czajkowskitdr112: when are you heading to EMF Camp?11:34
tdr112Friday , coming back on the Monday11:40
tdr112maybe a tea on the monday11:40
tdr112we are renting a car11:40
czajkowskiI live in Goadlming11:41
czajkowskiso it's very close11:41
czajkowskiand then guikldford is the big town close by11:41
tdr112cool, I will let you know on Sunday evening or so13:03
czajkowskiyeha no bother14:41
czajkowskitdr112: when do ye arrive?14:41
tdr112Friday morning ~ 914:47
tdr112the flight14:47
tdr112no sure how much of a drive it is14:47
tdr112It says around 40 miles14:47
czajkowskiwhere are you flying into ?14:47
czajkowskiGatwick ?14:47
czajkowskiah not too bad, bit of traffic at that hour but as schools are out it may be a bit ligher14:49

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