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duflugreyback: I'm auditing devices to see if we're ready for turning off input resampling. It's looking OK so far (mostly as the touchscreens are emitting events at the same rate as they redraw now). Do you have any knowledge of relevant software changes?09:30
greybackduflu: there were no software changes on my end09:30
dufluOh, except we need to go slower than the refresh rate to overcome the nesting penalty :(09:30
alan_ggreyback: is there any way I can help with the Qt integration?09:42
greybackalan_g: until I've the foundations set up, not really. I will propose a series of MPs today09:54
dufluHmm, my touch screen test was flawed. I forgot Mir's Android platform still has https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/136976310:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1369763 in Mir "[performance] Android overlays don't honour eglSwapInterval 0" [Medium,Triaged]10:06
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greybackalan_g: when you return, I need a hand with one thing12:43
greybackplease grab that and test the "qml-demo-shell" with a client12:43
greybackproblem is that as I'm overriding the MultiThreadedCompositor implementation, there is nothing who calls WindowManager::add_display12:44
greybackdo you know any handy way I can get access to the WindowManger object?12:45
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alan_ggreyback: A hack (that we would need to address later) would be to use a customized version of SetWindowManagmentPolicy that keeps a weak_ptr<> to the object it builds that you can grab.13:00
greybackalan_g: ack. Was what I was thinking, but wanted to run it by you13:01
alan_gI can thing of a couple of uglier hacks. But really its the Mir wiring that is wrong - if you can override MTC you ought to be able to do the stuff the default does.13:03
alan_ggreyback: a (slightly) better hack: std::dynamic_pointer_cast<AbstractShell>(server.the_shell())13:27
anpokyou need to replace the shell?13:28
greybackonly just :)13:28
anpokthe AbstractShell..13:28
greybackI'm gonna rewrite it in Qt13:29
greybackbecause, you know13:29
anpokThats not funny.13:33
alan_ganpok: he just needs to call a method on AbstractShell and Mir doesn't make it easy13:36
alan_g/o\ The downcast isn't needed13:39
alan_ggreyback: you can just grab server.the_shell() and call add_display() Shell IsA DisplayListener13:40
greybackalan_g: ah, not so bad13:40
* alan_g must do penance for thinking Mir got it wrong13:41
anpokinconceiveable thought13:46
alan_gYou keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.13:47
anpokkdub: is there an easy way to figure out if a BufferStreamId is represented by a buffer stream and not a buffer chain13:59
anpokkdub: I dont want the client to regularly throw and catch on resize events14:00
greybackalan_g: ok, I've MPs up for your reviewing pleasure.14:00
greybackit's all a bit rough and WiP, but the main idea is there14:00
greybackand gedit is usable14:01
alan_ggreyback: thanks14:02
kdubanpok, no by design, because the server has no distinction between the two14:07
kdubits really just for the benefit of the client that there's a distiction14:08
anpokso they also share the same id space14:08
kdubright, server-side they are both mc::Stream14:08
alan_ggreyback: nothing really bad. Looks like progress.14:31
alan_gBut I did crash it rather easily: By connecting gnome-terminal and then starting mir_demo_client_egltriangle from that.14:32
greybackalan_g: ack. I'm not claiming it is very stable14:33
greybackthe model syncing stuff isn't great14:33
alan_gThat's something I can help with once we have a skeleton POC14:47
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alan_ggreyback__: not pushed qt-add-window-model-qt-side?16:52
greyback__alan_g: pushed now16:52
greyback__alan_g: just one nitpick with https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/add-indirection-to-stabilize-WindowManagerTools-ABI/+merge/30129917:01
alan_ggreyback__: thanks - I'll get to it in the morning. (And yes, renames work pretty well in CLion.)17:02
greyback__alan_g: even -> to member access?17:03
greyback__anyway, have a nice evening17:03
alan_gthat was just a global text substitution.17:07
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