xnoxcyphermox, could you please run $ bzr status -> in your local checkout of partman-btrfs?12:12
cyphermoxdoesn't look like I kept that12:43
cyphermoxoh, there it is12:46
cyphermoxbzr status is empty (there aren't extra changes that aren't added and whatnot, and fstab.d/btrfs is indeed executable.12:47
xnoxvery strange.13:05
xnoxand history looks all good. no idea what happened there. Anyway, rebuilt now and should be good with next daily image.13:06
cyphermoxyeah, well, the build from my upload does list that script as not executable in the build log13:08
cyphermoxand your build looks good13:08
cyphermox*shrugs* no idea13:08
cyphermoxxnox: the only thing a magikarp can do is be in the way13:31
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