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DLangehey, seems launchpads oops on login with a new "Ubuntu One" user09:36
DLangeOOPS-2a0aa5c5c76f9e2e22eec3792b6854c7, OOPS-f796a40101593cd8a82ccaeef474ba0a and OOPS-bb7136c86865fee389f6366f551afd43 was me09:37
DLangeto these ^ I can identify with the same "Ubuntu One" OpenID but can't see them (rights issue).09:38
naccinteresting question about a debian srcpkg's publishing history: https://launchpad.net/debian/+source/isc-dhcp/+publishinghistory; 4.2.2.dfsg.1-5 was published twice into debian/sid (2012-04-29 and 2013-01-19) and additionally the second publication came after 4.2.4-4 in debian/sid. Versions going backwards is not necessarily unseen -- but having the same version show up twice in the same series/pocket is10:22
naccnew to me.10:22
cjwatsonwgrant: Could you have a look at DLange's question above?  Seems to be something to do with SSO accounts created for an email address that previously had an auto-created Person row due to an auto-import of a Debian package10:58
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dobeywgrant: is it me, or is ppa binary publishing extremely slow lately?21:47
dirtsideRandom question: if I hypothetically have the same package available from multiple sources (say, two PPAs), then "apt-cache showpkg [packagename]" will list the various versions that are available, and the lists files (on my local system) that contain the versions' metadata. If my goal is to find out which PPA each version came from, what's the simplest way to do that? The lists file typically has a very long name that seems to include a normalized versio21:53
dobeyapt-cache policy ?21:53
dirtsidenifty, thanks21:54
dirtsideSo at least that provides the repository archive root URL, which is a lot easier to figure out the PPA name from, since PPAs always map to ppa.launchpad.net URLs the same way, right? ppa:FOO/BAR always maps to ppa.launchpad.net/FOO/BAR/ubuntu ?21:56
dobeyi don't recall21:57
dobeybut something like that yes21:57
dirtsideand when I run apt-cache policy, it lists a number before each deb line... most of them are "500" but a few are "100". I'm guessing this is some kind of priority level, with higher numbers having higher priority?21:58
cjwatson"man apt_preferences" explains those22:02
dirtsidecool, thanks. So many apt commands...22:03

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