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jgrimmsmoser, thoughts on -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/160076611:59
jgrimmhmm.. maybe we've fixed already but we just haven't done a release with it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/124648512:02
smoserjgrimm, this is fixable by lxc templates. i've discussed it with stgraber.12:03
smoserit is now fixable in cloud-init with some thought ... the most recent changes would allow for it when previously there wasn't really a  point in boot where you could do that.12:03
smoserbut a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet12:04
smoserie, why does it matter?12:04
jgrimmubuntu-core folks have use case12:04
smoserprobably not good ones.12:04
smoserthe host platform (lxd in this case) declares that the hostname of the system is XXXX12:05
smoserwhy do you care what the system calls itself ?12:05
smoserthe system says "I want to be named bob"12:05
smoserlxd says "his name is robert"12:05
smoserwho cares what the system says. if you ask the platform (dns) his name is robert.12:05
smoserbut, as i said, 2 ways to fix it.12:06
smoserdoes that make sense ?12:06
smoserwhy do you care what the container calls itself.12:06
jgrimmThis is a problem when using the dnsmasq for local dns resolving for *.lxd, which is the standard way of doing host dns for containers, as new containers are not dns addressable with a restart or renew.12:06
smoserlxd should fix that.12:07
smoserif lxd wants to insist that you can ask dnsmasq for dns resolution12:07
smoserthen it can't rely on the system behaving correctly12:07
smoserjgrimm, stgraber i commented in bug12:15
jgrimmsmoser, sorry.. laptop locked up.   looking now12:15
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smoserrharper, harlowja larsks16:09
smoseri'm going to delete lp:cloud-init16:09
smoserwhich means http://paste.ubuntu.com/21155351/16:09
larsksI've only got one in that list and I can resubmit...16:10
smoseryour repos wont be deleted, but yeah. they  have to be re-done16:10
smoserlarsks, and harlowja since i know you're such high bzr and launchpad users, you might sometime need the solution i came up with at16:12
smoser https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-fastimport/+bug/160697316:12
smoserpowersj, rharper might actually use that at some point (curtin and other things)16:12
rharpersmoser: nice16:13
rharperthat'll be needed for curtin move to git as well16:13
smoseri wasted a lot of time trying to use another solution that just didnt work with cloud-init's bzr export16:13
powersjthis is cool16:14
smoserthis way was much easier.16:14
smoserlarsks, rharper https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init harlowja17:57
smoserthat is up now.17:57
smoserready for merge proposals17:57
* larsks looks...17:57
larsksre-propsed: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsks/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30131018:06
smoserlarsks, what does git push -u do for me ?18:08
larskssmoser: sets the upstream tracking branch so that in the future you can just "git push" instead of "git push myremote mybranch"18:08
larsksOtherwise you get: http://chunk.io/f/6378b82ea0c647cd888de1af0d912bb818:09
larsks(-u is short for --set-upstream)18:10
smoserlarsks, do you want to stick with with cheetah in that tempatle ?18:11
larsksYou mean the spec file?  Not really!  I just didn't want to make too many changes at once that weren't directly related to the task at hand...18:12
smoserthats fine,  want to ditch cheetah18:12
smoserbut that is good to not do that here.18:12
larsksI will make that a subsequent merge proposal.18:12
larsks(converting the redhat and suse spec files to jinja templates)18:12
smoseralthough you did do arbitrary white space (line 534)18:12
larsksThat hurt my brain.18:13
smoseri think keep the 'find_root' around line 63518:14
smosersame reason as before... would like to set those18:14
smoserrather than relying on git18:14
smoseralghouth i guess less improtant there18:14
smoseras that is explicitly a git operation18:14
larsksEven make-tarball? That seems like we really want that to come from version control.18:14
smoserline 681 in that diff18:15
smoseristhat set -o pipefailed ?18:15
smoseri dont think so.18:15
smoserso the gzip is unlikely to fail and thus unlikely to error18:15
smoser(if the left sizde of that | (git archive) fails, then the command will succeed)18:16
smoserread-depednecies... there is some reason we cant' use egrep18:16
smoserlet me log18:16
smosercommit e26ac6b63072f3217de2fc9214584e61682cd21118:17
larsksI'll update the script to set pipefail.18:17
* larsks looks at that commit.18:17
smoserpipefail is bash18:17
smosersilly non-linux unixes18:18
larsksAh, right, and we can't assume bash.18:18
smoserand their silly 1986 shells18:18
larsksThat basically means "freebsd" at this point?18:18
smoserthose changes came in with freebsd18:18
smoserit makes sense to use python though18:18
smoseras we're pretty dependent on python working18:18
larsksI guess.  It seemed like a ridiculous amount of logic, but that's okay, I'll revert.18:19
smoserlarsks, my mom reminds me that i didnt' say thank you. this is good, thank you.18:26
larskssmoser: thanks! just pushed a restored (mostly) read-dependencies; fixing up make-tarball now...18:27
larsks...and there's a fixed up make-tarball18:34

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