daxUnit193: test20:51
daxtest nao20:51
k1lwe have a bingo20:52
Joseph12121have you taken the quiet off yet21:43
k1lJoseph12121: no21:52
k1lhaunted: hi, what can we do for you?21:52
Joseph12121so why was i told to come here now then21:53
k1lJoseph12121: to reveal the issue that lead to the mute. but i will not unmute you since your attitude is still the same like yesterday that lead to the mute.21:53
Joseph12121look im not here to play games with yo21:54
Joseph12121do you know when the mute will be removed?21:54
k1lJoseph12121: and so far no op seems to see it differently. so i would suggest to come back tomorrow and try to reveal in a manner that will show that you could be unmuted in #ubuntu and will make sure you wont be an issue again.21:55
Joseph12121are you going to remove the mute or not?21:55
Joseph12121im not here to play a silly game with you21:55
k1lJoseph12121: well. you needed to be kicked out of this channel several times, yesterday. so that did not show that you will act according to the guidelines so that we can remove the mute.21:55
Joseph12121that did not answer my question21:56
k1lJoseph12121: i will not rmeove the mute today.21:56
Joseph12121if your not going to remove it I can simply take steps to get around its not a  big deal. that is easier than playing a silly game with you21:56
k1lblackmailing is not the best way to get the mute removed.21:57
Joseph12121apprantely you dont have nothing better to do than play games on irc21:57
Joseph12121that was not a blackmail21:57
Joseph12121did i ask money from you lol21:57
Joseph12121did i threaten you?21:57
Joseph12121get real21:57
Joseph12121you apparently are real good at escalating situations instead of de escalating them. maybe being an op is not the thing for you21:59
Joseph12121in a channel like  ubuntu21:59
Joseph12121by the way i researched that issue21:59
Joseph12121that guy who told me to look it up myself21:59
Joseph12121was wrong21:59
Joseph12121if your going to be an ass be right22:00
Joseph12121those links that were posted in the room that you said i could not look up myself have to do with full disk encryption on a pc not a usb22:02
Joseph12121usb install is different than a pc install22:03
daxhaunted: anything we can help you with?22:05
Joseph12121i guess k1l is trying to look up things to try to prove me wrong. poor thing is going to be looking for a while lol22:05
hggdhJoseph12121: so, as you all done?22:07
hggdhJoseph12121: again: we are not discussing if you were right or wrong. We are discussing yur behaviour.22:08
Joseph12121like i said if your going to be an ass be right22:09
hggdhand you are still rude22:09
hggdhwhich is something we do not want in our channels22:09
Joseph12121saying look it up yourself about something you dont know what your talking about can be real stupid22:09
Joseph12121but of course that idiot no body said anything too22:10
hggdhok. I see we are not going to progress here. So how about leaving, and returning, say, n a few days?22:10
Joseph12121i tired to talk to talk to him in pm. when he realized he was wrong he got real quiet and stopped responding lol22:10
Joseph12121what a douche22:10
daxI think there may be some miscommunication here. The question you should be trying to answer here is not "Is Joseph12121 correct?", it's "Why should Ubuntu's ops be confident that your presence in #ubuntu will not be problematic in future"22:10
Joseph12121well if people have the attitude of go look it up yourself and no one say anything then yea you might have problems from people there22:11
daxAlrighty. Assuming that you're including yourself in "people", please part the channel and come back if your opinion on that ever changes.22:12
Joseph12121in a tech support help channel being right should matter lol22:12
Joseph12121being right is kind of important22:12
dax#ubuntu-ops isn't a tech support help channel22:12
daxit's a channel that you're sitting in because your behavior is unacceptable22:12
Joseph12121i was talking about #ubuntu dummy22:13
dax> it's a channel that you're sitting in because your behavior is unacceptable22:13
dax@mark Joseph12121 further problematic behavior, user states they will not behave in #ubuntu. i have also reviewed this ban, and agree with it being kept (I think that makes 3 or 4 people now)22:13
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:13
hggdh@comment 73372 unable to understand the difference between his behaviour and his rightness22:14
ubottuComment added.22:14
hggdhhaunted: what can we do for you?22:15
dax@mark #ubuntu-ops haunted joined at same time as Joseph12121, said nothing, left when addressed22:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:17
elkywho is this haunted person?22:26
daxgood question!22:26
Unit193Was in -irc, so guessing onlooker of some type.22:32
elkyappeared yesterday in my logs. they are in places that the joseph person is not22:32

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