Kilosmorning bd peeps06:17
pavlushkaAlmost Good Morning Kilos !08:43
Kiloshi pavlushka kamrul 09:21
pavlushkaHello abhra !12:34
pavlushkaHow are you?12:34
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX 12:53
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: anything up?12:53
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: yes, EXAM ;p12:54
AudaciousTUXyah :312:54
zakihi Kilos16:54
zakipavlushka: how's everything around you?16:55
pavlushkazaki: going to be better, just hold on a bit, coz I am on it. :)16:56
zakiআপনি কি কাউকে refer করেছেন, https://www.facebook.com/indrunil? what it about? 16:57
zakifrom telegram msg16:57
zakidon't know him16:57
zakitalked to a friend, who will help me to learn bangla/bijoy layout. :) 16:58
pavlushkazaki he is from CTG, So i guess you have some knowledge about it, that's why I was asking, :)16:58
zakioh. :D16:58
pavlushkazaki: just print the layout, memorize it, try to practice by typing the line "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" using that layout, that's it, and keep trying writing using that layout, you will eventually master it, :)17:00
zakiwish me good luck with it. :D17:01
zakipavlushka: is there any other bangladeshi channel in irc? 17:02
pavlushkazaki: forget the portion of "The quick brown fox", lol, coz thats in English, I told you the way to master the English layout. 17:02
zakiha ha.. 17:02
zakiolosh badami sheal likhbo. :p17:03
pavlushkayou just try to practice by writing a paragraph in Bengali over and over again, that will help, :)17:03
zakiyes. :)17:03
zakiKilos: what are you doing?17:04
zakii'm having rough days. :|17:04
Kiloshmm lemme catch up , i was eating17:05
zakipavlushka: about "maaz" how that chatbot work?17:05
pavlushkazaki: I haven't looked for  but someone invited me to join #WLMBangladesh which is about photography. :)17:05
pavlushkazaki: maaz is a little superior than QA.17:06
pavlushkazaki: and a male I guess :p Kilos 17:07
Kilospavlushka the reason they used the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs17:07
Kilosis because it has every character in'17:07
pavlushkaKilos: yes17:07
zaki#WLMBangladesh  no one there, only you now me17:07
pavlushkajoin here #wikipedia-bn17:08
Kilosmaaz and QA are the same version of ibid but hopefully soon we will have an upgrade17:08
pavlushkaKilos: maaz can handle a meeting, :)17:08
pavlushkaKilos: does QA too?17:09
Kilosqa as well17:09
QAKilos: Huh?17:09
KilosQA start meeting17:09
* QA gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:09
Kiloshaha still says his17:09
pavlushkaQA I am S. M. Pavel Sayekat17:09
QApavlushka: Yessir17:09
pavlushkazaki: join in17:10
KilosQA I am Miles Sharpe17:10
QAKilos: Yessir17:10
zakiQA: I am Zaki Chowdhury17:10
QAzaki: Righto17:10
KilosQA agreed seems to be working17:10
QAAgreed: seems to be working17:10
pavlushkaKilos: I am inviting you to be the chair, please17:10
Kilosnono im too stupid i forget the commands17:11
zakiha ha..17:11
pavlushkawell who knows here the commands then :p17:11
zakiQA: Agreed17:11
QAzaki: What?17:11
Kilosbut i think after next za meeting we should organise one here17:11
Kilospavlushka you need to take notes at a za meeting to get the commands17:12
Kiloswe can also invite chesedo here17:12
pavlushkaKilos: its just a dress rehearsal17:12
Kilosill just need to work out how to give him permissions with qa17:12
Kilosim not sure if  she has been pointed to the right place for minutes even17:13
pavlushkaKilos: is it okay to bother chesedo for this?17:13
Kilosactually pavlushka be at the africa meeting tonight in 1 hour 45 and see na3il do it17:14
Kiloshe will be using qa17:14
pavlushkaKilos: sure and yes I was pointing those facts of maintaining the meeting facts :)17:14
Kilosjust copy the whole meeting log 17:15
Kilosthen you can see everything17:15
pavlushkaKilos: I have that already :)17:15
Kilosgood so just sort through it and copy commands17:15
Kiloseasy peasy17:16
pavlushkaKilos: yes, just have to sum up and prepare myself17:16
Kilosyes you will be the chair17:16
pavlushkahaha haha ha ha17:16
Kilosive been refusing chairing in za channel for years17:17
Kilosinetpro always tries to catch me but i have too much happening to be able to concentrate17:17
KilosQA end meeting17:18
QAMeeting Ended17:18
QAMinutes available at json: http://meetings.ubuntu-africa.info/freenode-%23ubuntu-bd/2016-07-27-17-09-10.json :: txt: http://meetings.ubuntu-africa.info/freenode-%23ubuntu-bd/2016-07-27-17-09-10.txt :: html: http://meetings.ubuntu-africa.info/freenode-%23ubuntu-bd/2016-07-27-17-09-10.html17:18
Kilosyay she works17:18
zakiwe can arrang mting here sometime. :D17:19
pavlushkazaki: take notes17:19
pavlushkaKilos: fix QA's his, its a question of reputation :p17:20
Kilosits a hassle to get into the code because she is on another host17:21
Kilosbut the new one will be fixed17:21
KilosQA are you male17:22
QAKilos: Sorry...17:22
KilosQA are you female17:22
QABut of course Kilos Only females know everything17:22
pavlushkaKilos: it better, otherwise QA will remain transgenic :p17:22
Kilosall ibids are broken with google as well so that is being fixed too but paddatrapper is busy studying as well so doesnt have much time and the weed travels all over the world doing debain work and work for a company in the usa sicicon valley17:25
pavlushkaQA are you female17:26
QABut of course pavlushka Only females know everything17:26
pavlushkaKilos: she is shy to me :p17:27
KilosQA permissions17:28
QAKilos: Permissions: admin, chairmeeting and sources17:28
KilosQA grant chairmeeting to pavlushka 17:29
pavlushka*may be "shy of me"17:29
QAKilos: I don't know who pavlushka is17:29
Kilosall that stuff i have forgotten17:29
KilosQA how do i use permissions17:30
QAKilos: Please be more specific. I don't know if you mean auth or test17:30
KilosQA auth pavlushka17:30
QAKilos: You are authenticated17:30
pavlushkaI lost the book of my prepositions, :(17:30
Kilospavlushka try get her to start meeting17:31
Kilosor try auth chairmeeting17:31
pavlushkaguys check this https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/12/%23ubuntu-bd.txt17:33
Kilospavlushka try the bot man17:33
zakifrom 2011?17:34
pavlushkaand this https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/17/%23ubuntu-bd.txt17:34
Kilospavlushka try find shahanthegeek17:36
Kilosand invite him back to help revive17:36
zakithat nick is not even registerd.17:36
zakior obsolete17:37
pavlushkaand here's our Tuhin https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/04/28/%23ubuntu-bd.txt :)17:38
Kilosoh my only find him in irc logs17:38
pavlushkaand here's too https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/04/30/%23ubuntu-bd.txt17:39
Kilospavlushka ping17:41
pavlushkaKilos: wow, good to hear that.17:42
Kiloswb pavlushka 17:43
Kilospavlushka forget multitasking when we are working man17:44
pavlushkamy peer reset, due to packet loss issue.17:44
pavlushkaI posted some links, you guys see that?17:45
Kilos[19:31] <Kilos> pavlushka try get her to start meeting17:45
Kilos[19:31] <Kilos> or try auth chairmeeting17:45
Kilosyes we saw them17:45
zakituhin and noor17:46
Kiloswb pavlushka again17:47
Kilosdont you read us?????17:47
Kiloszaki throw a rock at him17:47
zakii will when he get back again. :p17:49
Kilosi wonder what he is doing17:49
zakimay be internet connection problem17:50
Kilosinternet service providers get away with murder17:51
Kilosbut they happily take your money17:51
zakiChanServ: 17:53
zakiChanServ: !17:53
Kilosthats the freenode channel thing17:54
Kiloskeeps you channel alive even when no one is here17:54
zakialawes in every channel.17:54
Kilosonly those you ask for it to be in17:55
Kiloswas a major job setting up a channel from scrtch if i remember correctly17:56
KilosGuest37817 where are you rez17:56
Kilosi think guest is his bot17:56
zakirezwan. 17:58
zakihow about ubuntu-pk?17:58
zakitherere are many nick in that chnnl!17:59
Kilosyes many bots too17:59
Kilosthats what they used the channel for when the loco died17:59
zakiKilos: any way to turn on dictionary in konversation, for correction18:01
Kilosthere is a konversation manual somewhere18:02
Kiloslet me try find it18:02
zakioky  18:03
Kilosi turned off the dictionary because it drives me mad when i use afrikaans18:04
zakioh. let me see18:04
Kilosactually i used konversation tips and tricks i think it was called18:05
Kiloshi RemonShai 18:08
zakiRemonShai: glad to see you. :)18:08
Kilospavel is in and out like a yoyo18:08
RemonShaihi everyone...18:08
zakioky Kilos18:08
zakihi RemonShai :)18:08
RemonShaizaki, Kilos what's up....? biggggggg brooooooooo18:09
RemonShaiKilos, LoL218:10
Kilosi was afk most of the day and have a meeting in africa channel in 20 mins18:10
zakiQA: theough a rock at pavlushka18:10
QAzaki: Excuse me?18:10
Kilosibids can swear even but bit rough sometimes18:11
zakiQA: through a rock at pavlushka as Kilos said 18:11
QAzaki: What?18:11
Kilosi have no idea why that was programmed in18:11
RemonShaipavlushka, I throw a Question on telegram.18:11
RemonShaipavlushka, did u see? my question on telegram???18:14
Kilospavlushka ping18:14
zakiRemonShai: maybe his internet connection is unstable for now.  18:15
zakiplease wait, he will get back here.18:15
Kilossomething went very unstable there18:16
RemonShaizaki, maybe..... most of the time ,I carry this problem.18:16
zakihmm, everywhere same problem18:17
zakiKilos: RemonShaihad dinner?18:19
RemonShaizaki, here too much... my old friend(grand friend>> Kilos ) know that...18:19
=== pavlushka_ is now known as Guest91131
Kilospavlushka_ ping18:19
KilosGuest91131 ping18:19
RemonShaizaki, In this night I already take dinner 2 times ...  hahahahhaha 18:20
=== Guest91131 is now known as pavlushka
zakii'm too much hungry18:21
Kilospavlushka ping18:21
zakirip pavlushka18:22
zakiKilos: RemonShai my time for dinner18:23
zakihave to go for now.18:23
zakibbl. 18:24
RemonShaizaki, sent us our part, fast :D :D :D or u will get diarrhea.18:24
RemonShaianyone ..., do u take coffee...?18:26
Kilosi drink lots of cyber coffee18:27
KilosQA coffee on18:27
* QA washes some mugs18:27
RemonShaiKilos, I don't take cyber coffee :( :( :(18:28
Kiloscheaper than real coffee18:28
RemonShaihahahaha give me a dram of those.18:30
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!18:31
KilosQA ty18:31
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos18:31
zakiQA: coffee please18:41
QAzaki: There isn't a pot on18:41
Kilosjust say coffee on zaki 18:42
pavlushkaQA coffee on18:42
* QA starts grinding coffee18:42
Kiloswb pavlushka 18:42
Kiloswhat happened lad18:42
pavlushkanow you can say coffee please zaki 18:42
RemonShaiQA coffee on18:42
QARemonShai: There's already a pot on. If you ask nicely, maybe you can have a cup18:42
RemonShaioops .... no18:43
zakiQA: coffee please18:43
QAzaki: Yessir18:43
RemonShaiitzz not legal .... QA don't give me 2nd one...18:44
QACoffee's ready for pavlushka and zaki!18:46
zakiQA: thank you18:46
QAzaki: no problemo18:46
AudaciousTUXQA cockroch milk please18:47
QAAudaciousTUX: What?18:47
AudaciousTUXtrending :318:47
RemonShaiAudaciousTUX, are u alive??? 18:47
RemonShaiAudaciousTUX, আপনি না কফি খান না???18:48
AudaciousTUXkobe koichi khaina :|18:48
RemonShaiAudaciousTUX, ঔ দিন কফি নিয়ে কি লিখছিলেন?? আমি ভুলি নাই কিন্তু।18:49
zakiha ha.18:50
RemonShaizaki, AudaciousTUX ধরা খাইয়া গেছে।18:51
AudaciousTUXapni kochu bujhchen -_-18:51
zakigive him cockroch milk as punishment :p18:51
RemonShaiyehhhhhh , me tooo18:52
RemonShaiআর কচু আপনিই খান। সব কচু ঢাকায় পাঠিয়ে দিছি।18:53
AudaciousTUXmara khan18:53
RemonShaiঔটাও আপনার খাদ্য, জাতি জানে..../18:54
zakiRemonShai: have you signed your coc?18:55
RemonShaizaki, no......... I don't like PC/mobile games.18:55
zakiubuntu code of conduct at launcpad18:57
RemonShaizaki, yes. I did today.18:57
RemonShaizaki, একটু সমস্যা হইছে >> Creating the key এর step2 বুঝতেছি না।18:59
zakioh good :)18:59
RemonShaizaki, file নাকি folder , কি যেন তৈরি করতে হয় সেখানে।19:00
RemonShaizaki, in this step >>> ssh-keygen -t rsa19:01
zakito increase encryption level?19:03
zakiRemonShai: 19:03
zakissh-keygen -t rsa -b 409619:04
zakideafult value is 2048 bit19:04
zakiyou don't have to do this19:04
RemonShaizaki, না।19:04
zakihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys follow this guide19:05
zakiRemonShai: what?19:05
RemonShaiওইটাই ফলো করতেছিলাম , পরে ২য় ধাপে বুঝি নাই। তাই stop রাখছি।19:06
zakiif you allready generate your ssh key, taht will be here: /home/b/.ssh/id_rsa.pub.19:07
zakijust open and copy all the text and paste them in lunchpad19:08
RemonShaizaki, see >>>https://paste.ubuntu.com/21177449/19:08
zakiEnter file in which to save the key (/home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_rsa):19:10
zakijust press enter19:10
zakiEnter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): >in this step type your passphrase for ssh and then hit enter you have to type your passphrase twice19:11
RemonShaizaki, হইছে । এর পর??19:12
zakican i see the code? 19:13
RemonShaizaki, privately দিলাম, দেখেন। 19:15
zakinow go to your home derectory19:15
zakiand press ctrl+h maybe that .ssh folder is hidden. if you press ctrl+h than you can see those hidden files and folders19:17
zakigo to .ssh folder and you can see a file named id_rsa.pub.19:18
RemonShaiyes. i saw.....19:19
zakinow open that file19:20
zakiand copy all of them. :)19:20
zakican i see ?19:21
RemonShaiSSH keys    >>>   সেট করছি। এখানে আমার পিছি'র নাম দেখাইতেছে। 19:24
zakiyou can edit that, it just a comment.19:25
RemonShaiকোনটা?? বুঝলাম না।19:26
zakithis details were in the bottom of that key19:27
RemonShaiআমি এখনো বিষয়টি পরিস্কার না।19:28
zakiremove your key from luncpad and paste it again in launchpad, before uploading you can edit taht details 19:29
zakiwb pavlushka19:29
RemonShaiআপনি আমাকে বোঝাতে চেয়েছেন ,"আমি ubuntu@linux লেখাটি পরিবর্তন করতে পারবো।"19:30
RemonShaizaki, vai19:30
pavlushkathanks zaki 19:31
RemonShaiand finally pavlushka ,come.... wc again & again ... ...19:31
zakiyess RemonShai19:31
zakithats it. :) 19:32
pavlushkaHello RemonShai ~!19:32
RemonShaipavlushka, today zaki helped me... I'm so happy .....19:32
zakiis it worked?19:33
Kilospavlushka run mtr command19:33
RemonShaifeeling sad for pavlushka ....!! he was in troubled tonight.19:34
pavlushkaKilos: its on.19:34
pavlushkaKilos: hard luck for me.19:34
pavlushkaKilos: did I missed the meeting?19:35
RemonShaiyes, pavlushka :(19:35
Kilosstill going pavlushka 19:36
Kilosstarted 35 mins ago19:36
pavlushkaKilos: then lucky me :)19:36
zakipavlushka: how can i join ?19:37
zakiRemonShai: is it oky now? your ssh key?19:37
pavlushkazaki: "/join #ubuntu-africa"19:37
pavlushkazaki: and then report to QA19:38
RemonShaiyahooo..... Kilos pavlushka zaki >> I think, finally my launchpad ID is completed.19:38
zakiRemonShai: :) 19:39
pavlushkaRemonShai:  congrats :)19:39
RemonShaizaki, see PV plzzzz19:39
RemonShaipavlushka, thanks :)19:39
pavlushkaguys join the meeting by identifying to QA19:41
zakidone alrdy19:43
zakiRemonShai: now you allready add yourself in ubuntu wiki editors team in launchpad. so now you can edit your wiki page.19:47
RemonShaizaki, trying.....19:49
zakiRemonShai: hold on, i'm creating a page for you. after that you can edit that yourself. 19:57
RemonShaizaki, create new empty page ঔখান থেকে???19:58
zakigive me 5 mnt20:01
pavlushkause the Membership Template20:01
RemonShaizaki, ok...20:01
zakiRemonShai: see p820:10
pavlushkaNight guys!20:13
zakipavlushka: good night20:14
RemonShaizaki, ৮নং পৃষ্ঠায় ?20:15
zakiKilos: are you there?20:24
zakicreated a wiki page for RemonShai20:29
zakiis it okay to create20:29
zakicopied from membership template20:29
zakiKilos: 20:29
zakiRemonShai: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RemonShai20:30
Kilosyes thats great , you can look at anyones for ideas20:30
zakiRemonShai: please edit your details. 20:33
zakiQA: coffee on20:40
* QA starts grinding coffee20:40
QACoffee's ready for zaki!20:44
Kilosthanks for visiting africa guys20:44
zakihmm. 20:45
zakiyou guys talked about many issues 20:45
Kilosyes 20:46
Kilosthose are different countries in africa i have pulled into one place20:46
Kiloswhen i started each country did its own thing like there in asia and the locos died, now they are all rebuilding again20:48
Kilosonly 2 out of 18 to still get totally dedicated20:48
zakimay be 2 loco missing. 20:50
zakisee's at ubuntu africa wiki20:51
Kilosi think ghana was one wasnt it20:51
Kilosthere were 2 guys from ghana there tonight20:52
Kilosso 1 left20:52
Kiloswhat is that link where you see that please20:53
Kilosi struggle with links20:53
Kiloscan never find then when i save them20:53
zakiha ha. :D20:54
zakipavlushka gone20:54
zakiwaht is Burkina faso? Kilos20:55
Kilosa country in africa20:55
Kilosim waiting for them to reply20:55
zakioky Kilos. 20:57
Kiloswas a massive job20:57
Kilostook 16 months so far20:58
Kilosyou must sleep lad its very early tomorrow there already20:58
zakitoo much time20:58
zakioky than. good night. :)20:58
Kiloswellive been busy with you guys for 5 months20:58
Kilossleep tight , see you tomorrow20:59
pavlushkaQA tell kilos that due to net line issue I was not getting his messages about what he was asking me to do but know I see checking the logs, even the logs were unavailable at that moment, :(23:15
QApavlushka: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode23:15

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