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Mirvtsdgeos: Saviq: Qt 5.6.1 is now in yakkety-proposed and lp:unity8 was updated with the changelog entry -> you'll need a rebuild.07:15
SaviqMirv, ack07:16
Saviqbzoltan, ↑07:18
Mirvhe knows too07:18
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mterrymzanetti, so I've been living with 0103.  I did mispress once or twice, but it was seemingly due to me pressing in between OSK keys.  Otherwise I've been OK13:08
mzanettimterry, I think this is related to the screen size13:09
mterrymzanetti, fair!  I've been using a krillin13:09
mzanettimterry, I also never had that problem with krillin that I dragged the OSK down a bit while typing13:09
mzanettibut on turbo I do have it when writing text13:09
Saviqmzanetti, isn't it because of GU? i.e. keyboard has the "drag down" threshold in px, not taking GU into account?13:57
mzanettigood question13:58
mzanetticould be, depends how the OSK is implemented13:58
mzanettiand then it's still a question whether/how the actual size matters13:58
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mterrySaviq, so I haven't been paying full attention to silo 23 today.  Looks like there's some rebuilds and a persistent failure on ubuntu-system-settings/yakkety/powerpc?17:21
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om26erHi! How can I run a single unity8 qml test ? I am trying to fix one but its a little painful to wait for jenkins to finish with each commit17:57
Saviqmterry, persistent? I only saw it once an hour or two ago18:03
Saviqcould you try and rebuild https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-077/+build/1052158518:03
mterrySaviq, I rebuilt it and it happened again.  And I saw it in another silo18:04
mterryok, rebuilding again18:04
Saviqom26er, run `make testComponentName` or `make testComponentName FUNCTION=ComponentName::testName`18:04
Saviqthat latter might not work, but if it does - it will let you run a single test18:04
Saviqmterry, wonder if qt 5.618:04
mterryIt should work, I use it regularly18:04
mterry(FUNCTION= that is)18:05
* Saviq doesn't, ninja doesn't support that18:06
om26ermterry, which directory should I run that from ?18:08
mterryom26er, if you use ./build.sh, you can run it from builddir.  make -C builddir xvfbtestShell FUNCTION=Shell::test_XXX18:09
* mterry reboots18:11
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Saviqmterry, looks like persistent fail after all18:29
om26ermterry, I did what you suggested, seems the test is never run: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21037499/18:34
om26erTotals: 0 passed, 0 failed, 0 skipped, 0 blacklisted18:34
mterryom26er, xvfbtestMenuItemFactory then18:35
mterryom26er, the test name and function prefix need to match18:35
om26ermterry, thanks, seems to work18:37
mterryjosharenson, did you update the gui branch?  Should I review it again?18:43
josharensonmterry: not yet, eating lunch real quick18:44
mterryno worries, just checking in18:44
om26erCan anyone please take a quick look at my branch[1], it adds object names for some UI components for the Wizard. We need this for Ubuntu System Tests project.18:53
om26er[1] https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/unity8/add_object_name_for_setup_wizard/+merge/30038018:53
josharensonmterry: pushed it for now w/ a small hack19:11
josharensonbut 99.9% there19:12
mterryjosharenson, OK.  I'll give it a look over after19:14
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