bluesabreevening all02:19
bluesabreUnit193: I'm on vacation this week, so I might actually make it to your meeting tomorrow!02:19
Unit193Oh heh, ok.  I guess that's one way to use vacation. :P02:19
bluesabrebeen trying to avoid everything02:20
bluesabrebeen nice so far02:20
Unit193bluesabre: I presume you read about x-d-s?02:58
bluesabreUnit193: as in, the latest commits, or?04:08
Unit193bluesabre: Yeah, switching which user sessions we use.05:00
flocculant!team | you have - assuming LP has a sensible address - a mail regarding topic in meeting today19:25
ubottuyou have - assuming LP has a sensible address - a mail regarding topic in meeting today: akxwi-dave, bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster and Unit19319:25
pleia2a recent mail?19:27
flocculantI know for sure bluesabre's other address is better - I also I know I lost it :p19:27
flocculantpleia2: about 2 minutes ago - and your's went to @ubuntu.com19:27
* pleia2 awaits delivery19:27
* flocculant apologise for losing people's mail addresses ...19:28
flocculanthe would apologises but there were already enough s's in the sentence19:28
flocculantkrytarik won't get it, failed message19:30
* krytarik sad face19:30
Unit193I saw that one.19:31
flocculantkrytarik: sort out LP or @ubuntu then19:31
flocculantUnit193: good - you'll really need it :D19:31
Unit193He's not a member.19:31
flocculantoh well that'll be why then19:31
Unit193Want me to just forward it?19:32
flocculantyea that's fine19:32
flocculantI'm sure if I dug I'd find everyone's address19:32
flocculantit wasn't till I saw the wall of text which would end up here an hour ago I thought about it 19:32
bluesabrehey everyone19:33
flocculantUnit193: on the other hand if krytarik was that concerned he's pm me :p19:33
akxwi-davehey bluesabre 19:33
flocculantbluesabre: lost your smd address - you has @ubuntu mail19:33
bluesabreflocculant: I got it19:34
bluesabreblues@u.c is a-ok19:34
flocculantkrytarik@u.c isn't :(19:35
flocculanthe should go for it imho :D19:35
bluesabrekrytarik: you got this19:35
pleia2slow email is slow19:35
pleia2didn't seem to go to spam either19:35
flocculantpleia2: pm you're other one and I'll send it you19:35
flocculantor here 19:35
pleia2but lyz@ubuntu.com should work o_o19:36
* pleia2 shrugs19:36
flocculantpleia2: race on then :p19:36
flocculantI know dkessel, slickymaster, bluesabre's work 19:37
pleia2flocculant: ty19:37
flocculantpleia2: I did know the leia one of course - but forgot momentarily :)19:38
flocculantno idea how ... 19:38
Unit193flocculant: If he should, ochosi certainly should...19:41
flocculantUnit193: should what?19:42
bluesabreand hey akxwi-dave (didn't mean to pass over your hello)19:42
Unit193Go for Ubuntu memberships.19:42
flocculantUnit193: oh yea for sure 19:42
bluesabreyeah ochosi :D19:42
flocculantakxwi-dave: it's what happens when you are QA :'( 19:43
akxwi-davecheers.. :-)19:43
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krytarik#startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting20:00
krytarikHowdy and welcome to the Xubuntu community meeting.  Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings20:00
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Jul 26 20:00:01 2016 UTC.  The chair is krytarik. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.20:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick20:00
krytarikSo anyone here?20:00
krytarik#topic Open action items20:01
krytarikI just see items from knome and ochosi here.20:01
knomethat's all done20:02
knomeexcept the jenkins stuff from ochosi20:02
flocculantwhy's krytarik running the meeting lol20:02
bluesabrekrytarik is Unit193 currently, maybe20:03
krytarikknome: 'initialize voting on the council proposal on devel ML (week from now)' too?20:04
knomeyes, the council proposal...20:04
knomenot the council20:04
knomenote that the last meeting was in may20:04
krytarikOkay, we can carry on unless you'd like to #done something.20:05
flocculantI think we are surely now in a place to move on?20:05
knomelet's move on..20:05
flocculanteg my last mail on that20:05
bluesabrelet me know what I can do to move that forward20:05
flocculantno no knome 20:05
knomewut? :)20:05
bluesabreif anything20:05
flocculantnot move on - but move on on the council thing :)20:05
flocculantwe have their approval20:06
knomeyes, move on the council, and move on on the meeting too20:06
krytarik#topic Updates and Announcements20:06
flocculantog good lord20:06
krytarikNext one I see is in Aug, FF so nothing soon.20:06
bluesabreochosi is wrapping up the gtk 3.20 Greybird port20:07
knomebluesabre, #info?20:07
bluesabre#info ochosi is wrapping up the gtk 3.20 Greybird port20:07
krytarikOh, and Debian picked up the Shimmer themes, splitting them out into separate packages.20:07
bluesabre#info GTK 3.20 will be included in yakkety probably sometime next week20:08
krytarik#topic Discussion items20:08
krytarik#subtopic Xubuntu QA (flocculant)20:08
flocculantso what's happening about the council thing then? 20:10
knomeflocculant, the list of tasks you posted on the mailing list20:10
krytarikflocculant: That can be the next topic, if knome has something.20:11
flocculantknome: ok20:11
flocculantkrytarik: ok20:11
knomeflocculant, i mean, i thought we had set the plans up already, we even have a blueprint :)20:11
flocculantyea right ... blueprints .... 20:11
flocculantok 20:11
flocculantso QA thing is pretty simple - I assume people present have read the mail?20:12
flocculantfor the records in irc20:12
flocculantI need a break. 20:12
flocculantTeam have been sent a private mail atm detailing that.20:12
flocculantI've not completely gone - in fact I will be here as much as I am now.20:13
* pleia2 hugs flocculant 20:13
pleia2breaks are good20:13
knomeflocculant, thanks for *everything* you have done so far20:13
flocculantbut I'll not be mving things in the zeppedy zaphod zycle20:13
knome(and sorry for being too ignorant at times - probably more often than not)20:13
akxwi-davesorry hexchat had crashed20:13
knomeakxwi-dave, no problem... you just dodged a lot of things being auto-assigned to you :P20:14
flocculantI'm happy to come back - but the remaining members of team need to decide that with akxwi-dave 20:14
knome(just kidding)20:14
pleia2wb akxwi-dave 20:14
akxwi-daveok seems missed a bit20:14
flocculantit *is* a poisoned-chalice20:14
flocculantakxwi-dave: not really20:14
knomeso to have some kind of plan20:14
knomewe're participating in beta2, right?20:15
flocculantakxwi-dave: you have the irc pm and mail I assume20:15
flocculantknome: I'll be here till the end of YY20:15
flocculantthat's why I am doing this now :)20:15
bluesabreknome: yes for B220:15
flocculantso we can plan ;)20:15
akxwi-davehey if I can survive 25 years of marriage ... :-)20:15
knomeflocculant, sure :)20:15
bluesabreflocculant: much appreciated20:15
akxwi-daveyes got  the email anmd your pm this dinner20:15
flocculant2 seconds here20:15
flocculantjust want people to understand that I am still here - and depending on what we do for the next cycle - I'll be about as needed20:16
bluesabresounds reasonable to me20:16
flocculantI don't care what we do - either muddle along for a cycle, let Dave run it, don't20:17
* bluesabre gears up for unending development next cycle20:17
flocculantI'm cool with it all20:17
knomere: plan, if there's anybody that is interested in running qa stuff with flocculant this cycle, and potentially leading next cycle, now's a good time to talk :)20:17
knome*cough* akxwi-dave *cough*20:17
flocculantI'll be about for the next cycle still unless it all looks better - at which point there's no point in going backwARDS20:18
akxwi-daveohhhh ok as long as you get me that kfc20:18
krytarikDoesn't QA currently contain flocculant, akxwi-dave, and slickymaster?20:18
knomei'm on the team as well... granted, not very active20:19
knomethough i try to see my position to be an enabler... eg. making sure QA can have stuff they want on the status tracker20:20
knome(where possible and realistic)20:20
* knome saves his bottom ^20:20
akxwi-davegood getout20:20
* bluesabre claps20:20
flocculantjust for the record20:20
flocculantQA as active is akxwi-dave and me20:21
knomeyeah, slickymaster has been away from all stuff lately, even docs20:21
flocculantbut akxwi-dave has been rather trained in the last few months :P20:21
flocculanthe would certainly get a vote from me as a team member20:22
knomei'd agree with that20:22
bluesabresame here20:22
flocculantand he would certainly get all the help he needed from me 20:22
akxwi-daveWell, from me, I would be willing to stand in for a cycle, until flocculant come to his senses and comes back20:22
pleia2akxwi-dave: \o/20:22
knomeindeed, huzzah for akxwi-dave 20:22
bluesabreand flocculant!20:23
flocculantif after doing it for a cycle - and deciding he wanted to carry on - I would not ever be in for any sort of fight20:23
knomehahah :)20:23
flocculantbluesabre: he's obviusly already got my vote ;)20:23
flocculantI'd then leave team of course20:24
krytarikI'm pretty sure he has everyone's vote.  I thought he was in team.20:24
* bluesabre looks to train flocculant for dev next cycle20:24
knomekrytarik, that's because he is.20:25
krytarikOh good, so my memory is only half failing.20:25
* krytarik hides.20:25
flocculantkrytarik: he is in team - that was the WHOLE point of -qa20:25
knomebluesabre, not the right time to say this, but i wrote my first (working) python script today...20:25
flocculantkrytarik: now I'm really not sure which you are lol20:25
bluesabreknome: congrats!20:25
akxwi-davegrats as well20:26
krytarikSo looks like nothing more on this topic.20:26
flocculantakxwi-dave: you need to sort out irc constant to deal with the non-yorkshire people :p20:26
flocculantkrytarik: one more thing20:27
akxwi-davestarts to look for his rasp-pi20:28
flocculantcan people please give akxwi-dave more real support than I have had when it really matters, I cannot say this enough nor loud enough - but if QA asks people to test something and people from Xubuntu Team don't bother - why the hell should they? It REALLY is not rocket science.20:28
flocculantkrytarik: and now you can move on ;)20:29
pleia2I'll continue to do my best20:29
knomesame here - and i think that's the most one can promise...20:29
flocculantpleia2 and everyone else: everyone does - but it is usually about 5% - you can test an iso in a vm20:29
krytarikAnd of course, try to remember to report when you do.20:30
flocculantor it is pointless20:30
knomei always report when my test is appropriate for testing20:30
krytarikNo other topics?  If not, announcements.20:30
flocculantdid we briefly brush over not getting anywhere with council ?20:31
knomewhat we should try to do is getting random "testers" do valid tests and report them instead of telling us "it works" on the mailing list or social media20:31
knome(but it's easier said than done)20:31
pleia2or "it doesn't work but I don't want to submit a bug report" on list :\20:32
pleia2not sure what to do with that20:32
knomeflocculant, i'd still say the roadmap for that is in our knowledge, and now we just need to do things as we got the ACK from CC20:32
knomeflocculant, i've been AFK and busy so haven't been able to work on it after the ack, but i'll be on it as soon as i have time20:32
pleia2thanks knome 20:32
flocculantknome: yea ok but20:33
knomefor the record:20:33
flocculantafaik we need to do the things I said then - shouldn't be hard20:33
knomeflocculant, nope20:34
flocculantand I think we need to action them20:34
flocculantpointless action anyone but knome for item 1 or it will just be interminable discussion and mails till it does20:34
flocculantso 20:34
flocculantaction knome point 120:35
flocculantI am happy to argue once we have draft :p20:35
flocculantpossibly worded that harshly20:36
flocculantnot what I meant at all lol20:37
bluesabreI think it's understood20:37
bluesabreprogress is +120:37
flocculantwell it is - just didn't meant it to sound harsh - the sentiment is right :)20:37
flocculantif Xubuntu hasn't sorted this thing out soon, then I will nominate and then not be able to vote ;)20:38
flocculantand it should be easy 20:38
flocculantreally easy20:38
knomei think we all agree on the general direction, and just need the more literal version for the strategy document20:38
flocculantI did similar with the forum and that had 200k currents20:39
knomeonce somebody (who can be me or somebody else) has the time to write that down, i think it's another easy vote20:39
flocculantknome: yea - it's about bullet points from the mail I am sure20:39
flocculantin order20:39
flocculantso 'power of statement' dilutes20:40
flocculantthe power should always lay in the hands of 'team'20:40
flocculantthey 'give' council power and should be able to wrest it away in times of duress20:41
flocculanteverything else should be 'tasks'20:41
flocculantdoes that make sense to people?20:43
flocculantcos - all quiet .... 20:43
akxwi-dave sorry taking a long drink of IPA20:44
knomei'm having problems focusing because $other_things20:44
akxwi-daveand yes.. 20:44
knome(which is why a long pause in replying too)20:44
pleia2I admit, I wasn't really prepared for this topic20:44
bluesabresounds reasonable20:45
pleia2so I'll reread things to catch up, but it's hard for me to speak to anything right now20:45
flocculantpleia2: it's been bubbling around for ages20:45
pleia2flocculant: yes, I know, which is why I don't know what the state is20:45
knomethe state was "waiting on CC's ACK" for a long time, like a few weeks20:45
flocculantpleia2: though it's not stated specifically20:45
knomeand as everybody agreed with the general direction, i don't know why they wouldn't agree with the final literal form20:46
flocculantpleia2: recenttish was ack20:46
knomei mean, i don't intend to add or remove any subject matter to/from it20:46
flocculantbut then there has been no response from anyone at all for 4 days20:46
flocculantat all20:46
flocculanthard to know if that's a 20:47
knomeif somebody thinks something should be done, then they should have raised up concerns earlier, or do it now20:47
flocculantcarry on20:47
flocculantpleia2: and I don't mean that I expect immediate responses either20:47
pleia2oh, I assumed we were just moving forward, my slience was assent20:48
flocculantbut neither have we had any 'wth is going on' responses20:48
pleia2we have a blueprint for this, it's moving in the correct direction20:48
flocculantpleia2: I played that game with the FC :p20:48
flocculanthence the portion you liked ;)20:48
akxwi-davesame here I assumed we were waiting for the time to nominate announcement20:48
flocculantknome: then I will take that as a +1 to doing strat doc changes20:49
flocculantcan we has vote here please 20:49
flocculantI'd like to know how long we should wait for a null to taken as a positive for any changes20:50
flocculantknome: so how long sensibly to get an agreed change between us for SD? 2 weeks? 20:51
pleia2I guess I'm just used to blueprint items moving along without revoting20:51
pleia2I thought it was implied that we move along to the strategy document updates, again, I thought it was pretty much finaized20:51
knomenobody replied to that, so i take the team is OK with somebody doing the writing part20:51
pleia2knome: nods20:51
flocculantpleia2: except we've not really used them for cycle(s)20:51
knomeand now that CC ack'd our draft, there's no blocked in doing that20:51
pleia2flocculant: I still use them :\20:52
knomenow we only need somebody to have time to write it20:52
flocculantknome: do you think we can do our bit by eow?20:52
knomewe did use blueprints heavily last cycle; this cycle has been very slow generally, and not much has happened, which is why blueprints haven't got too much love either20:52
knomei can't promise anything either way20:52
knomebut it's possible, given that things don't go too much south20:52
pleia2thanks for trying, knome 20:53
knomei should be "back at the office" next week, so at latest then i'll have time to work on that too20:53
flocculantso we'll just have another meeting then20:53
flocculantknome: ack - not pressuring you here - just you know :)20:53
knomeagain it's just a task of making a bullet point list literal20:53
knomeno worries20:53
knomeif somebody else feels like doing it, go for it20:53
flocculantknome: if you want me to take ti with someone else?20:54
flocculantI've got time 20:54
knome(we'll likely end up doing one or two wording changes anyway, so no need to feel like to have to be perfect the first time)20:54
flocculantyea yea20:54
knomesure, it's up for "anybody" to pick up (assigned to -team)20:54
flocculanthas to be someone fairly active20:54
flocculante.g. people talking :p20:55
knomewell anyway,20:55
akxwi-davespeak to me in morning on irc and ill see if i can jumo in and help with it20:55
flocculantbluesabre: do you have time? 20:55
flocculantakxwi-dave: okey doke20:55
knomelet's not stretch the meeting... we can figure out schedules with people after it :)20:55
bluesabreflocculant: yup20:55
bluesabreI'm on vacation this week, but generally available at most times or can make myself available20:56
knomeyeah, i'm technically on paternity leave this week as well (if my application is approved)20:56
flocculantakxwi-dave: not dissing you, thanks for the offer, if I take this with bluesabre - it'll not be QA orientated :p20:56
akxwi-daveflocculant, no probs mate just wanted to help out if no one else available20:57
flocculanthowabout if we action bluesabre flocculant : reword SD for Council20:57
akxwi-dave+1  from me..20:57
krytarik#action bluesabre and flocculant to reword the SD to formalize the council.20:58
meetingologyACTION: bluesabre and flocculant to reword the SD to formalize the council.20:58
flocculantthen move next meeting from slickymaster to either me or bluesabre and we can report it20:58
flocculantdoes that make sense? 20:59
flocculantI just want this to be sorted out asawc20:59
krytarikNot sure if it matters who is running, but flocculant you're before bluesabre.20:59
knomeflocculant, just put it in a pad, and point me to it when you work on it and i might pokey poke it.21:00
flocculantyea I read :)21:00
knome(if you want extra set of eyes)21:00
flocculantbluesabre: as you are now 'Day' could you start in a pad? 21:00
flocculantif -team fiddle can they at least let us know how did stuff~? 21:01
krytarikflocculant: Details after the meeting?21:01
flocculantkrytarik: ack21:01
krytarik#topic Announcements21:01
krytarikflocculant to schedule next meeting21:01
krytarikAnything else?21:01
bluesabre#info upcoming date, Feature Freeze August 18th21:01
bluesabrenothing more from me21:02
akxwi-daveor me21:02
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jul 26 21:03:03 2016 UTC.  21:03
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2016/xubuntu-devel.2016-07-26-20.00.moin.txt21:03
bluesabreflocculant: we can work from http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-council-sd21:03
flocculantbluesabre: yup21:03
flocculantlost all those etherpoad urls I had too :(21:04
akxwi-davewell have a good evening all...  the wifes giving me bad looks .. better get the wine for her...21:04
flocculantnight akxwi-dave 21:04
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flocculantbluesabre: if you let me loose now for 30 minutes I can sort draft, then can look in the morning for your changes21:13
bluesabreflocculant: go for it, I'll use this time to see if my wife wants to go out or something :)21:14
Unit193flocculant: So installs vs running dev.  You end up basically just testing ubiquity, which is shared with all the flavors whereas if you run dev, you're messing around with it more and thus are more likly to break something.  Right?21:15
flocculantbluesabre: ok - done the basic stuff now - I'll look tomorrow, just make sure your colour is no green or I'll be back in the 11 cycle :p21:28
flocculantI did add to the beginning ;)21:29
ochosihey folks21:29
ochosisorry i couldn't make the meeting21:29
flocculanthi ochosi 21:29
ochosihad a terrible thunderstorm here and water came in from the roof :'(21:29
flocculantI took the mail I sent you originally an run with it a bit :)21:29
flocculantochosi: that's wet :( 21:29
ochosiyeah, i expected that, i would've preferred to be around21:30
flocculantkid dry I assume 21:30
ochosiand sorry i didn't really respond to it, thought we would talk at the meeting21:30
ochosiyeah, kid almost slept through it, although it was a fairly impressive thunderstorm21:30
ochosieven volume-wise21:30
flocculantochosi: yea yea I know - on the + side I'm not ditching, just chilling for a bit and seeing what happens 21:30
flocculantbluesabre: I'm happy with that - rip it on up now :)21:31
ochosianyway, gotta do some more cleaning up21:31
flocculantthen I'll rip your rips to rips - and we'll get a change21:31
ochosii'll read the backlog tomorrow and play catch up21:31
flocculantochosi: well good luck my friend - done that job ... as long as you are all warm and smiling tomorrow pm all is well :)21:32
flocculantbluesabre: concept being the awkward one there 21:33
Unit193ochosi: HI.21:33
flocculantUnit193: so are you Unit193 or kryten now? 21:34
ochosiflocculant: yup ,thanks!21:34
ochosiand sry again, have a good one!21:34
flocculantbluesabre: I've saved a copy of that pad, you can fiddle about - then mp it to the contributor bits of docs and we can go from there I guess21:39
Unit193flocculant: I might be the vague one.21:41
flocculantbluesabre: we could try and get a meeting time to suit us both, if it's a Friday I can stay awake ish21:42
flocculantUnit193: really? 21:42
flocculantbluesabre: better for you to assume I'm ~5 hours ahead 21:43
* bluesabre assumes GMT +/-5 for flocculant21:43
Unit193flocculant: Unit193. :P21:44
flocculantbluesabre: plus - wouldn't -5 from you be somewhere the other side of Hawaii  ... 21:49
flocculantmissed the gmt :)21:49
flocculantI'm currently gmt +1 21:49
bluesabrenap time, bbl21:50
flocculantnap time?21:58
flocculantbed time ;)21:59
flocculantochosi Unit193 bluesabre: I'm happy to point this user to the right place, but is it a knowbn bug, too tired to look atm22:13
flocculantand if there is a known issue I'm happy to point them to where they need to look and how etc from qa pov22:14

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