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dufluqengho: Morning?01:26
pittirobru: is it possible to remove a package from a CI train ticket again?06:41
pittitedg: ^ for update-notifier06:47
seb128good morning desktopers06:57
pittibonjour seb128!07:00
pittihey qengho07:00
seb128salut pitti, ça va bien ?07:00
seb128hey qengho07:00
pittiseb128: oui, et toi ?07:09
didrocksbonjour pitti, qengho, re seb12807:10
pittibonjour didrocks !07:10
TrevinhoMorning folks!07:12
TrevinhoBonjour didrocks, seb128, pitti...07:13
didrockshey Trevinho07:14
seb128hey Trevinho, how are you?07:48
seb128pitti,  ça va bien (sorry was just eating breakfast)07:49
Trevinhoseb128: hey, allright..07:49
TrevinhoHi willcooke07:49
seb128Trevinho, getting a new landing going before the w.e? ;-)07:49
seb128Trevinho, do you have special plans for the long w.e?07:49
willcookemorning all07:49
Trevinhoseb128: yeah trying to07:50
seb128hey willcooke07:50
Trevinhoseb128: yeah going few days to the sea here...07:50
seb128hope you have fun there!07:50
hikikomorning all!08:02
willcookehi hi08:02
seb128hey Laney hikiko duflu08:04
dufluHey seb12808:04
Laneyhi seb12808:20
Laneyforgot to say hi back :(08:20
Laneygood tennis?08:20
seb128yes, excellent, weather was perfect to play yesterday, not windy, not too warm/cold and I had a good feeling, did some nice serving and points08:24
seb128how was your evening?08:24
Laneythat beeping is still ongoing08:24
Laneyevening was nice, went to the allotment and constructed some more path08:25
Laneythen pub quizzed it up08:25
seb128ah, nice08:25
Laneyone of the questions was "what is the name of moe's cat in the simpsons?"08:26
Laneynobody even knew that he had one08:26
Laney-> good question08:26
seb128I didn't know either08:26
seb128learning every day!08:27
Trevinhohikiko: hey, can you check my branch this morning?09:27
hikikosure Trevinho :)09:28
Trevinhohikiko: also there was a crash on closing google chrome... I've fixed it, but there are still some warnings I'd like to avoid09:28
Trevinhosince we're trying to get info from an unmapped window with no winndow id09:28
willcookedesktoppers - please take a few mins to help smoketest the Trusty daily ISO booting on real hardware?09:31
willcookedavmor2, if you have a gap in your schedule?  ^09:32
qenghowillcooke: Trusty?09:32
Laney.5 is out soon09:33
davmor2willcooke: that is next on my schedule now that 16.04.1 and upgrades are tested09:36
hikikoTrevinho, what's the point of renaming all the variables everytime? it's difficult to see the changes... btw at a first glance, I see some things that might cause problems, eg: I had the addDamage there because in mmon some shadows didn't update09:36
hikikoI haven't built it yet though09:36
willcookethanks davmor2 - writing a USB stick here09:36
hikikoTrevinho, honestly, why changes like replace an if with foo ? bar : foobar  are necessary? they make the diff larger without adding any real optimisation09:37
hikikoit's just a matter of preference09:37
hikikoand why :s/width/Width for example?09:38
davmor2willcooke: I need to test server proposed too I think for the fix for d-i so I need to test that for sru verfication09:38
Trevinhohikiko: we've coding style in unity... guides/cppguide.xml09:39
Trevinhohikiko: adddamage is implicit there09:40
hikikoI am not sure, I was looking for a bug and this fixed it, I'll check in a while09:40
Trevinhohikiko: optimizations are in not rebuilding the shadows at every window movement though...09:41
Trevinhohikiko: now it happens only when the size of the window changes09:41
hikikoI'll check it with a real-time shadow in a while09:42
hikikook but anyway I think it would be better if you added a comment 7 months ago to rename the vars and the diff had your optimisations only so that it was cleaner anyway, thanks a lot, I am building :)09:43
hikikonow the diff has all my lines09:44
Trevinhohikiko: I did most of the changes several months ago (as you can see in the commit log), but then as you know other priorites come in, and we had to delay this09:44
hikikoyeah, i kno, i am not saying about the time anyway, I mean that the diff would be cleaner if we only see the optimisations and not the renames09:45
TrevinhoNow I'm just trying to clean the plate with all the stuff we did and never landed, so we can hopefully SRU them if they work fine and leave unity7 in the best shape we can....09:45
hikikobecause now it has every single line09:45
Trevinhohikiko: review commit by commit if you want... it should be easier09:46
hikikoyeah, good idea09:46
Trevinhohikiko: refactor is here, other commits are changes http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/shadows-on-existing-pixmaps-cleanup/revision/407809:46
Trevinhohikiko: I've pushed a fix that was causing a warning when closing chrome...10:20
willcookedesktoppers (and davmor2) - I've done a test for x86 64 and 32.  Both passed and logged on the ISO tracker.  Moar testing please though10:20
willcookeISO tracker here:  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds10:21
Trevinhohikiko: can you get that revew done in 2 hrs? Since i'd like to do this landing...10:21
seb128willcooke, is there any point doing more standard intel hwd installs?10:22
seb128I can do some but I don't have any "interesting" config10:22
seb128like nvidia ones10:23
hikikoI am trying Trevinho10:25
willcookeseb128, certainly no point in you testing your Inspiron :)10:30
willcookehikiko, could you try a live ISO on your NV machine?10:30
seb128willcooke, lol, I can do inspiron or vm ... :-/10:30
hikikowillcooke, I can but since I can't use intel and nv at the same time, could you wait a couple of hours to finish Trevinho's review?10:31
hikikobecause I am on intel right now10:31
willcookehikiko, of course, np10:31
* Laney screams at D10:42
TrevinhoLaney: instead of screaming... when you want to take a break, can you get ahead in reviewing the distro changes for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1698 😝? So we can publish it straight forward once hikiko is done ;-)10:49
hikikoTrevinho, it seems to work but I am not sure about something I'll ping you in a while10:50
Trevinhohikiko: there's really no much change in terms of logic...10:50
Trevinhobut sure10:50
hikikowell, if you want to merge it then I could check and do another mp, there aren't any crashes etc so I guess wont be a prob, just 1 thing I had a comment in PixmapTexture::Ptr10:52
hikikoMake sure to modify Window::Impl::ComputeShapedShadowQuad in10:52
hikiko/DecoratedWindow.cpp if you change the factor.10:52
hikikobut I can't find it, if you don't change both factors it will misfunction, maybe put it back?10:53
hikikoTrevinho, ^10:54
Trevinhohikiko: I've defined a const value for that which is shared now10:54
hikikoI didn't find that10:54
Trevinhohikiko: see SHADOW_BLUR_MARGIN_FACTOR10:54
hikikoTrevinho, merge it since there aren't crashes, I am going to check the livecd and then come back to it, if I see anything I'll do another MP10:56
Trevinhohikiko: fine... It used to crash before though10:56
Trevinho(as it was trying to paint an invalid texture, but this is not the case anymore)10:56
hikikoyes you told me, I never got that crash but I guess I was lucky10:56
Trevinhohikiko: I saw it with google chome all the times...10:57
hikikosounds reasonable to crash if the tex was invalid10:57
hikikoyeah you told me and I tested it I had sent you a video I think10:57
Trevinhobasically that was because we were setting the frame geo dirty on window that were destroyed, and trying to damage them10:57
Trevinhothis was causing a paint loop... and all the rest.10:57
hikikosounds like a bug, I just was lucky :)10:57
* Trevinho yeah this was the trace http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21126640/10:58
seb128grrr intel drivers, vt switch and I've no vt prompts (systemd?) and now going back to vt7 my unity dash elements have no textures&co10:58
hikikoi have that too11:05
hikikoyou don't need a reboot11:05
hikikojust kill Xorg11:05
hikikokillall Xorg is fine11:05
seb128does that bring back vts as well?11:06
seb128but already rebooted11:06
seb128going to try next time11:06
seb128k, weird11:06
hikikowelcome :)11:06
seb128but restarting X or rebooting is not much different11:06
seb128need to close my session :-/11:06
hikikoyeah :/11:06
hikikoI think this happens when xserver receives a signal11:07
hikikobut I can't recall which one11:07
hikikoit usually happens to me after dist-upgrade11:07
andyrockhey all11:08
TrevinhoLaney: available for your lovely publishing hands https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1698 :-)11:42
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hikikowillcooke: busy?12:31
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willcookehikiko, back12:55
hikikowelcome back willcooke12:55
hikikothere's actually a problem with nouveau12:55
hikikoI didn't realize that at once12:56
hikikoI tested the installation process that was ok apart from a small delay and flickering at the beginning12:56
willcookehikiko, cool - so a pass from you?12:56
hikikoand then the desktop12:56
hikikowas idle12:56
willcookehikiko, do you have write access to this?  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds12:57
hikikowhen the system went to sleep mode12:57
hikikothere was a hang12:57
willcookehikiko, actually, this is the right page:  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds/127049/testcases/1303/results12:58
hikikowillcooke: the bug is in the nouveau driver13:00
hikikoshould I link it?13:00
hikikoif the system sleeps during the installation process it will fail13:00
willcookehikiko, hmm.  It's not a failure in the sense that 14.04.5 is now broken, but yeah, log it and we can follow up with the driver guys13:00
hikikoI didn't finish the installation because it's not a vm, I stopped before "writing changes to disk"13:01
willcookehikiko, you just needed to test a live session13:01
hikikowillcooke: did that13:01
willcookehikiko, cool.  If you can mark it as a test passed then.  And then we can work out how to report to nouveau13:02
dobeyLaney, seb128: can we get https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zeitgeist/+bug/1584849 at least into y and maybe SRUed to xenial?13:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1584849 in zeitgeist (Ubuntu) "Creating a log on a non-default thread causes it to hang" [Undecided,New]13:06
hikikoI am sorry13:15
hikikoI didn't mark it as passed13:15
hikikoI didn't see the last line13:15
hikikocan I change it?13:15
hikikofound ok I changed it13:15
seb128oh come on intel13:18
Laneydobey: I put it in the sponsor queue, won't have time to look immediately but I have a patch pilot shift coming up if nobody else does it before then13:22
dobeyLaney: ok. just saw you had done previous uploads of zeitgeeist, so thought i should ask you13:32
ximionLaney: I think I exist to annoy you ^^13:33
ximion(I just pushed a patch to asgen master which speeds up the generator by 4-6min (depending on how many suites/sections one processes), but that patch will almost certainly clash with your changes)13:34
ximionbut maybe Git can rebase, who knows ^^13:34
Laneymerge them?13:36
seb128bah, downgraded back packages to proper xenial for the user session upstart/systemd but I still get indicators missing in the greeter when I try to switch user13:37
Laneyalso give me some ideas about why this happens and we can be friends again https://paste.debian.net/785587/13:37
ximionLaney: eh.... no memory? :P13:38
ximionfor that, the patch I just committed might actually help13:39
ximionoh, and we can also get rid of that spawnProcess, at the expense of depending on a more recent libarchive13:39
Laneyit can't fork13:39
Laneybut I don't know why13:39
Laneylet me rebase and then try with the new thing13:40
ximionit's a bad habit of me that when I find an issue I end up moving all pieces around a lot to make it sane13:41
ximion(it usually ends up being much better than before - until I find some issue and rework that stuff again)13:41
LaneyI would have preferred you to merge my stuff than make me understand what changed and adapt to it13:41
ximionLaney: I am actually just waiting for a PR from you, when you think it's ready13:42
willcookehmmm.  Fresh install of 16.04.1 on my Inspiron has a slight odd looking font...  http://imgur.com/a/O190P13:42
Laneyjust take it without the PR if you know you're going to break it13:42
LaneyI don't mind13:42
ximion1[15:42] <ximion> Laney: I am actually just waiting for a PR from you, when you think it's ready13:43
willcookebah, that screenshot sucks, this is better:  http://imgur.com/a/qUAI213:43
willcookeseb128, did you see this on your Inspiron? ^13:43
Laney27/07 14:42:25 <Laney> just take it without the PR if you know you're going to break it13:43
Laney27/07 14:42:26 <Laney> I don't mind13:44
willcookeseb128, sorry, this:  http://imgur.com/a/qUAl213:44
seb128willcooke, I didn't notice but I don't have a good eye for details and tend to overlook those, let me boot it to see how it's there13:45
ximion1I didn't know I would break it13:45
ximion1fortunately there's no functional break, you probably just need to add overrides13:46
willcookeseb128, bah, ignore.  Reboot and it's fine now13:46
seb128willcooke, can you try to go the switch user and see if the greeter has all its indicators?13:46
seb128willcooke, like lock screen and use the session indicator to "switch user" or open a guest and close it13:46
willcookeseb128, Heisenbug13:47
Laneyximion1: I mean "hmm, these changes touch that code - I'll just grab the commits and then make my refactoring"13:47
Laneyyou can ask me if that's a good idea if you want, I'm always online in the day13:47
Laneydoesn't look that bad at first glance13:47
bregmahey desktoppers, I'm looking for additional testers for a unity8-desktop-session landing in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-00713:48
Laneythanks for the optimisations!13:48
willcookebregma, just reinstalled my test machine to test u8 things! :)13:49
bregmainitial testing surfaced some incompatible apps, so more testing is better13:49
willcookebregma, I'm investigating reports that apps stopped running again13:49
willcookebregma, is that the same thing?13:49
seb128willcooke, heisenbug? you mean indicators work for you?13:49
willcookebregma, oh wait - I'm testing 16.0413:49
bregmawillcooke, not unless they already installed that silo13:49
willcookeseb128, that font bug has vanished as soon as I started to look at it13:50
seb128willcooke, can you still try the indicators one? ;-)13:50
willcookebregma, lemme do these 16.04 ones and I'll loop back13:50
willcookeseb128, testing now13:50
bregmawillcooke, sure13:50
willcookeseb128, all indicators missing except a11y.13:52
seb128willcooke, thanks13:52
willcookeseb128, also super-L in guest session seems to spawn a new session leaving the old ones running13:53
ximion1Laney: it really isn't - if you want, I could even fix it up for you13:58
Laneyximion1: just pushed13:58
ximion1(should take less than 3min)13:58
Laneygoing to test it, then you can have a PR13:58
ximion1hehe ^^13:58
Laneythen I work on Translation support13:58
Laneyhope it's okay to rely on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/yakkety/main/i18n/Index13:59
Laneydebian doesn't have this14:00
Laneyalthough it is in InRelease14:01
Laneyprobably should just use that14:01
Laneywhy does git pull require an email address to be set?14:03
* Laney slaps14:03
Laneyoh right, it'is trying to do a merge14:03
ximion1pull can mean Git needs to do a merge, which it needs the mail address for...14:03
LaneyI forgot I did some hax on the box directly14:03
ximion1btw, as long as it doesn't break Debian, any code in the backend is fine :)14:04
LaneyI want this remote stuff to work for Debian too as far as possible14:04
Laneyhopefully this abstract class thing means that I can put the langpack support in an ubuntu backend which inherits from the debian one14:05
ximion1sitter on KDE Neon is looking at the remote stuff too14:05
ximion1I wonder if it makes sense to implement a cache manager which handles this transparently for all backends14:06
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* Laney adds a timeout and then runs14:31
Laneytimeout retry14:31
bregmaI'm trying to track down the cause of something we see in Libertine: <Fly__> For terminal and firefox I get an error when it starting : "an error occured while loading or saving configuration information for terminator. Some of your configuration settings my not work properly". When I click "details" it says "Failed to activation configuration. The name org.gnome.GConf was not provided by any service files"14:40
bregmawould anyone here have a suggestion as to why we see that and how to cure it?14:40
seb128bug #1521116 should be an easy one for andyrock right? ;-)14:57
ubot5bug 1521116 in unity (Ubuntu) "session dialog doesn't close on first "esc" use" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152111614:57
Laneybregma: Sounds like gconf isn't installed in there14:58
Laneyximion: these unittest blocks14:58
seb128just got annoyed again by this one and looked to see if it was already reported, seems I did that in novembre :p14:58
Laneyis there an easy way to mock something?14:58
LaneyI want to provide sample Release files to test against14:58
seb128Laney, were you going to look at the landing Trevinho pingeg you about?14:59
Laneylater, I have a tab for it15:00
Laneyyou can if you want though15:00
seb128no it's fine ;-)15:00
seb128just checking because I went over the backlog15:01
seb128if it's going to be handled it's fine15:01
seb128I guess we don't need to have Trevinho around after landing15:01
seb128worth thing we block it in proposed until monday15:01
TrevinhoAs you prefer15:02
Laneyit's blocked either way because of freeze15:02
* ricotz grabs Sweet5hark's 5.1.5rc2 package15:03
Trevinhoandyrock can handle that in case if you help him landing something if needed15:03
ximionLaney: you could generate it at test-time, or place it in the test/samples directory15:04
seb128oh, right, alpha15:04
seb128I tend to forget about those since we stopped doing them15:04
seb128doing->participating in15:05
Laneyximion: the hard bit seems to be mocking a function?15:05
LaneyI don't want to call the real download thing15:05
* Laney stares at the 0015:06
ximionLaney: hmm.... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4800122/what-mock-object-libraries-are-there-available-for-d15:06
ximionDMocks-revived is pretty dead again ^^15:07
Laneywas wondering if that unittest {} stuff had something for this15:08
ximionI am sure something exists for Vibe, since they will simply have to mock network operations in a web framework15:10
ximionunittest blocks on their own are pretty dumb :P https://wiki.dlang.org/Unittest15:11
ximionLaney: btw, instead of just asserting here, you probably want a contract instead: https://github.com/iainlane/appstream-generator/blob/master/source/utils.d#L33215:11
Laney /me blinks15:12
Laney                            /me15:12
Laneyximion: that page says that assert is already a contract15:18
tedgseb128: Laney: Could I please add uploading this patch to ZG to one of your TODO lists? bug 158484915:20
ubot5bug 1584849 in zeitgeist (Ubuntu) "Creating a log on a non-default thread causes it to hang" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158484915:20
Laneydobey already asked earlier15:20
ximionbut since this is input-validation, you could but it into an in {} block, if you want15:20
tedgAh, awesome.15:21
Laneyximion: what's the advantage for simple asserts?15:21
Laneyas far as I can tell both will be ignored in release builds15:22
ximion(IMHO the real useful feature is the invariant block for classes, but I didn't feel the need to use it yet ^^)15:22
Laneylike I'd use in {} if doing more complicated precondition checks15:22
Laneybut assert is going to be skipped anyway...15:22
Laneythat's how it seems to me anyway15:22
ximionin this case, the advantage would only be syntactical15:22
ximionand the documentation generator would show this constraint on the input value in the docs15:23
seb128tedg, hey, what L_aney said15:23
LaneyI'll do it if you want15:23
Laneyyou go do it in the places where you haven't :P15:23
seb128tedg, how are you?15:23
seb128tedg, btw since you are around, I'm curious but what's the status of snapping inkscape? I think you had it mostly working?15:24
tedgseb128: Doing good, I dropped update-notifier and unity from the silo.15:24
pittihey tedg, good morning15:24
tedgseb128: Yes, but they haven't fixed the desktop bug yet :-(15:24
pittitedg: ah, you figured out how to do that?15:24
tedgpitti: Yeah, looking at the hud build now.15:24
Laneyximion: actually I can add an out {} there that the file exists15:25
tedgMight be easier to drop hud and just put it in a dual silo.15:25
pittitedg: oh, I thought unity was needed for all the indicators to even work15:26
tedgpitti: Yes, but Trevinho wanted to land it in a different silo15:26
robrupitti: yes it is15:26
Trevinhotedg: actually... I didn't include your branch in the landing I've ready... So feel free to readd it to your silo15:27
pittiTrevinho, tedg: did you find out what caused this mysterious depwait on a newer compiz? ted's systemd branch didn't change that build dep15:29
Laneyximion1: pushed it (and fix your connection!)15:31
tedgpitti: Was that only on vivid? /me deleted it so can't check15:31
pittitedg: no, on all releases15:32
pittitedg: anyway, certainly simpler to land everything else first, and then another silo for the special kids15:32
seb128tedg, what desktop bug?15:37
tedgseb128: ?15:37
seb128<tedg> seb128: Yes, but they haven't fixed the desktop bug yet :-(15:37
seb128sorry was lagging behind15:37
tedgseb128: Oh, sorry, let me find it.15:37
seb128discussing on snappy channel from other issues15:37
seb128tedg, was that the relocation?15:38
tedgseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/158835915:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1588359 in Snapcraft "No way to add setup files at build time" [Undecided,Triaged]15:38
seb128you could snap from your branch which includes the fix :p15:38
tedgseb128: The being able to use desktop files with merged translations15:38
seb128come on15:38
seb128it's easy enough to workaround to get going15:38
seb128just manually cp the one from the build to setup/gui15:38
seb128and do another build15:38
seb128or copy to the prime and snapcraft snap prime15:38
tedgYou can't do it in snapcraft, but yes.15:39
seb128well, you can copy the generated version in the vcs15:39
seb128in setup/gui15:39
tedgYes, also thinking you could do a CMake target: "make snap" that would do it.15:40
tedgWould be nice to also not have to have all the snapcraft stuff in the root dir.15:41
seb128tedg, d_idrocks (I think?) wrote recently somewhere that you can have it in a subdir, you just need to have the corresponding relative path for the source15:42
seb128I didn't test that though15:42
seb128tedg, also you can use .snapcraft.yaml15:42
tedgMight be easier to use the . file, as I'm not sure LP will build in a subdir.15:44
seb128tedg, in any case let me know if I can help with something, would be cool to have inskcape in the store ;-)15:45
tedgYeah, we could put something provisional there, but was hoping to have it upstream first. Which would require using the proper desktop file.15:46
ximion1Laney: is it merge-ready?15:46
ximion1sorry for the connection, seems to be a bad day for my provider or the wifi connection15:47
Laneyximion1: still running, didn't crash yet15:48
seb128tedg, would upstream be opposed to have a .desktop checkout in setup/gui until the bug is fixed? sure that would need to be refreshed when translations change but I guess that doesn't happen so often for the Name/Comments, inkscape is there for a while and those don't move a lot15:48
Laneyyou might as well review15:48
Laneyhave a PR15:48
* ximion1 doesn't see a PR yet15:49
* ximion1 doesn't see the new commit either :P15:50
Laneylook harder!15:53
ximion1a Github-internal "squash to one commit" feature would be very cool now ^^15:56
tedgseb128: Probably not a huge issue, but more I something I thought was going to be fixed soon as everyone basically needs it...15:56
tedgseb128: Anyway, I merged the 0.92.x branch. Let's see if it still snaps :-)15:57
seb128tedg, it probably would if the snappy team was not locked down in sprint for 15days every month :p15:57
tedgseb128: Yeah, I'd recommend not looking at the snappy critical bug list :-)16:01
ximion1Laney: looks good! (I have a few minor nitpicks, but that's something I can quickly fix when things are merged)16:02
ximion1I'll merge it as soon as you report no-failure from your side :)16:02
Laneymy first dlang code16:02
ximion1btw, a thing that is starting to be a bit annyoing in D is decorator bloat - a few hours ago, I annotated a function @safe override pure immutable @nogc16:03
meetingologyLaney: Error: "itsreallygoodok" is not a valid command.16:03
* Laney slaps meetingology 16:03
ximion1those decorators are really neat for web-development (you can have @path("/foobar"), reminds me of Python)16:04
ximion1but at least @safe should be the default16:05
Laney2016-07-27 16:05:37 - INFO: Writing metadata for yakkety/universe [armhf]16:06
Laneystd.process.ProcessException@../../../../src/libphobos/src/std/process.d(417): Failed to spawn new process (Cannot allocate memory)16:06
ximion1Laney: run it again ^^16:06
ximion1if it's a memory issue, it will use less memory on the second run16:07
ximion1Laney: could you get a libarchive backport without big problems?16:07
Laneyit does work when run again16:08
Laneyis libarchive a transition?16:08
ximion1Laney: no16:10
Laneyshould be easy then16:10
ximion1okay, then I can get rid of this not-so-failsafe code16:11
ximion1(will need libarchive >= 3.2 then)16:11
LaneyI'll just re-run now, can clean when that appears16:11
seb128attente, hey, can I bother you a sec about the snappy xdg-open thing16:26
attenteseb128: sure16:26
seb128did you look at getting it working from a GNOME app?16:26
seb128it works if I xdg-open URL16:26
seb128but I guess we need a .desktop and a mimetype handle for the gtk side to work?16:27
seb128I'm going to have a look to that, just wanted to check before starting in case you already did some work16:27
attenteyeah, i think you're right. desrt would know more about that though16:27
seb128that's fine, I know what is needed16:28
seb128just checking so I don't dup work16:28
attentethanks seb12816:28
seb128attente, thanks!16:28
seb128willcooke, do you have a fresh 16.04.1 from those test installs?16:32
willcookeseb128, yes!16:32
seb128willcooke, could you try bug #1605802 when you have some free slot?16:33
ubot5bug 1605802 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "Software Center still fails to install third-party .deb packages" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160580216:33
seb128downloading chrome .deb and double click and see if it installs16:33
* Trevinho leaves for a while... might be back later... or... see you monday!16:33
willcookehave a good break Trevinho16:33
willcookeseb128, sure16:33
seb128Trevinho, have a nice w.e!16:33
seb128willcooke, thanks16:33
willcookeseb128, tested and works16:36
seb128good to see it's not a regression16:37
seb128or not happening for everyone16:37
seb128on that note time for making dinner16:37
seb128have a nice evening desktopers!16:37
ximion1Laney: all good?16:39
Laneyximion1: it's going to take some hours to finish16:39
willcookecheers seb12816:40
Laneybye seb12816:40
Laneyhappy dinner!16:41
ximion1oh, so it's a full run then16:42
ximion1did you preserve the contents cache?16:42
ximion1(and run it with eatmydata, that also speeds things up, as always)16:42
LaneyI made a new machine for this16:44
Laneyfirewall was only fixed in a different env16:44
Laneyit just saved amd64/universe without crashing16:44
willcookenight Laney17:15
ximion1Laney: neat!17:37
ximion1I got rid of the xz/gzip calls meanwhile, so we don't spawn any external process anymore now \o/ (except for maybe gdk-pixbuf (does it still do that?), but that is avoided as much as possible)17:38
ximion1good night! :)17:41
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tedgseb128: Here is a build, but it doesn't have menus :-/  Have to look into it more. https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/+snap/inkscape/+build/190920:40
seb128tedg, no menu or no exported ones?21:03
seb128tedg, is that normal that it builds only for amd64 (my laptop is i386 still ... need to change that but I would have expected launchpad to build for different archs)21:03
tedgseb128: No menus, in line or exported.21:04
tedgseb128: Oh, I only built for amd64 while testing.21:04
seb128I though launchpad would do the same as ppa21:04
tedgseb128: I can build others, just was saving build time.21:04
seb128default build for all supported archs21:04
tedgseb128: It did, I unchecked them :-)21:04
seb128if you build for i386 I can have a look to see if there is a gotcha I'm familiar with21:05
tedgWill do21:05
seb128hey robert_ancell!21:05
robert_ancellseb128, yo, still up?21:05
tedgseb128: https://launchpad.net/~ted/+snap/inkscape/+build/191321:05
seb128robert_ancell, yeah, was at tennis and decided to hack a bit after that and try to catch up with you after the sprint21:06
seb128tedg, thanks21:06
seb128tedg, works for me including nicely integrated menus, but I tried with devmode ... do you use strict?22:09
seb128hum, no, that has menus as well22:10
seb128calling it a day but let's talk about that tomorrow, night there!22:11

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