DalekSecsakrecoer: Pitti is getting to you guys, just hadn't made it there yet.06:04
sakrecoerthank you DalekSec :) 08:49
DalekSecThough, isn't US supposed to work with any DE?  Heh.08:51
sakrecoerDalekSec: its been a hot topic for a while #desktopagnostic :) but it appears we aren't quite there yet.09:00
zequencesakrecoer: krytarik: I'm sure you guys can do the syncing with xubuntu default settings. If it's not done before FF I will try to remember to do it.19:11
zequencesakrecoer: krytarik: Also, let me know if you need help with the seed thing.19:38
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sakrecoerthanks zequence :) good to know! but i'll di my best so you can relax instead having to do it ;)21:29

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