chesedogood morning all05:22
=== chesedo- is now known as chesedo
superflyHi chesedo 05:34
chesedohi superfly, how cold is it there in cpt?05:35
paddatrapperHey chesedo05:35
superflyNot too bad. It just doesn't warm up 05:35
paddatrapperAnd superfly05:35
superflyThe worst is the wind. 05:35
superflySup paddatrapper 05:36
paddatrapperAnd the rain takes any heat you may have had and kills it05:36
paddatrapperNo wind at uct at the moment 05:36
superflyWhat paddatrapper said05:36
superflyMuizenberg was blowing this morning 05:36
chesedoouch, we currently only have the wind... still waiting for the cold05:37
superfly it's snowing in KZN05:38
superflyNo, on the farms 05:39
superflyI have a friend who is currently posting pictures of her kids in the snow 05:40
chesedooh, hear that will also snow close to potch when i was there this weekend, but do not know if it did...05:40
chesedohopefully it is worst enough that all can have the day off and enjoy it...05:41
* chesedo wbb05:41
chesedooh one of you two will be giving a report on debConf tonight, right?05:41
superflyUh, I can try. I'll be on my phone, but I should be able to 05:43
superflyBy the way, if anyone wants to watch Sicelo 's talk05:44
chesedosuperfly: ty06:02
chesedomorning dlPhreak06:02
dlPhreakHow are you chesedo ?06:07
Squirmsuperfly: Do you know if there's a library in python that I could use to ssh with a key? Other than paramiko, I can't seem to get it to work on AWS Lambda, so want to try an alternative06:12
dlPhreakMorning Squirm 06:13
SquirmHey dlPhreak06:15
SquirmMornin' Kilos06:29
Kiloshi squirm 06:29
Kilospower just came on since 10pm last night06:30
SquirmBut at least it's back06:31
Squirmand at least it was night time06:31
superflySquirm: I only know of paramiko06:33
Kilosmorning superfly inetpro paddatrapper chesedo nsnzero ra1v3n Sicelo and others06:34
superflygood evening Kilos06:34
Kilosoh hi theblazehen thatgraemeguy 06:34
superflySquirm: otherwise Popen("ssh") *shrug*06:34
SquirmAfter struggling for 2 days to get paramiko to ssh, I tried that06:35
Squirm ['which: no ssh in (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin/:/bin)\\n']06:35
SquirmDidn't work, so I did a which06:35
superflySquirm: I don't know AWS Lambda, but what's the error?06:36
ra1v3ngood morning all06:36
Squirmsuperfly: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=73238106:37
SquirmHaving the same problem as that guy06:37
theblazehenhi Kilos06:37
* superfly takes a peek06:37
theblazehenand others06:37
SquirmI think it's because I wasn't building it on the same type of architecture. But then I did. I think I'm packaging it wrong. There's a whole process, probably getting something wrong. I think specifically with the C includes06:37
theblazehenSquirm: sshpass (1)06:39
theblazehenLets you do ssh without needing a tty06:39
theblazehenAnd do `which ssh` in your shell to get path to ssh then06:40
Squirmtheblazehen: ['which: no ssh in (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin/:/bin)\\n'] 06:40
paddatrapperHey Kilos06:40
SquirmThe problem is that there's no ssh06:40
SquirmI need to auth with a key06:40
theblazehenAnd you can't bundle it in?06:40
theblazehenDo you have busybox?06:40
superflySquirm: it looks to me like _constant_time.so is corrupt06:41
superflythe first line in the error says "/var/task/cryptography/hazmat/bindings/_constant_time.so: invalid ELF header"06:41
SquirmNow I have no idea if that will work with lambda. I wonder what happens if I package ssh with. Wonder where it extracts to...06:41
theblazehenSquirm: Can you give a tl;dr of what you're doing?06:42
Squirmsuperfly: I built that on my OS X, then I built it on Ubuntu, both give the same error. I then tried on AWS Linux(Recommended), now I can't even get it to import06:42
Squirmtheblazehen: ssh with python on AWS lambda06:42
Squirmwith a key06:43
theblazehenSquirm: 1 sec. And python right? paramkio is that pure python ssh implementation right?06:43
superflytheblazehen: yes06:43
SquirmJust found this line06:44
SquirmIf you want to include your own binaries, including native ones, just package them in the Zip file you upload and then reference them (including the relative path within the Zip file you created) 06:44
SquirmWander if i could package the ssh bin06:44
SquirmHey thatgraemeguy06:44
superflySquirm: but you'll need to compile ssh statically06:44
theblazehenSquirm: Might want to go with busybox, should be easier06:44
theblazehenSquirm: Or that mini ssh that they use for embedded? I think it has a client too?06:44
theblazehenhi thatgraemeguy06:44
theblazehenhttps://smokeping.home.theblazehen.com/smokeping/smokeping.cgi?displaymode=n;start=2016-07-25%2000:42;end=now;target=Local.localhost this is interesting...06:45
theblazehenSquirm: Not familiar with AWS lambda, did you package your own paramiko or get it from pip on their thing?06:46
SquirmYou have to package it yourself. 06:47
theblazehenSquirm: Can you `import cryptography` on its own?06:48
SquirmI'll try06:49
theblazehenOtherwise, before you load paramiko you can `cat /var/task/cryptography/hazmat/bindings/_constant_time.so | xz -9 -f | base64` in the shell 06:50
ra1v3ngoodbye all06:57
Kilosgo well06:58
superflylater ra1v3n06:58
ra1v3nlater guys06:58
andrewlsdola Boots06:59
theblazehenhi andrewlsd07:00
andrewlsdhi theblazehen07:01
Kiloshi andrewlsd 07:01
andrewlsdHi Kilos07:01
Kilostime for chorews07:11
Kiloschores as well07:11
magespawngood morning07:38
Kiloshi magespawn 07:40
nsnzeromorning all07:42
andrewlsdmorning nsnzero08:03
Kiloshi dlPhreak 08:40
andrewlsdhi dlPhreak08:42
pavlushkaahoy ZA!08:46
pavlushkaKilos o/08:48
chesedodlPhreak: great ty, and self?08:55
Kiloshi chesedo 08:56
chesedohi again Kilos08:56
chesedooh and hi pavlushka08:56
Kilosohyes again hehe08:56
pavlushkaahoy chesedo !08:57
chesedoKilos: first time i responded though :P08:57
Kilosoh my08:57
dlPhreakKilos, chesedo, good thanks yourselves?08:57
chesedono, that one i already responded to :D09:05
Kilosmy bad i forgot i greeted earlier09:06
pavlushkais it possible to set a virtual host for a webserver in local machine? does it need to set a VM first and then set the webserver on the VM and just use it like a remote machine?09:06
dlPhreakLol, good call or else we might fall into an infinite loop.09:06
chesedolol, yeah my functions exit early...09:07
dlPhreakWhere can I report IP addresses that spam my site?09:08
superflydlPhreak: denyhosts09:08
chesedopavlushka: you can just add a virtual host to a currently setup webserver09:09
pavlushkachesedo: how?09:09
chesedopavlushka: apache or nginx?09:09
* chesedo can somewhat remember apache's setup....09:10
dlPhreakThanks superfly I will look into that but what I actually want to do is to find a better way to report these IP's instead of having to go to directly to their service provider.09:11
pavlushkachesedo: tell me for apache first.09:11
superflydlPhreak: are they sending you mail or just hitting your site?09:11
dlPhreakHitting my wordpress site with spam comments. I've blacklisted all of them in iptables so they're not doing anything but I would like to stop them more permanently.09:12
chesedopavlushka: create the virtual host file in the 'sites-available' dir, enable it (a2en something command) and restart apache...09:13
superflydlPhreak: I'm afraid I don't know if you can do much more than that.09:14
superflyI've used denyhosts and sometimes manually submitted IP addresses, but there's not a huge amount you can do09:14
superflydlPhreak: do you have a captcha?09:14
chesedopavlushka: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts#step-four-%E2%80%94-create-new-virtual-host-files09:15
pavlushkachesedo: thanks, on it.09:16
dlPhreaksuperfly: no I don't but I'm definitely going to get it but the majority of the spam comes from only a handful of places. I'm going to give denyhosts a try. 09:16
dlPhreakIt's really just an annoyance rather than an actual threat.09:17
chesedopavlushka: another for reference -> https://www.unixmen.com/setup-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-15-10/09:19
dlPhreakIs spam really a profitable business tho?09:19
MaNIit must be otherwise it wouldn't happen09:29
Sicelospam works :) even large organizations still get infected with ransomware ... which tends to come from spam09:40
MaNIproblem is it is almost free to send out, so you only need a tiny hit ratio to make it worthwhile09:42
MaNIIf it were possible to add even a tiny per email cost, like 0.1 cent charge per email or something would probably be sufficient to turn the tables. (Though thats only talking about email of course and ignoring e.g. web page forms)09:46
pavlushkathanks chesedo !09:50
* andrewlsd disconnects from quassel again10:02
magespawnspam always works10:40
jeritso, using quassel now12:36
jeritah thats my znc12:37
jeritto which I wanted to connect but quassel doesn't have a /server alias and I dunno how to set one up12:37
Kilosthe guys can advise12:38
Kiloslike magespawn and superfly and inetpro 12:38
jeritI think I'm like, permabanned or something on #freenode since the damn bot never gives me voice12:49
Siceloyou're ID'd?12:58
jeritI dunno but the bot doesn't do its thing so I can never speak there13:20
jerit-anyway mirc works13:21
=== jerit- is now known as jerit
jeritapparently I'm banned on ##linux O_o pretty sure I was talking there fine yesterday13:22
jeritor was that ##programming13:22
jeritevery time I try to sudo cp /target/directory/ /destination/directory/ it tells me "cp: ommitting directory '/target/directory/'13:31
Kilosjerit you have to wait patiently13:38
Kilosthey have closed it because of spammers 13:39
jeritI see13:39
Kilosso you wait then sooner or later you will get voice13:39
Kilosthere was someone you could pm13:39
jeritWait that doesn't make much sense because there were at least 3 other people who got voice after I was in the channel13:39
Kiloswait ill go there as well13:40
Kilostry pm eir13:41
Kilosjerit you arent there13:51
jeritI am though13:51
Kilosoh my13:51
jeritchannel is open on my end13:52
Kilosjust hang there13:52
Kilosdo you see me?13:52
Kilosmaybe only shows after you get voice13:52
chilehi 13:53
Kiloshi chile 13:54
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za13:54
chilehi.. u into ubuntu development13:54
jeritI see Kilo`byte13:54
Kilosnope 13:54
* Kilos is Kilos13:54
jeritand right at the bottom in the "unvoiced" section is you13:54
jeritactually your nick is right below mine13:55
Kilosi see you there as well13:55
Kilosjust hang13:55
Kilosno chile no you13:55
chilei need help in ubuntu development13:56
Kilosnot you13:56
chilewill to get in touch with a team 13:56
chileor something13:56
Kilosi think the channel is #ubuntu-dev13:56
Kilosask in #ubuntu-community-team13:57
chilejoined but no one is there13:57
Kilosthey will point you right13:57
Kiloschile how did you find us13:59
Kilosare you in za13:59
chilesearching and ubuntu site14:00
Kiloswell welcome here anyway, where are you?14:00
Kilossouth africa14:02
Kilosill be working to sort your loco sometime in the future14:02
Kiloslocal community14:03
chileok thanks a lot for that14:04
Kiloschile you can hang here and watch a working loco mess around14:10
Kilosjerit you must have voice now14:21
jeritso I do14:22
jeritbut now I forgot what I wanted to talk about in there >.<14:22
Kiloswb SEptic 14:48
chesedochile: try #ubuntu-app-devel14:49
chesedooh and jerit: 'cp: ommitting directory' means you are missing the 'R' flag for recursion14:50
jeritthanks :) figured that on a google search haha14:51
chesedolol, awesome14:52
Siceloanyone using bitcon here?14:59
Sicelobitcoin, typo15:04
chesedoKilos: do you know what the twitter notification is here -> https://trello.com/c/ovj2TZ5r/104-monthly-meeting-july-2016?15:13
Kilosnope chesedo 15:14
Kilosmaybe the tweet place should automagically tick that15:16
Kilosinetpro ^^15:16
chesedotwiiter has two items on that list...15:17
Kilosmaybe it must be linked to tweets from @ubuntuza15:17
chesedois it maybe about sending a tweet to state that the meeting is starting (or about to start)?15:17
Kilosyes must be an on the day thing at least15:18
Kilosthe pro is the trello man15:28
Kilosim a follower15:28
Emperor_Lrrrrrhey guys..16:39
jeritturns out Jupiter doesn't orbit the sun the same way the rest of the solar system does16:55
jeritbecause its so massive, their combined center of mass (the sun and Jupiter's combined center of mass that is), is not in the center of the sun as with the other planets. It's actually 7% of the sun's radius above the surface of the sun and Jupiter orbits around that point16:56
magespawnthat makes for some intersting movement out there16:57
jeritI suppose in terms of the whole solar system in general it doesn't make much of a difference as we've seen that Jupiter's orbit is more or less the same as the rest of the planets16:59
chesedo-jerit: hmm, ok... but wouldn't this orbit point move around the sun as jupiter makes its orbit around the sun...17:21
jerityes apparently it would17:22
jerit(this isn't to scale) https://gfycat.com/CloudyApprehensiveElephantseal17:22
chesedo-and is it inline with the the sun's center and that of jupiter's17:22
chesedo-oh i see...17:27
Sicelolol .. what a fuss about nothing. 7%? 17:31
Kilosworry about stuff you can influence17:35
* chesedo- thinks it is more of a terminology issue that17:38
Kilosthat G+ thing is supposed to send out meeting reminders isnt it17:39
Kilosor do i have messed up settings somewhere17:39
Kilosinetpro fixit17:39
magespawnI would like to see the relative movement for that17:42
Kilosai! kulelu88 you still do the changing host thing17:50
kulelu88Kilos: ??17:50
Kiloswb otherwise17:50
kulelu88anybody on ubuntu using hexchat?17:54
=== HoloIRCUser3 is now known as nsn-zero
Kilosi would have to kill konversation first i think17:56
Kiloswill try again tomorrow and let you know kulelu88 17:56
Kilospavlushka you use hexchat hey17:57
Kilosyours logs in as unaffilated hey17:58
nsn-zeroEvening all 17:58
Kiloshi nsn-zero 17:58
pavlushkaKilos: yes thats the vhost for me, :)17:59
pavlushkansn-zero: Evening :)17:59
nsn-zeroHi kilos,  on my tablet today 17:59
nsn-zeroHi pavlushka 17:59
pavlushkahello nsn-zero !18:00
nsn-zeroI thought the meeting was at 7 h30.  Guess I am early 18:01
Kilosyes its at 8.3018:01
Kilosbut you may hang here meantime18:02
Kilosonly 10 more needed18:04
magespawnKilos: 10 more for what exactly?18:05
Kiloswe 40 here now18:06
Kilosthen pro says i may retire18:06
nsn-zeroI will try reception is bad 18:07
kulelu88did it work? Kilos 18:08
Kiloswell done18:09
kulelu88my username wasn't right18:09
Kiloswhat was wrong18:09
kulelu88it was different to kulelu88 18:09
Kiloswell at least its fixed now18:09
jerit[19:28] <Sicelo> lol .. what a fuss about nothing. 7%?   << this is 48699km though18:10
Kiloshi qwebirc25253 18:10
=== qwebirc25253 is now known as Vince-0
Kilosohi Vince-0 wb18:11
chesedo-Kilos: maybe time for that twitter reminder?18:12
chesedo-and evening kulelu88 nsn-zero and Vince-018:13
kulelu88hey chesedo- 18:13
=== chesedo- is now known as chesedo
chesedohows your app coming kulelu88?18:15
kulelu88chesedo: the JS? I'm working on something else right now18:16
chesedokulelu88: yip18:16
kulelu88on the backburner for now18:17
chesedothat happens at times...18:17
Vince-0hi guiz18:18
Kiloshopefully that worked18:18
Kiloshad to hunt for password18:18
chesedoKilos: yes it did!!18:19
Kilosdid it fix trello?18:19
kulelu88eeh oom Kilos is learning l33t sp34k now also18:20
chesedoKilos: no, has to be done manually18:20
nsn-zeroEvening to all that joined 18:20
Kilosi found why what i ticked didnt show18:21
Kilossave button right at the bottom18:21
Kiloshi Cryterion 18:21
chesedoKilos: g+ reminder is also working...18:21
CryterionEvening everyone18:21
kulelu88does anyone use sublime text here?18:21
chesedoKilos: just think you have to be logged in...18:22
chesedoevening Cryterion18:22
Kilosthats asking too much18:22
chesedokulelu88: nope, am using atom18:22
Kilosim sure it used to send amils at one stage18:22
Kiloshi williamk 18:22
kulelu88don't you find Atom slow? chesedo 18:23
Kiloswelcome back18:23
williamkHi kilos, All18:23
williamkKilos: this time I put notes to remind me18:24
Kiloswb jerit 18:24
CryterionHi williamk, I do believe we're in the same area!18:24
Kiloshahaha well done williamk 18:24
williamkCryterion: yes18:24
chesedokulelu88: no, not really - just to start maybe18:25
pavlushkaHello Cryterion !18:25
kulelu88chesedo: I am hoping for #limetext to become a thing someday18:25
Cryterionwe should meet up sometime, along with the others18:25
chesedohi williamk18:26
Cryterionheya pav18:26
* chesedo sees we will have a full house tonight...18:26
Cryterionand kilos, chesedo, and everyone else again ;)18:26
williamkCryterion: when we had the DLUG meetings, we met at Davenport Centre18:27
chesedo... we are in the loops today18:27
Kiloschesedo dont ask me stuff18:28
Kilosi wanna just read18:28
Cryterionwilliamk: Davenport Centre is fine, but I believe most of us south coast, so maybe Toti somewhere would suit for the next, when it happens18:28
Kilosinetpro ping18:28
chesedoKilos: are you sure :P18:29
Kilosabout what chesedo 18:29
Kiloshi zaki 18:29
chesedonot asking you stuff?18:29
zakihlw Kilos :)18:29
kulelu88the internet is the only place you discover that white okes live in KZN :D18:29
* chesedo now got away with two :P18:29
Kiloswell if i have to hunt for stuff i cant keep up here18:30
chesedoKilos: will do my best18:30
chesedoall ready...18:30
chesedoMaaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - August 201618:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:30
chesedoMaaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction18:30
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:30
chesedoA warm welcome to all and thanks for joining in on our monthly meeting18:31
Kilosty chesedo 18:31
chesedoOur bot maaz does the minutes as usual so please introduce yourself to it using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg.18:31
Cryterionmaaz: I'm Gavin Bauer18:31
MaazCryterion: What?18:31
KilosMaaz I am Miles Sharpe18:31
MaazKilos: Yessir18:31
chesedoMaaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht18:31
Maazchesedo: Okay18:31
Cryterionhmm, lol18:31
CryterionMaaz: I am Gavin Bauer18:31
MaazCryterion: Done18:31
chesedoCryterion: 'I am'18:31
Kiloshi nlsthzn 18:32
SiceloMaaz: I am Sicelo18:32
MaazSicelo: Yessir18:32
williamkMaaz : I am William Kinghorn18:32
Maazwilliamk: Yessir18:32
Kilosjust in time18:32
Siceloor am I?18:32
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:32
Maazsuperfly: Yessir18:32
chesedoToday's agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2016072618:32
nlsthznMaaz, I am weasel18:32
Maaznlsthzn: Righto18:32
chesedoSicelo: that is the question...18:32
Cryterionmaaz needs to learn some new vocabulary18:32
MaazCryterion: *blink*18:32
Kilosai! neelsie18:32
chesedoany last minute changes are welcome18:32
SEpticMaaz, I am SEptic18:33
MaazSEptic: Okay18:33
kulelu88Maaz: I am kulelu88 18:33
Kiloswb jerit- 18:33
Maazkulelu88: Yessir18:33
Kilosyou gonna login18:33
pavlushkamaaz I am S. M. Pavel Sayekat18:33
Maazpavlushka: Alrighty18:33
Kilosgood lad pavlushka 18:33
chesedoSicelo nlsthzn Sicelo: could you guys maybe use fullnames?18:34
pavlushkathanks Kilos 18:34
SiceloMaaz: I am Sicelo A. Mhlongo18:34
MaazSicelo: Yessir18:34
CryterionMaaz: you haven't logged in yet18:34
MaazCryterion: Excuse me?18:34
Kilosty Sicelo 18:34
chesedoty Sicelo18:34
chesedoall happy with the agenda18:35
SEpticMaaz, I am Matthew J. Thompson18:35
MaazSEptic: Okay18:35
chesedoty SEptic18:35
jerit-why does quassel want me to connect to a Core account?18:35
nlsthznchesedo, I could18:35
chesedonlsthzn: but would you... :P18:35
jerit-what Core account am I supposed to connect to even?18:35
nlsthznMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen18:36
Maaznlsthzn: Righto18:36
Kilossuperfly inetpro ping18:36
chesedoMaaz: agreed No one raised issues with agenda18:36
MaazAgreed: No one raised issues with agenda18:36
chesedoMaaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:36
Kilosty nlsthzn 18:36
chesedoKilos: fly is already here18:36
chesedominutes of the previous meeting is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2016062818:36
chesedoPlease read it for a refresher18:37
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames18:37
Maazmagespawn: Righto18:37
* Cryterion waits for browser to open18:37
zakimaaz I am zaki18:38
Maazzaki: Sure18:38
jerit-Maaz I am Logan18:38
Maazjerit-: Okay18:38
jerit-I'm also confused18:38
chesedojerit-: quassel has a core and client component18:39
Cryterionjerit-: confused how?18:39
zakimaaz I am Zaki Chowdhury18:39
Maazzaki: Yessir18:39
jerit-I don't understand what's happening here18:39
Cryterionok not for me18:39
Cryterionjerit- monthly meeting18:39
chesedothe core is usually on a server that is on 24/7 to stay connected to IRC all the time18:39
chesedoAny one have anything to raise from previous agenda?18:40
chesedoCryterion: awesome18:40
chesedoMaaz: agreed All happy with previous minutes18:41
MaazAgreed: All happy with previous minutes18:41
chesedoMaaz: topic Plans for 201618:41
MaazCurrent Topic: Plans for 201618:41
Cryterionbelieve debconf went well, I couldn't make it unfortunately18:41
chesedomagespawn: you here?18:41
chesedoKilos: how is it going with tareq's ubuntu membership?18:42
chesedo... and sorry for the question :P18:42
williamkUnfortunatly I was in Cape Town the week before18:42
magespawnhi chesedo 18:42
Kilosmagespawn can you please help jerit sort quassel after the meeting18:43
pavlushkachesedo: on Kilos behalf, tareq is busy fow a18:43
chesedoCryterion and williamk: you guys were going to try for volunteers right?18:43
pavlushka*for a while.18:43
Kiloschesedo he is very busy as is everyone else but will get there18:43
superflywilliamk: you could have visited us at DebCamp18:43
Kilosty pavlushka 18:43
zakiMaaz: I am Zaki Chowdhury18:43
Maazzaki: Okay18:43
chesedomagespawn: we are at ubuntu memberships with the meeting... any update on your page task?18:44
pavlushkaKilos: For one hand typing and pressing enter in the middle of a line?18:44
williamkI would have volunteered18:44
chesedoKilos: you got my question ?18:44
chesedowilliamk: right18:44
magespawnno  i have not done anything about that yet, but i will do before the end of august18:44
Kilosabout tareg18:45
chesedomagespawn: awesome... is it the wiki page?18:45
chesedoKilos: yes18:45
Kilosi answered and so did pavlushka 18:45
chesedomagespawn: it will need testimonies right?18:46
magespawnyes iwll be asking for those once i have done the page 18:46
chesedoKilos: oh boy, now i am falling behind... about where?18:46
magespawni will18:46
KilosKilos> chesedo he is very busy as is everyone else but will get there18:46
Kiloswe need to push the pro a bit as well18:47
chesedomagespawn: ok, want to maybe add the testimony discussion for the next meeting now or will later be better?18:48
Kiloswhen magespawn is ready ill add one too18:48
chesedoMaaz: agreed Kilos will be of the first to add testimony for magespawn's membership18:49
MaazAgreed: Kilos will be of the first to add testimony for magespawn's membership18:49
chesedoAnyone else needing help with membership, launchpad ID, etc?18:49
Kilosim always first sigh18:49
kulelu88does membership get me a free @ubuntu email address?18:49
Kilosits an alias18:50
Kiloson top of a gmail address18:50
kulelu88aah sies18:50
Kilosdunno how fly did his18:50
magespawnchesedo: bext meeting should be okay18:50
kulelu88shuttleworth greedy to host his own :/18:50
chesedomagespawn: great will do...18:50
Kilosask superfly kulelu88 18:51
Sicelohaha kulelu88. i'm surprised too, tbh18:51
chesedoMaaz: agreed To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting18:51
MaazAgreed: To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting18:51
Cryterionumm, why is www.ubuntu.co.za running windows server?18:52
chesedoi also got the basics for a Nikola docker image ready to start on the Ubuntu for Hope website18:52
chesedooh boy, busted :D18:52
kulelu88chesedo: if you need a pelican version I can get it up and running quickly for you18:53
chesedokulelu88: this is what is there currently -> http://ubuntuforhope.org/18:53
chesedojust need to convert it to a static site generator (nikola) and create a proper theme (bootstrap)18:54
kulelu88minimalist beauty right there <318:54
Kiloschesedo 18:54
pavlushkame surprised on <Cryterion> umm, why is www.ubuntu.co.za running windows server?18:54
chesedoKilos: ?18:54
Kilosyou should say something about that in our team reports'18:54
Kilosyou do team reports right'18:55
kulelu88Cryterion: can you verify it is windows-server?18:55
chesedoKilos: nope18:55
Kiloswell i propose chesedo to do our team reports18:55
chesedokulelu88: on of interest, what is meant by 'pelican'?18:55
magespawnCryterion: owned by Alistarir Carruthers18:55
Cryterionpavlushka, it's probably not ubuntuza related, there's a diferent ubuntu thing that goes on18:55
Kilosand seconders18:55
kulelu88pelican = nikola alternative18:56
Kilospavlushka remember pelican18:56
Kilospeeps like the git thing18:56
jerit-if hosting is needed for www.ubuntu.co.za I can provide. Just need to discuss cost and whether or not I'll charge at all18:57
chesedokulelu88: oh... don't know... i was eyeing hugo (another alt) but seems that nikola is prefered18:57
pavlushkaKilos: memorized it now and will remember :p18:57
Kiloswe dont know who that is jerit- 18:57
jerit-oh I thought it was our site18:57
Kiloswell i dont18:57
kulelu88superfly likes nikola and he normally does a lot of the work geen geld, so perhaps nikola 18:57
Kilosit opens to blue screen here18:58
chesedokulelu88: will you be able to help with the site devel?18:58
chesedoKilos: what is it that you wanted in the team reports?18:59
kulelu88I can definitely try, but I need to know *what* is needed to be done18:59
Kilosthe ubuntuforhope thing18:59
chesedokulelu88: 18:59
chesedoMaaz: agreed kulelu88 to help with Ubuntu for Hope site devel (need to add him to gitlab)19:00
MaazAgreed: kulelu88 to help with Ubuntu for Hope site devel (need to add him to gitlab)19:00
Kiloswell have to look at old reports chesedo 19:00
chesedokulelu88: will pm you19:00
magespawnjerit-: ubuntu-za.org19:00
chesedoKilos: i think there is something about the reports in the trello task as well... so will have to look to sort it19:01
Kiloscool ty19:02
jerit-website looks very bootstrap19:02
Kilosi dont know who did them after maia19:02
chesedoMaaz: idea To add the Ubuntu for Hope website/tasks to team reports19:02
MaazIdea recorded: To add the Ubuntu for Hope website/tasks to team reports19:02
Kiloswhat is bootstrap jerit- 19:02
chesedoMaaz: topic Events19:03
MaazCurrent Topic: Events19:03
jerit-the ubuntu-za website19:03
jerit-uses bootstrap for design but anyway, off topic :P19:03
Kilosyes its a cool site19:03
Kilosno bzr and nikola19:03
chesedosuperfly: you can fire away with the debConf report19:03
chesedoKilos: bootstrap is a css framework that the site uses...19:04
Kilosoh my19:04
superflyI don't have a report. If you want a report, watch the closing ceremony19:04
chesedowhile fly is at it the channel can thank paddatrapper, superfly and tumbleweed who were part of the organizer...19:05
chesedosuperfly: lol, feedback would be better19:05
superflyAll I can say is that it seemed to go well, people were happy.19:05
chesedoSicelo who gave a talk...19:05
chesedoand andrewlsd and kmf who were volunteers19:06
Kiloskudos to the za guys19:06
chesedothanks for all your efforts guys...19:07
chesedoKilos: load cheers to that :D19:07
* inetpro quietly takes a seat 19:07
Kilosinetpro we see you19:07
Kilosspeak up19:07
inetprooh my... 19:08
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer 19:08
Maazinetpro: Sure19:08
Kilosanswer you questions etc etc etc'19:08
chesedowas anyone at the AWS Summit in cpt as well?19:08
* Kilos hides19:08
* chesedo remembers that andrewlsd was going there19:08
Kiloshehe pro scrolling19:10
Kilosandrewlsd is afk atm19:10
* Cryterion pulls away inetpro's chair19:10
chesedonow all seems exhuasted or am i going too fast?19:10
* inetpro gives up scrolling 19:10
Kilosoh inetpro there was mention of you membership application19:11
chesedoinetpro: team reports is the only thing that we wondered about...19:11
inetprotalk to me chief19:11
chesedoKilos: there was?19:11
Kilosoh yes19:11
* chesedo seems to have missed that too19:11
Kilosyes chesedo you said we need to push him19:12
* Kilos hides19:12
Siceloawesome .. so my wifi card is dead :(19:12
Kiloshaha everyone scrolls19:12
chesedooh yes now i remember *reading* something about that19:12
inetprohmm... let's not disrupt the meeting Kilos... please continue chesedo19:13
* chesedo now understands what Kilos meant back there19:13
chesedoor up there :D19:13
chesedoty inetpro19:13
chesedosince no one else went to AWS, that seems to be it for events?19:14
jerit-AWS meaning Amazon Web Services?19:14
jerit-oh wait, its an event you're talking about, my bad19:14
chesedojerit-: yes... 19:14
chesedooh, anyone planning any ubuntu hours, fests?19:15
Kilossuperfly any news on loco packs19:16
chesedo...moving on then19:16
* chesedo will wait a bit19:16
Kiloswe havent even planned a release party19:16
inetprowe need to plan the next one now19:17
chesedoKilos: not one that is recognized at least19:17
Cryterionit's already released19:17
inetprothat be 16.08?19:17
Kilosyes but normally we wait till the goodies arrive19:17
chesedoinetpro: you want one for 16.10?19:18
magespawnsorry guys i have to go or i am going to get home very late19:18
Kilosgo safe magespawn 19:18
magespawnchat later.19:18
Kilosty for attending19:18
pavlushkasee ya magespawn !19:18
inetprooh 16.04.1 is out now, is it time to upgrade our servers yet?19:18
chesedonp magespawn and thanks for joining in19:18
williamkcheers magespawn19:19
Kiloswilliamk what did you want to announce19:19
chesedobrr... moving on then19:19
chesedoMaaz: topic Miscellaneous19:19
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous19:19
chesedodoes the 'ubuntu in the wild' topic still seem relevant or can we maybe remove it?19:20
williamkKilos : not going to announce anything, just wanted to join you guys tonite19:21
Kiloswonderful, ty williamk 19:21
superflyKilos: no, sorry, I haven't gotten there yet19:21
Kilosnp superfly 19:22
Cryterioninetpro: ubuntu server 16.04 been running 27days now with mail support and stable for me19:22
* pavlushka still laughing on 16.0819:22
chesedowilliamk: you and kapanda were the guys that talked about the education program?19:22
Kilospavlushka read the news letter19:22
Kiloslotsa funny nubers added now19:22
pavlushkaKilos: I have19:22
williamkchesedo : still wanting to do that19:23
Kilosoh my inetpro save me please19:24
Kilosgive the link for the funny numbers19:24
chesedowilliamk: is it still in the fog (can past/other resources be used)?19:24
chesedoKilos: this one -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/800310/what-is-ubuntu-16-05-16-06-etc19:25
Kilosyes ty chesedo 19:25
Kilosthere pavlushka 19:25
jerit-mirc wasting my time again19:25
chesedoKilos: your op on the 'ubuntu in the wild' agenda topic?19:25
Cryterionyou still using mirc?19:26
Kiloshe needs to get quassel sorted still Cryterion 19:26
chesedoi think we could keep the trello item up for a bit longer to see if it has interest19:26
Kiloschesedo i dont have one, was just interesting 19:26
inetprohaha, pavlushka see, it's true19:27
Kilosthats about other places using ubuntu right19:27
chesedoKilos: yes19:27
inetprosorry Kilos, Iwas drifting away to work again19:27
Kiloswho has time to find these things out19:27
chesedoit has seven items currently19:27
Kilosnp inetpro 19:27
Kiloswe  can look again tomorrow chesedo 19:28
Kilosmaybe archive it19:28
williamkchesedo: just do not seem to get anywhere, have to sit down and start something19:28
chesedohmm... we will have to see who answers that19:28
* pavlushka now stopped laughing and looking stupid19:28
chesedowilliamk: ok19:28
chesedoKilos: right19:29
inetpropavlushka: I must say I don't like the idea, guess we should just stop talking about it... will just confuse people19:29
Kilosnot today19:29
chesedoMaaz: agreed Ubuntu in the Wild can be archived19:29
MaazAgreed: Ubuntu in the Wild can be archived19:29
Kilosbeen busy today so tired now19:30
pavlushkainetpro: so do I think, ;)19:30
chesedoAnyone have anything to add about getting more involved with lugs?19:30
Kilosthe weekly news letter will tell with what19:30
paddatrapperSorry I'm late19:30
chesedoKilos: almost done..19:30
inetpropaddatrapper: you as well?19:31
Kiloshaha welcome paddatrapper you can login with Maaz 19:31
chesedodoes not seem so...19:31
chesedohi paddatrapper19:31
chesedoMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:31
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:31
paddatrapperinetpro: Lost track of time...19:31
pavlushkapaddatrapper: keep standing :p19:31
paddatrapperMaaz: I'm Kyle Robbertze19:31
Maazpaddatrapper: Huh?19:31
* Kilos votes for chesedo19:31
chesedoanyone interested in the hot seat for next meeting...19:32
paddatrapperMaaz: I am Kyle Robbertze19:32
Maazpaddatrapper: Yessir19:32
inetpro+1 for chesedo19:32
paddatrapperchesedo always seems to do a great job19:32
chesedoMaaz: agreed chesedo to chair next meeting19:32
MaazAgreed: chesedo to chair next meeting19:32
chesedoMaaz: topic Next meeting19:32
MaazCurrent Topic: Next meeting19:32
chesedoMaaz: agreed Next meeting is 23 August 2016 @ 20:3019:33
MaazAgreed: Next meeting is 23 August 2016 @ 20:3019:33
inetprochesedo: thanks for doing a great job!19:33
chesedothank you all for joining in tonight and sorry for running a bit late19:33
nlsthzngood job all :)19:33
Kilosthanks a ton chesedo you keeping us alive19:33
SEpticchesedo for president19:33
chesedoMaaz: end meeting19:33
MaazMeeting Ended19:33
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-07-26-18-30-41.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-07-26-18-30-41.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-07-26-18-30-41.html19:33
chesedoKilos: alive or out of sleep :P19:33
pavlushkapaddatrapper: hello and Welcome :)19:33
* inetpro now has time to scroll?19:33
Kiloshere the news19:34
paddatrapperHey pavlushka :)19:34
paddatrapperinetpro: Me too!19:34
Kilosim winning19:34
williamkThanks chesedo19:34
chesedonp inetpro paddatrapper Kilos SEptic19:34
Kilosthanks for visiting williamk 19:34
paddatrapperThanks chesedo 19:34
paddatrapperDoes maaz support a ping all? May be useful before each meeting19:35
chesedosure thing williamk19:35
Kilospaddatrapper write it in19:35
Kilosif its not there add it for new ibid please19:36
chesedoMaaz: last minutes is <reply>: Minutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-07-26-18-30-41.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-07-26-18-30-41.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-07-26-18-30-41.html19:36
Maazchesedo: I'll remember that19:36
Kiloshave you got feedback from tumbleweed yet19:36
paddatrapperNot yet. I think I'll have to kick him again...19:37
Kilosinetpro maybe we get a new ibid before i go to the happy hunting grounds19:37
Kilospaddatrapper kick harder19:37
chesedonight all, hope you are all able to sleep warm19:37
pavlushkanight chesedo !19:38
Kilosty chesedo sleep well lad19:38
williamkCheers all19:41
paddatrapperKilos: Kicking themo on the #ibid channel, hopefully that will see some action19:41
jerit-Cryterion: quassel wants to connect to Core or something and won't let me configure a network so its either webchat.freenode.net or mIRC19:41
jerit-the more reliable at this point is webchat which is meh19:41
Kilosthat channel is dead19:42
Kilosjerit- 19:42
Kiloslet me see what i remember from mages chats19:42
jerit-ugh for some reason my site isn't able to connect to its database :/19:42
Kilosyou install the core on one pc19:43
Kilosor server'19:43
cryterion_jerit-: just got quassel running19:43
Kilossuperfly 19:43
Kiloscan you help quick please with quassel19:43
Kilosoh cryterion_ uses it as well19:44
Cryterionkilos: no just installed it as a test19:44
paddatrappertumbleweed: Had any time to review my ibid PR?19:45
Cryterionjerit-: in quassel did you configure the server stuff etc?19:45
Kilospretty pleeeease tumbleweed 19:45
Cryterionand how did you install?19:45
jerit-Cryterion: I was able to connect to freenode with it earlier today not having done anything like that, so no19:45
nlsthznbut you dont need a separate server when running quassel...19:46
Cryterionjerit-: I installed via adding the ppa and using apt-get, once ready, setup server name, address etc, note it defaults to port 6667, and not 8001 which you need to change19:47
jerit-Cryterion: I'm installing on Windows19:47
Cryterionhmm yuck19:48
jerit-although would be interesting to see if I can connect via my ubuntu vm19:48
Cryterionand I run windows in a vm19:48
jerit-ugh I'm so not-photogenic that even Instagram can't make me look pretty :/19:48
nlsthznneed more filters19:49
jerit-even Prisma can't make me look pretty19:49
Cryterionwhich type nlsthzn?19:49
* nlsthzn doesn't know, doesn't do selfies19:49
nlsthznbut more is always more than less19:50
* Cryterion doesn't either19:50
nlsthznunless less is more19:50
jerit-hey that filter on Prisma isn't too bad. Kinda like a Linkin Park Breaking the Habit kinda thing19:50
Cryterionnah, more or better19:50
Cryteriondepends anyway19:50
Siceloweird stuff going on on my computer .. i have a USB WiFi dongle, which I had setup with hostapd on my pc as an AP, and been working fine almost forever .. this morning i woke up to no WiFi, and PC was off or frozen .. not sure. the wifi dongle doesn't get enumerated on any of the ports on pc, but the ports are working, as i can use other USB devices. 19:51
Sicelothe wifi dongle does work on laptop though :0/19:51
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Kilosty inetpro 19:52
jerit-What do you guys think? Here's a rare selfie of me filtered in Prisma -> http://i.imgur.com/CqA9uie.jpg19:52
jerit-I think it looks pretty cool19:53
Kilosyou as bad as inetpro 19:54
nlsthznneeds more colour19:54
jerit-how so?19:54
jerit-@ bad as inetpro19:54
Kiloshavent you seen his avatar19:55
kulelu88jerit-: it joined your eyebrows/shadow-of-brows19:55
Kilosone of those drawing goodies19:56
jerit-kulelu88: didn't notice that loooool19:56
jerit-Friend of mine did this earlier -> http://i.imgur.com/Qb7rSzI.jpg19:56
jerit-you guys may know her as Jade Fairbrother if you know anything about Playboy SA19:57
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:58
jerit-that'll be my znc running on my vm19:58
jerit-night Kilos19:58
jerit-I'm off to play some wow, maybe tonight I can get in the guild19:58
kulelu88not to discredit this womans natural beauty, but the filter gives her a demon-like look19:59
jerit-haha its the lines around her pupils, yes?20:01
pavlushkaGood Night People!20:12
* pavlushka will sail in his dream.20:12

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