* Unit193 waves to Omnifrog.02:23
Unit193Omnifrog: I did a few manual installs in vbox, it can be quite fun.  I kind of wrote up a doc on it, but of course don't want to be linking to it in an official support channel. :P02:32
Omnifrogmy question is more idle pondering then anything02:34
Unit193Then here: https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/docs/no-installer.html02:34
Omnifrogthe thing is...02:38
OmnifrogI was one of those lazy turds that looked at the Debian way of life and said, "Ya know... if I just wait a little while someone with come up with Ubuntu and then I can be lazy "02:40
Omnifrogand since the mid 2000's that strategy has worked pretty well02:41
Omnifroggive me a fucking next button02:41
Unit193You asked... :P02:41
Unit193Ubiquity comes with those shiny buttons.02:42
Omnifrogoh, I'm just being an ass , nevermind me02:42
OmnifrogI was genuinely curious02:42
Omnifrogit seems like a thing Linux should have02:43
Unit193Also: ArchLinux.02:43
OmnifrogI've had multi boot systems since the 90's and it never occurred to me that that option should be a feature till tonight02:45
Unit193IMO, it's a fun way to install, though encrypted LVM does indeed make it a tad harder.02:45
Unit193However, ubiquity's decompressing an already installed system from a squashfs and running a few postinstall scripts is certainly faster...02:46
OmnifrogI dont really have a need for encryption right now02:50
Unit193My netbook leaves the house, I don't like that it leaves the house unencrypted.02:50
OmnifrogI rarely leave the house with such devices02:51
OmnifrogI still have a flip phone and there are no plans for that to change02:51
Unit193No cell, people can contact you that way.  I don't like people. :----D02:52
Omnifrogwhen I'm on the go I want the dumbest tech possible in my pocket02:52
Omnifrogthis must be the Ted Kaczynski support group02:54
cyberangerOmnifrog: That's a good one.18:32
=== Unit193 is now known as TheMaster
=== TheMaster is now known as krytarik
* cyberanger gives krytarik the boot20:18
* cyberanger couldn't fit in those boots anymore anyways ;-)20:19
krytarik12s?  They'd fit me if so.20:21
=== krytarik is now known as Unit193
minasotaWhy does this channel exist? lol, it's kind of lame "ubunut-us-tn" really??23:14
minasotaAt least be honest and rename it23:20
Omnifrogyou cant rename it23:40
Omnifrogjust ask chanserv23:42
minasotaTed could rename it23:43
OmnifrogTed's not here23:44
Omnifrogalso, the new HDD, SSD and DVD drives are here! so time to rip this box apart and get to some much needed maintenance!23:45
Unit193Nice, have fun.23:45
minasotaWho here has a steady job?23:46
minasotaUnit193: NRBD OSAR KUOD WSN4 IODA YND523:57
Unit193Pretty sure that's not English.23:59

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