shravangovI installed dhcp server on my lubuntu  and made relevent changes...now when I try  " sudo service isc-dhcp-server start" it says "unable to resolve host shravan-desktop"01:25
RomaindinternetHi I have a problem with re installing Lubuntu/ formating my HD11:39
JohnDoe_71Ruscheck hdd surface mhdd/victoria11:43
RomaindinternetIt says it failed to install because of a sda4 issue11:45
norttihow does the Keyboard Layout Handler select what layouts to display for selection in the Add Keyboard Layout dialog, and/or how can I add my custom keyboard layout12:09
norttiI also tried just running setxkbmap directly, but even tho it reports a success in changing the layout, once I check it's been reverted back to what's selected in keylayout handler12:11
norttialternatively, where is the source code of lubuntu's own software located at?12:13
DeerclopsHey guys, I'm on 14.04.4 and I'm trying to install an HP1018 printer. It's detected, it thinks all the necessery drivers are installed, but when I print a test page, it just disappears from the job queue after about 30 seconds, any ideas?16:19
DeerclopsIs anybody here, this is only a 20 minute job on widows. I'd really rather not have to take up the whole day.16:25
DeerclopsI'm sure it's nothing too complex.16:25
Deerclopsok nevermind, sorry to bother you16:58
max3 i'm running lubuntu 16.04 and the bottom of my apps get obscured by the taskbar. how can i make it so that they don't? ie so they end at the top of the taskbar17:25
ilo123Hello, I am having trouble with xrandr.17:31
ilo123I have two monitors, both resolutions are supposed to be 160017:31
ilo123The second one is only going up to 1024x76817:32
wxlilo123: could you pastebin the results of xrandr?17:33
ilo123That is the output of xrandr -q17:33
wxlilo123: have you tried https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions ?17:34
ilo123Do I replace "S-video" with the monitor?17:37
wxlyeah with like DVI-0 or whatever17:37
wxlyou have to --newmode first with the Modeline as the instructions say17:40
ilo123I did this17:40
ilo123I created a new modline with cvt17:41
wxlcvt doesn't add a new modeline17:41
wxlit gives you the mode line so you can feed it to --newmode17:41
ilo123Which I did17:41
wxlyou should see the new mode after that by running xrandr17:41
ilo123I do17:41
ilo123Whenever I switch it by using lxrandr (graphically), it says it can't be found17:42
wxlwill xrandr allow you to switch?17:42
ilo123Most likeyly, but I don't know the command17:42
wxlsomething like xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode 800x60017:43
wxlif you can successfully do it with xrandr but not with lxrandr, then file a bug against lxrandr17:43
wxland meanwhile use that wiki page to tell you how to permanently make changes with xrandr17:43
iol123Sorry :p17:45
iol123I will give you the new output of xrandr -q17:46
wxli don't think so17:51
wxleven with lxpanel set to be treated as a dock, the dock settings in obconf don't seem to do anything17:52
wxloops wrong channel :/17:52
wxlanyways, it seems like it's added correctly17:52
wxlso it should just be a matter of switching17:52
wxlxrandr --output DVI-D-0 --mode 1600x900_60.0017:54
wxli *think* that's the format17:54
wxlmight have to play around with the format of mode17:54
iol123It says  it can't find the mode when I do: xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --mode 1600x900_60.0017:56
iol123xrandr: cannot find mode 1600x900_60.0017:56
iol123I think I know what I did17:58
wxlthat's good cuz i'm not figuring it out XD17:59
iol123That wasn't what I though18:00
wxlwhat card are you using?18:01
wxloops derp18:13
ilo123wxl I think i got it18:17
wxlilo123: good. i was going to say that in googling it, it seems that some people have had problems with the cables they have used, as well as with nvidia cards, not to mention the way they name things18:18
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ilo123I mean it still isn't working, but I think that is the source of the problem18:19
wxltry specifying 59.9 for the refresh rate18:20
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ilo123That seemed to work, but now when I try to add it I get: http://pastebin.com/vnMh67xk18:22
wxlilo123: what video card do you have? lspci -nnk | grep -A 3 VGA18:22
wxlyeah, as i suspected18:23
wxlapparently the proprietary nvidia driver doesn't play well with xrandr18:24
wxlnouveau supposedly works18:24
ilo123It does18:24
wxlsubsequently since lxrandr is a frontend to xrandr, it won't work well either18:24
wxlso, sadly, the problem lies in nvidia :)18:24
ilo123I actually rebooted and my new mode was gone18:24
wxlyeah that's to be expected18:24
ilo123So is there a fix?18:25
ilo123Besides using nouveau18:25
wxlapparently this can be done using nvidia tools but i'm not expert in that regard18:25
wxlnvidia-config is the command apparently https://askubuntu.com/questions/66858/display-resolution-with-nvidia#comment78948_6686918:26
ilo123bye now18:29
wxlnp and good luck18:29
lynorianwxl that seems to be a rather old comment I think nvidia may have dropped support for fx 520019:11
tsimonq2n-iCe: #lubuntu-offtopic ;)23:22

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