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KpuCkohello, can somebody help me with "maas latest meta-data instance-id failed bad status code 404"06:41
KpuCkooke, i've fixed the problem, the ip of the maas controller used for pxe boot is setted to the wrong value06:56
KpuCkowith dpkg-reconfigure i fixed the issue06:56
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Braven36is there anyone is the channel?19:02
roaksoaxBraven36: for the most part, yes! :)19:02
Braven36Do you work with maas alot?19:04
roaksoaxBraven36: i do19:06
roaksoaxBraven36: how can I help?19:06
Braven36Curtin, I do not think I full understand how it works19:07
Braven36I thought last_command: would run when the OS boots up for the first time. But that does not appears to be the case19:08
Braven36Do you know of any good document for the curtin?19:13
Braven36Did I lose you roaksoax19:20
roaksoaxBraven36: sorry,testing RC3 atm19:22
roaksoaxBraven36: will late_commands in curtin run during the installation process, but after the image has been copied onto the disk and everything is ready to continue19:23
roaksoaxBraven36: if you see in /etc/maas/preseeds/curtin_userdata you can see sections that say "curtin", "in-target", "--", "XYZ"19:24
roaksoaxBraven36: that is telling curtin, do XYZ inside the installed OS19:24
Braven36I am try to run a disk config script.19:25
roaksoaxBraven36: do you have an example ?19:26
Braven36of the script or what I put in the file19:26
roaksoaxBraven36: well that depends on what you want to do19:27
roaksoaxif you want to run a shell script19:27
roaksoaxyou'd do stuff similar to "curtin", "in-target", "==",19:28
roaksoaxyou'd do stuff similar to "curtin", "in-target", "==", "sh", "-c", "whatever-shell-you-want (e.g. run a script, do stuff like command1 && command2, etc"19:28
Braven36I did that and seen the script run. Then installation failed.19:29
Braven36I see you are using "==" instead of --19:29
roaksoaxBraven36: that's a typo on my side19:30
roaksoaxBraven36:another way of doing it: driver_00_key_get: curtin in-target -- sh -c "/bin/echo -en '{{key_string}}' > /tmp/maas-{{driver['package']}}.gpg"19:30
Braven36There not much documentation out there about it. So I feel like I missing something that everyone else knows.19:31
Braven36so in the example above. You do not need to use the ","19:32
roaksoaxBraven36: i think that's just two ways of doing the same thing19:32
roaksoaxBraven36: /etc/maas/curtin_userdata would give you examples19:32
roaksoaxsmoser: do you have curtin docs already available ?19:33
smoserthere are some curtin docs at http://people.canonical.com/~rharper/curtin/#19:33
roaksoaxsmoser: thanks!19:33
roaksoaxsmoser: can cloud-init do this too? http://people.canonical.com/~rharper/curtin/topics/reporting.html#configuration ?19:35
Braven36interesting. I have not seen this yet19:35
smosercloud-init doesn ot postfiles19:35
smoserbut  yes, it reports19:35
roaksoaxsmoser: ah bummer, I was looking to be able to post cloud-init-output back to maas for storage19:36
Braven36how does cloud-init fit into Maas?19:36
roaksoaxBraven36: the ephemeral environmetn (commissioning, deploying) is driven by cloud-init19:41
Braven36Cloud-init reads the curtin file to deploy the server?19:42
Braven36I see a lot info on #cloud-config files. I also see #cloud-config at the top the curtin file19:45
roaksoaxBraven36: cloud-init drives curtin19:50
Braven36late-command is ran after the first reboot.19:55
roaksoaxBraven36: late_command is run during the install. In mimics what d-i does19:59
Braven36I am new this stuff. So curtin is all I know. is there a away to setup a script to run on boot20:03
Braven36and it only run once20:03
roaksoaxBraven36: you can modify the late_command to write whatever you need on your installed system, so that on first boot it runs what you need to run20:12
roaksoaxthat's the usual way you can customize things20:12
Braven36maybe it failed some where else... my script setup disk for a hadoop data node.20:14
roaksoaxBraven36: what do you mean by setup disk ?20:15
Braven36there are 4 disk. in server. 1 is for the Os dev/sda and the others are for data20:15
Braven36The Fstab need to have the uuid of disk.20:16
Braven36or I mean Partition20:17
roaksoaxBraven36: why don't you partition the disk in MAAS ?20:26
roaksoaxBraven36: are you using MAAS 2.0 ?20:26
Braven36no.. I am using maas 1.020:49
Braven36hardware did not support 2.0 =(20:49
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