyeah that's true, so it falls to IRC hassle22:23
diddledananother one is people who ask how to do something that WordPress isn't designed to do out of the box and complain when they're asked to do programming22:24
daftykinshmm £17 battery then £7 express shipping, from Birmingham22:27
daftykinsi guess free is what it is, then express they give 'em a compass and point south? :D22:27
diddledanwow, 50% on-top for shipping. that's impressive.22:28
diddledanI wonder how many sites quote 1-day shipping without noticing that you're an island in the middle of the pond22:29
daftykinsoh totally, it's why prime would be such a joke here22:30
diddledanso. amazon. they have warehouses on the islands. do they ship from those to the mainland and then back-out to the islands again when your order is via there22:31
daftykinswhen i was leaving a clients today a huge guy got out of a shifty white van and struggled over with a huge amazon pantry box22:31
daftykinshaha no they don't have warehouses on the islands22:31
daftykinsthe UK goverment closed that no VAT under £20 loophole we had, so everyone closed up and moved next day22:31
diddledanthey _used_ to then22:31
daftykinsthat was Low Value Consignment Relief or LVCR22:31
daftykinsit was only play.com way back when on Jersey and HMV had their warehouse here22:32
daftykinsalso 7dayshop.com - who i've done pickups from, they had to move22:32
daftykinsthey'd not long had a purpose built warehouse here too :D22:32
diddledanyeah - I remember ordering a load of cheap DVDs off amazon several years ago only to have each one arrive in a separate jiffy bag. on the same day as all the others. by walking postman. I had the postie stood outside my place for 15 minutes pushing them through my letterbox one-by-one22:33
daftykinswas that with the 'group my order together' option too?22:34
daftykinsmmm that was the loophole sadly :(22:34
diddledanindigo starfish was the name they went-under back then22:34
daftykinsah yes22:34
daftykinsoh umm that vitamin one was locally based too, i went on a tour of their warehouse when i was in College22:34
diddledanand yeah the order was set to "ship as they become available" which usually does the right thing22:35
daftykinspresumably they've been knocked on the head too22:35
daftykinsseller doesn't post to Guernsey22:38
daftykinsraaaaaaaage moooooode22:38
diddledanseriously, why do they do that?!22:38
daftykinsmight have a deal with a courier that we don't have, perhaps - at least that's my best guess22:38
diddledanis it just to ignore the tax differences?22:38
diddledanhmm, maybe22:39
daftykinscould be, they do tend to all say they include VAT - but when it's like £15 for a battery i never even bother22:39
daftykinslike, woo i could get £3, or let them buy 3/4 of a pint ;D22:39
daftykinsdamn that was the best result yet :(22:40
daftykinsooh this one is from Hayes, we're getting closer and closer to the plane XD22:42
daftykinsmind you they can't fly batteries can they :(22:42
diddledanthat means slow-ass boats22:42
daftykinsyeah :(22:43
daftykinshaha, clients secretary tells me today that he's coming back to the island for 2 days right, so she booked the boat for him... £12022:44
daftykinsPoole -> Guernsey -> Poole22:44

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