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kjackalHello Juu world!07:37
kjackaladmcleod_: Hey! How is it going?08:51
kjackaladmcleod_: Got to play a bit with the bigtop kafka offering we have packaging. Did you use Kafka for your ML demo?08:52
admcleod_kjackal: good, we havent worked on the demo yet though11:02
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skayis there a charm for celery flower? I searched, but am not getting any results on celery https://jujucharms.com/q/celery16:10
skaywhich seems really weird16:10
lazyPowerskay - not that i'm aware of16:14
skaylazyPower: oh, okay. what do people normally use for monitoring celery stuff?16:14
skaywe've got a django app that uses the old django-celery package, just to use the admin16:15
lazyPowerI dont think we've got a charm that models a celery monitor. That would be a great contribution16:15
skayit's not actively developed, and the celery site recommends FLower16:15
bdxskay: I use flower16:15
skayI think that would get out of the scope of what I'm currently working on16:15
skayotherwise it would be a nice thing for me to do16:15
skaybdx: do you have a charm for it?16:15
skaylazyPower: I was hoping I could be lazy and16:16
skayremove a dependency while I'm at it!16:16
skaywell, a django dependency16:16
bdxskay: I actually started up a celery charm last week ... I think flower would be a great configurable option16:16
bdxskay: I would just 'pip install flower' for the time being16:17
bdxskay: look out in the coming days/weeks for celery16:18
skaybdx: thanks16:18
bdxskay: now that I think of it, I remember what I ran into last week when looking at it16:24
bdxskay: celery is interacted with by django, it usually in your django codebase that you will import and call to celery16:25
bdxskay: as such, I figured it was just best to let celery run where the django app runs, and get installed as one of the django app deps16:26
skaybdx: aw. we are going to be deploying some non-django services16:26
kwmonroehey lazyPower, what's your charmbox docker run --net param?  i have --net=bridge, and i thought i did that for reasons, but i can't remember them.  curious what you use.16:26
skaybdx: yeah, that is what we are doing with our django app16:26
skayroadmr: o/16:26
lazyPowerkwmonroe - i've since removed that as i'm not using the 'local' provider.16:26
lazyPowerkwmonroe - however, what that does is it places the container directly on the hosts networking bridge, instead of running behind a service NAT16:26
roadmrheya skay !16:27
bdxskay: yea, its just not something that is easily decoupled from the django application ... I've been on a mission to do so for a while, and the more I look at it, the more it just doesn't make sense to do so16:27
bdxskay: how are your other apps interacting with celery? from their native codebase?16:28
skaybdx: unknown yet, we are just starting to talk about moving some things out of our big django app in to smaller apps, some of which will be go16:28
bdxskay: usually calls to celery will happen from the applications code base16:29
bdxthis is difficult to decouple16:29
skaybdx: before I JFDI making the actual service I want to spec out how we'll deploy in just enough detail to make sure I won't shoot us in the feet16:29
skaybdx: hmm, so I guess no charm16:30
skayor just a setting, like you said, and it can live int he same application container with whatever app16:30
bdxskay: I've charmed up a bunch of django apps that use celery16:30
skaybdx: we have one that does as well16:30
skayas I mentioned, I'd like to stop using the django admin for looking at the task queue16:31
skayI'm not sure that package is under active development (let me go find the github issue I remember)16:31
kwmonroeack lazyPower.  that's good to know.  it explains why my charmbox network dies whenever i switch networks.  methinks natting might keep them alive.16:32
PrabakaranHello Team, Is there any interface available @ interface.juju.solutions for apache vhost configuration?16:32
lazyPowerYeah, the only reason we did the --net=bridge was for the old local provider integration. Since we are primarily on juju2 these days, we should be able to remove that stanza from the alias and have a good time.16:32
skayand some other issues. tests failing with django 1.9, etc.16:33
lazyPowerkwmonroe - at some point, in the distant future when we have -spare cycles- we should pair and hax on getting it functional with the lxd cloud, and see what that looks like16:34
kwmonroesounds like a summit break-out16:34
kwmonroesee you in septiembre16:34
bdxskay: yea, looks like you are going to be dealing with a few different issues moving forward if you are trying to be on latest and greatest django/celery/etc/etc ..... if you want these thing to start in your direction  .... you have to be the change you want to see16:37
bdxskay: otherwise, just wait16:38
skaybdx: ha, I've got a django 1.6 app and want to get to at least LTS16:38
skaybdx: nod16:38
kwmonroePrabakaran: i don't see anything related to vhost data currently.  it looks like the http interface only passes hostname/port.  the apache2 charm handles vhosts during it's config-changed hook (so for example, changing the apache2 port would update the defined vhost config with the new value)16:39
bdxskay: yea, I just ransacked throught a few django apps bringing them to latest and greatest, it was pretty rough to say the least16:40
bdxskay: your on the right track, map out the deps for everything, and where the different projects are at (check that the desired feature sets align)16:40
lazyPowerkwmonroe - iirc the reverse proxy relation sets up a vhost, but you dont get to specify the vhost information. its a templated one shot reverse proxy config16:41
lazyPowerso for example, if your hosting static assets out of s3, and want to rewrite anything in the /asset url, it doesn't currently support that.16:41
bdxskay: then just go throught and do a timeline appraisal (expected dates when critical issues/deps will be fixed)16:41
lazyPowerso there's potential for a contribution there16:42
bdxskay: this will give you an overhead view of what/when/where/why/how, then you can start putting the pieces together, knowing which ones will play nice, and when, why16:42
skaybdx: nod16:43
kwmonroeyup, +1 lazyPower16:45
Prabakaranmy requirment is to feed this vhost file http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21160463/ to apache2 charm .. is it possible to do from my reactive code? Is there any interface/layer helps for this scenario?16:53
kwmonroePrabakaran: there is not anything in the interface registry to help your scenario, but it should be possible to use your pastebin with apache2 like this:  juju set apache2 "vhost_http_template=$(base64 < my_vhost_template.txt)"17:11
kwmonroePrabakaran: to set the vhost template from a connected reactive charm, i *think* you might be able to use apache2's vhost-config relation.  according to the apache2 readme (https://jujucharms.com/apache2/, section "Using the vhost-config relation"), you could run "relation-set vhosts="foo" from your reactive charm when website.available.17:15
PrabakaranThanks kwmonroe, let me try this17:17
lazyPoweri'm pretty sure you'd need to base64 encode that, i recall the apache2 charm making heavy use of base64 encoding to ensure it preserves linebreaks and what not17:18
lazyPowermight be worth while to peek in the relationship hook and see what its doing17:18
lazyPowerkwmonroe  - if you have a spare cycle, i'd appreciate some eyeballs on https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-certificate-authority/pull/117:19
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aisraelWell, that was fun17:35
kwmonroedevops are not doing Juju is doing17:35
phy1729Spamming before I joined?17:36
lazyPowerphy1729 yep17:36
aisraelwas the nick17:36
phy1729I'll stick around for a while if you don't mind, but he doesn't seem to hit the same channel twice. Continure with your magic juju :)17:40
lazyPowerThanks phy1729 for the quick response17:40
lazyPowerappreciate the backup in case it happens again17:40
aisraelTIL: don't run `charm build` in your $HOME17:42
aisraelIt doesn't do any damage, but it sure does take a long time to fail.17:43
lazyPowergotta love that shallow deep copy ;)17:43
jcastroballoons: tell me about this juju snap in the store17:43
jcastrocan I whole hog replace the deb?17:43
lazyPowerjcastro - iirc mattyw created that snap17:43
jcastrojuju-nskaggs                            2.0-beta13                    nskaggs17:44
jcastroit looks brand new to me17:44
mattywlazyPower, jcastro, I've put no juju snap in any store17:44
lazyPowerooo, ok. that was just prior work on the pi then17:44
lazyPowerdisregard my fallable memory17:45
jcastroyeah it's like less than a day old afaict17:45
mattywlazyPower, I only ever built it for the pi17:45
mattywlazyPower, I never put it in the store because there wasn't a store in those days ;)17:46
kwmonroelazyPower: pr looks fine - want me to merge, or do you have other eyeballs on it?17:59
lazyPowergo for it18:00
lazyPowerta kwmonroe18:20
kwmonroepetevg: we're in a pickle.  the tox.ini in bigtop-base (https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base/pull/28) gets overridden by the base layer tox.ini.19:07
kwmonroethis is bad petevg, because charms built with the bigtop base layer *will* get the ./tests/unit/* stuff from bigtop-base, but won't have the unit_test_reqs installed, so tox fails on all bigtop charms.19:08
petevgkwmonroe: That is bad :-/19:08
petevgkwmonroe: Do we have a way to exclude directories from being inherited in a layer?19:09
kwmonroepetevg: i think there's an ignores options.. i saw beisner mention that recently.  yo beisner, how does one use ignores in a layer?19:10
kwmonroestand down beisner.  got it.19:17
kwmonroepetevg: pretty simple, http://paste.ubuntu.com/21178635/19:17
petevgkwmonroe: Cool. Will add it. Thx. :-)19:18
petevgkwmonroe: Just one quick question. When two layers contain a file, do you know how we handle the conflicts? I would expect layers to be able to overwrite files from a layer that they inherit from. But that would mean that layer-apache-bigtop-base's tox.ini would clobber the one from the base layer. And it sounds like the opposite is happening ...19:20
kwmonroei agree with your expectation and observation petevg.  and i thought the layer ordering was fixed with https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/21819:24
petevgkwmonroe: Interesting. Just to be safe, I think that I'm going to rename "tox.ini" to "tox-unit.ini", and add it to the ignore list.19:25
petevgWe'll still be able to run tests with "tox -c tox-unit.ini"19:25
kwmonroeah - cool petevg.  smells like a readme update too ;)19:25
petevgJust working on that now :-)19:26
kwmonroepetevg:  may want to add unit_test_reqs.txt to the ignore list while you're in there..19:27
petevgDone :-)19:27
petevgkwmonroe: Changes pushed. Going to spend some time doing some additional building/testing to make sure that things are okay, though.19:29
petevgkwmonroe: Everything looks good from my end. I can build charms, and the right stuff gets ignore from the bigtop base layer. lmk if you see any issues on your end.19:42
kwmonroeroger that petevg - thx!20:00
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