djsis there any reason the new 4.7.0 mainline kernel would not want to decrypt the rootfs on boot?00:08
djstried upgrading today but my disk is encrypted and 4.7.0 doesn't ask for a passphrase00:09
djsubuntu 14.0400:09
apwdjs, no known reason, the configs for those are generated from what is nearest so things can get lost07:55
apwthey are only test builds07:55
sforsheesmb: do you know if we still have utilities expecting xenbus to be mounted at /proc/xen?12:49
smbsforshee, yeah I was asked the same just a couple of minutes ago12:49
sforsheesmb: oh, hah, I'm sure it's the same issue12:50
smbits those xe-guest-utilities which mount it so the guest can fill some guest data into the xenstore of the host12:50
sforsheesmb: I just noted that there's a CONFIG_XEN_COMPAT_XENFS option which controls whether /proc/xen is created, and notes that it's for "old xenstore" tools12:51
smbsforshee, I had a look into the startup script of dom0 and those still want /proc/xen. So I have afeeling its less legacy than it sounds12:56
sforsheesmb: ack, thanks12:58
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xboyHi there!17:15
* apw looks up17:15
xboyI was wondering if ubuntu 16.10 going to have the kernel 4.6 or above ?17:15
apwxboy, yes, we have a 4.6 kernel pending now, which i hope to release when the freeze lifts for alpha2, 4.7 is being prepared17:16
xboyI'm having trouble installing ubuntu 16.04 in a lenovo yoga 900, because of the nvme ssd, apw do you know if the kernel 4.6 have a good support for that kind of ssd?17:18
apwxboy, depends what sort of nvme disk it is, i have heard peopel saying nvme "version 2" disks are a problem but i have not seen any evidence17:20
apwxboy, does the disk even get recognised ?17:20
xboyno, during installation process(live usb) the system does not recognize the disk 17:25
apwxboy, how are you determining that, not offering a disk to install to ?17:25
apwif you boot "Try Ubuntu" on it, and open a terminal, is the disk mentioned at all in dmesg17:26
xboyapw it's a samsung mzvlv512hcjh17:26
apwi can have a look at the dmesg if you can pastebinit or similar17:26
xboygive a sec. going to see dmesg 17:26
apwxboy, and indeed what does "sudo lswh -c disk" say17:28
xboyok, going to check17:29
xboyalmost ready17:41
xboyhere it's apw http://paste.ubuntu.com/21167215/17:46
xboydmesg output17:46
xboyapw http://paste.ubuntu.com/21167520/ for the lshw command17:48
apwxboy, and if you "sudo modprobe nvme" does anything appear in the bottom of dmesg /17:49
xboyno, nothing apw17:50
xboydo you know what can I do so the system can detect it?17:55
apwxboy, at this moment, no. 17:55
xboydo you know if the kernel 4.6 or 4.7 can help me apw?17:57
apwxboy, i do not17:57
xboythank you apw!17:57
xboyoh one more question apw, do you know who can help me? 17:58
apwxboy, from what i can see you are not the only one complaining, and the issue seems to affect linux in gneeral17:59
apwthere is some discussion out there that suggests there may be something in bios, but not what17:59
xboyohh ok, I'm going to try to talk to samsung18:02
xboyor where can I find a ubuntu live usb with a newer kernel(maybe that helps)?18:03
apwthere is no installer image yet with a newer kernel, there may well be by next week, but not now18:04
xboywill wait then, thanks!18:06
apwxboy, i believe there is some work looking into this going on somewhere, i just do not know who right now18:06
xboyok great, any idea where can I search?18:09
apwthis was something i heard spoken about ...18:12
xboyoh ok18:13
apwogra_, which package were you seeing us pointing to /GPL ?  i have looked over the primary kernels and they all point to /GPL-221:53
ogra_apw, meta 21:54
xboyAre you there apw?21:54
apwogra_, ahh yes, ok, thanks21:54
xboyIf I download the latest kernel from ubuntu mainline, where I can find the vmlinuz and initrd.lz?21:55
apwxboy, the vmlinuz is in the linux-image-* the initrd is made when installed21:59
xboyok thanks22:01
attentehi, how do i pass -no-pie when building the kernel? is there some env var i should set?22:31
djsapw: any ideas on how I might debug the 4.7.0 mainline kernel's failure to ask for a passphrase to decrypt the rootfs on boot?23:01
djsI assume the problem is in the initrd or initramfs-tools somewhere23:02

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