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lost_sauceso as my name implies, I have a question01:05
lost_saucewhat's the easiest way to load xubuntu onto my netbook using a usb drive?01:06
lost_saucedoes someone have a play-by-play I can follow?01:06
Unit193https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick perhaps?01:07
lost_saucegentleman, scholar, etc. etc.01:07
lost_saucesame as ubuntu?01:07
Unit193They're both Hybrid isos, yep.01:08
lost_sauceoh, if I use a tool like rufus does that make it boot off the usb drive as a filesystem?01:08
lost_saucei googled "burn iso to usb" and landed on a page telling me to use rufus01:08
lost_saucei guess i misread what it was doing01:09
Unit193Not heard of that one.01:09
Unit193If you are coming from Windows, I'd use http://www.linuxliveusb.com/01:10
lost_saucei'm trying to get a flavor of ubuntu on my netbook but ran into a problem i didn't understand with my wireless drivers01:11
lost_sauceand heard of other people using xubuntu on the same model as my netbook01:11
Unit193Niiiice.  Broadcom isn't it?01:11
lost_saucei think so01:11
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:11
lost_sauceideapad s1201:11
Unit193Fun times, though not horrible.01:11
lost_saucewow, that must be pretty common01:12
lost_saucehow do ubuntu and xubuntu compare? i.e. what's the difference and why would I use one over the other?01:13
Unit193Default DE, applications, and settings.  Ubuntu uses Unity, Xubuntu uses Xfce.01:14
xubuntu06wHi, I'm a new Xubuntu user and I'm trying to update my Mugshot (the text, not the picture yet). When I add in my ph# or email, it promps for a password. I have tried my password and the sudo password, both give an error. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.03:53
sonu_nkI need your help to setup virtual host, i have a live project which is running on this ip like eg: . and i want to run project on my ubuntu machine with same url like eg : instead of localhost ..  i also followed steps from here https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts but seems not working08:59
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c0nfusekiis anyone available to help?14:27
knomec0nfuseki, ask your question and find out14:29
c0nfusekii think i severely screwed up my DNS settings with fiddling with config files for which i do not remember them all14:30
c0nfusekiI'd love to know if there is a way to use the install disk to reset some of this mess14:30
knomenot individual settings as is14:31
knomedpkg-reconfigure might be useful, or not14:31
c0nfusekihmm. ok14:35
c0nfusekiany idea what package i should reconfigure?14:36
c0nfusekiseems like that did nothing (even after rebooting the computer)14:40
c0nfusekithanks anyway14:40
knomeno, i'm afraid14:42
knomeknowing what you poked would help..14:42
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xubuntu73wRemiHi ! anybody maybe knwo how to instal on my xubuntu Intel GMA 3600 graphics ? Intel GMA 3600 samsung n102sp xubuntu last ver18:00
knomedo you have a problem while installing?18:00
xubuntu73wRemii can not find driver18:00
xubuntu73wRemii fallow few topics18:01
knomeis there something that doesn't work?18:01
xubuntu73wRemiit seems there is no driver relise18:01
knomeok, so i take you don't have a problem with *installing*, right?18:01
knomeonly that sound doesn't work *after* installing18:02
xubuntu73wRemino insatlation went ok  , if u mean instalation of the system18:02
xubuntu73wRemicoz i coould nopt18:02
xubuntu73wRemifind a driver18:02
knomeyes indeed, but you said you needed help with installing and mentioned a graphics card18:02
knomebut now you have a problem with sound18:02
xubuntu73wRemiand i need to find a driver18:02
xubuntu73wRemicoz there is no18:03
knomeif everything related to graphics is working, you don't need to find a graphics driver.18:03
xubuntu73wRemiso how can i install a sound drivers18:04
xubuntu73wRemithis is integratet modul (as far as i read)18:04
xubuntu73wRemiresponsable for music and video18:04
knomeif you open the volume control, what devices do you see under the tab 'output devices'?18:05
xubuntu73wRemibuilt in audio18:07
xubuntu73wRemianalog stereo18:07
knomeis it muted?18:07
xubuntu73wRemino is full on18:08
knomewhat kind of sounds have you tried playing?18:08
xubuntu73wRemiyou tube18:08
xubuntu73wRemibuilt in18:08
pleia2I had some trouble with 16.04 sound, you might try opening pavucontrol and see the Configuration tab18:09
pleia2I had to disable the HDMI sound on one of my laptops18:09
knomepavucontrol eg. volume control18:09
pleia2once I selected "Off" in the HDMI one, my built in audio worked fine18:10
xubuntu73wRemii dont have option for hdmi soud  :(18:11
knomeyou might want to see if there are any other profiles in the dropdown18:12
knomeon one of my soundcard, there are some that do not produce any sound18:12
xubuntu73wRemiworks perfect18:16
xubuntu73wRemisorry for stiupid mistake18:16
knomeno problem18:16
xubuntu73wRemii havent check it before18:16
xubuntu73wRemimany thx for help !18:17
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xubuntu41wremiHi ! Have problem again I have changed resolution of my screen and have now only black scree21:14
xubuntu41wremiI have tried to log in from guest account21:14
xubuntu41wremiAs a su and changed resolution but cannot login21:14
xubuntu41wremiAny idea for help ?21:15
xubuntu41wremiAnybodyhere ?21:18
knomexubuntu41wremi, patience please; you've waited for 4 minutes.21:18
mrkrampsxubuntu41wremi, how exactly did you change the display resolution?21:20
extinct_potatoxubuntu41wremi, what's your graphic card?21:20
xubuntu41wremiDisplay settings21:21
xubuntu41wremiIntel gmi 350021:21
xubuntu41wremisamsung n102sp21:23
mrkrampsxubuntu41wremi, you still have access to the virtual console?21:25
mrkrampsctrl + alt + f1?21:25
xubuntu41wremiJust moment will try21:26
xubuntu41wremiWhat is the command for display change ?21:27
mrkrampshow about answering my question first?21:27
xubuntu41wremiA get in to the terminal21:28
xubuntu41wremiAnnd log in succesfully21:28
mrkrampstry following command:$ DISPLAY=:0.0 xrandr21:29
mrkrampsand tell me which of your outputs is "connected"21:30
xubuntu41wremiVorrect resolution was 1024#60021:32
mrkrampsxubuntu41wremi, which of your outputs is connected? LVDS, DVI, HDMI, VGA?21:32
mrkrampsexact ID pls21:32
xubuntu41wremiid ?21:33
xubuntu41wremiLvds 121:33
mrkrampstry following command:$ DISPLAY=:0.0 xrandr --output LVDS-1 --mode 1024x60021:34
mrkrampsand switch back to Xserver with ctrl + alt + f721:34
xubuntu41wremiConfigure crtc 1 failed21:38
mrkrampshm, hm, hm:$ xrandr -d :0 --output LVDS-1 --mode 1024x60021:41
xubuntu41wremiUnrecognize -d:021:43
mrkramps-d :021:43
mrkrampsthere's a space between option and value21:43
xubuntu41wremiConfiigure.crtc 1 field21:45
mrkrampsdamn, i know it is working somehow21:46
xubuntu41wremiMaybe with vga ?21:47
xubuntu41wremi.o disconnected21:48
mrkrampsxubuntu41wremi, try:$ sleep 5; xrandr -d :0 --output LVDS-1 --mode 1024x600 and switch back to Xserver with ctrl + alt + f7 directly to focus the adressed screen21:50
xubuntu41wremiConfigure crt 1 field21:53
mrkrampsxubuntu41wremi, switch back while the command is executed21:54
xubuntu41wremiBlack screen21:55
mrkrampsxubuntu41wremi, the output's ID is definitely LVDS-1?21:57
mrkrampsand the resolution is 1024x600?21:58
mrkrampsand the output is "connected"?21:58
xubuntu41wremiThat was is writen after display xrandr21:58
xubuntu41wremiThere is vga-1 disconnected21:59
xubuntu41wremiAnd lvds-121:59
knomeyou sure it's not LVDS1 (without a dash)?21:59
xubuntu41wremiIts LVDS-122:01
flocculantgenera;y I get source-n22:01
flocculanteg HMDI-122:01
knomeme not..22:01
mrkrampsit is outputN sometimes22:01
flocculantofc - dev version]22:02
flocculantofc - dev version22:02
flocculantdvi being DV-I-n22:02
mrkrampsi am pretty much irritated the issued command is not working :\22:03
flocculantmrkramps: we can get what we expect from pastebinit, eg xrandr |pastebinit just get them to give you the url22:04
xubuntu08wremiI was just log out22:05
xubuntu08wremiThe same problem withh resolution changing22:05
mrkrampsxubuntu08wremi, can you run:$ xrandr -d :0 | pastebinit on virtual console and paste the url output22:06
mrkrampsflocculant, thanks for the hint22:08
flocculantmrkramps: obviously you are welcome :)22:09
xubuntu08wremiPast the url output ?22:09
mrkrampsthe command should output a link22:09
xubuntu08wremiSorry I am completly green22:11
xubuntu08wremiOutput a link but which link ?22:11
mrkrampsxrandr -d :0 | pastebinit22:11
mrkrampsshould output something like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/NUMBER/22:12
xubuntu08wremiThere is22:12
mrkrampsnevertheless, the command should have worked … it does for me22:15
xubuntu08wremiWhat do u suggest.?22:16
xubuntu08wremiAny option of restoring defallut ?22:16
xubuntu08wremiI dont have anything on computer22:16
xubuntu08wremiCan delete evrything22:17
mrkrampsxubuntu08wremi, edit ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml22:17
mrkrampsdunno, maybe it is save to just delete the file and restart Xfce22:19
xubuntu08wremiNi writen22:22
xubuntu08wremiUnescaped left brace22:22
xubuntu08wremiIn regex is deprecated22:23
mrkrampsoh ha, xubuntu08wremi … edit was actually not meant to be a command!22:24
xubuntu08wremiMo such file22:24
mrkrampsuse:$ nano ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml22:25
mrkrampssave changes with ctrl + x, y22:25
xubuntu08wremiI am going to sleep guys sorry22:28
xubuntu08wremiTo much22:28
xubuntu08wremiO willl install system22:28
xubuntu08wremiWill be faster22:28

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