daftykinsi think i can take some RAM out of the one i got today and turn the 6GB RAM core 2 quad into an 8GB RAM core 2 quad \o/00:00
Bashing-omOerHeks: Any incinative, I run dual core athlons on 4 gigs of ram .. does well .00:07
OerHeksi putted in an ancient nvidia 25000:18
OerHekswell, not that ancient, but it is a big card, http://dragoncomputing.co.uk/estore/images/products/1015394081.jpg00:19
OerHeksand it works .. now i forgot my password n that testmachine :-D00:19
OerHeksgood, now i have something to play with.00:20
OerHeksBashing-om, i would still work on this self-build machine, if i didn't got that i3 from my neighbour, he wanted to dump00:21
daftykinsone of the machines won't even POST now :) time for bed at that i think! g'night all :)00:28
Bashing-omI am done ,,, see yall .05:22
lotuspsychjemorning guys05:31
OerHeksheya lotuspsychje05:53
lotuspsychjehey OerHeks how are you?05:53
OerHeksgood, and you, hard working person?05:54
lotuspsychjeyes, very05:54
lotuspsychjebut its good to earn some $$05:54
lotuspsychjethe benefits of doing overtime hours :p05:55
lotuspsychjewebsite is building slowly..05:55
lotuspsychjemy admin has alot of work05:56
ducasse\o morning!06:30
lotuspsychjemorning ducasse06:33
ducassegoing to work today?06:36
lotuspsychjelate shift06:36
ducassegood, and you still like the job?06:36
lotuspsychjebut 4 days off this week, good news06:36
lotuspsychjeyeah sure, it will be perfect to combine with my business06:37
ducassehow so?06:37
lotuspsychjenow its summer season and doing 38h/week06:37
lotuspsychjein september it will drop down to 20H/week06:38
lotuspsychjeso ill have more time to work the ubuntu shop06:38
ducasseahh, i see. when do you think your shop will open?06:38
lotuspsychjewell ive started already, but alot of paperwork still06:39
lotuspsychjeand website is building slowly06:39
ducasseare you open for business already?06:39
lotuspsychjei can only start advertise when website is ready06:39
lotuspsychjeofficially yes06:39
ducasseso not aiming for a career as a chef? :)06:41
lotuspsychjeill combine them as long as possible06:41
lotuspsychjeits a sideway business, so less change of bankrupt06:42
ducasseright. i saw the website you posted a link to, looking good imo.06:43
lotuspsychjeyeah its just a default game theme for now06:43
lotuspsychjealot of work needed06:43
OerHekshi ducasse06:43
ducassewill you also be selling ubuntu phones/tablets?06:43
ducassemorning, OerHeks06:43
OerHeksyes, a website design costs time ..06:43
lotuspsychjeyeah ill try ducasse , but i cand find the bq 4.5 online anymore06:43
lotuspsychjeill try to re-sell the m10 tablet aswell06:44
ducasseme neither, i've been thinking of swapping out my android..06:45
OerHeksbq 4.5 and 5 and meizu 5 are all out of stock, meizu 6 will be announced soon i think06:45
lotuspsychjeashame...why they let it run out of stock when so popular..06:45
OerHeksI think sales are disappointing ..06:46
ducassemust be really tough to break through on mobile...06:46
lotuspsychjewell ill try to change that06:47
OerHeksducasse, how would you like your troll, in the morning ? grinn08:03
ducasse$deity, this guy is something else...08:08
OerHeks /home/Sync+ .. never knew a + was allowed in /home/username08:09
ducassehmm, i thought it was limited to alphanum...08:09
OerHeksyes, i was just checking .. https://paulgorman.org/technical/presentations/linux_username_conventions.pdf08:10
OerHeksunderscore and - and $ can be used too08:10
ducasse$? that's a bit surprising, actually.08:11
ducassenot that i ever imagine using it :)08:11
OerHeksyes, for me too, only at the end or in between, AFAIK08:11
ducassethe first char has to be a-z, or is that no longer true?08:12
OerHekseven --force-badname  cannot allow the +08:13
OerHeksyes, i think so08:14
ducassehehe - "if you don't understand it, don't bother" :)08:16
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:43
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ducasse"i read somewhere on the internet that..."18:42
OerHeksyeah ..18:42
daftykinswe get this one in a UK channel that finds links to disprove you no matter what you say, even if they're 2 year old articles18:43
ducassewhy don't people check their sources?18:43
daftykinsworse still, it's a Mint user that refuses to go to the Mint server18:43
OerHeksi am having fun man.. reading tortib in #debian18:43
OerHeksclaiming using debian :-D18:43
ducassei think i remember him/her :)18:43
OerHeksYes he has been with us all week18:44
daftykinswhat's he really using?18:44
OerHeksdunno, hanging in elementary and mint channel too, no sign of him there18:44
OerHeksactually, he is a little more polite with us than in #debian18:45
ducassethe mint crowd should support their own users :( if they think ubuntu is identical, why not use that?18:45
daftykinsthis one claimed they don't answer, so i guess it just lacks a community18:48
ducasseodd, wasn't mint recently #1 on distrowatch for quite some time?18:49
OerHeksdistrowatch .. nice info, but statistics are not saying anything18:50
ducassei understand it's just an indication18:51
OerHeksbest way to measure is the number of users in a  channel, i think18:52
OerHeksbut that could also be not true18:52
ducasseOerHeks: possibly. i wonder how many of the users in #ubuntu are actually on a derivative, though.18:53
OerHeksheh, 50%i think18:53
daftykinspesky liars!18:56
daftykinsthe best anyone ever claimed was of benefit to be on Mint was the default codec situation, which they've now removed...18:57
OerHeksnot removed, just one click18:57
daftykinsno no, Mint stopped bundling them in their install media because they don't want to do the testing anymore18:58
OerHeksoh, they get smarter18:58
daftykinsclever mint!19:00
ducassenever saw a reason to switch to mint, perfectly happy with ubuntu. it's in many ways not a default install, i really like being able to install just what i need/want.19:03
OerHeksas we have mate too .. i understand19:03
ducassei frequently hear people criticize ubuntu because of unity, but that's not a good argument...19:06
OerHeksthose same people do not complain if a newer windows changes a lot of stuf, they like it without seeing it.19:07
OerHeksbut whow, if ubuntu makes a turn ...19:07
ducasseit's odd, yes. they seem to accept anything from ms...19:09
daftykinsi dunno, 8 made a lot of changes and everyone was up in arms over it19:09
ducassesure, but look at the data gathering/"telemetry" thing - hardly anyone cares.19:11
daftykinsright, and do you know why? because look at the actual truth behind what that's doing compared with the sensational articles about it19:11
daftykinswere the articles about ubuntu and amazon searches not the same tinfoil hat wearing rubbish? yup19:12
ducassei never looked that much into it, but i did read the eulas that were published, they were kinda scary. i've no idea what they _actually_ gather, though.19:13
OerHeksi hear nobody about musicplayers looking for lyrics/artwork that can be recorded too.19:13
OerHeksor VLC stats19:13
BluesKajI was never a gnome fan or unity, KDE has always been my choice for a DE even on other distros19:14
daftykinsducasse: thing was Microsoft's agreements are covering their online services now too, so a lot of it is a blanket thing to cover it all19:14
OerHeksi liked KDE too, but after some troubles i went back to unity, though gnome3 is awesome too, if you take your time to get used to it. this is universal i guess for all desktops19:15
daftykinsso just how gmail reads users email to provide targeted ads, so too can outlook.com - MS' free email service (new name for hotmail) so they write their agreements to cover reading your email there too19:15
BluesKajOerHeks,  no doubt19:15
ducassedaftykins: that could be, it was still scary reading :)19:16
daftykinsit is when taken out of context and sensationalised by today's clickbait journalism19:17
daftykinsi can't defend all of it though, not being able to turn all the telemetry off is a shame19:17
daftykinsbut so far the things they've published have been about receiving system logs to see that a release day nvidia driver was causing problems, info on the apps people install from the MS store i think...19:18
daftykinsi think i prefer to just live life than go about paranoid19:18
OerHeks"are there any paranoids in the audience tonight? ... pathetic.." i love pink floyd19:19
BluesKajwe still phone each other in our family,  email is seldom used even tho everyone quite computer savvy19:20
ducasseme too, daftykins, but i *do* read eulas before i accept them, and i'm wary of certain google products etc. personal choice, though, i fully understand that many don't care.19:20
daftykinsguy in another channel doesn't believe that Microsoft will stop 10 being free this Friday19:21
daftykinsi can see his point, but i don't think they'd make such a big deal about it ending :)19:21
OerHekserr today is the last day, isn't it?19:21
BluesKajW10 is fugly19:21
OerHekswe got spam all over from dutch sites19:22
OerHeks"are you sure not to upgrade?" and "what to do to get a 10 license in your account with microsoft"19:23
ducassedaftykins: do you think i can upgrade a wine install to a full w10 licence? ;)19:23
OerHekswinetricks \o/19:23
OerHeksducasse, sure, burn the wine iso to dvd19:24
* OerHeks ducks19:24
OerHekshar har .. "we close this street, because there are too many pokemongo hunters .."19:34
daftykinsoh my word19:35
daftykinsBashing-om: wb \o19:35
OerHekshey Bashing-om19:35
Bashing-omHey, hey .. what a day .. Let's see what happens in the IRC world .19:36
ducasseis there anywhere new snap packages in the store are announced?20:03
Bashing-omducasse: A quick look: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2321161 ; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2327088 I did not see anything but maybe you can glean a hint ?20:16
ducasseBashing-om: i'll read the rest of those tomorrow, thanks. it'd be nice if new snaps were announced somewhere, now we basically have to dig through 'snap find' now and then.20:21

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