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SmurphyHmmm. KMail Sieve filter stuff is broken/not working.09:24
SmurphyAny one has a workaround or is it known ? Latest available plasma and kde stuff from ppa.09:24
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tuorHi, I moved from Ubuntu to Kubuntu. I have a private SSH-key encrpted with a password. Every time I connect to a server with this key, I need to enter my password. I did ssh-add and for this terminal I did not need to enter the password again. What I want: I want that my Kubuntu "unlocks" the ssh key when I log in. On Ubuntu I had stored the password in the keyring and did not need to enter it again. Is10:10
tuorthere a keyring or somthing similar in Kubuntu?10:10
SmurphyIf you do that, you don't need ssh security.10:12
Smurphyjustr re-create a new ssh key without password.10:13
acheronuk!info keychain10:15
ubottukeychain (source: keychain): key manager for OpenSSH. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.1-0.1 (xenial), package size 26 kB, installed size 80 kB10:15
tuorSmurphy, I need a key, so an other user, which has root rights, on the computer, can not use my key with out my user password. My keyring is secured with my user password. When I log in to my account I type in my password. This password should be the only one I enter. ;)10:17
acheronuk^^ that starts ssh-agent for me so I only have to enter the key's PW once per login session10:18
Smurphytuor: In that case don't use password manager or key stores. That is against what you do wityh the securiyt10:24
tuorI have one password to enter, the login password. This should unlock all what I need to work. That is my goal. After that (lower priority) my keys should be secure (ssh, gpg, what so ever).10:29
tuorI know the security aspect of using key stores. I'm fine with that.10:31
tuorBack to my question: Is there a keystore, which get unlocked when I login (using my login password to secure it self)?10:31
SmurphyNope. Because the login password can be intercepted, and if the admin of that server has not enforced secure passwords, can be brute-force attacked pretty easily using jack the ripper10:32
tuorOk. How can I get the ssh-agent working then? I have multiple ssh-keys, with different passwords. One for each customer. At the moment I have stored all ssh-passwords (which are realy long) in my keepass.10:36
tuorI want to get a simpler workflow. At the moment I work like this: login-PW, keepass-PW, copy/paste each time I need to use SSH in a new terminal. I want to get this simpler, it's to much typing, copy/paste.10:37
tuorSo what would be good: login-PW, keystore-PW. So I need to know and enter 2 PW which have to be strong. The other passwords can be generated and as long as I want and I don't need to know or type them.10:39
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tuorA good key-store should be good anough.10:42
tuorIs there a key-store which can run the ssh-agent?10:43
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kustodianI'm trying to install Kubuntu 16.04.1 and I can't configure encrypted LVM with manual partition11:32
kustodianI have a few windows partitons already which I want to keep11:32
kustodianbut when I go Manual, create a boot partition11:33
kustodianafter which I create a Pysical volume for encryption" I can't do anything else11:34
kustodianthe volume says Crypto, but nothing more11:34
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:43
Smurphytuor: Disable login-password, make sure people can only log-in using SSH keys, and assign a key to the ssh-key.12:12
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encolpeAny idea to fix missing subjects in kmail? http://pasteboard.co/CTdsSljR.png13:09
MadMage999Anyone try using steam client on kubuntu 16.04 and have problems?13:21
MadMage999I'm trying to do that now and having issues.13:23
MadMage999Output of error.log from ~/.steam folder follows13:25
MadMage999rm: cannot remove '/home/mark/.steam/steam': Is a directory13:25
MadMage999rm: cannot remove '/home/mark/.steam/bin': Is a directory13:25
MadMage999grep: symbol lookup error: grep: undefined symbol: pcre_jit_stack_alloc13:25
MadMage999grep: symbol lookup error: grep: undefined symbol: pcre_jit_stack_alloc13:25
MadMage999Sorry for the flood13:26
konradosMorning :)13:27
BluesKajMadMage999, are yout rying to remove steam or.... ?13:28
MadMage999No, trying to get it to work, I just installed it with apt-get13:28
konradosIn the task manager, once upon a time, I found a solution, which allowed be to drag&drop those tiles so I could rearrange them, now I can't find it, where is it?13:29
MadMage999Sorry I pasted the file into chat btw, I realize now I should have used kde paste13:31
MadMage999https://goo.gl/Sa1H0L <-- paste of ~/.steam/error.log13:31
BluesKajMadMage999, https://userbase.kde.org/Kubuntu/Software/Games/Steam#Steam_on_Kubuntu13:32
MadMage999BluesKaj -- you're not supposed ot install with apt-get, eh?13:33
MadMage999Okay, another quick question... Does anyone else have the issue that typing in the search of 'Discover' seems to do nothing?13:35
BluesKajno MadMage999 there is a debfile which you download tht contains an installer apt-get steam won't bring in all the required packages afaik13:35
MadMage999BluesKaj -- thanks for the info13:36
BluesKajcheck the url above for the  manual install method13:36
konradosOK, nevermind, right click on the task manager panel -> settings -> sort: manually13:36
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MadMage999When attempting to install steam via ubuntu software center I get "There isn’t a software package called “steam” in your current software sources"13:55
MadMage999Which doesn't make much sense to me since I was clicking on steam after finding it in a search in ubuntu software center, lol14:00
MadMage999I've tried all three methods on this page: https://userbase.kde.org/Kubuntu/Software/Games/Steam#Steam_on_Kubuntu and all three have failed for me, not usre if that's because I already tried to install it with apt-get or not, I'm going to try apt-get purge steam14:04
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MadMage999Nope, no joy, any ideas?14:07
BluesKajMadMage999, sudo apt purge steam* ...try that with the asterisk14:11
MadMage999k will do14:12
MadMage999https://goo.gl/jwzQV0 <-- results of sudo apt purge steam*14:14
MadMage999Hehe helps if you're not already root apparently14:17
MadMage999Okay that worked as user running sudo instead of root running sudo or just running the command minus the sudo14:18
BluesKajwell, one way or the other you need to get rid of the old steam config files , otherwise you're right back to where you started if you install it again14:19
BluesKajreboot helps too14:19
MadMage999Okay, after sudo apt purge steam* resinstalled stem_latest.deb from http://store.steampowered.com using qapt and still  no joy14:20
MadMage999okay roger, rebooting now, brb14:20
MadMage999I re-ran sudo apt purge steam*, but I still see tons of stuff in ~/.steam14:23
MadMage999ran "rm -rf *" in folder ~/.steam14:28
MadMage999BluesKaj -- is there anything else I need to delete that you can think of?14:29
MadMage999okay, I guess I'll reboot then14:30
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BluesKajmadmouser1, run it from the terminal or the run command (allt+F2)14:39
MadMage999mmm more messages abot the driver, I'l paste in asec14:41
MadMage999https://goo.gl/clJh5S <-- output of steam command on cli14:42
MadMage999http://askubuntu.com/questions/771032/steam-not-opening-in-ubuntu-16-04-lts <-- found this on google14:49
MadMage999Steam started, updated itslef ,and the bit it on same messages, "libGL error: unable to load driver: radeonsi_dri.so" etc etc14:50
MadMage999Hmm, I guess steam is just broken, lol. Not sure what else to do14:55
geniiMadMage999: I did find an article about that particular error, but the solution they offer is to delete quite a few files, which I'm not sure is very good14:58
geniiMadMage999: If you want to check it out, at your own risk... https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=19380214:59
MadMage999Thanks Genii15:00
MadMage999LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/libstdc++.so.6' DISPLAY=:0 steam <-- this worked15:01
MadMage999So whats the best place to post a solution like this for kubuntu?15:03
geniiMadMage999: Likely somewhere on the forums15:06
MadMage999right, thanks again genii, and BluesKaj15:09
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R13oseIn KDE on Ubuntu, the browsers (Chrome and FF) freeze on and off and don't see updates for the graphic driver.  Meaning I can still move around but I need to scroll or click link or switch tabs then move off of window and come back to see results.  How do I fix this?16:27
alesanis there a way to tell kubuntu to only always use a DNS I specify and not an internet dns thing like ??16:45
faisalngomong apa?16:46
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dellhemHas someone successfully installed ModemManager 1.6 yet? Can't get it to work.19:22
dellhemI fail because of dependencies, so if there's an apt repo I guess it will work, but I can't find it.19:27
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IVgoodappHello, Does an Pacli (a Terminal based package manager for Arch Linux) alternative for Ubuntu exist?21:49
DragnslcrIVgoodapp- Ubuntu (and Debian) uses apt21:50
IVgoodappDragnslcr I know that but does it work like Pacli? where you can search list of installed apps etc...?21:53
ahoneybunmm Steam is installable21:55
ahoneybunfrom apt21:55
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user|66108can i get ubuntu software center in kubuntu and how22:30
DragnslcrIVgoodapp- yes, you can search for packages with apt-cache22:31
genii!info software-center22:33
ubottusoftware-center (source: software-center): Utility for browsing, installing, and removing software. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.01+16.04.20160420 (xenial), package size 846 kB, installed size 6368 kB22:33
geniienable universe, install it22:34

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