nesciusi was wondering, imagemagick is set as default pdf viewer, but is s**t (for gui) and takes ages to open, should i report a bug and if so where?14:16
nesciusotherwise, i am very happy with the distribution! good job and thanks14:18
jbichanescius: are you using the GNOME3 Staging PPA with Ubuntu 16.04?14:18
nesciusno, the stable one only at this time14:19
jbichaok because there's an annoying bug with defaults in newer Nautilus14:20
nesciusif its necessary to test it in the staging first, it can be arranged, i have few spare machines to test this on14:20
jbicha"Document Viewer" (evince) is supposed to be the default pdf viewer14:20
jbichano, I only mentioned staging because it has a bug14:21
jbichanescius: http://askubuntu.com/a/570841/1579 suggests looking in ~/.config/mimeapps.list14:26
jbichaif you have anything in there that says im6 you can probably remove those lines14:26
Daifucodo you guys with two screen know how to make one the default to run applications? It keeps trying to run on the left one, which in my system is the little one that i use as extension16:39
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nesciusisn't imagemagick installed by default? if so its associated with the pdf by default, no? that could be considered as bug no?18:09
nesciusi've already blocked it from installing again, so its solved for me this way18:10
jbichanescius: yes, im is installed by default, no it shouldn't open pdfs by default though18:15
jbichayes that would be a bug if it happens but it would be useful to find out why it happens? can you replicate the bug from a clean install? does it just happen from upgrades?18:16
jbichadid you look in ~/.config/mimeapps.list ?18:16
nesciusi tried two fresh installations with empty homes and had the imagemagick as default pdf reader18:16
nesciusjbicha: there is no entry regarding imagemagick or pdf in my mimeappps.list - its also very - only 10 lines18:18
jbichafrom the Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS, I just downloaded https://people.gnome.org/~bmsmith/user-guide.pdf18:22
jbichaif I double-click on it in the Files app, it opens in Document Viewer18:23
jbichaif I search for it from the Activities Overview, it opens in either the Documents app or Document Viewer depending on what I click18:23
jbicha*from the 16.04 live iso18:23
nesciusand what do you have in yours mimeapps.list ? just out of curriosity..18:24
jbichaon the live ISO, that file doesn't exist because I literally haven't done anything else to it except download and open that one file18:25
nesciusok :)18:25
jbichayou don't have anything that says im6 in that file?18:25
nesciusi will test this again on my another computer when i get to install it18:26
nesciusno, nothing like that or pdf, its only 10 lines18:26
nesciushow is it done for all users (like skel)18:28
jbichawhat does this command say? (suggested by askubuntu)18:28
jbichaxdg-mime query default application/pdf18:28
nesciusi was only able to find the ~/.config/mimeapps.list and /usr/share/gdm/greeter/applications/mimeapps.list both dont have anything about im6 or pdf18:28
nesciusmoment, i am installing imagemagick again (i removed it and locked it in that state)18:30
nesciusit now said evince, i am installing the imagemagick at this moment18:31
jbichanescius: how about ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list18:36
nesciusfunilly enough, it still says evince, but pdf on my desktop shows default as imagemagick again18:37
jbichadoes it happen with all pdfs, like the user-guide I linked to earlier?18:38
nesciusyes, imagemagick is default for this file as well18:42
nesciusi think i can make a video or something on how to reproduce this, i would like to bugreport it18:44
nesciusis there a bugzilla or something for the ubuntu gnome?18:44
jbichayou can run `ubuntu-bug desktop-file-utils` and then click Also affects project > Choose another project and type in ubuntu-gnome18:49
jbichato specifically flag this for ubuntu-gnome bug triagers18:49
jbichaUbuntu's default file type associations are stored in /etc/gnome/defaults.list or /usr/share/applications/defaults.list18:50
jbichabut you shouldn't need to edit those files18:50
nesciusjbicha: thanks will do at home. (sorry, bartender was installing some light switch and disconected)19:15

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