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Marcel_Hi, can somebodz please help me with the following question. I log into my ubuntu machine with xrdp and everything is working exept the language of the session. The language is always english but german is mz preferred language. How can i change this?06:00
Marcel_as you can see also the keyboard is in english.06:01
madsaMarcel_, do you have German installed in the language selector? and is it the selected language?06:04
madsaSystem -> Preferences -> Personal -> Language Support06:04
Marcel_yes german is the only language06:05
Marcel_but if i choose it and reboot the rdp session is always in english again06:05
ouroumovMarcel_, how long ago did you install the system?06:15
madsaMarcel_, looks like there is a bug regarding this: https://github.com/neutrinolabs/xrdp/pull/31406:15
madsamaybe the version of xrdp in ubuntu doesn't include the bug fix06:15
Marcel_Hm, i installed it last month and compiled xrdp from source.06:16
Marcel_but i dont know if it was the latest06:16
madsayeah, you probably want the latest code off the devel branch06:17
ouroumovMarcel_, do you remember the language you used during the install (very first language choice, before the system ask you where you are located)?06:18
Marcel_it was german06:18
Marcel_thank you too06:20
* ouroumov forwards the thanks to madsa 06:22
busmasterHello. I'm new to IRC and would like to contribute to Ubuntu-MATE development. Please provide some pointers07:18
ouroumovbello busmaster07:28
ouroumovhello *07:28
ouroumovbusmaster, I don't know if there's a specific IRC channel for UM devs, you'll have to ask flexiondotorg (Wimpy's nick on IRC)07:29
ouroumovThere is a #mate-dev channel for MATE developers07:30
busmasterAh alright. Thanks.07:30
ouroumovflexiondotorg is currently away (his nick is greyed out in the list on the right)07:31
ouroumovJust so you know busmaster, on IRC you have to be patient. Though many people are connected to the two channels there's no guaranty anyone is currently watching the IRC window or is even behind his keyboard.07:33
ouroumovSo stay put for a while.07:33
guest-hfipm0hi any one want to say hello?xx:O)10:51
alkisgguest-hfipm0: hello?xx:O)11:05
ouroumov_alkisg, you're in the dev team?11:17
alkisgouroumov_: err yes, but due to some misunderstanding - I'm only reporting bugs + sending patches for now, nothing more...11:22
guest-hfipm0_is this the cloud creatures lol.x11:23
ouroumov_alkisg, ok11:28
ouroumov_Was asking because someone came earlier asking for directions11:28
ouroumov_Wanted to contribute11:28
alkisgouroumov_: I think flexiondotorg is the correct person to ask for that11:31
* flexiondotorg looks around11:32
ouroumov_flexiondotorg, welcome back.11:38
flexiondotorgouroumov_, o/11:38
ouroumov_I trusted you sampled German products to your satisfaction? :D11:38
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Sebastienis mate, smaller then the latest ubuntu ?15:16
Sebastienless "windows-like" ?15:17
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Guest348anyone running 16.10 here?16:53
Akulii'm running 14.04, is that close enough? :D16:55
Guest348I haven't run development versions in forever16:56
Guest348I think the last time i ran a dev version was when breezy was in development16:56
Guest348things have changed a bit16:56
Guest348that's ubuntu 5.10 btw16:56
nomicthts old (5.10)16:59
mate|10162tried xubuntu 16.04 but had this annoying problem with the filemanager crashing on rename or move17:15
mate|10162also had that problem in 15.1017:15
mate|10162so changed to mate17:15
Akuliyou could install mate's file manager in xfce also17:16
Akulimate has been my favorite desktop for over a year now, but if you like xfce you can use it17:16
mate|10162they are essentially the same I think17:18
mate|10162there's one or two things which are better in one than the other17:18
mate|10162for example, xfce's desktop seems to be slightly more convenient to use when customizing where you want to put things like the widgets17:19
mate|10162or whatever you like to call them17:19
mate|10162for example, the menu I think it a bit better - but that's because I've got used to a single dropdown list rather than Mates traditional Applications/Places/System format17:19
mate|10162yes all those things17:19
mate|10162also the clock...17:20
mate|10162you can't change the popup format, as far as I17:20
mate|10162I'm aware17:20
Akuliyou can :) you just need to change the code and compile the clock again17:21
Akulii was going to do that once when someone asked something about the clock here17:22
mate|10162... yeah but who has the time for that ...17:22
Akuli15 minutes if you know where to look17:22
mate|1016215 mins i dont have to be honest17:22
Akuliwhich i didn't :D17:22
Akulithats awful17:23
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kpsinstalled ubuntu mate in asua notebook x552cl having windows 10 a'ready but now windows 10 is loading automatically own it's own.19:28
kpssomebody please help19:29
Akulikps, make sure it shuts down correctly19:29
Akulii.e. disable fast boot19:29
Akulithen reinstall your grub19:29
Akuliuse google, if you have trouble ask me19:29
kpsfast boot us already disabled19:31
kps& how could I repair grub ?19:31
kpswill this work19:31
kps_please i repeat tell me something to boot ubuntu19:35
Akulikps_, boot from an ubuntu installation usb stick19:36
Akulilets get your grub fixed19:36
kps_i am using using ubuntu after choosing "try ubuntu" from usb stick19:37
Akuliok, then lets get started19:37
Akuliopen a terminal19:37
Akulirun this, and post the link it gives you here: lsblk | nc termbin.com 999919:37
kps_yes opende19:37
kps_it's showing temporary failure un mame resolution19:39
kps_did u type wrongly?19:39
kps_sorry did i type wrongly19:40
Akuliare you connected to internet?19:40
kps_that's what i was trying to say19:40
Akulior if not possible19:40
Akuliyou can save that to a text file instead, transfer that to another computer and paste it to dpaste.com19:41
Akulito get started you could do this: lsblk > Desktop/bring-this-to-akuli.txt19:41
kps_this is what it has shown after typing that19:43
kps_hey mr. akuli are you there?19:44
alkisgThis shows a bit more output: sudo lsblk --fs19:45
Akulikps_, its a link, open it19:45
Akulialkisg, thats actually a nice idea :)19:45
Akulikps_, do you know which of the lines is your ubuntu partition?19:46
Akuliwhich is it?19:46
kps_and btw i loaded ubunti after creating just root partition19:47
Akuliso you did it the debootstrap way?19:47
kps_sda2 ext4  bbsda19:47
kps_--sda. instead of bbsda19:48
Akulimount your ubuntu partition: sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt19:48
Akulichroot to it: sudo chroot /mnt19:48
Akuliactually dont chroot just yet19:48
alkisgIs it mbr or uefi?19:48
alkisg(err, bios/uefi, mbr/gpt...)19:48
kps_btw in sda3 ubuntu19:49
alkisgWhen you installed, did the installer say anything about grub issues? Like, "grub was not installed successfully..."?19:50
ss__hey y'all. nice to be on irc again. totally loving ubuntu MATE 16.04, fucking amazing release19:50
AkuliHi ss__19:50
kps_didn't get you afywr mount command19:51
Akuliso your windows just updated itself and now you have no grub?19:52
kps_no it's not like i already had windows 10 but i just installed ubuntu mate for the first time in this pc.19:53
ss__i see in synaptic that the global menu package is preinstalled, yet i am not getting global menus, and i can't figure out how to activate it. by the way, i am running ubuntu MATE on an original netbook from 2008 with just 1gb of ram, and i am able to watch videos smoothly with kodi, and this machine has never felt this powerful, since 10.1019:54
alkisgkps_: can you try this? (1) boot with the live cd, (2) in the live cd grub menu, press "c" to get to the grub console, (3) there, type: set root=(hd0,gpt3) and then: configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg19:55
kps_so on getting switch on my pc it should show which os i want to boot but it's automatically booting windowa 10 againa and again19:55
alkisgkps_: I think this will allow you to boot into your Ubuntu installation, and that it's an issue with UEFI default entry19:55
kps_where would i get grub menu ?19:56
kps_m having usb stick19:56
kps_live usb stick*19:56
alkisgWhen you boot with the stick, don't you see a simple grub menu?19:57
alkisgSomething similar to that: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-dJ4SVdTYPN4/UIO8WD0uoBI/AAAAAAAAAZA/_7OC-oPKjmk/s576/grub-0.jpg19:58
kps_ohh that's what grub menu is okay19:58
Akuliyour usb stick may not show up one though20:00
alkisgss__: what's a "global menu"? what's the package name?20:00
kps_with that procedure you told above will not hinder me in in booting windows 10 right,na ?20:00
alkisgkps_: that's a one-time thing, it doesn't save anything20:01
alkisgYou'll be able to boot only one time with that, it will change nothing20:01
alkisgIf it works, we'll see how to set the default uefi entry20:01
kps_nothing happened with that thing20:01
alkisgIf it doesn't, we'll check if it's something else20:01
alkisgDid you see any error messages?20:01
alkisgE.g. gpt3 might not be the correct one20:02
kps_it just loaded ascreen with grub written there20:02
kps_no nothing error was there20:02
alkisgThat second screen is the correct grub menu20:02
alkisgThat one should mention "load ubuntu" etc20:02
kps_okay then ?20:02
alkisgThere you should just select to boot ubuntu20:03
alkisgTry it, let's see20:03
ss__alkisg: um, sorry i thought that was the name commonly used for the menu included in the top panel a la osx and ubuntu unity20:03
Akulithanks for helping here alkisg :) its nice to see that i'm not the only helper here20:03
alkisgAkuli: you're doing a great job!20:03
alkisgMany thanks to you!20:03
alkisgss__: sorry, no idea about that OS/X - style menu20:04
alkisgI think mate tweak has some option for something similar, some floating icons in the bottom, but I've never used it20:04
ss__alkisg, like almost anything, some ppl love it some hate it. i am in the former camp, and especially since using a netbook, it is a space saving feature20:04
alkisgmate tweak is preinstalled, available in the menus20:04
* alkisg is using the redmont menu, single bar in the bottom, similar to xp20:05
kps_what am i supposed to do now  err pls help here20:05
alkisgkps_: did you ubuntu boot from the hard disk?20:05
kps_it's first time i installed ubuntu20:06
alkisgI mean, after the grub commands I mentioned20:07
alkisgThose commands were supposed to let you start with the live cd, then boot from the ubuntu in the hard disk20:07
alkisg*live usb stick20:08
kps_but nothing happened with those except getting again grub written screen20:08
ss__alkisg, i'm looking for the package name, in the meantime, global menu, which is the term i searched in synaptic would put for instance the hexchat, view, server, settings, window, help menus into the top panel rather than taking up an additional 22 or 24 pixels of my small, short screen20:08
alkisgkps_: was it the same grub screen or a different grub screen?20:08
ss__alkisg, it seems the name of the package must be 'topmenu'20:09
alkisgss__: I have something like this, only 24 pixels at the bottom, nothing at the top: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RouYFicwT1Y/VQcO-Xjq76I/AAAAAAAAFOM/_a8CqaYtSyI/s1600/%D0%A1%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%BA-2.png20:10
alkisgFrom that same menu there are other options, I think one of them has a floating menu20:10
alkisgkps_: that's the menu that should allow you to boot ubuntu without the stick20:10
alkisgDid you select "boot ubuntu" from that second grub menu?20:11
kps_there came nothing to select out of20:11
ss__alkisg, have u ever used unity de or a mac?20:12
alkisgI don't understand what you're saying20:12
alkisgss__: I've seen unity, but I don't think I can help, I don't have experience with other menus20:12
alkisgOnly that mate-tweak option20:12
ss__alkisg, ok, thanks anyway20:12
alkisgkps_: what where the options of that other grub menu?20:13
ss__alkisg, oh wait a second, i just found out how to use it20:13
ss__alkisg, if u use mutiny on tweak, the hexchat menu's become  integrated with the top panel20:14
kps_actually there nothing except "grub>k there.those command worked like clear "command of dos20:15
alkisgkps_: tab autocompletes file names, and it's a way to check that the paths are correct20:16
ss__so it seems it is used by default on the mutiny panel layout. i am not sure how to include it on my customized layout, but finding this is good enough for me, i will customize this layout now20:16
alkisgSo, configfile /boot/grub/gru<tab> should autocomplete grub.cfg20:16
alkisgIf it doesn't, then it's not the correct partition20:16
ss__alkisg, so it seems it is used by default on the mutiny panel layout. i am not sure how to include it on my customized layout, but finding this is good enough for me, i will customize this layout now20:16
alkisgss__: nice! :)20:16
ss__alkisg, just fyi20:17
ss__alkisg, r u a MATE or ubuntu MATE dev?20:17
alkisgss__: no20:17
alkisgJust a user20:17
ss__alkisg, ok, well, thanks for being a helpful user mate ;)20:18
ss__alkisg, fucking LOVING this release20:18
bugwormhello everyone. I am pretty new to Ubuntu Mate, but i am using it on a Lenovo 300 Yoga, with everything working straight out of the box, except the rotation sensor. Thats pretty aweseome. Any hint, or tip, who i can ask to get that running, or better, how to improve rotational touchscreen support for all Ubuntu versions ? (i am ready to do some wor20:30
bugwormk here :D)20:30
ss__bugworm, cool to know it mostly works on a yoga, those are nice and might be my next laptop20:32
ss__bugworm, sorry tho that i have no advice about the rotation, hope there is a solution out there20:33
ubuntu-matesalve, ho appena terminato di installare ubuntu20:59
ubuntu-matesalve, ho appena terminato di installare ubuntu mate, ma al riavvio non parte il grub, cosa devo fare?20:59
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ken_why is my isp saying linux is bad for me and linux is a virus22:48
ken_why is my isp saying linux is bad for me and linux is a virus22:50
ken_why is my isp saying linux is bad for me and linux is a virus22:50
ken_why is my isp saying linux is bad for me and linux is a virus22:55
ouroumovMaybe they have a contract with ยต$0ft22:55
ken_they said is bad for my country22:56
ken_that hackers will attack me22:56
ouroumovWhat's your country?22:56
ken_trinidad and tobago22:57
ouroumovAnd what's your ISP?22:57
ken_flow trinidad22:58
ouroumovThat's cool23:00
ken_is this true23:00
ouroumovAnd when you say your ISP says those things, where does it do that exactly?23:00
ouroumovOn a website?23:01
ken_they say it affect they system23:01
ken_they run on windows severs23:02
ouroumovWas about to say they probably run their infra on Linux lol23:03
ken_what really23:03
ken_they run linux23:03
ken_they are ling to me23:03
ouroumovNo man, not what I said23:04
ouroumovIt's possible they are using Windows, even if they're the only ones on the planet23:04
ken_plus they said linux is from the nsa and cia23:04
ouroumovAre you sure you didn't swap those two terms: (Windows, Linux) ?23:05
ken_they are saying to leave now23:07
ken_or they will sue me for breaking the freedom of imformation act.23:07
ouroumovYou're either trolling or this is the saddest story ever23:08
ouroumovAlso this is an American Law dude23:09
ken_so i might go to jail23:09
ken_will i not tell lies they are23:09
ken_and i will be leaving linux23:10
ken_my company23:10
ouroumovThis is awesome23:10
ouroumovrandall, imagine ken_ is a performer and this is Theater.23:11
ken_ my whole country might never use linux23:11
randallouroumov, ahhhhh, ok23:11
ken_my isp said i am breaking laws23:11
ken_in my country and worldwide23:12
randallillegal downloading?23:12
randallwire fraud?23:12
randallbuying drugs on the silk road?23:13
ouroumovNot using a gov-approved OS :D23:13
randallhiring hitmen?23:13
ken_they said linux is illegal in many countries23:13
ouroumovSurely it's illegal in Wonderland23:13
randallcare to name 3 of them?23:13
ouroumovAnd in the new republic of Mars23:13

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