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RalphBalittle question. wanted to run flexlm 9.2 server (32bit) in ubuntu 16.04 (x86_64). found out, that I need the 32bit lsb-core. Well, the package seems to has defect deps, it wants alien:i386 whereas there is only alien:all. wanted to file this as bug, but how the hell should I file something like that?12:52
RalphBaoverall the process seems to me a bit complex and therefor not really practicable for dialy reporting :D12:53
hggdhsync350: opinion is an end state. You can just keep it ongoing or, if allnecessary data is there, mark it triaged13:09
hggdhRalphBa: is it lsb-core that has this requirement?13:14
hggdhRalphBa: anyway, what I am finding in the repositories is an alien:amd64 and one alien:i386. I see no alien:all13:21
RalphBahmmm... strage, moment13:26
RalphBathis is what I get when I try "sudo apt install lsb-core:i386"13:28
RalphBahggdh: sorry forgot to notify13:29
RalphBaoh, and its german13:29
RalphBatranslated it means, alien:i386 is not installable13:30
hggdhRalphBa: oh, the issue is with lsb-core13:30
hggdhlet me see what I find13:30
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hggdhRalphBa: I still do not find a lsb-core:all. There are i386 and amd64 versions13:32
hggdhand lsb-core:i386 depends on alien:i38613:34
hggdhRalphBa: you can see that by running apt-cache depends lsb-core:i386|grep alien13:35
RalphBahggdh: yes, I'm speaking about lsb-core:i386 but there is no alien:i386 so the dependency of lsb-core cannot be satisfied13:38
RalphBahggdh: sudo apt install alien:i386 return an packet alien:i386 is not avaliable13:39
hggdhoh. Yes indeed13:40
hggdhRalphBa: please open a bug against lsb-core:i38613:40
RalphBaat launchpad?13:41
hggdhyou can start it by running ubuntu-bug lsb-core13:41
RalphBahggdh: thank you13:44
hggdhRalphBa: no prob. Thank you for taking the time to report the issue.13:45
RalphBahggdh: ok, that ubuntu-bug thing is nice13:45
hggdhsometimes we do a nice thing ;-)13:45
RalphBahggdh: FYI: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lsb/+bug/160693613:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1606936 in lsb (Ubuntu) "Dependency on nonexistent alien:i386" [Undecided,New]13:49
RalphBaoh, that automatically pronounced here :D13:49
RalphBahggdh: sometimes WE do a nice thing? Developer?13:50
hggdhRalphBa: was, a looong time ago. Nowadays mostly consultant. But I still help with Ubuntu13:51
RalphBaWell, since its the only realiable option for (except at work, have to fight with windows there) seems I have to thank you :D13:52
RalphBajust a bit worried because of the future... XMir and Wayland conflict13:54
hggdhRalphBa: I reassigned the bug to the Alien package, this is actually the one failing13:54
hggdhI am not worried with Mir vs. Wayland. WHat I am worried about is stability of the code bases13:55
hggdheither one must be stable for us to move on to them13:55
hggdhand there is so much cruft to deal with special cases that I wonder.13:56
RalphBathats the nice thing about oss, whreas we have to worry about the customer not getting his beloved shiny new features and therefor sacrificing every single bit of code stability, oss can concentrate on such stuff13:56
RalphBamuch cruft? in xmir, wayland or both? aren't they kind of more specification than code?13:58
RalphBaor was that said in a general meaning13:59
RalphBahggdh: well, have to go home. Have a nice day and thanks again14:04
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