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cyphermoxflocculant: I'd say for me, don't be afraid to ping me on IRC in any channel, I'll tell you if I'm otherwise busy03:37
cyphermoxinstaller bugs are usually easy enough to handle by interruption.03:37
infinitytjaalton: Around?08:02
Laneyinfinity: I can do nusakan bits08:05
infinityLaney: Ta.  I already uncronned, I'm waiting for a publisher run or two to get a couple of packages in, then britney blocking, spinning candidates, and sleeping.08:06
infinityLaney: If yuo can take over from there, I'll be happy.08:06
LaneyIs someone lined up to do the cat herding and release announcement?08:06
infinityLaney: Annoy wxl/flexiondotorg until one volunteers. :P08:07
infinityLaney: (or a kylin dude, if you want your announcement in Chinese)08:07
Laneyni hao08:11
infinityOr maybe flexiondotorg will spin his own before I get a chance to. :P08:14
flexiondotorginfinity, :-)08:14
infinityflexiondotorg: I was waiting a publisher run to get snapd in and then landing the britney block.08:15
flexiondotorgIf Ubuntu MATE spins again, that is fine with me :-)08:15
infinityActually, I guess I can block now.  It's migrating.08:15
* infinity goes to watch some Futurama while that all settles down.08:17
willcookeinfinity, Spoke to j_ibel last night and he's +1 on enabling the upgrade notifications now.  Is that something you take care of?08:54
willcookeIf so, I have a blog post to push out in sync with that.08:54
infinitywillcooke: More likely to happen during my day than right now, while I'm groggy and not sure I've crossed and dotted all the right letters.08:56
willcookeinfinity, no problem at all.  Could you poke me when you're about to do it/have done it?08:57
infinitywillcooke: I can try to remember.08:57
* infinity writes a big note on his monitor.08:57
willcookeinfinity, ta :)08:57
tjaaltoninfinity: officially on vacation09:23
infinitytjaalton: Oh.  Did we get any yay/nay test results on the dailies with HWE-X, so I can promote the world?09:23
infinitytjaalton: Also, I'd love a new video-all that resurrects all the drivers that were in main in HWE-{U,V,W}09:24
infinitytjaalton: But I suppose I can figure out how to do that myself if I have to.09:24
tjaaltoninfinity: i'll download daily and test09:26
infinitytjaalton: You're my hero.09:26
infinitywillcooke: Can you get your team to grab the trusty daily and smoketest booting the live session on some random real hardware?09:27
infinitywillcooke: Just to make sure the HWE-X stack appears mostly not FUBAR?09:27
infinitytjaalton / willcooke: I'll look forward to nick highlights in the morning from both of you. :)09:27
willcookeinfinity, ack - will do09:28
infinitytjaalton: As for the driver resurrection, I can do that myself if you don't have the time.  Shouldn't be rocket science.09:29
* infinity wanders off to fall into bed.09:31
tjaaltoninfinity: I'll test the image with virt-manager, will look into the metapackage too09:31
willcookenight infinity09:31
infinitytseliot: Erm, speaking of HWE-X.. Are we missing nvidia updates in trusty for the xenial HWE stack?09:33
tseliotinfinity: why? Does nvidia fail to build?09:34
tjaaltonnvidia has correct deps already09:35
infinitytseliot: No idea, I just noticed the lack of 361 in trusty.  But maybe it's not necessary?09:35
infinitytjaalton: Kay.09:35
tjaaltonjust needs that it supports the ideo abi09:35
tjaaltonand provides it09:36
tseliotinfinity: yes, I think we'll skip that one in trusty09:36
infinityRight.  But since this is all about HWE, I figured maybe 361 supported more devices. :P09:36
tseliotI suppose HWE already uses newer drivers09:36
infinityFine with skipping it, though, people with shiny new video cards can upgrade to xenial.09:36
tseliotI really need to get a new driver into Yakkety though...09:37
tseliots/driver/nvidia driver/09:37
balloonscan someone approve juju-core 2.0~beta12-0ubuntu1.16.04.1 for xenial? It's not clear of what status it has in the queue, and I don't see it in proposed10:05
tjaaltoninfinity: yep, image looks good that it installs the right stuff at least10:12
tjaaltoninfinity: uploaded new xorg-lts-xenial that added the video drivers to -video-all for i386/amd64, guess that's enough10:24
infinitytjaalton: Seems to be a bit of a crufty upload.10:32
infinitytjaalton: Also, looks like most of those should be on powerpc too.10:37
xnoxinfinity, debdiff should really show file-permission changes, cause you know 3.0 format does encode them, and permissions-only diff really does break things =)12:17
* xnox ponders where to file that.12:17
xnoxit should be git formatted permissions change thing12:17
cjwatsonxnox: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=69125012:20
ubot5Debian bug 691250 in devscripts "[debdiff] support source format 3.0 containing executables and symbolic links in debian/" [Wishlist,Open]12:20
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willcookeinfinity, few rounds of testing on 3 different machines show no obvious new problems13:41
bdmurrayinfinity: What's the status on changing the meta-release file?  The masses are clamoring bug 1606850 among others.15:42
ubot5bug 1606850 in Ubuntu "LTS upgrade should be opened on Release Date of 1st Pointrelease" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160685015:42
tewardbdmurray: last i heard via pici, 28th (tomorrow) was when they were opening it15:45
tewardi.e. release path opening delayed 7 days (and happens to coincide with 15.10 EOL)15:45
jbichabdmurray: I think i_nfinity posted here that he was doing it after he wakes up15:46
jbichabut that's not exactly what he said either, so who knows? I guess it's already thurs in some places15:51
tewardwhenever it's opened up, i'm one of the ones in the upgrade queue.  I have a full image of my existing hard drive as a backup too, in case it fails (and I go back to 14.04 heh)15:53
bdmurrayusing -p with do-release-upgrade will do the same thing15:55
bdmurraythe same thing as if the meta-release file was updated15:55
tewardright, but i'm the one who waits for it to be opened - not in a rush to upgrade in case it breaks and destroys things on my computer15:57
davmor2infinity, bdmurray: I've marked https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1604441 as verified that is everything I need to do right?  Once this lands can we have new netboot images please :)18:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1604441 in debian-installer (Ubuntu Trusty) "D-I on 16.04.1 breaks on usb probe and networking setup on secureboot" [Critical,Fix committed]18:44
infinitydavmor2: You have new netboot images already.  Your wish is granted. :)19:33
infinitybdmurray: We're all good, except for confirming with IS that we won't break their network.19:36
infinityelmo: ^19:36
cyphermoxinfinity: it's not too late to break networks.20:32
slashdgood afternoon arges, can you nominate LP: #1574342 that affects Xenial and Yakkety ?21:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1574342 in zfs-linux (Ubuntu) "Ship arcstat.py and arc_summary.py with zfsutils-linux" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157434221:11
apwslashd, nominated21:24
slashdapw, tks21:40
tsimonq2infinity, Laney: I volunteered to do the release notes as my name is on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseTaskSignup23:28

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